Malema still benefits from contentious tender

2011-11-16 22:39

Johannesburg - The contract benefiting suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema cannot be cancelled because it would have serious legal implications, the public protector's spokesperson said on Wednesday.

"There could be possible unintended consequences by suspending in its entirety... It is a binding agreement," said Kgalalelo Masibi.

The contract has already been running for two years.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela met with the Limpopo roads and transport department on Wednesday and one portion of the contract was suspended.

"Both parties agreed to suspend one aspect of the contract, that is, the participation of On Point in the bid evaluation committee until the investigation is concluded," her office said in a statement.

On-Point Engineering is partly owned by Malema's family trust.

Madonsela is probing claims that the Limpopo government awarded irregular tenders to On-Point Engineering, which benefited Malema.

The outcome of the investigation was expected before the end of the year.

  • phathuchicos - 2011-11-16 22:50

    why malema? i thought news24 was done with making him a papparazzi me wondering if he had a deal with media24.

      Christelle - 2011-11-16 22:53

      He seems to have had deals in many places - maybe you are right. But, the ANC needs him out of the way, and they are surely going to do it, no matter what

      Sean - 2011-11-16 23:11

      Yip , fatboy made so many deals , he can`t remeber most of them

      Farta - 2011-11-17 06:21

      Naspers clearly has a love affair with Malema. They are good for each other. He gets the exposure mahala and they get the web hits mahala. Malema also has a love affair with Bob Mugarbage and ZanuPF. Check this out

      1nawty0 - 2011-11-17 06:47


      theOrAcLe - 2011-11-17 07:30

      Won't Surprise me at all......

      Shaun - 2011-11-17 11:11

      They must bury him totally until then that makes news but good new if you ask me

      Spyker - 2011-11-17 11:22

      The solution is very simple. He is finding himself on the edge of the political wilderness and in shock - he is currently in the 'denial phase'. If in parallel to the above, he finds himself in the 'publicity' wilderness, he will sink faster than a piece of sushi in a glass of Johnnie Walker Black... This freak is the single biggest threat to SA's future since its inception. There is NO future in any country that "creates" a Malema-type character. Every SAcan, who wants a future for his children- and theirs, have no choice but to remove him at any- and every cost. Only those who lack any measure of cognitive capacity and as such the ability to see even one second into the future, are- and will follow the Malema types (this includes the Resident Evil Madikizela-Mandela, Sexwale, etc). We need a formal campaign: A MALEMA PUBLICITY BOYCOTT. If you see ANY article featuring Malema's name you DO NOT READ IT. If you see ANY newspaper with his name on the cover - YOU DO NOT BUY IT. Make it impossible for any media organisation to survive if they feature Malema in any way.

  • Nicholas - 2011-11-16 22:50

    The thieving continues ..

      Christelle - 2011-11-16 23:52

      Spot on Red = but some people have selective knowledge on the history of our country.

      Gungets - 2011-11-16 23:57

      Kalosi - the contract was improperly awarded - that is the point. If you believe the other contracts have been improperly awarded then you have a democratic right to report it to the Public Protector and it will be investigated. We have had different rules for different races before and it did not work out that well, if you remember.

      Shalin - 2011-11-17 00:01

      kalosi, you must be referring to the Khoisan people whose land was stolen from them by the black settlers from central Africa. They are the only ones who have any legitimate historical land claim in this country. I suggest brushing up on your history before demanding that which does not belong to you any more than it belongs to other cultures.

      John - 2011-11-17 00:24

      @kalosi. Maybe you should investigate as to owns Murray & Roberts, you will be pleasantly surprised. I find it difficult to believe that you cannot see the wrong doing that is going on. Apartheid was WRONG, it did not work. The way this government is being managed is also WRONG and it will also not work. Stand with the SA citizens who believe in a better SA for all, we can only get better if we stand together and believe in right and wrong. Please consider our request.

