Malema complains about protector

2012-10-10 22:21

Johannesburg - Expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema accused Public Protector Thuli Madonsela of finding him "guilty in absentia" on Wednesday, according to an SABC radio report.

"You can't find a man guilty in absentia," Malema said at Slovo Park informal settlement, west of Johannesburg.

"You cannot say to a man in absentia: 'You are guilty and therefore we are going to take everything you have and let you walk naked'."

He was speaking after Madonsela's announcement that tenders awarded to On-Point Engineers by the Limpopo transport department were unlawful.

She found that On-Point and Malema improperly benefited from the contract.

Malema's business partner Lesiba Gwangwa is the chief executive of On-Point.

Malema said: "Those who respect the law, they must treat all of us equally".

Earlier, the Democratic Alliance welcomed Madonsela's report.

"The South African public is sick and tired of politically connected individuals abusing public procurement to line their own pockets," Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard said in a statement.

"The charges laid against Malema and his Limpopo cronies last month are a step in the right direction. The courts must consider the findings of the Public Protector's report."

She said it was clear that there had been serious abuses of public money, and that those responsible should be held accountable.

Madonsela announced her findings in Pretoria on Wednesday.

She presented her findings in a report on corrupt practices in Limpopo entitled: "On the Point of Tenders".

She found the department did not follow proper guidelines in awarding the tender.

She received three complaints in July 2011, including one by the DA, and decided to investigate the allegations that the department of roads and transport corruptly awarded the On-Point tender.

Also under scrutiny were claims that Malema used his political position to influence the awarding of tenders by the department and the Limpopo government in general.

She also investigated whether Malema's Ratanang Family Trust and/or Malema improperly benefited from the tender awarded to On-Point.

The total amount paid by the department to On-Point in terms of the contract at the end of June 2012 was more than R43.8m

The bid presented by On-Point in respect of the project management unit (PMU) tender deliberately and fraudulently misrepresented the profile, composition, experience and therefore the functionality of the company.

It was claimed that On-Point was an established and experienced operation with management teams and professional staff that complied with the requirements of the request for proposal.

However, at the time of the bid, the company had existed for only a month, and had no employees, or several of the purported key management and staff.

"The shareholders of On-Point, including the Ratanang Family Trust, benefited improperly from the tender that was awarded to On-Point," Madonsela said.

She said the state attorney should institute legal proceedings against On-Point and shareholders who benefited from the PMU tender, to recover money to which the department was entitled.

  • thulanit3 - 2012-10-10 22:31

    Listen to this THIEF

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-10-10 22:44

      He is a crook and he must go to jail. At least he is no longer well connected. So he cannot pull a Shabby Shaik trick.

      thandiwe.ngema.71 - 2012-10-11 00:14

      Rich criminals like Malema have no right to complain when their crimes are discovered.

      liesure.larry - 2012-10-11 00:55

      Malema said: "Those who respect the law, they must treat all of us equally". So with that statement you should get at-least 25years with your new boy friend there in Potgieter Straat no° 1...

      chaapo.sithole - 2012-10-11 01:43

      Said it a long time ago that all the running to the mines to rouse the miners was a pre-emptive attempt to deflect from what he knew was coming and so here we are now-the cat is out of the bag fake socialists.

      Jellyarse - 2012-10-11 06:48

      "You cannot say to a man in absentia: 'You are guilty and therefore we are going to take everything you have and let you walk naked'." NO THICKHEAD FATTY - we will say to a man in COURT: 'You are guilty and therefore we are going to take everything you have and let you walk naked'. We all hope you have perpetual ringburn from the continuous pounding your a88 is gonna be getting in Jail - thieving mother f@cker!

      ryan.viljoen.39 - 2012-10-11 08:16

      Please Thuli, for all our sakes, don't make this fat man walk around naked. Yuuuch!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:31

      Well I have to say that Thuli is the ONE PERSON in a position of power that I have the UTMOST respect for. She is the one person guided by integrity that will not bow to political pressure and interference. I wish we had a president like her. I am amazaed that the anc have not invented a reason to sack her yet. Well done lady, you have my respect and vote!

      heathway.master - 2012-10-11 09:24

      When anyone is faced with a very long jail sentence, they always claim to be completely innocent. As one cynical commentator said "most countries jails appear to be packed to the hilt with completely innocent criminals. Go for it State, put this agitator where he belongs in a cold, dank, small cell, and let the country forget that this evil and destructive creature ever reached political prominence.

