Malema won't ask permission to speak

2012-03-11 17:28

Bloemfontein -  ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema will not ask any political leader for permission to speak at youth league gatherings anywhere in the country.

“I will not ask a provincial leader or national government leader,” Malema told a youth league gathering at the Majwemasweu community hall in Brandfort on Sunday.

He had a right to freedom of movement and could go wherever he wanted.

Malema said those who said he needed "a permit" to be in Brandfort were no different from those who, during apartheid, restricted the movement of people.

Referring to unknown powers that had apparently indicated he was not welcome in the Free State, Malema said those requests could not have been in the name of the African National Congress. He called on members of the youth league to defend the organisation.

The embattled youth leader said the league was not an organisation of beggars and would keep on raising its opinions within the ANC.


He said former youth league leaders should not try to teach the current generation about being radical. Those who had sold out the country’s workers could not teach the youth anything about respect, he said, without mentioning names.

Turning to his disciplinary hearing and expulsion from the ANC and youth league, Malema said the league's deputy president Ronald Lamola would lead the organisation if he vacated his position.

“There must never be confusion.”

Lamola would lead the youth league in Malema’s absence until the league's branches elected a full-time president.

Malema warned there were people who wanted to "confuse" the structures of the youth organisation.

A handful of placards displayed by youth league members at the gathering had slogans expressing criticism of Free State premier Ace Magashule.

  • Geronimo - 2012-03-11 17:46

    What I don't get is this. The ANC have told Malema his "tendencies" are unwanted. Yet he sticks around like a fly on ****. It is clear Malema has no respect for the ANC nor its policies. Surely what Malema should be doing is walking away from the ANC (who don't want him) and establishing his own political party to further his own "radical" policies. Malema says he has support for his "radical" ideas, so lets see it. But this constant friction between the ANC and Malema cannot be allowed to go on. Now that Malema has been fired, he cannot keep attending and speaking at ANC/ANCYL events. The Youth League is a part of the ANC - it must conform or its members must go elsewhere. If I feel I don't fit into a club or organisation, I leave. Simple.

      Geronimo - 2012-03-11 17:53

      I suspect the answer is a simple one - Malema is desperate to stay in the ANC so that he can remain at the feeding trough. There is no money to be made in tenders and ANC connections for a lowly opposition political party.

      Geronimo - 2012-03-11 20:18

      @ Ace Alpha. You are a sad individual. Ps, your hate speech has been reported.

  • Trevor - 2012-03-11 17:47

    Come on SARS & Hawks, get the process going, nail the SOB to the wall and expose him for what he really is.

  • Morne - 2012-03-11 17:48

    People dont really care what this fool says anymore. The noise is fading, im only hearing a sqeek and eventually you will hear a pop after the Hawks are finished with him.Papa wag vir jou JM!

  • Bob - 2012-03-11 17:53

    This pr*ck just won't go away...!

      charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-03-11 20:06

      Some day, he will, I hope

  • Piet - 2012-03-11 17:59

    Now to see the responses here from his supporters, it makes for good comedy.

  • Glyn - 2012-03-11 18:00

    Of course he has the right to go anywhere and say whatever he likes. This is (still) a free democratic country. But if the anc carries on on it's path to totalitarianism he will be muzzled! Ha! Ha! By saying that he will do whatever he wants to say and go where ever he wants to go is however going to get up the noses of the anc oligarchs! Ha! Ha! This guy is burning his bridges while building a personal power-base for the future. We (and the anc) have not heard the last of Malema. No ha-ha!

      Bob - 2012-03-11 19:26

      If it is a democratic country with freedom of speech...Why do News24 moderators delete my less than aggressive comments...!

  • Nigel - 2012-03-11 18:01

    Have the Hawks had their wings clipped...Dodo investigation speed...

      Art - 2012-03-11 18:34

      CHIKKEN HAWKS.... don't compare them to any Raptor....

      John - 2012-03-12 04:56

      What Hawks? At the rate their investigation is going they'll be as extinct as the Dodo soon. SARS are no better, but let you owe them a cent and see what happens, they'll hound you like a pack of pit bulls.

      John - 2012-03-12 05:05

      What Hawks? At the rate their investigation is going they'll be as extinct as the Dodo soon. SARS are no better, but let you owe them a cent and see what happens, they'll hound you like a pack of pit bulls.

  • Mark - 2012-03-11 18:10

    Yahoo JuJu, didn't you get the message - on your bike, vamoose, voetsek, hit the road Jack, beat it........

  • Michelle - 2012-03-11 18:13

    One minute he is asking for the ANC to not expel him and the next he is shooting his flapping mouth off ~ this man is mentally unstable.

