Malema off to Mauritius after march

2011-10-29 23:02

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema jetted out to Mauritius two hours after leading the economic freedom march, the Sunday Times reported.

Malema was whisked away in a blue light convoy to catch a business class flight to party it up at his friend's wedding in Mauritius.

The wedding was that of his friend, Limpopo property developer David Mabilu.

Once Malema was seated on board the Air Mauritius aircraft, the pilot announced: "Please welcome Mr Julius Malema, the president of the ANC Youth League on board."

Mabilu, 42, married his fiancée, Phala Mokgophi, 38, at a glamorous ceremony on Saturday, in front of 300 guests.

The couple had splashed R10m on the three-day ceremony including flights and accommodation for their guests.

  • christo.stone - 2011-10-29 23:16

    LOL! Real peoples man this...what a selfish person he is...

      Rodney - 2011-10-30 10:08

      Amazing, i scrolled through the comments and none of his usual supporters are saying anything about this, I wonder why.

      Thandi - 2011-10-30 15:40

      @Luiz - the most scary thing about fatboy is not his hopeless mission to nationalise anything, but rather the thought that a bunch of mindless unemployable morons like you feed his unjustified dilusions of grandeur in the belief that this common little thief is going to spread some wealth around - the only wealth that is going to grow is his coffer of ill-gotten gains, and the only thing that is going to spread is fatboy's girth. Grow up, get a job, and start thinking for yourself.

      Luiz - 2011-10-30 15:48

      @thandi,point of correction i am graduating this year(bcom economics @wits).if you are black you shuld be ashamed of your idiodity,whites benefited from apartheid.government must nationalize mines so that all people of south africa benefite.not only whites not only blacks not only indians but all of us.countries like russia has being practicing comunnalism for a long time,why not sa?dont get fooled by whites

      Thandiwe - 2011-10-30 16:54

      Don't believe you are doing a degree in economics, judging by your punctuation! Do you want 95% unemployment like Zim? If so, then support foolish nationalization and illegal land grabs.

      Merven - 2011-10-31 08:05

      'i am graduating this year(bcom economics @wits' yea, in your dreams.

      Luiz - 2011-10-31 08:22

      @merven dnt be jelousy man.lmao,ill invite you to my graduation party.@thandiwe its not about getting 95% unemployement rate,the main issue here its about nationalizing so that all south african will benefite from mines,not whites only or blacks only

      Stephan - 2011-10-31 09:11

      Luiz, now this is something that really puzzles me. You are soon to be an economics graduate, and you are taking economic advice from someone who couldn't finish high school before failing twice? There has to be a change in the economic landscape, but taking advice from Juju? Come on. What we do need is a serious look at our education system, and how we can create opportunities for the young and recently graduated, that is where the fight is...

      Luiz - 2011-10-31 09:23

      @stephan malema has doesnt mean if he failed twice or thrice he doesnt know about you know trevor manuel studied Civil and Structural Engineering?but he was minister of finance

      Bryan - 2011-10-31 11:16

      @Luiz.., The level of education at WITS must have hit an all time low because clearly you failed GR2 spelling and English! Secondly if you really are doing an economics degree, how the F**k can you agree with nationalisation... WTF!!!

      Mark - 2011-10-31 14:11

      @ Luiz - Wits must be really bad if they teach you that nationalizing the mines is good because I am doing 1st year Business Science at UCT with economics as one of my courses and we've been clearly taught why it's such a BAD idea. In fact, you don't even need to go to university to see why it's bad. It does take a brainwashed idiot to see why it will work, though. Let me explain: by nationalizing the mines we can say GOODBYE to foreign investment in this country which will decrease GDP by a huge amount (First year macroeconomics. Go look back at your textbook). Secondly, do you REALLY believe that the govt is going to "share" all the money they get from the mines? Open your eyes.

      superkruger - 2011-10-31 15:23

      @Luiz, In your highly educated opinion, please explain to me how white South Africans in general have benefited from the private mining industry (owned mosttly by extra-national and local BEE companies). This I would love to hear...

      simondgie - 2011-10-31 20:26

      Holy shiz, Luiz. If you are a product of Wits university, with a degree nogal, then the education system is worse than I thought. You can't even string a legible sentence together.

