Malema arrives at church

2012-04-06 14:06

East London - Suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has arrived at a church in the Eastern Cape accompanied by a VIP unit, according to a report on Friday.

He was expected to speak at the Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ in Butterworth, the SABC reported.

This move could be seen as the first sign of his defying his temporary suspension from the ANC.

"In celebrating Easter Friday and commemorating the life of Solomon Mahlangu, president Julius Malema will visit the Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ in Butterworth," ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said in a statement on Thursday.

Malema was visiting the church in his capacity as league president, Shivambu said. Mahlangu was an Umkhonto we Sizwe soldier hanged by the apartheid government in 1979.

On Wednesday, Malema was gagged and temporarily suspended by the ANC's national disciplinary committee (NDC), a move which forbids him exercising any duty as an ANC member, president of the ANCYL or member of the Limpopo provincial executive committee.

Malema's temporary suspension from the party followed comments he made at a centenary lecture at the University of the Witwatersrand last Friday. Malema called ANC President Jacob Zuma a dictator and said he was suppressing the ANCYL.

The ANCYL leader was informed on Wednesday morning of his immediate temporary suspension, and that the NDC would bring disciplinary proceedings against him.

The NDC had instituted special measures because of Malema's repeated behaviour. Malema is appealing his expulsion from the ANC for sowing division in the party and for bringing it into disrepute.

The appeals hearing was expected to take place on April 12. The two disciplinary proceedings are separate.

  • Jeeves - 2012-04-06 14:10

    Brilliant reporting. You had me at the title. let me know when he goes for a pee.

      Jack - 2012-04-06 14:18

      Let's see how big his balls really are. lol...the idiot's a "has been".

      Jaba - 2012-04-06 15:16

      agree there is no reason to report on this loser

      John - 2012-04-06 15:34

      @Jaba.. "there is no reason to report on this loser" But you obviously read it... Why did you read it if they shouldn't have reported it??

      Morne - 2012-04-06 17:56

      JM, Easter is not for your comrad's you fool, its for Jesus Christ. He just has no respect for anything!

  • tanibumcheekz - 2012-04-06 14:14

    Easter Friday is about celebrating the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ - if you ain't a Christian stay away from Church - hypocrit.

      rbphiri - 2012-04-06 14:19

      You hardly get fat atheists these days too.

      CoronaSherona - 2012-04-08 04:22

      I'm sorry for you but Jesus died for the very people who aren't at church. Perhaps you want to read your bible. I'm NOT a Malema supporter, I think he is vile and twisted but please don't make stupid statements about the unsaved staying away from church - Christians have a bad enough name as it is.

  • Tommy - 2012-04-06 14:14

    Go Mal Emma, GO!!! Show the anc what you think of them!!!

  • manyanyaphiri - 2012-04-06 14:16

    Let the sparks fly! Neither Jacob Zuma nor his lapdog NDC are God. South Africa is the original land of Zion (or Azania); the world looks to us for direction; and this land cannot be ruled by individuals who believe in promoting prostitution to the level Jacob Zuma has done since taking over the reigns of power

      rbphiri - 2012-04-06 14:33

      I don't need your Azanian directions thanks, my satnav is doing quite fine. I'm afraid your directions might lead me to the land of imaginations and utter lunacy.

      Ken - 2012-04-06 15:04

      You are brain-dead

      Gary - 2012-04-06 15:08

      The world is looking at you for a good laugh. Ignorance at its most comical ...

      John - 2012-04-06 15:39

      Umm.. Could you be more specific and tell us who in "the world looks to us for direction" As Malema's lapdog you shouldn't try thinking... he doesn't.

      marina.poniatowska - 2012-04-06 20:13

      "the world looks to us for direction". What have you been smoking and why are you not sharing?

  • justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-06 14:18

    It is a well known day for peace and the celebration of the crucified Jesus Christ...not some political show off,Malema does not know when to draw a line.I'm a proudly South African and Malema makes me feel less that way!

      rbphiri - 2012-04-06 14:26

      If he can't even pass wood work, you can't begin to expect the man to draw the line.

  • justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-06 14:19

    It is a well known day for peace and the celebration of the crucified Jesus Christ...not some political show off,Malema does not know when to draw a line.I'm a proudly South African and Malema makes me feel less that way!

      John - 2012-04-06 15:44

      @ General... Is that a Limpopo education you have??

  • IAnon - 2012-04-06 14:20

    You go thetha there Buti THETHA ...

  • Sda - 2012-04-06 14:28

    churches have now been turned to political fighting areas.this man failed woodwork,what can he know about bible studies,hmmmmm.

