Mangaung must bring change - Cosatu

2012-12-13 14:17

Johannesburg - The ANC's national conference in Mangaung later this week must bring change, trade union federation Cosatu said on Thursday.

"The country is facing a multiple crisis," said Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, quoting from a booklet setting out the federation's position.

Vavi called for a "Lula moment" in South Africa.

He was referring to a turnaround in Brazilian politics engineered by the country's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Three core areas

South Africa needed change in three core areas to tackle poverty, unemployment and inequality.

This included structural change in the economy, decisive change in the state, and radical change and renewal in the ruling alliance to reassert a culture of service and accountability.

The politics of principle were being replaced by "a politics based on narrow ambition and accumulation", Vavi said, characterised by back-stabbing, innuendo and even assassination.

"There is a poisoned atmosphere of divisions, and fast-moving cliques and cabals," he said.

Core values

The ANC policy conference earlier this year had recognised that erosion of the ANC's core values threatened its continued existence.

But more urgent steps should be taken to protect the ANC's image. The party needed to prevent abuse of power or office for private gain or factional interests.

Public representatives had to choose whether they would be people's representatives living within the means their salaries provided, or whether they would be business people.

Outsourcing and tenders should be limited where possible, as economic outsourcing encouraged fraud, said Vavi.

  • shaun.knoesen.9 - 2012-12-13 14:19

    Haha - I hope all Cosatu`s members don`t hold their breath..... no wait.....

      fanie.viljoen.73 - 2012-12-13 14:33

      How do you protect an image if it is already down the drain?

      p.borchard - 2012-12-13 14:38

      Oh Shaun, you crack me up!!!

      debduplessis - 2012-12-13 15:01

      it wont... Anarchy Nepotism Corruption just lost majority vote with the other corruption method of e-tolling court approved to rob us all!

      jesibelle.krueger - 2012-12-13 15:52

      OMG - Cosatu is directly responsible for the country's economic mess - they cause massive job losses, massive price increases to cover their ridiculous wage demands, unemployment due to their teachers refusing to teach that leaves people to uneducated to find work, etc. More red-herrings..?

  • warren.rodel - 2012-12-13 14:27

    It's cANCer and everyone knows it, cANCer is not suitable to run the country.

      colin.dovey - 2012-12-13 15:13

      Spellin looks peeerfect to mee :;)

  • warren.rodel - 2012-12-13 14:30

    "poverty, unemployment and inequality.", what about service delivery and anti corruption first.

      travis.vermaak - 2012-12-13 15:54

      Exactly....There will always be "poverty, unemployment and inequality" if there is zero service delivery and rife corruption in government.

      warren.rodel - 2012-12-13 16:21

      @gads.oflon, it's not the selective reading, it's the selective commenting (I also enjoy the responses, its more interactive).

  • dienaakte.waarheid.7 - 2012-12-13 14:31

    "South Africa needed change in three core areas to tackle poverty, unemployment and inequality" - and in other news...E-TOLLING. FU.

  • moriri.mosweu - 2012-12-13 14:31

    The ANC have tested enough waters with the idea of Zuma going for a second term. Now they pulled out the plan B which is Motlanthe agreeing to oppose Zuma. But I still say try me ANC, elect Zuma for second term and lose your seats in 2014.

  • werner.nel.712 - 2012-12-13 14:32

    You still don't get it Vavi! You have to vote for somebody else to make them listen!

  • lulama - 2012-12-13 14:37

    True, real change.

      warren.rodel - 2012-12-13 14:39

      Yes yes, time for change!

  • craig.thom.376 - 2012-12-13 14:37

    It is not change that is needed,a complete overhaul at this stage might help!

