Manuel: Money isn't the problem

2012-08-15 22:41

Cape Town - Additional resources will not solve key problems such as poor education, Planning Minister Trevor Manuel said on Wednesday.

"It's not so much how much money you throw at the problem, it's how you transform the system," Manuel told media after he handed the National Development Plan to President Jacob Zuma.

Manuel said the plan's objective of transforming the economy was dependent on the quality of education.

The minister conceded there were instances where additional financial support was needed, but there should be less focus on how much it would cost.

The way spending and accountability happened should be prioritised.

Deputy National Planning commission chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa concurred, saying accountability should come from the top where schools were concerned.

"One of the problems we found in education is the leadership of the schools. Once you resolve the issue of leadership in schools, you've actually solved more than 60 percent of the problems," said Ramaphosa.

He said it was time principals were treated as the chief executive officers of schools.

"I'm satisfied that with this type of proposal that principals [who are the CEOs of school] be held accountable. That CEO will ensure that teachers are then held accountable," said Ramaphosa.

First thousand days

A proposal to link a percentage of teachers' salary increases to pupil performance has been dropped from the NDP.

It has been replaced with a proposal to give financial incentives to schools that show a significant improvement on their annual results.

The original idea did not find favour with the department of education, which considered it difficult to implement.

It was pointed out that ultimately student performance depended on a range of socio-economic conditions, and not solely teacher skills.

The commission said its new proposal would in practice benefit poor schools, since wealthier schools already generally fared well and would therefore show a smaller margin of improvement.

Manuel on Wednesday used education as an example of how the NDP would work.

"We describe how to weave a plan out of the strands of policy. We identify a series of issues and find linkages," he said.

Manuel said the broad objective of transforming the economy depended on the quality of education from an early age.

"The commission as a whole recognises that nutritional support is fundamentally important for cognitive development in young children. The experts say the first thousand days are important," he said.

"The commission accepts that and we then say getting nutritional support to children from birth is fundamentally important. It's not an optional thing."

School nutrition programmes in provinces like the Eastern Cape had collapsed.

"It works in some areas and in some areas not. You've got to understand why it doesn't work and you've got to deal with the problem," said Manuel.

  • bernpm - 2012-08-15 22:59

    "He said it was time principals were treated as the chief executive officers of schools." They might just ask to be paid and treated as other CEO's. Principals are currently treated (and paid?)as messenger boys for some far away Department officials who saw the inside of a school last time when they did matric.

      dexter.morganson - 2012-08-15 23:09

      IF they did matric...

      mihaip007 - 2012-08-16 01:50

      "Manuel said the plan's objective of transforming the economy was dependent on the quality of education." then STOP STUFFING UP WITH THINGS LIKE THE TEXTBOOKS - idiots...

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-16 07:15

      The important aspect of this is that they finally acknowledge that the education system is flawed.They seem to have some answers but where are the correct people to implement this?You need the right people for the right job.As for the poor people, please stop having babies that you can't afford.There are many ways to prevent pregnancies so take care and don't bring your kids into hardship.

      TshilidziPhuravhathu - 2012-08-16 08:50

      @Dexter: and thats a BIG IF...

      mariuskowie - 2012-08-16 09:00

      How can they treat the principals as CEO's if the CEO of education is not taking responsibility? This story should have been from the Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, not from the Planning Minister, Trevor Manuel. I take my hat off to Trevor Manuel. I just wish the ANC would see some sense and make him in charge of finance again. He did a fantastic job. - 2012-08-16 09:51

      So Trevor when is the 'Planning Commission' going to plan a bill that makes ‘stealing the tax payers money’ a capital crime with a mandatory investigation & prosecution mandate punishable by life in prison. - People found to be sabotaging the country's infrastructure would be in serious trouble (like the ‘boeramag’ ). Is this not the same thing? These people are crippling our country. Corruption is depleting our infrastructure, using up much needed resources and valuable time. The end result of all of this with people seeing no end in sight out of poverty is an uprising... Surely that is a National Security concern on a serious and realistic base? If this is the case why not pass a bill that would make it a serious crime to steal tax payers’ money? And have a task/law enforcement team to deal with just that. It’s time to get serious about the people of South Africa and to close these back doors to corruption. When u retire and move on your children are the ones left with the legacy of what you have done (in your time in office) when you had all the means to do whatever you wanted to and had the chance to make that difference, are they going to look at you in high honour or will we all just see another ANC comrade… ?

