Malema hearing postponed for a week

2011-09-03 16:17

Johannesburg - The disciplinary hearing of firebrand ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has been postponed from Monday to the following week so that all the relevant parties can attend, the movement said on Saturday.

Malema, 30, on Friday lost his bid to have the charges against him quashed and, if found guilty of bringing the ANC into disrepute, faces suspension and even possible expulsion from the party.

The country's most vocal proponent of the nationalisation of mines in the world's leading producer of platinum faces disciplinary charges together with five members of the league's top executive. Each will appear before the committee separately.


"The disciplinary hearing of comrade Julius Malema will ... resume on Sunday, 11 September 2011," read the statement.

"The postponement was as a result of the availability of parties to the hearing."

President Jacob Zuma's ruling party instituted a disciplinary hearing against him - proceedings that are widely seen as a showdown between Malema and Zuma.

Malema, who has galvanised the country's poor black majority with his calls for a state takeover of mines and white-owned farms, is seen as a potential future ANC leader. If he is exonerated, Zuma could be fighting for his political survival.

At the start of the hearing on Tuesday, hundreds of Malema supporters clashed with police outside the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg's inner city.

Gone too far

He once said he would "kill" for Zuma but has regularly criticised the president's leadership in recent months.

Analysts say he may have gone too far, and pushed the ANC to take action against him, when his Youth League embarrassed the government by calling for the overthrow of the elected government of ally and neighbour Botswana.

Investors are watching the hearings closely and would welcome any signs that Malema would be expelled or suspended from the party for a couple of years, which could silence the main driver of nationalisation.

Economists have said nationalisation would bankrupt the state - it would cost about twice the annual national budget to buy out the mining firms listed on the Johannesburg bourse.

  • Civil_Rights - 2011-09-03 16:29

    Why postpone the inevitable. They will give Malema more time to contemplate ways of bringing further choas to the hearings

      Politicallycorrect - 2011-09-03 16:39

      Postponed for week, then another week, then a month and then another month?

      THE.SRG - 2011-09-03 17:34

      round and round the mulberry bush the m0nkey chased the weasel

      Civil_Rights - 2011-09-03 17:39

      Oh I totally forgot, this is due to the fact that his got another Woodwork Hearing with Pinocchio.

      Pupuzela - 2011-09-03 17:42

      Another 9/11.

      debrakayestylist - 2011-09-03 17:52

      Like "Moeletsi Mbeki FOR President" on facebook to work toward putting an end to this insanity!

      Al Chemist - 2011-09-03 18:20

      debrakayestylist, who ever Moeletsi Mbeki is, you've single handedly made me absolutely despise him. For the love of god, stfu already

      peace_piece - 2011-09-04 05:58

      Living under a rock hey Al Chemist? I too would support Moeletsi Mbeki for president. I've got lots of respect for him - he's a thinker and a well educated man - just what this country needs. AWAY with these grade 5 fools stealing all the money.

      Felix - 2011-09-05 09:50

      I hope they take a break at 1, put big screens outside Luthuli H and let the rabble watch the Boks.

  • Slapper - 2011-09-03 16:42

    This thing will be dragged out to the limit. Typical, ANC can not act decisively in anything.

  • nkhadi - 2011-09-03 16:46

    i am clear now that the anc take the matter more seriously. as a member of the party i fully support their stance. . @politically correct must change your name to politically wrong.

      HogHo - 2011-09-03 17:03 clearly know nothing about politics, like your whole crappy ANC "iParti"

      Colin Dovey - 2011-09-03 17:14

      STANCE is not good would be better if the ANC had better leadership, and they took a STAND. If YOU are clear, you must have mud in your eyes, because nobody in the ANC NEC has mapped a clear road ahead. THAT is why there is such chaos in the rank and file - especially with the youth. These dangerous, expensive (this one cost R30 MILLION to Joburg!) protests are going to escalate, coming from every quarter now, ending in one big IM-plosion and the Cobra will swallow its own tail. The failure, and lack of decisiveness is impacting seriously on confidence - the lack of strength of the Rand, abysmal unemployment, lack of job creation, poor schooling, NEW tax now on small business, toll road tax, a special Bill to shut people's opinions up, dithering on the appointment of a Judge President, and then making another POOR choice (like Selebi, Cele etc., etc), running away to Norway....all speak volumes!

  • LBS - 2011-09-03 16:47

    It's like a damn soapy, or rather horror movie.

  • Stephen - 2011-09-03 16:55

    "Investors are watching the hearings closely and would welcome any signs that Malema would be expelled or suspended from the party for a couple of years" Amen to that...

  • silverflash - 2011-09-03 16:55

    Come on Anc please see the light !!

  • silverflash - 2011-09-03 16:56

    The problem with the anc is that they still operate like they in the 80's lol .. come on guys put Juju in his place

  • HogHo - 2011-09-03 17:00

    Of course we have a postponeMUNT.............Hoping everyone will just forget that this case ever happened and Weasel, RSole Malema can return to his evil intentions

  • Verdade - 2011-09-03 17:17

    The problem is the ANC don't care about foreign investments ect.... They don't care if the world is watching, because there's enough money to steal and tenders to rig locally so basically its business as usual affirmative shopping....

