Malema opens ANCYL lekgotla

2012-02-10 11:02

Pretoria - Local and international media converged on the Pretoria venue of the African National Youth League's lekgotla on Friday morning.

The organisation's leader Julius Malema was delivering the opening address ahead of a speech by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Numerous delegates were toyi-toying and singing at the St George's conference centre in Irene before the conference started.

Some of the songs being sung were "Bloemfontein 2012, we are voting for Malema" and "The shower man is troubling us", a reference to President Jacob Zuma.

Scores of photographers and cameramen filmed and photographed the delegates.

The event would be Malema's first public appearance since the ANC announced last Saturday that his appeal against his five-year suspension from the ANC had been rejected.

He, however, remains a party member until arguments in mitigation of his sentence have been concluded.

  • procold2 - 2012-02-10 11:05

    hopfully for the last time

      elphaas.mgiba - 2012-02-10 11:15

      procold,but they wrote "The event would be Malema's first public appearance " and they didn't say last.

      procold2 - 2012-02-10 11:30

      nazo are you as thick as your suspended ANCYL pres. i said hopefully his last you twit

      Willie - 2012-02-10 12:01

      Thieves broke into Malema"s house and stole three of his most valuable books from the library. A visibly upset Malema told E-TV news: "I have not finished colouring in the last two books!"

      Pierre - 2012-02-10 12:11

      One of those articles where all the brain-dead and expats in Perth can spit their venom.

      Justme - 2012-02-10 15:13

      It really isn't that easy to get rid of that cockroach. Old Julius refuses to give up his royal life.

      John - 2012-02-10 16:36

      Mr Malema Where are the Swedish 5 Billions? Sweden gives the ANC 100 Million per Year, for the last 50 years. Where are the IMF Billions for the Kgatse Dam? Remember the IMF scandal, how that they pay Bribes to the leaders, to be able to help a country? Lesotho bought 50 Mercedes-Benz and has been in turmoil ever since. Publish the World Cup Accounts!

  • Shanelle - 2012-02-10 11:11


  • elphaas.mgiba - 2012-02-10 11:13

    Malema for President that sound wrong!

      Philemon - 2012-02-10 11:34

      Only to the minority.

      peterjohnjnb - 2012-02-10 11:41

      No Philemon, not to the minority - I think you'll find that the mere fact that he was suspended begs otherwise.

      Mano-Lee - 2012-02-10 11:41

      ... and clever people

      Shanelle - 2012-02-10 11:44

      @Philemon, not only the minority dude, it sounds wrong to all who have brains and are able to think

      Pierre - 2012-02-10 12:14

      PW for president sounded wrong to the majority.

      Freddie - 2012-02-10 12:44

      Yes Phiilemon, the tax paying, income generating minority who keep the country going. Create jobs, allow the majority to receive social benefit payments while receiving no benefit from their payments themselves, only idiotic, ignorant comments from fools like you.

      Garth - 2012-02-10 13:04

      @fileanon - your brain cells are a minority. In fact, if a hungry cannibal were to split open your head in search of a nice filling for his `brain sandwich', he would be most disappointed to discover only enough to cover a small water biscuit. @pierre - it is only the truly stupid who believe they are cleverer than all else about them. Get out of the 1990s, move forward and wake the f--k up!

      Pierre - 2012-02-10 13:24

      @ Garth - I am sure you sounded very clever to yourself, and very cool with all the padding swearwords. However you are not; one should never forget the past as how can one learn and not repeat mistakes in the future. I am all for being critical; just step of your high pedestals and understand your own short comings in the past.

      Garth - 2012-02-10 13:43

      @pierre - nothing that I stated, mentioned anything about forgetting the past. What I stated, in plainer English then, was the following: DO NOT REMAIN STUCK IN THE PAST! DO NOT REMAIN STUCK ON THE PAST! Read other people's posts without your own thoughts clouding their meaning.

      Juan - 2012-02-10 17:47

      @philemon well actually his supporters are in the minority. Saw some stats a while ago, he only has something like 15% of black support

      Pierre - 2012-02-12 00:26

      @ Garth - Living in the past and reminding somebody like you of the past is not the same thing.

  • Ryan - 2012-02-10 11:15


  • PieterJ100 - 2012-02-10 11:17

    Boring..Can News24 not rather report about something more important like what mars is up to today....

  • Thelma - 2012-02-10 11:17

    Suspended but still remains a party member!!!! Has the word suspended changed it's meaning?

      Moss - 2012-02-10 11:25


      Thelma - 2012-02-10 11:26

      Not as dumb as you!

      Mano-Lee - 2012-02-10 11:42

      ... or as dumb as your juju

      Suzanne - 2012-02-10 11:43

      They still need their whip....