  • dexter.morganson - 2012-08-15 23:06

    Well it's pretty difficult for a principal to be the main man in school when the 5th Grader is already 19-years old and has a history of violence.

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-16 07:17

      @Leonardb1 - do you seriously think that he will bite the hand that feeds him?They all know what the problem is, but they have too much pride and more to lose than us.

      louwc - 2012-08-16 10:39

      True Dexter. Now consider the plan: Give more resources to schools who make % wise bigger strides than already performing schools which can realisticly only maintain an already high standard. Previously high performing schools with less resources start slipping, previous badly performing schools improve because they get more resources(theoretically) until they are in the same boat as previously high performing schools. Complete this cycle a couple of times and all schools will be at the same level of mediocrity. Change the system, it is not working no matter how you incentivise schools. In the Cape we say a fish rots from its head - start with placing the Minister under obligation to accept resposibility first before targeting underpaid teachers who sometimes works in the most appalling of conditions.

  • anton.scholtz1 - 2012-08-15 23:08

    spending money wisely is not in the ability of the anc

      dexter.morganson - 2012-08-15 23:11

      That's according to the masses, and what do we know? Luckly for the ANC they have top economists on the advisory board that tells them the opposite. Spending hundreds of millions on private jets IS indeed wise because Sir as the "wise" saying goes "Those who have will be given, those who don't have will be taken away from". So, it's wise enough for them.

      mo.matt.14 - 2012-08-16 09:16

      No come on ANC voters, why can't you vote people like these into the top job if you want to keep the ANC the ruling party. We need people like this, with actual plans and the ability to execute those plans, like Manual has proven over and over again. But alas, he does not want the job... Kick the corrupt out of your party, completely, do not just "suspend" them on full pay. Allow the true leaders to come forward

      amanda.victor.92 - 2012-08-16 09:24

      What's with all this 'transforming' talk? How about improving the systems? Transforming is communist talk for taking from those who have to give to those who don't. Manuel is part of the problem.

  • daniel.motlhatlhedi - 2012-08-15 23:18

    Minister of education must be held accountable aswel

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-16 07:18

      Actually every minister of education since 1994 should be held accountable as this was not an overnight mess.

      bless.boswell - 2012-08-16 07:26

      No, the mess was caused by apartheid - everyone since 94 is blame free! :)

  • Hugh - 2012-08-15 23:21

    Two problems of the ANC making. 1] Encouraging the Activists to become teachers to encourage the kids to rise. Now that has come back to bite them in the bum. 2] By doing away with teachers training colleges and school inspectors they effectively destroyed the maintenance of standards. As with the ANC's assumption that the freed SA adults could be trusted to behave, to care,respect the law and maintain high morality they thought that kids should be given the same freedom. The result lack of self discipline and respect for all the laws. Mr.Manny look inside the ANC to find the faults and causes before you talk about structural problems and leadership

  • prakash.singh.169 - 2012-08-15 23:22


      william.letsong.5 - 2012-08-16 05:38

      Prakash, I think you should ask yourself thet question \WHAT EDUCATION YOU HAVE\? Don't ask the man BS. He is a damn smart well educated man, its just a pity his part of the ANC.

      paul.john.790256 - 2012-08-16 07:45

      William crawl back under the rock from which you came... Prakash is right... As for Trevor being smart...thats debatable.

      nathaniel.kgokong.3 - 2012-08-16 08:19

      that is lame have you tested the plan yet

  • mastersvoice - 2012-08-15 23:40

    Manuel is correct, of course. Money will not solve the problems, but if there is not enough, or it is being flushed into corrupt officials' toilets, then no other system transformation will work either. Get the house in order first, ensure enough funding is properly channelled, THEN implement all these clever measures. So yes - money won't solve the problems, but nothing else will either if there isn't enough money available.

      rashied.bux - 2012-08-16 04:00

      an idiots ideology solve other countries problems but cant solve his own countries problems, you are 100% right my freind what you say there.

  • reoagile.motitswe - 2012-08-15 23:47

    money is not the problem,leadership is.

  • brent.goldwyer - 2012-08-15 23:48

    A lot of the qualified teachers, tradesmen, skilled people have seen the writing on the wall and have left SA by immigration or working in other countries. Its too late now as who is going to train the new workforce. it will be a case of the dumb training the dumber, ANC and BEE policies have killed SA

      stewart.laidlaw.5 - 2012-08-16 01:16

      The ANC and its racist policys

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-16 07:30

      @brent, like my dad says:"skills are never written down, they are passed from one generation to the next after it has manifested itself over years of experience".How can you suddenly find skills when you remove the only element that has it?