      Michelle - 2012-03-12 05:51

      based on the fact that one day he is sorry and the next day he is rebelling... ie maybe I should have said inconsistent. Today he is now apologising and no I don't have a psychiatric qualification just logical observation.

  • Nicholas - 2012-03-11 18:19

    Who said you needed permission to speak at youth league gatherings?? More fodder dreamt up to stir up the audience.

      Kevin - 2012-03-11 20:31

      no one with half a brain cares what the puppies from the league say as they do not count. even when the runt of the litter is blabbering on.

      Nicholas - 2012-03-12 09:27

      There are several runts in that litter ...

  • arthurbrigg - 2012-03-11 18:23

    Don't worry Malema you can have my scraps - since I don't have a dog - you'll do nicely. You can bark all you want, whine like a fat little girl when I kick you, show those big pearly whites when I give you scraps and just keep being... you. Bark doggie, bark.

  • Montsho - 2012-03-11 18:28

    It is true he has freedom of speech

      Nadia Crous - 2012-03-11 19:10

      Unfortunately, for Malema, freedom of speech isn't a right but a privilege and he went and took it for granted. He isn't right, he only thinks he is right and so do you. Fact over opinion. Why doesn't he just create his own youth league and then he can do and say what he wants...

      Ali - 2012-03-11 22:43

      True, but freedom of speech isn't a valid excuse to evade the consequences. What you say may be held against you.

  • Marriott Dhliwayo - 2012-03-11 18:37

    Listen my brother this is a mansfield tread carefully

  • pws69 - 2012-03-11 18:45

    He is right, he doesn't need permission. The more he does though, the weaker and more incompetent the ANC looks, so I am loving it.

  • ryan.macdougall - 2012-03-11 18:50

    just die all ready malema .

  • Rynoux Du Preez - 2012-03-11 18:55

    You get invited to talk at functions like this. No normal person can just pitch up and address a youth league gathering and unfortanately malema is now just a normal person after the hearing! Idiot!!!!

      Cracker - 2012-03-11 19:20

      No. He is just a curiosity with some amusement to go with it. People enjoy despising him.

      Morne - 2012-03-11 19:26

      LOL, Vegi you are not well!

      Juan - 2012-03-11 20:10

      @vegi and go make another cuppa for your madam

      Ian - 2012-03-11 20:52

      dont watch sa BS c sorrrrrrrrrriieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Ian - 2012-03-11 19:02

    And all those people you kicked out of meetings because their opinion differ to yours?????????

  • Thabani Mthethwa Alfred - 2012-03-11 19:07

    This clown really think its its above ANC n every body!!

  • Sidney Gilroy - 2012-03-11 19:13

    I love this guy. We should be thankful for him. He will accomplish two things that the NP and the DA couldn't do in a hundred years : 1. He will divide the ANC. 2. He will alienate the ANC voters. If he is kicked off the ANC's payroll, I will gladly fund him. If he isn't on the DA's payroll already. Good job !

      Sidney Gilroy - 2012-03-11 19:32

      Idiot. The Black Middle Class has already been created and it sees Malema and his rethoric as a threat. It's one thing telling whites they must share all they have with the's quite another thing telling the black diamonds to do the same. You over-estimate his support and you under-estimate the intellectuals in the ANC who actually understands economics.

  • kayley.segal - 2012-03-11 19:13


  • Heather - 2012-03-11 19:19

    Oh thank goodness. Now off you go. Bye!

  • steveroodt - 2012-03-11 19:19

    Did anyone notice during the news clip that Mr Melema is not wearing his watch. I wonder who advised him not to wear this R25000.00 piece of Bling while talking to the poor.Or did he donate it to some Charity.

  • Morne - 2012-03-11 19:24

    You right you dont have to ask anybody for permission to speak, thats because you dont belong to any party, you fool!

  • Kevin - 2012-03-11 19:27

    You do not get that you do not count. You are evicted. Leave the island immediately. If you see a Hawk you will know that you may speak as they may want you to tell a lot of stories.

  • Mark - 2012-03-11 19:35

    Juju, you have our permission to say goodbye. Now please just do it and go away

  • Cracker - 2012-03-11 19:38

    I am watching eNews at the moment. Malema is making a fool of himself. That's why the visual media so enjoys showing him. They know it.

      Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-03-11 19:57

      If he is a fool y do u bother so much writing bout him? Like right now, are u not a fool urself wasting ur time?

      Cracker - 2012-03-11 20:55

      Nah. I happen to have a lot of time to amuse myself.

      Cracker - 2012-03-11 21:00

      One other observation. He will NEVER be allowed to take over this country. I MEAN it. Over my and many others' dead bodies!

  • dhuysamen1 - 2012-03-11 19:38

    It is time this tsotsi is shut up !