      Travis - 2011-11-17 00:34

      LOL @kalosi and anyone else who thinks they can sling the "Go back to Europe/Australia" BS around. My entire family were born here and nobody will chase us out without a fight. This is our country too and we are entitled to voice our opinions about our blatently corrupt leaders\officials <--And ex-leaders LOL

      lerumo.mkhonto - 2011-11-17 07:42

      "Kalosi benefits from tenders". Really this is the only conclusion I can come to when I listen to people like Kalusi. The other but less likely is that people who are not up to the job will always start to blame somebody or something else. In South Africa it is the whites. It is not true, Apartheid is gone and it is not coming back. There is racism all over the world. In Bulgaria where you studied it worse, you know. There is new group which is gaining financially from Apartheid that is why they do not want Apartheid to die. South Africans of all races must unite against the new Apartheid of the have and have nots.

      Nigel - 2011-11-17 08:51

      @Lerumo.mkhonto...well said, you hit the nail on the head...its about time we get rid of the bad apples & start building this country, the ones that divide & cause hate will just destroy the country...since Malema came on the scene racism has become worse, we need to undo the damage that he has caused.

      Spyker - 2011-11-17 12:08

      kalosi.tokoloshe.., Who oppressed black people, for a hundred thousand years, before Europeans arrived at the southern tip of Africa..? For more than a hundred thousand years before Europeans arrived, Africans did NOTHING with Africa – eg they could not even invent the wheel and in fact, they have still not (even) invented it yet. Europeans arrived here about 350 years ago and moved into the interior as little as around 170 years ago. All they found was a feral wilderness, inhabited by upright-walking beings living on the edge of the stone-age, wearing skins, wielding sticks, beating primitive instruments, impaling- and eating each other, carrying everything on their heads and/or dragging it along the ground, speaking an extremely primitive language comprising of basic tongue clapping- and clicking sounds. Suddenly, these Africans who could not manage a single thing on their own, wants to claim that what was build here by the knowledge, ingenuity, intellect, etc of Europeans, belongs to them... Ha, ha, ha, ha.., it must easily be the most absurd notion that any living thing in the known universe has ever suggested... No, wait, I am wrong there is one thing more absurd.., a fat fetid mental retard, called Juju... You know what.., there is actually something even more absurd... The feckless zombie masses that follow him. Zapiro got it spot on...

  • Sean - 2011-11-16 22:57

    Fat Boy , you in trouble ! lol ! People still believe this criminal racist !

      Red - 2011-11-16 23:56

      @kalosi.ramakhula My goodness... that must cause you a lot of pain. The huge chip on your shoulder must not be fun to bare. How do we know he is a racist? Is there another way to judge this fool that we do not know about. I thought his words and actions have spoken volumes.

      Sean - 2011-11-17 00:23

      Kalosi. I don`t give a sh@t who runs the country , just do it properly and don`t steal like most of the ANC government members do ! So you approve it`s ok to steal from the poor and ruin a once beautiful country ? FFS , get a brain ! Man oh man , SA is going down quicker than I thought !

      piet.strydom - 2011-11-17 03:25

      By the by, Mandela was a terrorist. He might have been other things later in his life, but he arranged attacks aginst civilian people, including women and children.

      piet.strydom - 2011-11-17 03:26

      And the killing didn't stop, Mbheki caused 300 000+ preventable aids deaths.

      Derek - 2011-11-17 08:16

      Come on Kalosi get real, by his comments and utterances on a daily basis the evidence of his overt racism is a slam dunk! I have no problem with people of what ever race prospering but the "tenderpreneurs" secure state contracts at horribly inflated prices, in disciplines they have no expertise in, and do not deliver. In my eyes this is theft of funds meant to improve the lives of the poor! What is difficult to grasp about that! It is you and my tax contributions that are being plundered!

      Kala - 2011-11-17 08:56

      @kalosi - The only upliftment that has ever been achieved by malema is himself. The only one to benefit from the Limpopo tenders is his own family trust. The only thing he gives to the jobless are t-shirts made in China when they have a protest march. So if you like the people that claim to want to advance the black people problems and aspirations but only advance their own bank account, then the coffee is yours for the smelling.