  • chiepner - 2012-12-13 14:37

    The current ANC administration is going to carry on for the next 4 years. I have developed huge respect for Vavi, but still find that sometimes his loyalty towards people still over rides the common sence he has. Zuma and Co will change some things but not for the better of South Africa and with the secrecy act coming in full swing they will now make sure they loot sa tax money before they have to vacate their seats to the next generation. By then Zuma and Co would of left a legacy the same as the Bush administration did at the end of their term. The country will be even more unstable, poor will continue to get poorer, corruption would of spiriled out of control and financially SA will be not at a great place. We need leaders - not con artist who pose as leaders to fill their ever growing bellies and pockets.

      warren.rodel - 2012-12-13 14:46

      I agree!

      fulufheloprogiga.mukhodobwane - 2012-12-13 14:46

      Clintleeh u stated it as it is , they Preach change after Mangaung yet dey will turn a blind eye @ da Conference by putin da same Thug into power#

  • pfsteyn - 2012-12-13 14:39

    You want change, but you are still backing the same corrupt individual for president? SMH

  • nosiphom.mazibuko - 2012-12-13 14:39

    You are wasting your time Vavi, the Powers that be, learning from their top leader are in it for the money. Lula was not in it for the money - that is the difference. A Lula moment will only happen wit new leadership that is commited to serving the people. The current leadership cannot suddenly change - which bodes well for the DA come 2014.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-13 17:10

      Ongaweli ngezibuko, it's called reshuffling the the deck of chairs on a sinking Titanic

  • nosiphom.mazibuko - 2012-12-13 14:42

    Your president was mourning one day that it pains him to see poor people, at the very same time he had instigated the spending of millions on his personal residence - building his personal town. Do you think he can ever change - with the view of wht was in the M&G in mind. Please don't use Lula's name in vain!

  • herman.letlalo - 2012-12-13 14:47

    zuma, can't bring the lula moment. While I understand that both have no formal education, I believe zuma only seeks the second term for his personal benefit. The man has a large family even his presidential salary can't afford. Just 5 more years to support family and finish nkandlaville projects

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-13 17:12

      He still has "fiances" with illegitimate children in Sonono Khoza and another from Swaziland who are waiting for their turn to feed off our tax and have mansions bought for them in Waterkloof too

  • kortbroek.duplessis - 2012-12-13 14:48

    First Zipper 783 must go. If Cosatu and the ANC members can't accomplish that the I say Mr Mvavi really don't bother

  • odupreez - 2012-12-13 14:49

    No poverty, unemployment and all are "equal" in Brazil, Vavi you are a Big part of the whole problem the country faces, and as an alliance partner your "movement" helped in creating the current situation, and there is no leader in the current ANC set up that has the talent/ambition/knowledge/leadership to rectify the problems. We are all supposedly EQUAL accoring to the constitution but the people that can help are being marginalised by your regimes ignorance, and I think your "dirty" tricks minisiter (TM) in the presidency continues to think out more ways to marginalise the persons that could assit.

  • Wayne De Beer - 2012-12-13 14:56

    how about brutal crimes, murders and anything that threatens the safety of the hard working people of south africa that pay tax and abide by the law !!!

      eugene.ngobeni.7 - 2012-12-13 15:08

      Are u stupid enough to not realise that poverty causes crime!!

      Jane - 2012-12-13 15:27

      @eugene.ngobeni. So Zuma steals tax payers money cause he is poor? What about Shabier and Malema did they also commit crimes because the poor. Do men rape women because they poor. Is poverty the cause of farmers being raped and beaten to death? Go back to the cave you come from with your pathetic excuses for the state of this country. The real reason because of all the crime is that your people can not function in a civilised manner!

      zuma.compound - 2012-12-13 15:44

      @eugene are you clever enough to realise that overbreeding causes poverty?

  • maria.roth.589 - 2012-12-13 14:58

    Roll on another Marxist regime in Africa. We will all be standing in queue for chicken legs and living in shacks if we vote for Vavi. The only hope for SA is the DA.

  • debduplessis - 2012-12-13 14:59

    it wont... u just lost majority vote with the other corruption method of e-tolling court approved to rib us all!