  • Matlose - 2012-03-11 19:43

    Now I understand why President Mbeki sidelined the likes of stupid and corrupt Ace Magashule and the irrelevant Blade Nzimande during his tenure as the president. Malema's ideas will live on irrespective whether he is expelled or not. We will always love him. Stupids that are in comfort zone will criticize my comments and push the dislike button, go on and do that but you know we are telling the truth.

      Krish - 2012-03-11 21:57

      What is the truth ?????/

  • James - 2012-03-11 19:46

    be gone demon, be gone I say

  • Itumeleng Thuglife Tshatiwa - 2012-03-11 19:48

    Malema is like a foolish dog barking at a flying birg hehe

  • Itumeleng Thuglife Tshatiwa - 2012-03-11 19:48

    Malema is like a foolish dog barking at a flying birg hehe

  • Tonde - 2012-03-11 19:54

    Cde Malema, what the shower fool (Zuma) and the whites dont know is that you can not get a good man down. These people cant see further than today and this is why they can not see that you will be S.A president soon. I know for a fact that when you president you will address the challenges blacks are facing today and achieve the really ANC goals. Take care Malema, your day is coming and it is wrtten who he laugh last .....

      dooskop - 2012-03-11 19:58

      hope u r dreaming!!! or perhaps nightmares....

      PeggySven - 2012-03-11 20:06

      @Tonde, Those who laugh last had to have the joke explained to them, as they do not have the brains to work it out themselves, lol.

      Krish - 2012-03-11 22:04

      GOOD MAN dont go to prison

  • Raul - 2012-03-11 19:58

    An Intelligent person is supposed to be clever but not all clever people are intelligent. You are neither intelligent or clever just a loose cannon loud and in fact stupid because you dont understand when you should F*#K OFF. So f*#k off!

  • Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-03-11 19:59

    Whether u Whites like him or not is no issue really, we expect u to hate him!!! I thank u...

      Keith Cebokhulu Ngobeni - 2012-03-11 20:22

      Iam a black guy but I don't like Julius malema because of his negative attitude of hatred, he is planting a dangerous seed of division amongst the people of south Africa he is clearly not representing me he is a disgrace to south Africa and to our youth, Julius has destroyed the image of south Africa both home and international ANC needs to stop this imbecile called by the name of Julius malema.

      Kevin - 2012-03-11 20:33

      So easy

      pws69 - 2012-03-11 20:48

      Mtshezi, a few questions for you to contemplate, and perhaps try to answer: Considering the dictatorial, not to mention the greed and dishonesty of Malema, even to his own supporters, and specifically his divisive rhetoric, not just exclusively to whites, but anyone against him, but in this question related specifically to whites, and your response above: How many whites vs blacks killed by blacks in the following countries with some hints in brackets: Zimbabwe: (Gukurhunkulu: 20,000) Rwanda: (over 800,000) Sierra Leone: (1/3 of the population) Liberia Somalia Mozambique To name a few.

      Krish - 2012-03-11 22:08

      Sorry I am not WHITE but a HUMAN that understands reason.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-03-11 20:03

    This man has no respect for the President as well. Is he from the devil or from God? Wish the media will not focus on him anymore.

  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2012-03-11 20:07

    which party do you belong to malema?because we know ANC expelled you.

      Tonde - 2012-03-11 20:30

      Eric, Malema is 100% ANC if you didnt know, what party do you belong to yourself.

      Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2012-03-11 21:51

      i dnt belong to any political party.

      Dolce Dolly Mapheto - 2012-03-11 21:54

      Eric pls wen u comment understand dynamics. Malema appealed his explusion, so he remains ANCYL PRESIDENT

      Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2012-03-11 22:00

      you guys you are following dictator and corrupt why? Do u love South AFRICA this peaceful land ,lets do this to our grant grant children coming,and protect this land.

  • sefeddt - 2012-03-11 20:20

    When i was in kindergarten i had to ask permission to speak when in grown ups company, something Malema should have learned.

  • matome.matlakala1 - 2012-03-11 20:25


  • Lindi - 2012-03-11 20:50

    what about expulsion doesn't he understand

  • Ntshuxeko Drue Vukeya - 2012-03-11 20:59

    I personally not a malema fan but what i do not like is the manner at which most white people comment about malema.He maybe wrong about some of the things he demands but I think he is right to dislike whites.they always think they are mentally or intellectually superior to anyone brown can even see at varsity how this whites tends to group themselves as if being near a black person is a sin.f**k racism, its time you whites learn to teach the previously oppressed that they can believe in a non racist south africa.