      TJ - 2011-11-17 09:26

      Don't forget how many more are dying because of road deaths, high crime rates, a failing health system, hunger,.... should I go on? Apartheid, even though I never agreed with it, was angelic compared to how many have been dying through the corruption and purely 'don't give a damn' attitude of the current government.

      Spyker - 2011-11-17 12:09

      kalosi.tokoloshe.., You are evidently just another zombie ANCYL/NYDA parsite, that cannot manage ANY economically valuable activity on your own - your kind can only parasite, steal, rape and kill (overwhelming evidence exists to support this notion). You are simply paraphrasing the feckless fetid fat freak that USED TO BE the PRESIDENT OF THE ANCYL... Nelson Mandela openly admitted HIMSELF to have been a terrorist - even at the time when he was engaged in terrorist activities. He reconciled with his previous enemies and his previous enemies reconciled with him - end of the war... But you- and the brainless fat freak that has NOTHING to do with ANC/ANCYL anymore, are too stupid to understand this. You are trying to fight a war that ended 17 years ago - are you truly too stupid to understand that or are you simply looking for an avenue to justify the common criminal activity known as "THEFT"..? Note - any common thief will always try to call others "thieves" as a classic 'red herring'.

  • Ian - 2011-11-16 22:58

    lock it up forever and stop wasting tax payers money

      Grant - 2011-11-17 00:24

      Surely a bullet would save us a lot more? I'm a Christian and know I shouldn't be posting stuff like this but for the sake of the majority of South Africans I wish Malema would become an ancestor.

  • sean.blyth1 - 2011-11-16 23:00

    OMG! These are the most corrupt, short-sighted idiots on the planet. All this is happening in plain view and no-one is doing a thing about it! Viva le Anarchy!!! Anything is better than being governed by these thieves....

      Sean - 2011-11-17 00:27

      We all know who supports the Malema`s in SA , but it`s actually amazing how many black people can not stand this imbecile ! Just a pitty the media makes him bigger than he is .

  • tony_soprano - 2011-11-16 23:15

    The thing with fatboy Malema is that he's preaching economic freedom for the poor and yet uses state tenders or contracts to generate his own personal wealth in capturing South Africa's resources instead of investing that wealth in helping the poor developing the infrastructure or giving something back to the community in return. Kleptocracy of the highest order is his forte,when someone like him uses their predatory behaviour at the expense of the poorest South Africans.When media people bring these things to his attention,then the fool lashes out like a spoiled brat like he did with that COSATU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi and his attempts to intimidate the large group of political journalists and even Jacob Zuma himself was falling foul to his madman outbursts.

  • Samora - 2011-11-16 23:41

    love me tender

      Travis - 2011-11-17 00:45


      Sean - 2011-11-17 00:59

      Elvis lives :)

      Grant - 2011-11-17 06:37

      Some more Samora!

      camp.j - 2011-11-17 09:43

      Can i see Samora that money?

  • Mantsho - 2011-11-16 23:48

    He told his suppoters that even if he goes he will never be poor,now we know why.too bad his supporters cannot open their eyes and realise that the fat boy is just using them,why he dont share with u people?can u please wake up!

      Christelle - 2011-11-16 23:57

      Its the promises Mantsho. He is like poison ivy, prying on the poor and uneducated.

  • Grant - 2011-11-17 00:41

    The contract "cannot be cancelled because it would have serious legal implications". From all accounts, the tenders were not legally issued in the first place. Surely this should be sufficient grounds to have them declared null and void.

      Christelle - 2011-11-17 00:47

      Listen Grant,there is so much going on at the moment with legalities, illegalities, government sitting in constant battle that they will not have time to do their gunning for next year's election. And while all the dogs are fighting for the bone, we know how the saying goes - the 3rd one gets away with. I think that there is a lot of "running scared" at the moment.

  • Kevin - 2011-11-17 05:28

    Needs a long term irrevocable contract with prisons services

      Stephen - 2011-11-17 07:32

      haha excellent

  • raymond.kok3 - 2011-11-17 05:31

    WELL The Azaian he is stealing our money so he needs to to be kept in the news until his demise of which 80% of tax payers hope will be very very soon.and i hope he gets some jail time too now that will be the cherry on the cake but ,i know that will remain a pipe dream .