  • colin.dovey - 2011-10-29 23:27

    The way forward is to look at what many Nigerians are doing.......they have better Internet coverage than we do, and they are far more computer savvy. There are MANY opportunities in this field if people would just have cheaper access to FAST Internet, even in the remote areas. There are MANY places to study and get VALID Diplomas for free.....One good example is

      Bill - 2011-10-30 08:33

      Yes and that is where most internet scams also enminate from...

  • Vastar - 2011-10-29 23:33

    Malema the stinking rich Pied Piper leading the African youth down hot tarred roads into oblivion with his lyrics of economic freedom. Little do these poor dancing sods realise that their master is lavishing in hard earned tax payer's money.

  • Brad Frank - 2011-10-29 23:33

    tough... tough life he has...

  • Cracker - 2011-10-29 23:34

    The 'economic freedom' mantra is intended to sweep up the fools on the ground to help with the elimination of competition to Malema and his connections. They do not plan any benefits into the direction of the Diepsloots and Alexandrians. Those who can't figure it out must be really...dof. It includes the so-called black professionals who are also jumping onto the band wagon. They must seriously interrogate the reasons why the black professionals in Zimbabwe have left their country of birth. Communal farms organised on Malema and ANCYL terms will not grow the economy. Neither will nationalization of the mines. We are seeing the most interesting and riveting reality soap opera unfolding right in front of our eyes. May media freedom continue to allow us to see the unedited view.

      joeballito - 2011-10-30 04:09

      Lauren YOU watch yourself! Cracker did not insult anyone.He is stating the true facts in Africa.YOU take it easy with your remarks.You sound like an educated individual,surely you should not get so upbeat about a perfectly normal post.But I fear you are the dof one,devoid of reality.

      Cracker - 2011-10-30 10:46

      @ Lauren You can be a fool irrespective of how desperate and destitute you are. I am afraid that foolishness will not dissipate because we are supposed to be emphatic. I cannot for the world understand why I or anybody else should be emphatic with views and the holders of those views that are out to destroy everything for the sake of a few exploiting elites and a STUPID, FOOLISH understanding on the part of supporters of the elites of what is really taking place and how they are being exploited. And please, don't try to patronise me with your assessment of my abilities and opportunities. Please, you should consider getting off your high horse.

      Cracker - 2011-10-30 11:37

      Correction. 'Emphatic' should be em·pa·thet·ic.

  • Robert - 2011-10-29 23:39

    nice for the poor!!!!!!

  • wynandjsmit - 2011-10-29 23:43

    And what happened to the *rseh*le's court cases and hearings???!!!

      Oneant - 2011-10-30 18:17

      @Luiz : and then what genius?

      Merven - 2011-10-31 08:08

      They will eat the cows and plunder the house and stand around wondering why no new animals appear and where will they get building stock from for shacks.

  • tobydt - 2011-10-29 23:46

    Straight from a march of the poor, to a wedding of R10 million with friends. Im guessing the marchers dont see the irony.

      jan.roodt1 - 2011-10-30 08:40

      What the marchers see is: If Malema's plans materialise we are all going to be so rich!!!!

      satanslord - 2011-10-30 14:27

      Well the marchers are retards just like him,"birds of a feather flock together"

  • bbmalaza - 2011-10-29 23:51

    thandiwe your very right , yes the rich will remain rich becouse they know how to make money work for them. the poor will remain poor becouse they always whant to work less and get more. people need to be educated about money and how to make money work for them. i also agree that to some degree the government needs to have policy changes but that wont eliminate poverty. people need to think and be inventive and innovative, than will see a rise of a so called "economic freedom"

      emile.marais - 2011-10-30 00:22


  • tobydt - 2011-10-29 23:53

    Imagine a rich white dude, leading the poor down the streets, telling everyone they can get everything for free. But its allright if julius does it?

  • RxeS3 - 2011-10-30 00:15

    mauritius is an indian run place, wonder if he'd dare "makula" anyone there...wouldnt need a jet to land back in sa.

  • mundu.olewega - 2011-10-30 00:35

    What a tosser!

