Malema ruling 'a warning to politicians'

2011-09-12 16:07

Johannesburg - Monday's hate speech judgment against ANC Youth League president Julius Malema was a warning that politicians were not above the law, the Congress of the People Youth Movement said.

"The ruling is not only a victory for those who felt threatened by Malema's harmful and discriminatory utterances, but a victory for the rule of law...and for the Constitution," said spokesperson Marius Redelinghuys in a statement.

"It is also a wake-up call to political figures who believe they are entitled to trample on the dignity of South African citizens by virtue of office or political affiliation."

It welcomed the finding in the South Gauteng High Court that Malema's singing the "dubhula ibhunu" (shoot the boer) song amounted to hate speech.

Redelinghuys said Malema's racial utterances showed the failure of the ANC to effectively address the social divide in South Africa.

Farmer Union TAU SA said the ANC and its youth should accept the judgment.

"The time has come to stop fighting... and respect cultural groups and [different] races," its president Louis Meintjes said in a statement.

"The judgment... has vindicated TAU in its attempt to erase hate speech from South African society and contribute to put an end to violent victimisation of farmers and farm dwellers."

In light of the ruling, TAU SA called on government to give attention to violent crimes perpetrated on farms and smallholdings.

"It is imperative that the scope of such crimes become visible," said Meintjes.

He asked government to consider the establishment of a dedicated unit to act against such criminals, and maintain a database of farm attacks.

  • Jelly - 2011-09-12 16:09

    Dear Lord, Michael Jackson was my favourite singer, now he is dead! Heath Ledger my favourite actor, dead! Brittany Murphy my favourite actress, dead! Lady Diana my favourite princess, dead! Dear Lord, Julius Malema is my favourite politician I promise!!!!!!! Just thought I would let you know Lord......

      Ek_Ruik_Rot - 2011-09-12 16:14


      Da.Liva.Delvira - 2011-09-12 16:18

      Lmfao!!! I totally agree with you jelly!!! Good one dude...

      HappyGoLucky - 2011-09-12 16:39

      hahaha, nice one Jelly, all my colleagues had a good laugh too

      Cheq - 2011-09-12 16:41


      Verdade - 2011-09-12 17:52

      Certainly put a smile on face!

      SuperSurfer - 2011-09-13 08:57

      Gave me a good laugh to start my day with...nice one!!

  • AJS - 2011-09-12 16:15

    Oh please, this ruling rings hollow, when it's not going to change a thing. It was sung shortly after the ruling in defiance by people who don't give a continental about the law or unity for that matter

      iamasouthafr - 2011-09-12 16:21

      And what is your take AJS?

      Shadoz - 2011-09-12 16:25

      I think that the youth lighties are gonna take this to heart lets hope they don't take the words to heart and go on a farm killing spree cause we all know what uneducated fools can do.

  • baudtin1 - 2011-09-12 16:32

    Five surgeons were discussing who were the best patients on which to operate. The first surgeon said, “I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.” The second responds, “Yeah, but you should try Electricians ! Everything inside them is colour-coded.” The third surgeon says, 'No, I really think pilots are the best; everything inside them is in abbreviated language.” The fourth surgeon chimes in, “You know I like construction workers. Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end and when the job takes longer than you said it would.” But the fifth surgeon observed, “You’re all wrong. ANC Youth League politician s (AKA Julius Malema) are the easiest on which to operate. “There is no guts, no heart, no brains and no spine and there are only two moving parts - the mouth and the rear end (ar%&$hole) - and they are interchangeable!”

      Logs01 - 2011-09-12 17:25

      lol, Spot-on.....

      zaatheist - 2011-09-12 18:08

      Nice one

  • Verdade - 2011-09-12 17:54

    A warning, they don't understand the concept behind a warning!

      Oldbuck - 2011-09-12 21:03

      the good old flattie on the ear works wonders

  • Mandla - 2011-09-12 19:25

    Dear Cope are you still copping,it seems you photocopy machine has run out of ink,please replace black and white ink cartrage.

      Oldbuck - 2011-09-12 21:04


  • John - 2011-11-03 13:43

    farmers in danger should kidnap the ancyl and hold them as hostages .. if another farmer is killed .. one of them gets the axe

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