      Hadebe - 2012-04-06 14:44

      Waz there a political fight in there? Gosh! I missed it, who were u fighting with? Is there any souls lost? Pls keep us informed u dont want to leave us in the dark, are u?

      molokor2 - 2012-04-06 15:09

      Malema is just like u, he need god,

      zaatheist - 2012-04-06 19:58

      Not true. Churches have been meddling in politics for thousands of years. Malema and Church. How very appropriate.

  • Soon - 2012-04-06 14:35

    loop die media al agter mal-ema aan en skryf oor elke simpel ding wat hy doen, stem saam Jeeves laat ons weet as hy weer die k-k van sy mond afvee

  • haroldrvjansen - 2012-04-06 14:54

    Round no. 1 in the fight for the heart of the people.... Malema vs. Zuma... while our country is bleeding....

      Theo - 2012-04-06 22:32

      Yes and our country is bleeding indeed whilst these morons try and get rid of an even bigger moron. It is no laughthing matter it is a very sad day for this beautiful country

  • Durbanite88 - 2012-04-06 15:00

    The media likes to tag this jerk, why report every move this man is making, how does News24 readership benefit out of this story? Come on media, u are close to reporting Malema even when he goes to the bathroom. Get creative, get a life.

      Gary - 2012-04-06 15:19

      They are reporting on him because the struggle for the sole of the ANC is being contested by him in the blue corner and showerhead in the red corner. He was the king maker that put shower head into power or so they tell me. You write him off at your own peril. Read up on some of the political history of many of our African neighbours and you will see this theme over and over again - they fight for the spoils of revolution - until its all gone.

      John - 2012-04-06 15:48

      They report it because okes like you read it...

      Ngaka - 2012-04-06 16:27

      Malema is a Commander in Chief for economic freedom in our lifetime.Thought I should fill you in...thank you!

      Sharon - 2012-04-06 16:34

      @ Ngaka - What has he done for you lately? The only economic freedom he is interested in is his own.

      Ngaka - 2012-04-06 16:44

      That's a good start Sharon,otherwise we'd not know that economic freedom can be a reality...Soon,he'll be interested in economic freedom for all us and I mean, soooon.

      Nicolaas - 2012-04-06 18:09

      @Ngaka.......Economic freedom for all.... hahahahaha. You are really funny. For how many years have you heard that line. Wake up dude!!!! They will only do something if it benifits them. The only soon that there is, is that if we carry on like this we will soon end up like Zim.

      Ngaka - 2012-04-06 19:19

      How old are you,Nicholaas?

  • Pixie86 - 2012-04-06 15:05

    are you also going to report when he takes a bath? Or when he visits friends or relatives? Is this really news?

  • mike.clery - 2012-04-06 15:11

    What's next? "Malema goes to bathroom"?

      vuyo.zuccherro.gqwaru - 2012-04-06 17:05

      Malema Goes To Church via @wordpressdotcom

  • Marina - 2012-04-06 15:14

    If you taunt a dog long enough it WILL bite you. Hope you've had your rabies shots fatboy.

  • Judith - 2012-04-06 15:18

    So the man of the people needs protection against them when going to church. I wouldn't trust him with my old teddy bear

  • Livvi - 2012-04-06 15:25

    SERIOUSLY NEWS24!!! How much is this A**hole paying you to keep him in the \news\??? Or are you journalist to lazy to look for real stories. Knowing about every breath, burp, fart about this chop is hardly news!!! I didn't even read the story but chose to comment because, like most other South Africans with more than 2 brain cells, am sick to death of seeing his name in the headlines!

  • Nick - 2012-04-06 15:49

    And this is NEWS ?????

      vuyo.zuccherro.gqwaru - 2012-04-06 15:56

      I'm glad I'm not the only one scratching my head trying to figure out why they felt the need to tell us about Malema going to church. Almost feels like I'm reading Daily Sun

  • vuyo.zuccherro.gqwaru - 2012-04-06 15:53

    I'm surprised he didn't get struck by lightening when he entered church. You'd expect that when evil invades a holy place

      Nombuso Sangqu - 2012-04-06 18:33

      lmfao...... yho hay sana u'v made my day!!!! Bt id dat ts tru d witches wudn't go 2 church

  • Johan - 2012-04-06 15:58

    Malema is marching to matrydom. He has the same maniacal, blank expression on his face that dangerous people like Hitler had. He is past the point of no return. I am sure that he believes that he has a divine right to lead SA into a revolution. It is dangerous to ignore this man.