      Sammy - 2011-10-31 07:32

      I prefer the P word!

  • Motho - 2011-10-30 01:22

    Mr. Malema is leaving a "double" lifestyle, "serving" both the rich and the poor at the sametime.

  • Chabi - 2011-10-30 01:33

    "I will fly away... disappear into space", this is the Juju Man the walking & flying man... ditch the red meat & eat crabs my man, damn you know how to represent the "needy", that's right eat on their behalf...

      Lara - 2011-10-30 08:48

      He should also get crabs.

  • BOKKOM - 2011-10-30 03:42

    Dear Julie Babes, you must convince you rich friends that flying SAA is patriotic and part of job creation. You must tell you rich friends that weddings could be held in South is part of job creation.You must tell your rich friends that spending R10mil on a wedding is a white thing.You must tell your rich friends that they should rather spend their wealth on the poor and jobless whom you are fighting for.Come on Julie Babes,where are your morals when it comes to your rich friends ?

  • Zyklon85 - 2011-10-30 04:28

    It is now 4:27am and im about to hit the sack, just before i will pray for a malema plane crash so this fk can go to the bottom of the ocean. Viva engine failure VIVA...

  • joeballito - 2011-10-30 04:31

    Dont know if it's just me but everytime I read that thing's name small bits come up.Have a feeling we not alone.But there is a place for everyone on mother earth,I supose.

  • Garth - 2011-10-30 05:38

    This truly proves the ignorance of the anc supporter. This fat-bodied, small-minded hypocrite used a government service(blue light ar$eh0les) and then flew business class(how many walkers could afford that?) after partcipating in a 50 km ride, um walk, for the cause of the poor. Please, please, please Black South Africa: WAKE THE F--K UP!

      Luiz - 2011-10-30 16:02

      lol,we are awake mam,we suffered a lot,mines are going to be nationalised.whites have being benefited a lot because of apartheid,nw its the time to nationalise it so that blacks,coloured,indians even whites benefite not you whites only,you scared cos we gng to nationalise mines?

      Merven - 2011-10-31 08:13

      Luiz, you don't suffer due to apartheid, you suffer because of your stupidity and the lack of understanding the bigger picture of how an economy works.

      Luiz - 2011-10-31 08:30

      @merven my question is "is it whites only who can make our economy stronger"?.in your dreams baba.i know how investement affect our gdp man as i told you im doing economics.the point is to nationalize mines so that all south africa will benefite not you only or me only,but all races

  • kludungapeter - 2011-10-30 05:40

    How can u spent more 10m on marriage than helping the disadvantage comrades?

  • raymond.kok3 - 2011-10-30 06:07

    and to think we were so faithfull to walk 60 kilos eor the so called poor and he could not wait to go scoop the cream from one of his tender buddies in paradise , i hope the idiots that follwed him and are still sruggeling to get home open their eyes to this dumb idiots

      Angela - 2011-10-30 08:40

      Problem is Raymond, They are uneducated and most probably don't have a clue where Mauritius is or what it's like for visitors. That is the major problem. Lack of education. Sad, sad sad.

      Merven - 2011-10-31 08:47

      The big joke is, very few of them walked, I came back from Midrand at about 1:30 the morning when about 30 taxis past me on the highway, full of ANCYL members and their flags! Even more taxis were standing in Church and Beckett streets.

  • Cristina - 2011-10-30 06:16

    100% Jerk!!!

  • Kevin - 2011-10-30 06:25

    Why are earth would the pilot welcome julius malemma when he is a middle aged leader of an insignificant youth league. Air Mauritius , you have let your self down.

      Mantsho - 2011-10-30 14:58

      l was very sick when l read about that,l dont understand this people.

  • zeyad.vangreuning - 2011-10-30 06:40

    Probably with bribe money he earned off goverment tenders, with JuJu in tow.....sickening, revolutionary comrad my ass

  • Garth - 2011-10-30 06:44

    If he gets back onto that Air Mauritius plane, with only the adulation of that misguided pilot to accompany him, then maybe one of the `agents' of the former government(if any of them are still alive it was so long ago) could organise another Heidelberg.

