Malema: We don't care about being suspended

2011-11-24 19:47

Bloemfontein - ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Thursday that he and his co-accused did not care about being suspended.

"We are going to be suspended. We do not care. We are not about to be sell-outs. We are ready for anything," Malema said in Bloemfontein in the Free State, where an African National Congress national executive committee (NEC) was starting on Friday.

Malema and five other youth leaders were suspended by the ruling party two weeks after being found guilty of sowing divisions within the ANC and bringing the party into disrepute.

Their deadline to appeal the suspension ends midnight on Thursday.

If Malema did not appeal, he would not be allowed to attend the NEC meeting.

Earlier, ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza said no appeal papers had been filed yet, despite unsourced news reports to the contrary.

ANCYL spokesperson Magdalene Moonsamy told Sapa earlier on Thursday that the youth leaders would lodge an appeal but would not say when it would happen.

Malema, ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, deputy president Ronald Lamola, treasurer general Pule Mabe, secretary general Sindiso Magaqa and deputy secretary general Kenetswe Mosenogi were sanctioned by the ANC's national disciplinary committee two weeks ago.

Malema was given a five-year suspension and was told to vacate his position as president, and Shivambu was suspended for three years and was also told to vacate his post.

The ANC membership of the other four leaders was suspended for two years, with the sanction itself suspended for three years.

  • Dirk - 2011-11-24 20:00

    I'm overseas for holiday, but as far as I know he was suspended, how can he still be called president of the ANCYL...

      Thato - 2011-11-24 20:05

      It makes one wonder....really.

      Dirk - 2011-11-24 20:08

      So should we still call Jackie Selebe "Chief of Police" he was suspended as well...

      Squeegee - 2011-11-24 20:31

      We should treat Julius with respect. Treat him like Nelson - let's start with 27 years in prison.

      Lordwick - 2011-11-24 20:38

      Clear confirmation that he is not going anywhere but here to stay untill his time comes for presidency. Rotfl!!!

      Morne - 2011-11-24 20:42

      And we dont care that you were born. If the ANC cant sort you out, the press will. Cheers my man, enough of you already.

      Hermann - 2011-11-24 20:43

      He still has until midnight today to appeal. If he does not the suspension comes effective. Poor clown.

      Jack - 2011-11-24 20:57

      "We don't care" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......really? JUJU who's going to be paying those house installments? Or have you been given a tender to build those famous wooden cupboards of yours?

      Deborah - 2011-11-24 21:36

      Wanneer vrek die ding?? Put this bastard in jail for 200 years nevermind 27 years.

      Skhanyo - 2011-11-24 22:19

      a little bit of correction, Juju is suspended pending an appeal. He remains the President of ANCYL! Thatho and dirk this is for you...Viva ANCYL!! VIVA CDE MALEMA VIVA!!!

      phil.mcmann - 2011-11-24 23:38

      The sentence will only come into effect subsequent to the conclusion of the disciplinary procedures be that the appeal was not granted.

      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:19

      Please read my stuff below.

      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:20

      There is some dude shouting with CAPS stuff, Check it it out his high on white STUFF

  • Dirk - 2011-11-24 20:03

    Of course, he is right, and please, I am certainly not saying it as a supporter.He will become more radical outside of the ANC and lets be honest- the suspension is nothing but window dressing by the regime. It will also become clear that SAs problems lie much deeper than Malema. In term of radicalism, the ANCYL, are like shark teeth- when the one is lost, another immediately grows in its place

      Robert - 2011-11-24 20:51

      Because there is too much stuff lying around and sharks like eating stuff of all sorts. So Sharks feel stuff-all what they eat and that allows for the proper nutrition for teeth to grow. Stuff is stuff only if it is white stuff. Stuff the other Sharks if they dont get stuff to eat. It tealy means stuff-all to the Shark.

  • Sheda - 2011-11-24 20:06

    Oh - hum. Lovely rain today.........