  • TshilidziPhuravhathu - 2012-12-13 15:00

    There is a name for that COSATU.... its called "wishful thinking"

  • darryl.maze1 - 2012-12-13 15:03

    If you want change COSATU then stop supporting the ANC and voting for them.

  • Eterni80 - 2012-12-13 15:08

    Vavi has such a nice of stating THE OBVIOUS

  • mzondistanley - 2012-12-13 15:10

    VAVI at the Helm of Power is in a Situations and Control ROOM of South Africa which way!! He needs Good advisers and Proactive listening!! He is a King Maker but also more interestingly should always act within the parameters of the Law!! If there are Bad Laws They should be able exert pressure on Parliament while Lobbying MPs to look at the Plight of unEmployed , Workers nad Inequality created by Board Room experts!!

  • sbusiso.dlamini.79 - 2012-12-13 15:16

    I for the first time find myself so confussed as to whether my negative judgement of zuma is because I don't have all the facts other than what's in front of me through media, what about the state of the economy, judge mogoeng mogoeng saga, menzi simelane saga, limpopo textbook fiasco, unemployment, inequality within society and the list goes on. I drive a minibus taxi maybe I just don't get it. What is it that anc branches sees in him does led them to believe the man deserve another term, enlighten me, let's take out race and anything else, what has the man achieved so far except the fight against hiv. Baba vavi the day you speak in full sentences, that will be the day we have a chance to save the country. Zuma is the most controversial president ever, scandal after scandal, my boys and millions other innocent deserve a future, pls its enough, give us hope, give me hope that one day I will find a good job and raise my family best way possible, vavi you have to speak in full sentences, for all to understand that zuma is too corrupt to lead the country full stop.

      werner.nel.712 - 2012-12-13 15:21

      Just vote DA...

  • richard.payn.12 - 2012-12-13 15:17

    " The country is facing a multiple crises" spot on! ANC,comunist party and cosatu.

  • musa.kamashobane - 2012-12-13 15:23

    Vavi, I am glad you are saying South Africa is facing multiple crisis - for me its education,unemployment and corruption. I dont know about you others

  • edward.tillett.98 - 2012-12-13 15:29

    Sorry, Vavi, but with Msholozi set to hold on power at Manguang, you can warble on about 'lula' moments as much as you like, but man up and face the reality: the luna-tics run this asylum!

  • davy.botha - 2012-12-13 15:30

    Cosatu must try to be part of the change and not just call for change because they have become part of the opsticles to create jobs!

  • collet.letsoalo - 2012-12-13 15:33

    Mangaung or no Mangaung the country is fast sliding down a slope with blind ANC in the driver's seat.

  • rob.gunning.1 - 2012-12-13 15:40

    poverty, unemployment and inequality... nothing about corruption which is the perpetuator of all three of this "areas that need tackling". Anyway, you losers have voted for Zuma again so how can you expect change if you carry on using the same tools?

  • sunnyman.maanea - 2012-12-13 15:48

    Now that ESKOM proposed increase in their tarrifs, i also expect Higher salary to cope

  • kenneth.cairns.50 - 2012-12-13 15:49

    No more change please.You had 18 years to make a change and zipp/nothing. We need voters to change their votes and start making their votes count this time, instead of voting for garbage-period. As they say, you cannot fix stupid people-so-lets stop trying to repair and lets start replacing-Next election change your vote and lets replace the ANC, not keep trying to repair them, because it ain't going to happen!!!