  • braamc - 2011-10-30 06:44

    For every cent spend by this filthy corrupt government, half a cent is spend investigating fraud and corruption (most off course think they are above the law, and often don't get nailed unfortunately). It is a disgrace, the people must burn and demonstrate to bring this filthy bunch down.

  • Elaine - 2011-10-30 06:48

    Well done Thandi and Vussi and everyone like you more power to you.

  • Hermann - 2011-10-30 06:55

    How nice to be poor and unemployed, march for economic freedom and then enjoy it - Malema takes the cake.

  • Paas - 2011-10-30 07:06

    Pity he's not flying Qantas

      Michael - 2011-10-30 10:05


  • Paas - 2011-10-30 07:14

    What gives this self important toad the right to a blue light convoy? He's not employed by government, he's not travelling on government business, he's going to some tenderpreneurs wedding FFS. Banana anyone

      Paas - 2011-10-30 07:40

      I can imagine what the Metro cops will say to me if I tell them I need an escort to the airport as I am late for a flight to my buddies wedding.

  • Paas - 2011-10-30 07:19

    The workers and business people of Mauritius wish to thank the champion of the poor and downtrodden, Mr Julius Malema and his friends, for considering them when planning a bling wedding.

  • peter.fine1 - 2011-10-30 07:24

    what did all the other people do after the march? guaranteed something very different!

  • Ian - 2011-10-30 07:28

    stupid pilot welcoming a fat cockroach on board, hope you had your aircraft fumigated

      Michael - 2011-10-30 10:12

      Nah Ian, the pilot was too busy admiring the newly aquired turd ring around his neck

      Ian - 2011-10-30 11:14

      @Michael aha is that why air mauritius suddenly smells so bad

  • Warren - 2011-10-30 07:37

    Hilarious! Who cares about the business class and glitzy wedding - as long as it was paid for! My gripe is what was the tasxpayer doing funding an escort to the airport! If I am late for a flight do I qualify for the same privileges? This is someone who is not even a parliamentarian (not that anyone should have this privilege). I live in Australia and not even the PM will be escorted with blue lightsd anywhere - they respect the citizens and are treated equally. Until we lose this mentality of blue lights and bodyguards we will never be able to improve the lot of every citizen!! As it has been quoted that "the only good African leaders were those who were in power immediately after liberation". Please prove my theory wrong current leaders as I would love egg on my face.

      Gammat - 2011-10-30 07:56

      The blind shouldn't be allowed to lead the blind, that's the problem.

      Paas - 2011-10-30 08:05

      @ Warren - the people wont respect you unless you have all the trappings of power and privelage which they can aspire to but never achieve (an African solution to an African problem).

      Cheryl - 2011-10-30 13:00

      malemas escorts remind me of my travels to other african banana republic countries. u can be driving along , then suddenly you hear hooting and flashing light sand a long procession of cars push u off the road, knocking over goats and chickesn in the way, travelling at over 160km/hour in big suv's... this is normally the president or some mp dictator travelling so fast so snipesr cant get him...

  • keith.staniford - 2011-10-30 07:54

    I am surprised that the beautiful Island of Mauritius is allowing this specimen to pollute their shores.

  • Angela - 2011-10-30 08:22

    And the marchers went back to their tin shacks in a taxi (if they were lucky) to a meal of pap and cabbage. Sis on you Malema, you hypocrite! Wonder if he took the stone out of his shoe?

  • Angela - 2011-10-30 08:31

    Malema, if you care soooo much about the poor, STOP glorifying tyrants like Gadaffi and emulate people like Ghandi. He was sincere. Instead of "leading" the people in your Armani suits you should walk around in traditional clothing. Again I say. You're a HYPOCRITE.

      Angela - 2011-10-30 08:46

      Oops, stupid me! I forgot Ghandi was an Indian.

  • David B Hutton - 2011-10-30 08:38

    @ Warren You're right about the abuse of blue light brigades! In PW Botha's days, even as President, he was very adamant that his security behave impeccably & only moved with one, at most, two escort vehicles. I know he had his flaws, but he always insisted that everyone respect each other. I don't believe for a moment that Malema doesn't have an official Govt post - it just isn't revealed. He definitely has high clearance, can do exactly as he pleases as he has one of the highest level NEC member/s protecting him. The masses that follow him don't read / see anything negative about him, they aspire to a life under his leadership, where he spews hatred towards those he feels his followers hate, and they lap it all up. God have mercy on us, please!!

