Mantashe calls emergency meeting

2012-12-17 11:08

Bloemfontein - ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe summoned representatives from the North West and Free State into an emergency meeting on Monday morning, NewsFire has learned.

The party’s national elective conference in Mangaung risks being deadlocked in a debate over credentials on the provinces’ delegates.

Lawyers representing disgruntled members from both Free State and North West have also informed the ANC they will apply for an urgent interdict to halt the conference if members from both provinces continue to participate.

NewsFire has learnt that North West’s provincial executive committee was not invited to the meeting, suggesting that Mantashe will meet with the disgruntled members.

Meanwhile, Sapa reported that the ANC's elective conference got under way on Monday morning with discussions about the credentials of delegates who would nominate the party's top six leaders.

The party's deputy secretary Thandi Modise was first to address party members. The session was closed to the media.

The ANC adjourned the conference around midnight on Sunday because of a dispute over the matter.

- Newsfire and Sapa

  • musa.kamashobane - 2012-12-17 11:16

    Wow! Mantashe surely you must have expected this to happen or you thought hey I am going to look the other way when it happens ? You asked for democracy in your organization, here it happens. What's next ? Implosion ?

      azande.futhi - 2012-12-17 11:23

      ANC is full of arrogant yet stupid clowns. Manuel has shown way for the intelligent. We will see more quits.

      moriri.mosweu - 2012-12-17 11:29

      'The ANC adjourned the conference around midnight on Sunday because of a dispute over the matter' NO NO NO they adjourned because they were drunk of power....NO AGAIN because they drank too much MOET before the meeting. How have these mambojambos been running this country? have they been running it? what am I on too...MOET?

  • carmen.tatumm - 2012-12-17 11:17

    And so the circus starts off nice..!! Sit and watch this space..

      ianon.ym - 2012-12-17 11:31

      Cant wait for the Booze to flow and the Fists to fly ... - Eish, what a bunch :)

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2012-12-17 12:04

      @ianon.ym. Don't forget the culture of chair-throwing that has become a cANCer passtime.

      marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-12-17 12:16

      Plenty more squabbles to come! All looking to hitch a ride on the Gravy Train!!!!

  • Kwajo.m - 2012-12-17 11:17

    The six ANC members — Mpho Ramakatsa, Tumiso Mbethe, Majoro Mpuru, Elisha Mbangula, Cecilia Chaka and Ntshiwa Morolloane — said the Free State provincial congress in June was fraudulent. The six were ignored and threaten with expulsion, automatic dismissal for taking the party to cour. Who is a threat to our democracy here?. So who is the genuine ANC member here? Do these guys have something we do not know? Who are the tenderpreneurs masquarading as ANC members? Is ANC still have interest for the general public who vote them in faith for better future.

      Suzanne Viljoen - 2012-12-17 11:49

      @ Kwajo You give me hope again! Hope they help stop the corruption!

      lephuthing.peter - 2012-12-17 13:18

      @Kwajo u've said a mouthfull. Under JZ ANC has turned out to be an arrogant party. They are undermining other people's intellect. They thought that this ''FS six'' is water under the bridge...

  • azande.futhi - 2012-12-17 11:19

    ANC has changed to become a circus. No wonder Manuel quits it. More prominent leaders with integrity will leave this embarassing movement. Zuma has contaminated ANC with a very toxic hazardous substances, greed, ruthlessness, stupidity and most sadly arrogance. Cry our beloved Movement.

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2012-12-17 12:07

      Time to find another movement azande. This one has become like a bowel movement.

  • eric.pookgwadi - 2012-12-17 11:19

    jz n mandashe know wats matter

  • flysouth - 2012-12-17 11:24

    The entire ANC is proving itself unfit for purpose in every respect. The infighting is now at such a pitch that I doubt of this conference will really be completed, although they will go through the motions for PR purposes.

      nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-17 12:02

      They will go through the food and drink allright...

  • more.pido - 2012-12-17 11:27

    do de rit' thng SG fs delegate' shld fllw their PEC

      Mike - 2012-12-17 11:34

      F g's sk, pls don spk wif yo mouf full, AH !

      nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-17 12:01

      And KEEP IT FULL....or is your keyboard brocken??? Love it...what a tonsil....

  • vince.vanrooyen.1 - 2012-12-17 11:29

    It is my opinion that the DA will walk away from this conference with a hell of lot more votes......and it did not cost them a cent!!

      nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-17 11:58

      Most definitely yes...

  • Mike - 2012-12-17 11:33

    The only difference between the ANC and a circus is that, in a circus, the clowns don't run the outfit !!

  • Simthembile Zembe - 2012-12-17 11:39

    Sitting back, watching the drama unfold. Lets see how it turns out to be.

      mshiniboys - 2012-12-17 20:41

      I like the sound of that

  • Rodney - 2012-12-17 11:42

    is tht the indication tht the congress wil not continue..., the law is the law ANC must respect the court decision all delegate from north west and free state must not allowed to vote and vacate the congress.

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-12-17 11:44

    I better make some popcorn as this comedy just keeps on getting better and better...

  • Mbuso Siera - 2012-12-17 11:58

    Power ,Tenders nd Money.......nothing else.....its very clear what these Free State nd the North West guys together with their lawyers r fighting for....they r aware if Zuma wins their careers nd political influence is treated...nd stand to loose...or face corruption charges....every person is fighting for their survival....not the love nd growth of the organization........they wanted Zuma in 2007 nd voted Mbeki they r against him......this must come to an end......Zuma must teach them its not done that way......

  • nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-17 12:09

    Are the chairs still bolted to the floor?...

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-12-17 12:10

    Zuma right, country not falling apart, ANC FALLING APART

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2012-12-17 12:17

    Mantashe now trying to wield the big stick. Will he also threaten expulsion of these disidents or is it just a case of small man syndrome.

  • chris.phago - 2012-12-17 12:27

    Anc must learn to follow the law all the tym.

  • themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-17 12:39

    Goaty Mantashe, allow the cameras so that I can see the tossing of chairs and water bottles

  • moses.m.masilela - 2012-12-17 12:59

    Under Zuma the party is divided

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-12-17 13:18

    Is this the party that will rule till Jesus comes?.

      lerato.molelekwa - 2012-12-17 14:36

      No!but it will rule till South Africa is like Zimbabwe.

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