      lentswe.mosweunyane - 2012-10-11 09:30

      Malema is right how come they did not interview him before claiming that his guilty, the law should be act fairly.

      sean.carbutt - 2012-10-11 10:03

      Fat boy is well, one of the dumbest arsewipes on the planet. Gulity in ABSTENTIA It means that you were found guilty of an offense you were charged with due to your failure to appear in court. So fat boy, keep not arriving, keep being millitant, keep being the village idiot. This circus show will be over pretty soon. We will see you at the robot with your tin cup and cardboard sign. Please help no job, no food, 30 kids, no matric, no brains. Can do woodwork

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-11 12:25

      The arrogance of this thief is beyond words. My late father called it the "boarishness of a pig", I will be much more expressive if I must add something This fat pig must be locked up, and all his assets, locally and internationally must be recovered, and the people of Limp-popo must get the benefit of this recovered money.

  • thulanit3 - 2012-10-10 22:32

    Listen to this THIEF

      jacob.zooma.9 - 2012-10-11 08:00

      Malema has been quiet for two weeks, He then goes to another mine to speak his mind and the next day Thuli Madonsela has completed her investigation... COME ON SOUTH AFRICA WE MIGHT HAVE BEEN BORN YESTERDAY, BUT NOT TODAY! I firmly believe she's in the ANC pocket after this. Only outing Malema's transgressions? What about all my sins? Anyways what do I know, I'm just a president.

      tim.gordon.5011516 - 2012-10-11 08:41

      All the white farmers he wanted killed - were they afforded due process?

  • joe.smit.549 - 2012-10-10 22:45

    You are going to find out that she is allowed to do her work. And you are going to find yourself walking naked.

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-11 01:20

      @joe. O my goodness, another painting on it's way, yet this time it'll be titled "The Pin Head" not "The Spear"

      joe.smit.549 - 2012-10-11 02:55

      Lol. Mmmm very good indeed.....

      erich.goosen - 2012-10-11 16:53

      JM, calm down. Nobody has found you guilty (yet). All the PP said is that you benefitted improperly from the tenders awarded in Limpopo. You will defenitely get the opportunity to state your case during a criminal trial that will hopefully follow soon. Until such time you are deemed not guilty until the Court finds otherwise. Unless you skip bail and disappear this trial will be held in your presence and will you be present. Capice?

  • tobydt - 2012-10-10 22:50

    I was going to make a joke about Julius, jail and soap... But f*** it :P

      liesure.larry - 2012-10-11 00:58

      you should have said "Bud f*** it"...

      heibrin.venter - 2012-10-11 02:25

      Or butt F*** it?

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:32

      maybe he will get Life..Bouy!

      kent.paulsen.79 - 2012-10-11 13:13

      He does not need busfare in the morning

  • Bafana Joseph - 2012-10-10 22:52

    Hey wena Protector(Thuli Madonsela)don't forget to give us the outcome of investigations of Tax payers money that your Boss Jacob Zuma is abusing

      Talente M Kalonjie - 2012-10-10 23:42

      amen to dat?

      lorain.maseko - 2012-10-11 07:31

      @ bafana dont be a nitwit all your life what more does this woman need to do to show that she's above board? She has already publicly stated that the Inkandla project was a mismanagement of funds,what makes you think she will protect Zuma

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-10-10 22:57

    Here comes trouble with a capital T! Paw-paw is going to hit the fan.. SPLAT!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:33

      more like Big Bubba is gona hit the paw-paw

  • adriaan.delange.94 - 2012-10-10 23:06

    Well done Madonsela. Give this thief all the hell in the world. Mugabe is waiting for him, because he cannot be called a Democratic South African, but a rassist. FOERTSEK YOUR BASTIT!

  • ahenriquesfernandes - 2012-10-10 23:28

    I am no lawyer, but that wasn't even a trial so don't come with this "absentia" nonsense. Talk about the cowards way out. "I wasn't there! It wasn't me!" How about growing a pair and owning up to what you have done instead of wasting more time and money.

  • nico.dejongh.90 - 2012-10-10 23:33

    If found guilty means Malema is not fit to stand for president..ever.. or what?. Sleep well and may you dream of wild buffaloes and Juju as usual in front. - 2012-10-11 01:24

      That is the problem (or not). I think he wants to go to jail, expecting to be another Nelson Mandella. His only problem is that the majority of South African people think that he is an IDIOT!