  • Chirpy - 2011-10-30 09:14

    Thandi, Vusi you guys tell it as it is and that's refreshing. As far as Malema's so-called business trip to Mauritius.. well, we all know that the profiteering, warmonger is off on a jollification. Where are the 6000 marchers now! What a lot of mindless fools they are.

  • tcCarla - 2011-10-30 09:19

  • Carl - 2011-10-30 09:25

    that was quick...two hours after the march and he has economic freedom!

  • Gail - 2011-10-30 09:42

    Who is David Mabilu and how could he afford to fly all his friends and guests to the island for his wedding? I think it's disgusting to spend so much money on a wedding/holiday for 300 guests and shame on Malema to accept charity from a friend when he is building a house worth millions in an exclusive area of JHB. If he really cared about economic freedom he would have sent a polite thankyou but please donate the money to the following people so that they too could get rich like us. R10 million would go a long way towards getting some unemployed youths started up in their own businesses and on the path to economic freedom.

  • jonathan.greyvenstein - 2011-10-30 09:55

    Earlier on Friday, addressing his followers before sunrise in Pretoria, Malema said: "When they ask you why you are marching, you must say you are marching because you want to live like whites. Everything that whites have, we want it also." You stupid fat pig! The only message you are putting across is for the Black man to TAKE this from the White man! There are not enough resources in this country for everyone to be wealthy.. If you want to 'earn' your wealth, you would need an education which is now possible given that schooling is available. But, you would rather toy-toy because your teachers are stealing your money and are corrupt. You would need to stop breeding like rabbits, and budget! If you can not afford a child, don't have one! Can't feed 'em, Don't breed 'em. Go out there and make something of YOUR OWN LIFE! Don't strive to be like the White man and have what we have.. Strive to stop listening to Fat Bastard Hypocritical Lying Half Witted Money Greedy F*ckers like Malema. He is playing with your vulnerability to drum up support for his own greed, brainwashing your minds and supporting the fact that you are not intellectual enough to make something of yourself. Like sheep, led to the slaughter..

  • Marion - 2011-10-30 10:08

    Limpopo property developer probably filthy rich and paid for the ticket and stay of poor Julius Malema... *wink* *wink*

  • Chirpy - 2011-10-30 10:10

    SABC report at 10.00am. Hawks to arrest Malema for fraud, corruption and money laundering..

  • felican - 2011-10-30 10:12

    Aah the true economist - Knows the least expensive place to soak those aching marching feet.. Imagine all the people (As John Lennon so aptly sang) who could have had a FULL belly if he had converted the air ticket / holiday accommodation package into meal coupons and food parcels.. I am sure at least one of the many starving and unemployed KNOW how to do Foot Therapy. I do..

      Garth - 2011-10-30 11:29

      Yeah . . . but would you really want to? Imagine the rancid, foetid stench of those feet. The human body usually dies after the brain does and then begins to rot; that brain has been dead from birth - imagine how rotten the rest of the body is.

  • peter.vanachter - 2011-10-30 10:14

    Do we realy care, hope he stays there and never comes back...

  • muriel.farquharson - 2011-10-30 10:14

    I wonder who the hell is paying for this, the taxpayer, I am sure. When is someone going to stop this mans's lunacy.

  • Enockay - 2011-10-30 10:40

    Malema is the best manipulator of our time and our unemployed youth and all the people that think malema cares for them,all I can say is stupidity is a serious disease with no cure.

  • Enockay - 2011-10-30 10:43

    Malema is the best manipulator of our time and our unemployed youth and all the people that think malema cares for them,all I can say is stupidity is a serious disease with no cure.

  • Peter - 2011-10-30 10:47

    Thats it Juju march for economic changes then spend as much money as you can going to Mauritius..... Oh wait, you probably didn't spend your own money, you probably used the tax money from the privte sector that you want to bring down. So once the hard working people in SA are gone how are you going to pay for your lavish trips??? But at least you are leading by example.........................