  • tommo.too - 2012-08-16 00:13

    The system does not changibg, the people in the system need to change. Accountability yes. But also å sense of pride in their work. AND a new code of ethics!!

      michele.holmes.1238 - 2012-08-16 06:04

      Can't see that happening tommo. The ANC has bred activists to ensure that corrupt and despotic "leaders' are always in office. This seems to be all that is taught to our children, and since the "leadership" (I use the term wildly loosely) don't even hold themselves accountable and have no ethics of their own, a sense of pride in work and effort will not manifest itself in our youth.

  • tommo.too - 2012-08-16 00:14

    The system does not changibg, the people in the system need to change. Accountability yes. But also å sense of pride in their work. AND a new code of ethics!!

      PB - 2012-08-16 08:07

      Oh Sam, you have made my day!!! I am going to use your "steal the crap....' anology - Spot On!!!

  • peter.fraser.92754 - 2012-08-16 02:01

    Manuel,s idea of feeding the kids firstsly with food and then with knowledge does not mean they will Automatically go to school and stay at school for lessons. His / theirs/ biggest problem will be to get the kids to school and keep then there.Have you ever seen the hordes of kids loitering around at all times of the day at all sorts of places besides at school ?

      PB - 2012-08-16 08:22

      There is a serious need for afterschool care facilities which also include food, especially in the poorer areas where the parents are at work all day and can not keep an eye on them. Children can not concentrate on an empty belly. The incentive of knowing that he has a safe, well lit place to do his homework + a meal should go a long way in keeping them off the streets. Sports training and fun activities in the same aftercare facility should be the added attraction. If Those same facilities could be utilised at night to educate illiterate adults. That is where more money spent would make a serious difference. The only problem is to prevent the "struggle heroes" from pocketing money that is earmarked for this type of project.

      croix.mactee - 2012-08-16 13:47

      @PB - your last sentence says it all. THAT, my friend will NEVER change. You can go ANYWHERE in Africa and you'll find this exact same scenario. I have lost hope for a better future. Most of our African brothers are experts at only one thing : Finding the SHORTCUTS TO EASY and QUICK RICHES!

  • andrew.anderson.188 - 2012-08-16 02:24

    Responsibility starts with placing litter in the rubbish bin. If we cannot learn the basics how can you expect to progress. If there is no sense of pride in oneself how can we expect to progress - result "regress". You cannot go forward looking in the rear-view mirror - understand where your weakness lies and focus on correction. Stop talking and do the walking....

      michele.holmes.1238 - 2012-08-16 06:08

      Spot on with the point about litter. Same for jaywalking and waiting for busses at places other than bus stops. Civil obedience from the smallest of laws is what creates a strong and thriving civilisation. look what Rudy Giuliani did for new york! He cleaned it up with pro-active policing, and arrests for any transgression. Sadly that will probably never happen here as the ANC will lose their votes. Africa is all about popularity, and not much about a strong civil society.

      PB - 2012-08-16 08:36

      RESPECT is the main factor lacking in today's generation. They don't respect themselves, other people, the earth or anything on it. It comes from not being taught cause and effect. Getting graffiti "artists" to physically scrub down his "art" and clean up areas he has trashed, should make them think twice before repeating it. For every child that gets a free pass to the next grade without even doing enough to make the already patheticly low pass grade, he receives the message that hard work is not neccessary to achieve anything, so why would he put in any effort? These are also the young adults who expect to be appointed as managers without having learned to actually do the job first.

  • blip.noodlum - 2012-08-16 02:35

    Principals ARE principals, not "CEO" types who are able to hire and fire and rearrange things to his/her heart's content and who then carry the can. Principals have their hands tied at every corner -- they can't turn away kids or to go out and recruit special kids. They can't hire or fire teachers, pay them differently, close down underperforming subjects, change curricula etc. They are required to paint-by-numbers according to firm bottom-line one-size-fits-all Ministry micro-management instructions. Which CEO could work when some high-up insists that he buys only from suppliers A, B and C? That he stocks and sells only what some other high-up decides must be stocked? That the advertising, staffing and profit margins are to be decided by three other high-ups and so on? And then the poor CEO has to carry the can when the whole project falls over? Sorry, that's not a CEO -- that's a humble hireling. A vassal. A jobsworth. In short, a principal.