      Moss - 2012-02-10 12:18

      Stop exposing your hollow skulls to the public, you are embarrasing the afrikaner!! Dint you read the case has been reffered back to mitigation? then why are you asking such a dumb question?

      Philemon - 2012-02-10 12:36

      moziz, dont drag yourselve down to the level of a idiot. Her intelligence lies in the color of her hair. Rather tell a few jokes so we all can laugh.

      Thelma - 2012-02-10 12:51

      @ Philemon - Wow your level of intelligence was just revealed through your comment....shame maybe you should join JuJu and start at grade 0 again!

      Marcel - 2012-02-10 13:00

      I think Philemon is just as STTOOOPAD as his LEEEEDAA!! Oh dont worry old Phili... we really understand your mental disadvantage.. and just by the way, if you want to link physical appearance to intelligene..bad move buddy..seems you havent had a look in the mirror lately.. DOUCHE BAG!!

      Sean - 2012-02-10 13:01

      Don't moziz usually get swatted with a fly swat!?

      Philemon - 2012-02-10 13:06

      @Thelma, simply put. Suspension is suspended antil after NDC mitigation hearing. If you do not understand this I can draw pictures in the same format of your favorite type of book, cartoons!

      Philemon - 2012-02-10 13:09

      @Marcel, and you're a LOOOOOSER!!!. Just like the rugby team you support!

  • Deon - 2012-02-10 11:17

    Hallo and good bye.

  • Martin - 2012-02-10 11:29

    enjoy while it lasts.

  • Philemon - 2012-02-10 11:30

    Oh Captain, my Captain!

      DSBennie - 2012-02-10 11:37

      The captain is sinking and hopefully the S.S. ANCYL sinks with him

      Juan - 2012-02-10 17:54

      Shame I really feel sorry for you

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-10 11:31

    "The shower man is troubling us", yes he troubling all of us, now go and play in the traffic!

  • Buda - 2012-02-10 11:38

    I SAID AND STILL SAYING: In essence, Mantashe’s show of support in a rally held in Bulawayo on the (08/12/2011) when he said “…We will send campaign strategy teams to work with you; this will be the best way to celebrate the centenary of the ANC in January 2011” (source: Zimbabwe Independent); meant that he will establish a ‘command team’ to help ZANU-PF and yet he was charging Malema of the very same offence. That is hypocrisy. Mantashe’s endorsement of ZANU-PF also meant that the ANC endorses the dehumanizing manner in which ZANU-PF treats its opponent, it means that the ANC condones the brutality that opposition supporters face, and it means that the ANC is comfortable with the manner in which Mugabe has run down the economy of Zimbabwe. It also means that the ANC is in support of the policies of ZANU-PF, which include expropriation of land without compensation – something Malema had been charged for. It also means that the ANC is comfortable with the manner in which state apparatus has been encroached into the party by the ZANU-PF, to an extent whereby the judiciary, the police and the army are all puppets of Mugabe and his cronies. Why was Mantashe not charged? The ANC leadership opportunistically separated the two statements that got Malema charged in order to create two charges.

  • peterjohnjnb - 2012-02-10 11:40

    Goodbye Juju....graceless to the bitter end, look on the bright side, you're hardly leaving're leaving your organisation a little broker then when you began but you, however, strangely enriched...

  • Buda - 2012-02-10 11:41

    THEN I SAID, TALKING TO ONLY THOSE WHO KNOW POLITICS AND UNDERSTAND.I TOOK THIS FROM THOSE WHO KNOW POLITICS: We must also question, who speaks on behalf of the ANCYL NEC if it is not the President of the organsiation? If Malema indeed had endorsement from his executive to make such utterances, why is Malema charged as an individual? In an organisation that subscribes to internal democracy, Malema is not at liberty to subvert resolutions of the NEC. Therefore, does it mean that if the ANCYL NEC resolves on a matter for public pronouncement, the individual making the remarks will be charged? The charges by the ANC on Malema seem to create fertile ground for individualism in the party, rather than enforcing cooperation and collective accountability for issues. The charges that are to get Malema suspended from the party, are in my view not just only a threat to internal democracy within the ANC, they are also a hindrance to the ANCYL, as they weaken the ability of the league to be part of socioeconomic and sociopolitical dialogue that affects us all. In essence, one can conclude that the ANCYL is no longer allowed to air its views on contentious issues of governance, policy and international relations because they risk being reprimanded and given the harshest sentence of facing the exit door from the organisation.

      seymore.butt - 2012-02-10 11:52

      @Buda, Yes Malema was charged as an individual, even though the party that he leads may have given him the mandate (although some might question that). That is what the president/leader is responsible they say "the buck stops here (Malema)" as he is the leader of the party so if he can not foresee dangers of a certain mandate, he is the responsible person - as the leader of that organization. On the other hand if you think the whole party was responsible, then under the circumstances, the ANCYL should be dissolved. Now that is politics for you

      Buda - 2012-02-10 13:28

      @seymore So that is all that you can say? So people should be scared now on telling us resolutions of any structure of the ANC unless they are from very top positions? Please find someone to comment using your name because i want those who understand politics. Next time you will be telling us that ANC should dissolve itself if its spokesperson said something that the public don't like.

