Malema should be expelled - MK veterans

2012-04-03 13:12

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League president Julius Malema should be summarily expelled from the ANC, the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans' Association (MKMVA) said on Tuesday.

"Julius Malema thinks he is bigger than the ANC," MKMVA national chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe told reporters in Johannesburg.

"He has fed on the media frenzy against the liberation movement, casting doubt and aspersions on the ability of the ANC to formulate policies and govern South Africa, in favour of all its citizens."

However, the MKMVA respected the party's internal process and was not trying to prejudice the disciplinary process Malema was facing.

Malema is appealing his expulsion by the African National Congress national disciplinary committee.

'Attack on Zuma an attack on ANC'

On Friday, Malema criticised Zuma's leadership during a centenary lecture in Johannesburg.

He said Zuma had replaced democracy with dictatorship and that the ANCYL was being traumatised and suppressed under Zuma's leadership.

Maphatsoe said the attack on Zuma was an attack on the ANC, because Zuma was the face of the party.

"Once you attack the leader of the ANC you attack the ANC," he said.

Maphatsoe said the MKMVA had kept quiet on the issue of Malema until now because it thought Malema would come to his senses and start respecting the ANC and its leadership.

"We can't keep quiet when he [Malema] keeps uttering statements against the ANC and the ANC leadership," he said.

"We need a militant youth league, but also a disciplined youth league."

The MKMVA has written to the ANC's national executive committee regarding Malema's expulsion, said Maphatsoe.

  • Shirley - 2012-04-03 13:17

    The whole of sane South Africa feels the same! However it seems nobody has the guts to place a boot under his fat @ss and give the final kick!!!

      Chrono - 2012-04-03 13:49

      Yes, but boot the white sidekick out as well.

      Azande - 2012-04-03 13:49

      Your statement is "devoid of truth".

      Gary - 2012-04-03 15:24

      wait wait wait, hasn't he been expelled already?

  • Herman - 2012-04-03 13:19

    The whole criminal and totally incompetent anc regime must be expelled from SA politics, they have caused only misery to us

      Felix - 2012-04-03 13:33

      Here, here. anc hijacked by criminals.

      Thando - 2012-04-03 13:51

      Us being???..........i come frm a rural town in th EC who hpns 2 b an engineer nw indirectly bcoz of th cANCer policies. My village has electricity, water, roads, decent housing nd lots more sustainable programs bcoz of cANCer "we" r not ALL miserable under th cANCer policies.

  • mike.bishton - 2012-04-03 13:25

    When it comes to the whole SANRAL e-trolling saga, maybe Julias has a point re Zuma/dictatorship

      khwezi.ndawonde - 2012-04-03 14:52

      Mike it take a dictator to see another, Juju got it all wrong he is like someone who get the job for you and expect you to pay him back, he thought JZ will pay him or give him tenders in KZN, he can bla bla all he can,

  • Marion - 2012-04-03 13:32

    Agree with them 100% but guess the fact that they have written to the NEC regarding his expulsion will give him grounds to say he has been prejudiced, victimised even further.

      Azande - 2012-04-03 13:51

      That wont hold water in the court of law.

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-03 13:34

    Yes, and the MKMVA is long past its sell by date. Has beens should be seen and not heard.

      Oscar - 2012-04-03 14:40

      They are not has beens, they are never been grant leaches.

      Freddie - 2012-04-03 15:05

      Has beens? More like never have beens. At least Swapo engaged in conflict with the SADF. MK hid in other coutries and used cowards like McBride to blow up women and children.

  • J-Man - 2012-04-03 13:35

    "should be"? I thought he was?