  • frank.zippa.1 - 2012-10-10 23:41

    Survival tips 2: I forgot to mention that you should get all your front teeth removed before incarceration. The boyz like a bit of oral and a mouth full of teeth could prove risky. You don't want dissatisfied clients, do you?

  • BulletProof. - 2012-10-10 23:58

    Run they are going to catch you. I have the filling they have the proof, stop your demagogy.

  • Tello Moleko - 2012-10-11 00:03

    boy you will get your chance at court,Madonsela shes adv and she is just telling you that there are prospects of possible conviction,Thuli does not need your friendship and her findings are based on evidence which is documentary

      sarecen.smith - 2012-10-11 11:12

      well said!

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-10-11 00:51

    You know what Julius, there is something self-destructive about you. Don't anger the Public Protector or her office. You may need their assistance when you are clothed in yellow in the not too distant future. Rumor has it that prison authorities can be unkind.

      mullerier - 2012-10-21 07:00

      exactly my thoughts....

  • julian.hepburn - 2012-10-11 00:51

    : this is hilarious! What a joke!

  • nketso.kgwadi - 2012-10-11 00:54

    Thuli is being used now, pls investigate everyone even those with connectionns then SA will become a better country but now I'm not impressed with ur work if u can get Zuma. His nephew thulabuyiswe Zuma and maharaj then I will know u r fair and not used.

      vusi.mkhize.731 - 2012-10-11 08:30

      Malema asked for this if u know u are corrupt shut-up (get a capital)and go to business like lots of corrupt politicians eg. Tony Blair, Cyril Ramphosa,etc. Do not try to be a hero and put urself in a spot light u will burn is just that simple.

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-11 12:42

      @nketso, what more must the public protector do? She is the one voice who publically condemned the shenanigans at Nkandla, and I'm convinced that this whole cesspit will be exposed, so that the people of SA can know that one by one all the tenderpreneurs with thieving tendencies are jailed. This office needs our support. As for JZ, you have a chance in Dec to tell the world that you do not want him around anymore. I trust that you will be less lenient with the next rotten head you elect, till you realize that our only way to get rid of this curse is to get rid of the whole orginization.

  • Lee Ntshabele - 2012-10-11 01:22

    Juju, your days are numbered boykie. You & your associate are not wiser than the law its worse you didnt go to university of wisdom to graduate.

  • charlie.segole - 2012-10-11 04:06

    This guy he complains to the wrong people. Thuli has done her job well. A lot of people are going down, im sure he will crack and turn a state witness.

  • sphala - 2012-10-11 04:46

    Lack of validation in your investigation Madam Protector...sound irish bull to me. We need cogent evidence here.

      snoopy.zoomzoom - 2012-10-11 05:13

      concrete evidence a person earning R20000,cant afford to built a R8mil house and drive a bently car dat cost more dan 1mil.where have u been this guy is the father of corruption.

      sphala - 2012-10-11 05:49

      @snoopy...he has been a Director for several companies and had resign from some of them recently,the trust fund has been fund by other organisation my chomiee...don't befuddle, call him Businessman as well.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-10-11 07:41

      @ Sphala LMAO please tell me you are joking or you are drunk,please.

      zoe.mandlana - 2012-10-11 07:42

      A director with Gr 11.

      sphala - 2012-10-11 08:35

      @Maseko...drunk? o thoma go gafa son, mind your language boy,who's said am drunker?

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:39

      @sphala - boet - It is people that are robbing the taxpayers that are the root of the lack of service delivery. If you can support a an like Juju, you deserve what you get. Unless you are also a BEE tender manipulator/crook. I just take comfort in the fact that ONE DAY, everybody will have to answer for their crimes.

  • sefohlelo - 2012-10-11 04:47

    No one expected Malema to come-out and say I did it,Fat Boy! This was a probe on you and your cronies on the misuse of Public Funds after complaints were laid,Advocate Madonsela has a right to release her findings without you being present as this was not a court case but probe and you were not asked to come and give evidence,what a hell do you think you are?

      xolani.made - 2012-10-11 05:35

      He doesn't understand...., Madonsela's role, He only think of Court case.

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:40

      yeah.. and BTW Juju - you gonna be having another probe soon .. from Big Bubba in jailblock C

      desertratbkf - 2012-10-11 09:04

      @Alan - You crack me up dude! I enjoy your sense of humour!

  • B.b. - 2012-10-11 05:23

    lol @Malema u always announce that Zuma is not a good leader and dictator, etc, etc,,,,without informing him first,,,u r messing with the wrong person,,,she'll expose u and see how pathetic u r (Malema).