  • raymond.kok3 - 2011-11-17 05:36

    MALEMA IS THE BIIGEST RACIST OF THEM ALL AND THE REST FOLLWS HE TEACHING BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO STUPID TON THINK FOR THEMSELVES,he is so racist that if he shoots a zebra he will only eat the meat under the black of the skin ,so stop sugarcoating it he is the biggest racist ever period

  • DurbanSquatter - 2011-11-17 06:06

    Hitler was a people person.he lived in style ate prawns crayfish drank great wine slept in lovely houses.but while he was doing this over six million humans were gassed and how many of his young soldiers died for his cause and where is he now. it makes me wonder.yes he even gave the people the V W beetle but he drove a Merc.

  • DurbanSquatter - 2011-11-17 06:13

    and to add to my comment Mzilikazi You belief Africa belongs to you.preach what you say open all borders and do not complain when the Zim guys take your jobs. as they are your direct brothers

  • Trevor - 2011-11-17 06:28

    Why is this always turned into a Race issue by some, are you THAT desperate that you have NO other intelligent counter you revert to race hate...pathetic...Julius is NOTHING but a hateful little boy who is in it for himself. If you believe for a second that he is fighting for the people then you are BLIND!He makes a MOCKERY of the poor by looking like a clown at public rally's, just look at yesterdays pics again, he does not even wear his convictions with pride....then he jets off to multi-million rand parties...lives the life of the stinking rich....he does his business through his childs trust fund so in reality, he even uses his children.....Julius Malema is rotten to the core and it has NOTHING to do with the colour of his skin...that is just a poor excuse used by him which I see his supporters just lap up due to their hate and ignorance and if said supporters STILL hang onto race hate, after 17years of ANC rule, where Affirmative Action is used by the MAJORITY to enforce on a MINORITY then I don't know.....the sooner people see through Julius Malema for who he really is, the better SA will be...

      Xavier7034 - 2011-11-17 09:07

      Yes @Trevor, Redi Hlabi on 702 made an interesting comment about Malema: "He is like a child who has been continuously been swearing at, and offending the neighbours, and the parents never did anything about it, even though they complained bitterly. However, when the child now turns his attention toward his own family, and is reined in, he cannot understand." Malema should have been stopped a LONG time ago by the ANC. He has now got out of hand, and WILL form his own party - he has no option. Vavi and COSATU will break away, and likewise with Blade Nzimande and the Communists. The ANC in its present form is doomed. That is not speculation - it will happen. just needs time.

      Len - 2011-11-17 09:21

      If I had a penny for each time the alliance was predicted to be unravelling, I would be richer than Malema and Zuma combined. Fact is, Blade Nzimande and the SACP only exists thanks to the ANC. The communists have no constituence. Cosatu is better off (just like all Unions) influencing politics of the day. They are aware thatr as soon as they come to power, there will be no jobs left. As much as we would want to see a split, the biggest opportunity for a split is in the past. The communists would not exist without the ANC. So, I fear yours Xavier is pure speculation informed by ignorance.

      Xavier7034 - 2011-11-17 11:35

      Speculation perhaps....but ignorance? Never.....and please don't make it personal.

  • Whistler - 2011-11-17 06:37


  • Whistler - 2011-11-17 06:47

    They must continue with the investigation into On-Point - Lesiba and JM have contacts inside Limpopo roads. They claim to be "consulting engineers", its garbage, they put together reports that are junk. its a way to get consulting fees running into millions, at least R30M per year was paid to ON-Point, they claim to "manage projects" but it does not happen, part of the consultants fees (average R1.5M per month) is [paid back to officials , then tenders are awarded, such as selby - selby does roads in tzaneen, selby pays malemas trust lots of money, also pays to his new house, The consulting fees look insignificant because the roads contracts run into massive amounts of money, so it gets lost. its all there, pull the consultants reports files from onpoint, they always look the same , month after month (just the amount differs) , then an invoice is paid, its was once R7M in ONE month. In 9 months, R28M was paid to JMs front called on-point. ON point knows what jobs are coming up for tender, then people like selby arrive neatly on the scene to do these projects as recommended by on point.