      Brett Burns - 2011-09-04 11:30

      well said, sadly the intellect doesnt breach whats required for the poor who the ANC dont give toss about, just another group of JAK's

  • charlvd - 2011-09-03 17:39

    Is it just me or was there strategy to the date that was set, a date when it is almost guaranteed for other news to also appear, namely that of the american 9/11 memorial? Esp since its set to a SUNDAY? When it could have been during the week? If this is true and the date is intentional, that suggests that whoever set it does not want the results of this hearing to make as much news as it would have. This makes me worry about the outcome.

      leonard - 2011-09-03 23:31

      Brilliant deduction friend,damn ,why did`nt I think of this!By the By,remember a certain general Cele,was supposed to give a news conference among other things,well he seems to have disappeared into thin air.Methinks a similar trick is being used with rabid malema.

      Felix - 2011-09-05 09:45

      I don't think America cares much, rather use the Springboks opening RWC game to divert our attention.

  • braamc - 2011-09-03 17:50

    Postpone indefinitely. All a conspiracy

  • Andrew - 2011-09-03 18:03

    Muppet is my prevailing thought

  • Musa Ngubane - 2011-09-03 18:09

    Let the ANC NDC do its job without any hinderance and unnecessary pressure. Now, you right-wing counter-revolutionary forces must shut up, this is an internal ANC matter. Concentrate on your micky-mouse parties.

      Colin Dovey - 2011-09-03 18:54

      No Musa - you are TOTALLY wrong - it is not as simple as that....because the ANC is the party in "Power", the decisions it makes, good or bad, affect EVERY South African. THAT is why we ALL need to know what is going on behind closed doors. But we have come to learn that the current ANC cannot be open and transparent. That means we can only conclude ONE thing - something very scary is building up to happen. Malema was not wearing that Che Guevara beret was not just worn to keep the sun off his bald pate: We must all learn from that symbol, and be wide awake to the revolution that is already happening on our streets: Ernesto "Che" Guevara commonly known as Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia within popular culture. I can guarantee all those reading this - THAT is his (Malema's) vision - much bigger than ANY ANC politician knows about or can even handle.....SCARY!

  • Deset Rat - 2011-09-03 18:11

    Will that give Malema enough time to consult that arrogant Judge Mogoeng for advice on the way forward?

  • Winsome - 2011-09-03 18:15

    Eish! An auspicious date indeed.

  • flummoxed - 2011-09-03 18:33

    Watch this socalled commission in the ANC become another bollocksing whenever have they stuck to their guns about anything!

  • duettists - 2011-09-03 18:43

    They should continue the hearing at a secret location and Malema supporters should not be told where it is to be held. The supporters are there to intimidate those who sit in judgement, just as there were less destructive, but highly voluble supporters outside the supreme court when Zuma was up on a rape charge.

  • John Wilson - 2011-09-03 19:15

    Lets wait and see what will happen.

  • Jack Turner - 2011-09-03 19:39

    The very sad end to this so called "Soapy" that, it is allot more serious than what many people think....This A.N.C. Government, is starting to Bleed big time...

      mshaywengadl - 2011-09-03 21:31

      are you sure that you and da are not the ones bleeding

      umhlopo - 2011-09-04 07:34

      @mshywengadl - you really dont get it do you

  • Kevin - 2011-09-03 19:54

    Maybe fat boy should do a tourof Leeuwkop. He might be able to influence an upgrade as his next challenge will be a lot bigger then just an internal leadership scuffle in the anc. fat boy,how is your day?

  • BernieK - 2011-09-03 21:21

    The record so far shows that the ANC were not very successful in making good decisions. Let us see how this pans out. I have my thoughts.

  • Millie34 - 2011-09-04 06:42

    Malema it just shows that you were definitely not part of the struggle by wanting to overthrow the Governmemt of Botswana. Botswana helped us during the struggle. FYI I am white and did definitely not agreed with apartheid. You use apartheid to fulfill your own greed. If you are so passionate about the poor stop wearing expensive clothes, sell your properties and build some RDP houses. Practise what you preach!

  • Priscilla - 2011-09-04 07:35

    "The disciplinary hearing of comrade Julius Malema will ... resume on Sunday, 11 September 2011" Why? A day before the birthday of the ANCYL, 12th September 2011. What is cooking?

  • Chillibean - 2011-09-04 07:39

    This little snot-nose, Julius, is going against the government and wants to overthrow it - isn't this called treason? Surely he should be jailed?

  • Bobby Rosewood - 2011-09-04 13:43

    One thing no-one can deny,is that the ANC and their affiliates are working harder then ever. Where in the world is governing party also its own opposition? I suggest that the opposition parties take a month break. (I don't hear much from any of those, so maybe they've gone on holiday already) The ANC is doing a much better job opposing itself (with help from the ANCYL,Cosatu, SACP, etc) then the combined opposition has done for years. Bravo ANC! this shows how democratic a future one party state could be...

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