  • Kirston Lyle Noemdoe - 2012-10-11 05:44

    lol Malema is some kind of a master mind, Malema is surly a villain that wants to take over the world like that ouens in the movies.. MALEMA mybru dont you have enough money yoh theres so much poverty and you still want to get richer,

  • sefohlelo - 2012-10-11 05:46

    Even if you were present,what is that you could have possibly done?Easy,you could have insulted Adv T. Madonsela,because insults are your trademark and i think you should save them for your soon to be friends in jail because as the saying goes...each dog has it's day.

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-10-11 06:02

    R675 billion reportedly lost to corruption? This is the tip of the iceberg, what about the rest or do you only get busted when you go up against the powers that be? What Juju is saying is Why Me???

  • doctorate - 2012-10-11 06:11

    DA also wanted evidence on the droped coruption charges against your president wena Thuli Madonsela y u dont investigate dat u a not bcause he is in power and malema is not please do it equal we need 2 knw de reason of droped charges against yr president and i wil welcum dis 1 y is every 1 hard on malema i c u want 2 destroy him permanently bcause he is a threat 2 yr president do it fair pls

      dumisani.makhaye.1 - 2012-10-11 09:51

      That matter went to court and the NPA was directed to hand the DA the records,if my memory serves me well.

  • doctorate - 2012-10-11 06:11

    DA also wanted evidence on the droped coruption charges against your president wena Thuli Madonsela y u dont investigate dat u a not bcause he is in power and malema is not please do it equal we need 2 knw de reason of droped charges against yr president and i wil welcum dis 1 y is every 1 hard on malema i c u want 2 destroy him permanently bcause he is a threat 2 yr president do it fair pls

  • talana.malherbe - 2012-10-11 06:15

    Well done brave Thuli! Juju just imagine how many people you could have helped with housing in Limpopo with this money! Thuli now please, probe the rest of the corrupt government, plenty of complaints against them on this site!

  • morwawaga.selebi - 2012-10-11 06:26

    where did juju get his millions in 2 years, we now know patrice motsepe underpaid de mine wörkers 2 b rich in 20 yrs.

  • gert.swart.393 - 2012-10-11 06:39

    The ANC is trying to stick all kinds of bogus charges against Malema! The ANC is nothing more than a criminal gang!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:41

      that doesnt make juju innocent!

      dumisani.makhaye.1 - 2012-10-11 09:53

      This has nothing to do with the ANC, the DA lodged the complaint.

  • gert.swart.393 - 2012-10-11 06:39

    The ANC is trying to stick all kinds of bogus charges against Malema! The ANC is nothing more than a criminal gang!

  • Tshepo Gwamanda - 2012-10-11 06:39

    'You cannot find me guilty in absentia' lol lol lol!!!!! Clearly Mr. Malema does not understand how South African law works, one can only be found guilty by the courts!! Not Thuli Madonsela!! She makes recommendation for a probable course of action to be taken by the NPA and the Hawks who will then do thorough investigations based on her findings and the courts will prosecute and the Judge will pronounce judgement!!! The only thing she said was there was misconduct in the awarding of tenders to On-Point Engineering which is linked to the Ratanang Trust belonging to Mr. Malema.

      mullerier - 2012-10-21 07:09

      Thank you Tshepo, I was beginning to lose all hope while reading this article and some comments. I could not have put it more succinctly myself! Bless you!!

  • mullervince - 2012-10-11 07:02

    Proof is proof fat boy. You are guilty of feeding your face with the poor people's money

  • danny.levin.351 - 2012-10-11 07:08

    "You cannot say to a man in absentia: 'You are guilty and therefore we are going to take everything you have and let you walk naked' WRONG FATSO, this is entrenched in the law. you reap what you saw and it is now catching up with you.

  • brionyl.french - 2012-10-11 07:12


  • duduzile.nkosi - 2012-10-11 07:14

    How i wish malema could go down!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:43

      he's going down in Jailblock C with Big Bubba

      sarecen.smith - 2012-10-11 11:14

      times comming soon, i bet cassel is a bit worried to

  • dirkjohannes - 2012-10-11 07:16

    What a stupid ass!!!!!!!

  • Bafana Joseph - 2012-10-11 07:17

    Hey wena Protector(Thuli Madonsela) dont 4get to give us the outcome of investigation of your Boss Jacob Zuma

  • Clerance Lephaka - 2012-10-11 07:28

    Not yet guilty.