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-03 13:55

      the problem with that moron is; everyone has given him draad to carry on with his theats and ill respect toward respectable leaders . Charge him with high Treason and put the thing in jail for bloody good . He is a desease

  • Collen - 2012-04-03 13:52

    Oops, mk vets? Ohh that USELESS group waiting there to be told what to do. I hear some of them were just cooks and not soldiers. IF zuma GOES NOW, WHAT WILL HE BE REMEMBERED FOR?

      sukhoipakfa - 2012-04-03 14:12

      The shower.

      sandy.langenstrass - 2012-04-03 14:21

      He will be remembered for his famous shower...and for being a 3 to 4 syliable man, as well as giving the world the finger each time he pushes up his spectacles during his speeches.

      Collen - 2012-04-03 14:35

      So we don't want someone like that.

      Judith - 2012-04-03 20:19

      His 20 kids

      Judith - 2012-04-03 20:20


  • corneliusz1 - 2012-04-03 13:57

    malema should have been expelled long back, he is nonsense in the anc

      Marion - 2012-04-03 14:45

      Collen - Irrelevant. Since when does one have to vote for the ANC to be able to comment on anything to do with the ANC? Do you vote for COPE, DA, ACDP, FF+ ? No? But I'm sure you have plenty of opinions about their activities / individuals in the parties.

  • Roy - 2012-04-03 13:58

    Expel him with immediate affect then have SARS,Hawks,SAPS and any other group who can,investigate him with all his cohorts to find out how and where he gets these vast sums of money to live as he does. If it is "confirmed" that he is a thief then he should face the full might of the law,like others.

  • Phumi - 2012-04-03 14:04

    Apart from being a financial burden to the ANC the MKVA has nothing to offer this country! Their relevence in this current dispansation died togethor with their questionable arm struggle fairy tales. They must not use the name of our president to make themselves feel important and relevent! Not every member of the MKVA was a soldier some of its leaders were just opportunistic thugs riding on the banner of the arms struggle!

      Collen - 2012-04-03 14:33

      Spot on. What are they talking to us? We don't want to hear anything from them.

  • Collen - 2012-04-03 14:07

    Expell him BUT at your own PERIL. Clear message from true ANC member who vote for it without hesitation.

      J-Man - 2012-04-03 15:18

      "...who vote for it without hesitation."... you mean without THOUGHT.

  • tshegofatso.magolego - 2012-04-03 14:08

    The attack on Zuma should never be regarded as an attack against the ANC. Zuma is an individual, and if his leadership is paralized, then we must talk about openly. What we are waiting is just a time to take him out of the leadership. What Mr Malema had said is nothing compared to what the ANC has put him through

      Collen - 2012-04-03 14:31

      Spot on ngwana mma. Remove zuma instead of Malema.

      Marion - 2012-04-03 14:41

      Collen - why not just remove both of them? Only a matter of time before any replacement for Zuma will be ousted too.

      Collen - 2012-04-03 14:44

      Malema is a good guy.

      makenawn - 2012-04-03 14:59

      Zuma should be recalled here are my reasons 1) he waited far too long to instil discipline in the ANC 2) instead of leading the movement he was busy with his personal life of impragnating friends daughter 3) some members of his cabinet defied him "we should cut the cloth according to our size" they went all out and bought expensive cars 4) our foreign affairs is staffed under the leadership of this man 5) Mr Zuma said "i just want to serve one term" now is time to show consistency and stick to your words. 6) the man is silent with all the problems in our intelligent and security department. For me it is time to say GOODBYE MR PRESIDENTno hard feelings

      Nigel - 2012-04-03 15:22

      so you want to keep on rearranging the deck chairs of the sinking ship, what are you going to say in 4 years time when the next president turns out to be just as useless as the current one, you think that one man is going to fix this country & by shuffling people around in Govt. things will miraculously get better - its going to take a massive effort to get this country back on track, & the truth is - the ANC hasn't got what it takes.

      Nigel - 2012-04-03 15:25

      @ collen & who is it that forced Zuma on the country, yes you guessed it, Mr Malema (ANCYL) & Mr Vavi, (Cosatu) now they are all complaining & crying, its thanks to their coup, that this country is at the brink of failure, but yet you seem to be happy with these blundering fools.