  • mastersvoice - 2011-11-24 20:08

    Who is this Julius Malema they're talking about? Isn't he history?

      Carol - 2011-11-25 15:10

      History ? - in our dreams !!! Fat-Boy is now very angry & will retaliate in any way he can ! Watch out SA - he is a Mugabe boy ...

  • Robert - 2011-11-24 20:09

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  • Robert - 2011-11-24 20:12

    Read about the stuffs theory on the page - Two comments on the reply of the first - We should sart a stuffs thing - The more stuff I got the more stuff-ups I can make and get away with stuff. SO stuff it. Stuff is Stuff lets not beat around the bush - The African Stuff theorie. White stuff versus Black stuff.

      Robert - 2011-11-24 20:57

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      Robert - 2011-11-24 21:14

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      Esperanca - 2011-11-24 22:11

      Robert! Too much stuff in your stuff! Yerrrrrrr! I'm confused

      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:00

      Hey broer its all about stuff - how much stuff do you have.

  • GAMMAT - 2011-11-24 20:29

    Neither do we.

  • Robsschele - 2011-11-24 20:40

    Now you see him now you don't. Can't he make up his mind whether he want to appeal or not. He is like a pain on your stomach. You get up from the toilet but your not sure if you should leave the cubicle.

  • Sheldon - 2011-11-24 20:50

    The problem is he cannot spell APPEAL!

  • Jim - 2011-11-24 20:52

    Lets keep the comments in perspective. Hes finished and hes out.Stop commenting about him.

      Carol - 2011-11-25 15:14

      He is not finished, Jim - not by a long shot [ sorry no pun intended ]. He will take revenge anywhere & everywhere. What's the bet we hear he has made another visit to Zimbabwe soon .......

  • Johnnie - 2011-11-24 20:56

    If he does not care about being suspended why does he appeal? I do not think he understands English,in fact I do not think he understands anything.

  • braamc - 2011-11-24 21:00

    I don't give sh*t my dear Juliass. Give it up fat boy, it is over, finish and klaar.

  • Lynn - 2011-11-24 21:04

    I for one could not care less. He has done nothing to contribute to anyone's well being except his own. Good riddance to bad news.

  • Zenzele - 2011-11-24 21:07

    I am confused ,maybe I don't know the meaning of supension. This is a joke.

      Esperanca - 2011-11-24 22:32

      It was not in the wood work vocab! Why should Juju comply?

  • KCorsar - 2011-11-24 21:09

    that statement = "I know I'm screwed and there's no way back". But I'm too proud to admit defeat

  • Dewdawn - 2011-11-24 21:10

    Of course not:

  • velilejonathan.williams - 2011-11-24 21:11

    Malema's heat is being felt by many of us and pity we can't hide it. Just becareful that he does not affect your health.

  • Shoe - 2011-11-24 21:19

    Juju is talking big and bad for now. But Come midnight, him and his cronnies, with their tails neatly tucked between their legs, will go beg for mercy.

  • Travis - 2011-11-24 21:22

    what a knob.

  • Esperanca - 2011-11-24 22:37

    Julius must just step down and shut up. Was is the press giving him airtime? I recall he once said "when it's time to go, you must leave. The ANC does not belong to individuals...". This was directed at Mbeki. Karma is real, take your own advise juju and " COME OUT. GET OUT". as you said to the British reporter. Words of the wise juju, applicable to all & sundry but not HIM.

  • Skhanyo - 2011-11-24 22:41

    you all must not forget that ANCYL elected Jullius and noone will order him to step down but the youth league!! Not even the JZ-Anc will remove him...Viva cde Malema Viva!!! the wealth of thhis nation belongs to all of us not to a handfull of people and not to people who came to this country in 1652!