  • Attie - 2011-11-17 07:05

    it just shows you how clever malema is in manipulating the masses for the to believe that he is fighting for them to rid them of poverty. he is fighting for his own pocket plus the rest of his corrupt comrades. these masses will stay poor for the rest of their lives like the rest of africa. and it has proved itself over many many years. tkae countires like kenya, tanzania, zimbabwe just to name a few that have had independance for many years and the people still stay poor. the same will continue to happen in south africa.

  • tony.mollagrean - 2011-11-17 07:40

    @Kalosi -- Shut TFU.

  • Rory - 2011-11-17 08:50

    his suspension from ANC youth league was just a diversion to make us forget about his tenderpreneurship and other corruption allegations

  • Mike.Biagio - 2011-11-17 08:52

    Kalosi you dont seem to understand that it is teh states duty to act in the interests of all its citizens in obtaining the best work for the cheaest rates. If the state is paying inflated rates because Malema is acting as a middle man and clipping the ticket (and adding no value) on the way through to make himself millions, because him and his family owns engineering company who decides who gets the tender, then ths is unfair on others who tendered validly, and illegal under SA laws (and pretty much anywhere else on earth where the government is well run)/ That money going to Malema is mpney that could have been better spent on housing, healthcare, police, teachers, orphanages, and other good things. It is money that us taxpayers have worked hard for and paid to the government. I dont want to see that money flushed down Malema's toilet. It is just plain stealing from us all. And it is bad when one person like malema does it - but it is worse when every government department does it! Then there really is no money left over for supporting the people who paid the tax in the first place. This has NOTHING to do with racism. Its got to do with theft! And nobody likes theft - blacks or whites!

  • Samson - 2011-11-17 09:28

    i think the ANC was brave to discipline Malema to show that no one is above the party

  • Shirley - 2011-11-17 09:52

    The devil looks after his own!!!

  • lwazi.mgudu - 2011-11-17 10:37

    Every leader in any political party use their position to gather wealth. That is default whether u are DA; ANC; IFP etc. You need to be smart in what you do, just like Juju did in this case. Adv. Thuli Madontsela is not a childs play, she knows her story. If I was to be elected as ANCYL president today, surely that I would become rich whether I like it or not, corrupt or not corrupt cause i'm in a position of huge influence and business poeple will tell you that 'money talks'. But I must say that it is always better if you disclose in government though. viva Malema viva, AMANDLA!

  • James - 2011-11-17 10:52

    oh juju you are such an A Hole.

  • lwazi.mgudu - 2011-11-17 11:04

    Thulani you are bad bra, this is not on and i'm sure you are not an ANC member adawise you would know what the party stands for. Please don't be like other Whites who are racist here. Personally I expect many Whites to hate Juju cause of the mines & land issues. But let me tell you its not about that, its all about Mangaung and the subsequent control of tenders. Many of ANC members are dissappointed with the current Left(SACP) leadership cause we thought they were going to bring something different from Thabo Mbeki leadership instead things got worse even DA beat us in Cape Town and nearly stole Nelson Mandela Metro as well. They are enriching themselves as well. ANCYL is proposing radical changes to put pressure on the leadership of the ANC attend the matters of the poor. Malema is not your enemy, believe me. We only want to live like you and most importantly to win 2/3 majority vote in 2014.

  • venetia.hill3 - 2011-11-17 11:08

    @ Shalin, now I can, as a Khoi, claim my piece of land. I want to claim the whole of Gauteng...hahahahaha

  • elphaas.mgiba - 2011-11-17 12:10

    Dear Thuli, Did Malema do anything wrong/ what? If he did something wrong then arrest him and let him answer in court,now the is speculation everywhere my advice finish your invistigation first and then nail him if he is wrong till then shush!

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