      Mark - 2012-04-03 15:38

      @Makena- you are 100% right. Wow! at last an intellectual has spoken. Others seem to be blinded by race comments MLM made. I don't think it would be difficult to discipline MLM once the current leadership is gone. FACT

      George - 2012-04-03 16:05

      @Collen, what exactly are you saying? really dude you need to read what you're writing. I am starting to believe that the ANCyl is beng paid by forces trying to destry the anc. what does the anc need with this YL? many of them are idiots, low life school drop outs.

      Gerhard - 2012-04-03 18:51

      Goldman-Sachs: The South African government has lost its vision. Can it be said anymore plainly?

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-04-03 14:13

    South Africa does not need a war minded(freedom fighters)government. We want a President that is an Economist, who will get this country booming again. Where the poor will not know themselves being able to find work...lives will improve, poverty will be greatly eliminated.Where crime would drop dramatically.....What a dreamland we would be living in.

  • The-third - 2012-04-03 14:17

    I thought he was.

      Collen - 2012-04-03 14:43

      Because you are the thirdwors

  • Pat - 2012-04-03 14:21

    Actually showerhead should be expelled.

  • Collen - 2012-04-03 14:41

    Julius Malema This you man was elected UNOPPOSED UNLIKE zuma. JUJU IS ANC AND ANC IS JUJU, therefore imposible to mention ANC without mentioning MALEMA. So more famous and elected unopposed unlike zuma. MASSES ARE ANGRY AND THAT IS WHY zuma IS BOOED WHEN HE ADDRESSES MEETING BUT MALEMA IS NOT BOOED. Even during heritage day, people were there to boo zuma but police denied even media to show them because people keep singing a song and asking him where is OUR PRESIDENT JULIUS SELLO MALEMA. mk vets WE KNOE YOU ARE USELESS. WAITING TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO, WHEN AND HOW.

      muriel.proudfoot - 2012-04-03 14:54

      Go Live in Zimbabwe Collen... it is very clear that you like that kind of leadership and economy, dont wait for Malema to become president to accomplish what his counterpart Dear mr. Mugabe has. You might wait a while.

      J-Man - 2012-04-03 15:20

      ..."AITING TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO, WHEN AND HOW.".... and you? Huh, Puppet?

      Nigel - 2012-04-03 15:26

      you failed school too it seems

  • muriel.proudfoot - 2012-04-03 14:49

    I love SA Politics - it's like getting a free ticket to the Circus every day.

  • Phillip - 2012-04-03 15:30

    ANCYL will not listen to old man Mapatsoe to lecture us how to behave,Mr Mapatsoe where were you when Zuma impregnate Khoza's daughter Mr Mapatsoe you didnt comment on that,now you want the position that is why you are saying Malema must be expelled.Please note that Malema is not going anywhere.

      Mark - 2012-04-03 15:44

      Spot Kgalema. He (the leader) has done a lot of scandals and nothing was done, TAKE NOTE- done. MLM has just spoken the truth to a certain extent (i am saying this because i didn't like his anti-white statements but he has corrected that). What a leader MLM (as in Emilem) is

  • Louis Fourie - 2012-04-03 15:40

    Get rid of the ANC!!! They are corrupt. SA needs a Queen, Helen Zille. she will do the job right.

  • Zeezoh - 2012-04-03 17:46

    long over due!!!!

      Nyameko - 2012-04-03 18:37

      Malema yo dayz are numbered. South Africa has no people like you. I ll disciplined and political education. Fighting when u put yo views won't take u anywhere. You have good valid ideas but the way u put them is not right. And if u can descend to presidency we wud b led by a dictator

  • alijanl - 2012-04-03 19:10

    Definitely he should be expelled and be relocated to some planets. It has long been enough for us as youth to be led and represented by an ill disciplined. Power hungry boy. I have none respespect for such kind of people in me life. Let him go and very fast. Nx

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