  • yrhonour.honour - 2012-10-11 07:29

    F##### W#####

  • mohammedzaeed.essack - 2012-10-11 07:30

    Our Tax going in wrong hands, funds r being usurped

  • 0001000ghost - 2012-10-11 07:32

    why his black comrades do not ask him, brother, tell us again how much money you made? is it 43 and 6 0's? or 5..? do these people even realize how much money 43 000 000 is? all into one black mans's pocket? do you know when last i met a white man with 43 000 000? never. yet, it's an irish coffee society?

      thokozani.mnyandu - 2012-10-11 07:45

      no wonder u are a ghost, what colour has to do with malema's rubish? As long as there are ppl who think like u SA is going nowhere better

      brian.m.sithole - 2012-10-11 07:57

      Some people should just remain ghosts... unseen and unheard! What drivel; and so early in the morning when one's mind is supposed to be fresh. I cringe at the thought of what sort of poppycock you'd spew at lunch-time. Just to entertain you for the sake of it... You clearly don't know many white men. Which rock do you live under, ghost?

  • lesego.boikanyo.79 - 2012-10-11 07:35

    Ya Malema...last kicks of a dying horse.

  • mphela.kelatu - 2012-10-11 07:43

    thuli we still waiting the outcome of mbobela, aurora i cn't name them all pls do ryt job gally!!!!

  • shaylene.stenger - 2012-10-11 07:51

    Well it's you who never rock up so don't blame her, secondly I would not want to p*ss this woman off so I would back down if i were you and lastly you are a South African citizen(unfortunatley) therefor you are no different to anyone else.

  • justice.molahlehi - 2012-10-11 07:59

    The day Malema learns to shut his mouth and realize they can clean every cent he has in the bank and throw his remains to the dogs.It is the day he learns ANC is far bigger than him.

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-10-11 08:00

    Mmaweeee, Let the corrution story unfold, someone is going down bigtym, But also JZ, mustbe investigated for these millions we hear about ( Nkandla) Lets all take a shower and be clean of corruption

  • johan.harlaar.9 - 2012-10-11 08:04

    Shame, he worked so hard for this money and now they are going to take it away. Would love to know the future about this man in 10 years time.

  • lawrence.sambani.3 - 2012-10-11 08:04

    This man is just confused.That's all i can say.

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:46

      yah think?

  • werner.dippenaar.77 - 2012-10-11 08:11

    The only reason they nailed him is because he did not share with the comrades, lube up buddy.

  • Fox Trixter - 2012-10-11 08:11

    dont worry my president, you will come out good! then de call for expropriation without compensation must materialise!!! Viva Malema Viva!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:46

      hehe -*ducks flying pigs*

      dumisani.makhaye.1 - 2012-10-11 10:06

      And where would you start?

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-11 21:08

      OK, but remember this "law" will count for all. Now you take, then have everything, and I nothing, then me take and you still end with nothing. Sort of zero thinking behind thiese racist laws of Mal-emma and his gang of racists. Ask the Zimbos if dividing wealth multiplies it. Better still, next holiday, ask me and I'll sponsor you a trip to happy-lands in Zim.

  • masupa.tsela - 2012-10-11 08:11

    Gone are the days of a white man making himself a point of reference in everything. Some blacks will take the struggle on the street other blacks we will learn and get any education it is there to be gotten. Finally those whites who love SA not to leave it will of course end up in townships too. Then I will say SA has indeed changed!

      brett.michielin - 2012-10-11 08:31

      We as a nation are too proud. With pride comes productivity so most of us will always prosper and do well. Its in our blood. You have to decide as a nation if its in yours. Then you will see SA has indeed changed!

      alan.gernet - 2012-10-11 08:57

      sorry for you - it's not aout white and black - it's about education and poverty. Anywhere in the world - the educated and productive people rise, and the uneducated sink into poverty. That's just a fact of life - so education is the No.1 priority for all SA's. And of course ... with such a small economy as SA has, it stands to reason that we shold shrink the birth rate, instead of letting it spiral out of control, which just aggravates the situation, condemning future generaions to lives of poverty and misery.

      dumisani.makhaye.1 - 2012-10-11 10:09

      I would recommend that you take the struggle to the classroom, there is nothing on the streets chief.

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-11 21:12

      musapa, then that day has arrived for you. There arevhundreds of thousands of whites already living in "white" informal settlements around all our cities. Happy now? And how did you benefit? See you racist, you have not gained by dragging another down. Eish, when will these mamparras learn anything?