      Lauren - 2011-11-25 00:57

      Oh dear. Go speak to Bob and figure out how that worked out. No country is an island, least of all our, you know what? You go on and believe that your ju is going to share with you what he has up until now not shared with you. Go on, if that makes you feel better. Ask him for a flight to Mauritius. Hells, maybe you can stay in his Sandton home while you cheer on the side lines. YAY, JUJU, YAY, are doing well, that is good enough for me...f*ck the opposition who is protecting me from you and my money and your tenders YAY JUJU!!! julius malema, inded. what a clever little f*ck. he's got them all believing.

  • phil.mcmann - 2011-11-24 23:35

    This is the leadership that we as the youth have elected, we stand fully behind them and we will NOT allow politics of ambition to dictate the matters of the Youth League!!!

  • phil.mcmann - 2011-11-24 23:42


      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:04

      VIVA STUFF - Eish you dont understand viva STUFF and VIVA to the ones that have STUFF-ALL VIVA STUFF-ALL. We want all the stuff are share the stuff. Stuffing idiot. My stuff theorie is going to work - I think this one has too much of the right stuff. lelelelellelelel - I want all your stuff

      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:09

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  • Mathibela - 2011-11-25 00:09

    Whites who regarded our struggle s terrorism now find solace in the fact that Julius is suspended by the very same people whom they maimed, raped , murdered. U might hate Julius but our Economic Freedom will not depend on his presence. He won't b the first noble fighter of the disadvantaged to b lost on the path to freedom b it political, economic or social bt his contribution is already felt. Being a middle class black, I no most blacks of my class blv that now is the time for real benefitiation n we ar not gonna apologize to any white people. When we elected Julius for his first term he indicated that the.struggle should be cascaded to the private sector n that in 2016 blacks should account for 85% of the economy.Aluta Continua.

      Robert - 2011-11-25 00:44

      Hey Mathibela - So what are you doing now - You got you your pay back fool by far. You dont have the stuff. At least you speak in in a soft tone not forgeting your your caps lock on. Dont be an idiot whatch this stuff ignorant person - We need to catch up - an this stuff is costing this country stuff. You go on about white on black - What worries me the most is blcak on black. Somewhere the seam will break. Read idiot stuff. Because certain stuff will not make sence - If you got internet access I assume you are educated or had an oppertunity to lend a moment in time to splill your idiotic brain in cyber space. Your stuff is not powerfull enough. JUJU feel stuff-all for you all and you are to high on white stuff to realise it. snuff snuff

  • Robert - 2011-11-25 00:20

    No further below theres more stuff.

  • Mpho - 2011-11-25 01:15

    one day when mr malema is pressident, white people and the media will be saying good things about him, just like what happend to mandela, after that they forget about black people.

      frans.h.marais - 2011-11-25 04:26

      Yeez, how can you compare the ravings of mad Juju with what Mandela stands for!?? You must be brain damaged!! Mandela realised that SA will go down the drain without all the people standing together. Forget about the past and think about the future. Juju is a racist! Mandela is not. That is the deifference!

  • Mpho - 2011-11-25 01:17

    one day when mr malema is president, you'll see white people will be saying only good things about him, just look at mandela, during apartheid he was called a terorist.

  • billy - 2011-11-25 09:04

    what has become of the party of pride, humanity and dignity. who is going to come forward and take the place of Nelson Mandela,Tambo and all the great that has been the strong foundation of this great Party.

  • sfiso.nsibande1 - 2011-11-25 11:50

    Come Mangaung if I have to die to stop this lunatic let it be, let it be known that Malema have met his match now and if blood be shed we more than willing to be part of it, even if it my life that will be lost and that idiot will never see a day of dictating to South Africans

      Carol - 2011-11-25 15:23

      I salute you, Sfiso.NSibande1. At last one man who recognises some of the wrongs in SA. Fat-Boy being just one of them. He cares only for himself & not a FIG for the youth he professes to represent, yet they follow him blindly ! SHAME !!!

  • Thato - 2011-11-27 01:46

    i dont understand y they should be hated against thy are words becz truly speaking south african says u have your own right

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