      Cracker - 2012-03-11 21:08

      No. People will assemble around and associate with what they find comfortable. What's wrong with it? What we do need is a common understanding of certain democratic and legal values. With the passage of time the attitudes and understandings will change. We see it already. Even in the older section of the population. What we should not allow are claims by non-performers and opportunists based on the past. They are out to take what they can from others for own benefit.

      Arp Liebenberg - 2012-03-11 21:44

      yes again whites must learn to teach blacks?

      Dolce Dolly Mapheto - 2012-03-11 21:51

      Whites hate Malema as much as we hate Terrablanch.

      pws69 - 2012-03-11 23:06

      @Dolce, and for the same reasons. What's to like about a racist extremist, whether white or black. In case you missed that, I also hated Terreblanche as much as I hate Malema. Neither would/will do South Africans any good.

      Mikkel - 2012-03-11 23:50

      #Dolce , Terre'Blanche** Is no more if you weren't aware of it. Same with Hani. Malema is next.

      Nigel - 2012-03-12 08:27

      he is a racist & his insults & intolerance is very offensive to us whites, think of Eugene Tereblanch, how did you react when he called black K*ffirs. Thats how we feel.

      Pharaoh - 2012-03-12 09:08

      Mikkel, I feel it is incorrect to put ET, JM and CH in same wavelength. Chris Hani a life-long mission of building a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. He lived and died for that mission. That is why he belonged to the party (SACP) that stand for these values. I can not say the same about ET and JM...

  • boltonbarry - 2012-03-11 21:01

    I think this guy's "End" is closer than he realizes.

  • Krish - 2012-03-11 21:31

    In anycase you are too thick to understand. You make up stories about restrictions to your movement and comment on it at the same time. Freedom of movement and association is embedded in our constitution so how can the ANC stop you. Furthermore all the things you are preaching about like poverty etc is the ANC'S policies. Why are you behaving like its your brainchild. There is nothing you can take credit for. You are only good at stirring up peoples emotions especially the illiterates.

  • Krish - 2012-03-11 21:51

    Malemma you are a bloody lier by saying on National TV that you never , never punted for Montlante to be the next President . By the way did you read or saw the news about your future President in todays times ?

  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2012-03-11 22:20

    Because Malema is a black guy for past 5yrs, 10 black people are millionaires and 2000 black people suffer bt if malema was a white guy 2000 white people would have been millinairs 5 white people suffering.

      Pharaoh - 2012-03-12 09:18

      @Eric...So basically what are you saying about black people?

  • Bryan - 2012-03-11 23:18

    Based on another report I read Malema is begging to atay in the ANC. It makes me wonder how much butt kissing he is prepared to do. He can kiss my butt too but won't get any forgiveness from me. What a pleasant change to see this moron grovel in the dirt.

  • Mlk - 2012-03-12 05:20

    juju better have to accept cause it is clear that certain hopeless individuals were not happy with your presents in ANC

      nolan.brunsdon - 2012-03-12 07:21

      Learn to speak properly then maybe we can understand you.

  • Brendan Cluley - 2012-03-12 07:37

    this guy needs DR phil!

  • Nigel - 2012-03-12 08:24

    wait till he is thrown out on the street, he will call the ANC bastard agents, he will attack the leadership personally, he will try to start a revolution, it will basically be war & will be guilty of treason, he will say that he will die fighting the ANC, can't wait.

  • Motsoari - 2012-03-12 11:00

    "Referring to unknown powers that had apparently indicated he was not welcome in the Free State" What unknown powere are talking about this is MisReporting, you should actually write an inset and correct this unless you are Pro-Ace Magashule, because Malema didnt not say unknown powers, He clearly and loudly so said ACE MAGASHULE told people not to attend the rally, check your facts

  • siyanda.msani - 2012-03-12 11:24

    I strongly agree, every person in S.A has the right to walk or speak anywhere he likes, our constitution state that clearly, i dont understand y people challenge a young representative while trying to address fundamental issues that facing our country (the imbalance that exist), malema should be respected and honoured Y bcoz he was involved in the direction to freedom. if your are understand politics and challenges that potrait internally, u will challenge this matter differently, let the court decide, and not judge on bases of the result, because they can be untrue (how many people are in jail, but who are not guilt?). i am happy because malema can defend himself, and support his statement with valid point, everyone sees that there is lot that needs to be done in issues of food security, job security and land distribution. so while trying to address those issues, instead of criticizing the point while u living in surburs and not knowin anything about poverty rather be quite or asked for clarity.. stop judging malema and calling him with names!!!!!!!! as for the permission i seriously dont understand y telling people not to come brandfort because the were will be malema, how stupidity it is as a black person, malema was not gonna be de just to entartain people, must he was gonna be there to engage, and discuss relavant issues to the society.. jst because he/she occupies a big position in the province that doesnt give him a right to avoid people going where ever they want tobe