  • kenneth.cairns.50 - 2012-12-13 15:50

    Excuse my ignorance, but how can the ANC claim to be a party for democracy , yet be in an alliance with the SACP and Cosato who both support communism???????? No wonder we are screwed with this bunch-ANC

  • lourainet - 2012-12-13 15:51

    I dnt c anc winning 2014 votes, we so tired of talk wth no actions, how do I register to b da member ppl?? I so wanna be a mmber nw n done wth ths stupd party,,, party run by veterans not leaders, jst cus u been long in anc then u qualify to be minister , I luv ths country n wish my fellow blacks cud wake up too n vote for. Change,

  • lvhukeya1 - 2012-12-13 15:52

    VAVI must shut up bcos to me he sounds drunk nd confused i mean how does he expect change meanwhile he is pushing fo ZUMA's 2nd term.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-13 17:14

      He was forced by the so-called "collective" decision-making policy of the Alliance. Many hooligans in COSATU want Zuma, and they threatened to show him the door if he did not toe the Zuma line

  • ismael.reed.1 - 2012-12-13 15:53

    I don't know why most of us are complaining when ANC is messing up. That is exactly what we need, the way I see it things are going the right path, ANC is becoming unpopular with their corrupt administration paving way for D.A. Please people lets bite the steel and swallow their nonsense now, it will pay off very soon. I can see D.A. leading this country in the very near future.

  • - 2012-12-13 15:58

    Vavi = Viva!

  • khumo.lebone - 2012-12-13 16:58

    Noble ideas Mr Vavi. People like Lula da Silva have vision and good intentions for the country they lead, which is more than I can say dfor the current crop of ANC leaders. The circus will be moving to Mangaung next week and what you'll hear in the conference is their irritating songs and pretty much nothing else worthwhile.

  • ratabanegodley.mosetlha - 2012-12-13 17:23

    LULA MOMENT=MBALULA MOMENT. Did I get it right comrade?

  • kevin.moxham.3 - 2012-12-13 17:28

    Comrade - will COSATU mobilise the organisation to demand that public service (all of them) employees perform and deliver to the required standards - will you demand that cadre appointments and incompetence are removed from our society - will you really do that.....??

  • - 2012-12-13 17:31

    Mangaung will definetely bring change but the ANC has failed us not once not twice but many time, now we are used to dissapoinments and we allways screem for change, yet we still voting for the same party that we always expect change from and always have tons of complaints about. Will it hurt us if we change the party? So that they can think properly and understand where they fail, so that they can fix those mistakes.

      khathutshelo.muafrica - 2012-12-14 10:15

      There is no other party 2 vote as da PAC is no where 2 be seen and the DA is simply not for us

  • boitumelo.matshediso.98 - 2012-12-13 17:36

    I stand by your princles Mr Vavi but i think u need to start practicing what u preach by advocating for leadership and stop being dillusional about any changes without a change of leadership because after Mangaung this trend of self-enrichment is going to be escalated by those owed favours for voting.I bet u tenders and positions are being promised and guarenteed after Mangaung.

  • bob.bothalezi - 2012-12-13 18:04

    How the F do you tackle unemployment with strikes and minimum wages Vavi. For the rest, you have had your chance at the polling booth and you f... it up.

  • elmo.davids - 2012-12-13 22:26

    The way I see it we are all responsible for change in SA. I have voted for the ANC during the Madiba era and I still I believe I did the right thing by voting for change. The thing that I don't understand is that within this forum the majority of people of all races are saying the same thing that they are basically fed up with the current state of affairs. We have a responsibility towards our children to ensure that we secure their future so we need to act responsible by voting for a different party other than the ANC. I for one will NOT be voting for the ANC because the ANC of today is NOT the ANC I voted for so many years ago and I certainly do not support corruption. We have given them an opportunity and it is not working based on all the obvious things happening within this country. My point is, we have been loyal, we have given the ANC the opportunity so now it's time for change as only this will bring about a difference in this country. Don't be afraid to make a change, we have nothing to loose, we owe it to our children and their chldren.

  • thembinkosi.jozie - 2012-12-14 08:27

    Did Polokwane bring change? Now what makes u think Mangaung will bring change with Zuma Blade Mantashe Sdumo still in charge? Vavi if u want change get out of the corrupt alliance and join DA.U and Zille can bring change in this country not Zuma

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