  • lionel.defrontignac - 2012-08-16 03:22

    Call me cynical; every time, the ANC crowd come up with a "new" plan, it sounds marvelous, and ends there. What is it about the Zuma administration that makes me think it will be business as usual?

      tw2066 - 2012-08-16 04:26

      No, lionel - not cynical, honest. The ANC say all the stuff that you want to hear, but do what they want to do. If the majority in South Africa (who are patently pretty stupid) got rid of the ANC on their actions rather than their words, the whole country would benefit. Bet you 3teachers and a principal that even with the toll debacle, service delivery issue failures. the textbook failures, the police chief and general failures, with the wasteful expenditure, with the failure to stop gangs and drugs, failure to provide a stable economy - the majority will vote ANC again, and then whinge like pigs on heat.

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-08-16 03:41

    Principals to be CEOs??? Comrades, Johnny Walked. Kwakwakwak

  • rashied.bux - 2012-08-16 03:47

    i think manuel should become president of south africa oh sorry hes not black he cant be

  • Modupi Moletsane - 2012-08-16 03:47

    u know the card caring members of anc in polokwane killed us by voting for the uneducated mafia zuma.that's y our education and other systems are in i can see that the women's league is behind him.mamas wake up the country's future is going down the drain!

      rashied.bux - 2012-08-16 03:53

      you are 100% right my brother we should start voting with our brains and not our hearts.

      mo.matt.14 - 2012-08-16 09:20

      Now come on ANC voters, why can't you vote people like these into the top job if you want to keep the ANC the ruling party. We need people like this, with actual plans and the ability to execute those plans, like Manual has proven over and over again. But alas, he does not want the job... Kick the corrupt out of your party, completely, do not just "suspend" them on full pay. Allow the true leaders to come forward. I don't care if the ANC wins the election, as long as they have good leaders that care about every citizen in this country, and actually serve their people, like they are supposed to. We need capable leaders.

  • tw2066 - 2012-08-16 04:19

    The ANC love buzzwords like TRANSFORMATION, which initially meant ethnic cleansing, then it meant ANC cadrisation, now it means stuffing it up, just in case they loose the next election. Trevor must have had the mandatory ANC labotamy then.... because he used to say intelligent stuff, now he is rambling like his corrupt typically Africanised collegues.

  • dennis.vermaak.5 - 2012-08-16 04:32

    So, Clever Trevor, howcome there are always "financial constraints" when something has to be fixed ???

      william.letsong.5 - 2012-08-16 05:50

      Ask the finance minister about \financial constraints\.

  • darra.pillay - 2012-08-16 04:40

    You want to pay a bonus to a school as an incentive to do what they're paid to do anyway? You're back at it! Throwing money at the problem. Forgive me if I dont use the word 'challenge'. Is this report the work of a rocket scientist? Why was this not the obvious strategy from day one? Or is there something we did'nt know because we did not go to the anc 'political school'? It's too late, sirs! the problems you list have become a culture, the very fabric of our society, simply a way of life. Every day we delay implementing a punishment regime for corruption, and other misdemeanours, add 50 years to undo it .... if ever. How do you change the mindset of a 'worker'.... who is'nt? ... but believes the world owes him?

  • danie.smit.587 - 2012-08-16 04:51

    So far when a minister talk about transformation it always was fire all white educated workers and replace them with black uneducated and unmotivated workers Are teaching admin a mess at provincial and national offices because black cleaners are now educational directors and inspectors, while they cannot read and write? Yes replacing good white teachers with uneducated black ones would transform the school, but will black poor kids be educated, as the middle class kids will move to Cura and other private schools, and will not be effected , other than having less spending money. Why do you need education as you could be presidant with st 2?

  • seretseclement.moche - 2012-08-16 05:20

    we must stop shifting the blame-Seretse Moche

  • sipho.zipi - 2012-08-16 05:53

    If they can start by removing SADTU from leadership positions at these dysfunctional schools .

  • angela.clegg.7 - 2012-08-16 06:13

    well done Trevor Manual...

  • beryl.knipe - 2012-08-16 06:17

    Mr Manuel, I must admit, I haven't read the entire article. Money might not be YOUR problem so in that case can you help me pay SARS please. Thanks.

  • EricksonTL - 2012-08-16 06:30

    a is for abdicating responsibility b is for being ineffectual c is for crappy curriculum... Until they change the stupid syllabus they put in place to try and cook the books, the school system is going to keep churning out people who are at best functionally literate and semi functionally numerate. Ra ra. Not.