  • Ako - 2012-04-06 16:02

    Sometimes devil uses some members of the church as his agent but today he decided to go to the church himself to witness the crusification. Viva comrade\devil himself\ Malema

  • Siphiwe Kuhlase - 2012-04-06 16:49

    Can anybody tells me why they keep on trailing him why why is he a supersar it means whenever he goes the nedia is gonna tell us I'm fed about this malema issue

      Judith - 2012-04-06 18:16

      He is getting trailed and followed because he is a LEADER. You can say what you like about him, but he has the commanding presence of a leader. My father said in 1976 when he looked at a photo of Mugabe in the paper: 'that's a dangerous man'. Now I echo him: Malema is a dangerous man. Keep your eye on the danger. That's why we follow him: he DOES things. We are watching out for his next move. He is defiant. Watch him blow a mighty hole through the ANC.

  • Oom - 2012-04-06 17:57

    Malema has just looked at his watch, a gold Rolex.

  • Oom - 2012-04-06 17:57

    Malema has just spoken to one of the churchgoers.

      Thabiso - 2012-04-06 21:24

      Don't stress ur selp good people we are more \r\nthan ready 2 go and change our leadership at \r\nmangaung conference juju man will get his chair\r\nback and roar.Amandla,

  • Oom - 2012-04-06 17:58

    Malema has just farted silently, it stinks.

  • Lee - 2012-04-06 18:19

    Why is this guy treated like some kind of \god\... Everything he does makes headlines. The next thing will be \Malema arrives at the loo to take a dump\

  • Elkita - 2012-04-06 18:25

    There is only one lot that can taste economic freedom and that is Zuma and his cadres in the government.

  • Lynne - 2012-04-06 19:14

    He was ONLY in church to laugh in front of the press. For him to be there was an absolute waste of time - certainly his prayers fell on deaf ears. He is the biggest joke of the centuary!!

      Molefi - 2012-04-06 22:28

      We are all the same in front of the Lord His ears are not deaf to even here those who prays for Malema u were supriest after hearing those who prayed for Zuma pls don't be supriesed this time

      Pdevillet - 2012-04-08 09:09

      the problem with political jokes is that they get elected..!

      Pdevillet - 2012-04-08 09:11

      the next move will be a stay in jail then he qualify for presidency

  • Sam - 2012-04-06 19:16

    hooligans/heist gangs have opted for ancs tenders instead of cash transits vans in our movement, its going to be very difficult to deal with these gangsters in our movement. Tokyo and Phosa are bankrolling these inconsiderate hooligans , when Thabo Mbeki accused these two it was so sad that they were offended now they have shown their colors. late nineties Tokyos visa was banned by CIA , is there anyone knows why it was banned, God knows.The very same Phosa was bankrolling riots in Ermelo and Standerton , is there anyone knows what was his motive. Im quiet confident Zuma will save the ANC from these hooligans , he has done it before and will do it again, he has saved SA from dictatorship of Mbeki and saved millions dying from Aids/HIV, he has dealt with Malema . Its sad that our white fellows see Zuma as an enemy and dont see the other side of him, I wish you all the best fellow South african whites keep of crucifying Zuma the day will come on you.

      amos.simelane - 2012-04-07 23:15

      Ag man, don't be stupid and come with accusations which you will never substantiate in a court of law.Our friends, family members and comrades were directly affected by the riots that erupted @ Ermelo. If you have a proof that Cde Mathew Phosa was covertly involved I am now challenging you to go and open a case with the law enforcement agencies, failure which 'thula uze ufe you moron'

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-04-06 19:24

    Notice how various bigwigs in the ANC suddenly became religious? Funny. I thought Malema was prohibited from appearing anywhere or speaking on behalf of the ANCYL or the ANC. So in effect he is jobless. How then, can he go gallivanting all over the show? Who pays for this? And this "VIP" unit-what for? Who pays? Is there no more important work to do?

  • James - 2012-04-06 19:38

    Hi all.please let Juju go on doing what his doing.for now he is daring the big boys to either shut him up (which they are failling to do) or get rid of him. He is waiting for them to expell him.he will then do all South Africans a Big,Big favour by revealing everything he knows. He is toying with them .let's wait And see who wins

  • luytster - 2012-04-06 22:37

    Hey taxpayers you all lost the plot here. If this report is right and he had an "official" VIP protection unit assingned to him surley some heads must roll here. That is the question. Who authorised this unit for his protection???? Your tax money is being spent on this escapade.

  • Cde - 2012-04-07 13:58

    the Anc national conference wil giv birth to sumtin biger dan cope

  • amos.simelane - 2012-04-07 23:05

    I can't understand why the elders of this Twelve Apostles' Church decided to put their congregation right into the prevailing political fiasco. Maybe they wanted to publicise the church during this time of the Christain calender. Next time they should try to form a choir and record a DVD then appear on TV & newspapers they will get the public attention they are looking for rather than invite the suspended to be expelled tenderpreneur.

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