  • Shirley - 2012-02-10 11:42

    What a crock! This idiot is still getting a fat salary,all the publicity,so can someone please explain what is the point of the suspension. Now I understand why the youth of today are regressing so fast-if they support this clot they are brainless!

  • George - 2012-02-10 11:57

    He was given 20 cows in Zimbabwe. He must collect them before they change their minds.

      Sean - 2012-02-10 13:06

      You sure it wasn't donkeys?

      Cedric - 2012-02-10 16:13

      cows in zimbabwe........serious......give those cows a medal...i would have thought they would be more endangered than our rhino's...long live the cows

  • Wisani - 2012-02-10 11:59

    There real leader, they can isolate an individual, but the ideas and the voice of the mass will not be silenced.

      George - 2012-02-10 12:10

      and Wisani, what are the voices of the masses saying? I bet you do not know anything about nationalisation. You are just a sheep following without any background info about were you're going. People who can't work or do anything for themselves will always admire the Woodwork boy. Find a job, go to school and you will be fine. Juju will not take you anywhere.

      Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-02-10 12:29

      @George why do you people think that every Malema/ANCYL supporter is uneducated? Ever thought why communism really fails? Have you ever heard of the capitalist Bildergerg group? Do you know what they do to manipulate the stock markets and isolate any country that practices communism?

  • Robsschele - 2012-02-10 12:07

    What's that proverb about a bad penny. And did you also notice that the $hit with the most air in it always float at the top. You cannot sink it.

  • malcolm - 2012-02-10 12:07

    Officcally Malema is neither a member of the ANC, or ANCYL. That is, unless he has paid his two years arrears of R12-00 per annum for the right to be a member. Regardless, all floaters eventually flush down the toilet. We wont have to worry about this twat for much longer.

  • MSGRule - 2012-02-10 12:10

    "the shower man is troubling us" wow wow.

  • william - 2012-02-10 12:12

    MALEMA, now be a good little boy and go away PLEASE.

      Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-02-10 12:18

      And he's departure is going to benefit your people and the DA neh ?

      Kent - 2012-02-10 12:45

      @ Duncan Thabiso Mphailane. No the whole of South Africa will benefit.

      Garth - 2012-02-10 13:29

      @duncan - who, may I ask, in this integrated society of ours, is `your people'? Racially polarised much? Intolerant of criticism much? Oh and surely you mean `Bilderberg'? Name-dropping is only effective if executed correctly. Try to see it from both sides: The promotion and advocation of a capitalist world is effected, obviously, to the detriment of the communist world, but purely as a by product and not as an outset goal.

  • Tim - 2012-02-10 12:14

    what is it that they fear or warship from this guy? (Malema)

      Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-02-10 12:16

      WTF! Does he also own a warship?

      gouws2 - 2012-02-10 12:28

      @Duncan LOL Damn I hope your joking, cause thats pretty funny. If your not, thats scary

  • mdy.chauke - 2012-02-10 12:27

    The African National Congress will be making a huge mistake in axing the ANCYL leadership,during 2007 there were many instances where by Mr Malema cross the line & insult former president of the Republic of South Africa,the honourable Thabo Mbeki but no displinary action was taken against him cause it was good for the power struggle @ that moment,if you an organisation founded & built on principle you should have called Malema to order there & there not side by him & displine him when he seems to be against the current leadership,that will leave the Anc so cracked & divided because it's decision will be viewed as personal vendetta & blockage of political views to suit individual & prolonged them to their current positions.

  • Andy - 2012-02-10 12:27

    It aint over until the fat lady sings...........

  • Andre - 2012-02-10 12:28

    This government does not have the balls to rule. How on earth can Malema still be in power? The circus goes on but the clowns are not funny any more!

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-02-10 12:43

    Has anyone got the sheetmusic to " The Showerman is Troubling Us" ?

  • eradingoana - 2012-02-10 12:45

    Malema is giving out his dying wishes. May the league take note of that last messages of the former president.

  • Sean - 2012-02-10 12:57

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............... wake me up when this is all over!

  • Ziggie - 2012-02-10 13:25

    Might as well give a losing speach also, brainless anyway. Wonder if he can write his name??? doubt it as he only passed std 2.

  • Perfume5 - 2012-02-10 13:54

    He was VERY QUIET when facing his disciplinary hearing!!!!!

  • Richard - 2012-02-10 14:05


  • Tanie - 2012-02-10 15:01


  • mundu.olewega - 2012-02-10 18:19

    Geez...he's like a bad smell and just won't go away!

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