  • shadung.raymond - 2012-08-16 06:32

    Amen!! Splendid idea indeed, i regard it as a holistic approach because it doesnt only deal with the symptoms but the whole problem.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-08-16 06:36

    The ANC's planning is like a hunter who takes aim but doesn't pull the trigger..its a case of aim aim aim !! Lekota is spot on in asking whether the ANC is capable of IMPLEMENTING the plan !! They cant even deliver books to schools !!

  • Mike - 2012-08-16 07:03

    By virtue of his association with the ANC and its failed government, anything that Trevor Manuel may say lacks all credibility and becomes just another bunch of words.

      luvo.luvos - 2012-08-16 07:31

      Moral of your story: Get affiliated with the DA and whatever you say or do may command respect. How ironic!!

      EricksonTL - 2012-08-16 07:37

      The fact that you jump to the DA when they aren't mentioned is Freudian old boy.

  • theo.joubert.37 - 2012-08-16 07:12

    By caling a principal a CEO is waving a magic wand and now suddenly schools will opperate efficiantly. Who are they fooling? Accountability does not exist in any state department anymore. When caught they get suspended with full pay and benefits, and then given a golden handshake. I do agree that nutrition is very important in a childs development. But the parents do get a grant to address this problem. Are they now saying that the grant gets used for other things and that the children still go hungry? In that case should the grant not be taken away and used to set up compulsory daycare centres, or community soup kitchens to ensure that the money gets used to feed these children? There is only one problem The ANC will lose votes if they stop these grants.

  • charles.kubhayi.9 - 2012-08-16 07:15

    It is a good idea to treat principals as CEOs of the schools but this must be accompaned by the delivery of necessary materials to implement the requirements of the profession.

  • kevin.moxham.3 - 2012-08-16 07:23

    Get rid of the unions - COSATU and SADTU have gone by thier sell by date - they are unable to provide any solutions, they have destroyed the education system (just as the unions have destroyed the countries economy full stop) as they support incomtetence and under delivery.

  • Eduard - 2012-08-16 07:27

    Trevor is the best minister SA has ever had, if the others would just listen to him and at least try to change. Change need to come from the top, starting at Pres Zuma (or his successor come Dec). There is a whole culture of corruption, laziness and entitlement which does not help. And then please comrades, be in time for meetings, we are trying to be first world here.

  • stephen.king.900 - 2012-08-16 07:31

    There is no accountability with the anc

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-08-16 07:34

    100 years from now nothing will have changed. When a country is run by greed and lust the poor will be left behind. Look at Africa, we are just following the pattern. Does Mugabe care about the poor? Did Amin? Did Gagafi? We can go on and on, africa is africa, run by power hungry, greedy, arrogant, lawless, wannabes. Mandela was different, find another Mandela and we may have a chance.

      peter.beltingser - 2012-12-16 11:36

      Look at Africa? Actually many other sub-Saharan countries are doing pretty well at the moment, both with their economies and other key social indicators. Especially countries Like Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana.

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-08-16 07:37

    so when will Angie be fired and prof Jansen sworn in as the new minister of education ,and while you at it get rid of the prune face idiot Nzimande all of this can be done before the first tea break today, than and only than would i believe that the plan will work.Ask the commander in chief to grow a little hair on his chest and act like a commander would act.

  • colleen.xakaza - 2012-08-16 07:41


  • paul.john.790256 - 2012-08-16 07:43

    The mumblings of a irrelevant fool. Go back to the drawing board Trevor.

  • stephen.j.coetzee.5 - 2012-08-16 08:02

    Well it starts with teaching the people to put rubbish in a trash can,when you get the basics right then we can move on....I really hope that Govt.will listen,implement and mage this properly Mr Manuel and Mr Ramaphosa.

  • hendrikvs - 2012-08-16 08:09

    Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk!! And the only action is corruption?

  • winston.nolan - 2012-08-16 08:10

    No Mr Manual, you are wrong. Quality of education will help nothing if the children (majority blacks) don't GO to school and learn. My mother was brought up in the apartheid era. I remember her telling me as a kid, that black would burn down their school and books, and over the years this tenancy has not changed. I can tell you one thing, I was raised by being beaten if I did anything wrong, so I didn't dare skip school, or burn my books. I went to school - tough as it was for an incredibly poor boy as myself, raised by a single mom, I went, and I learned and I got my matric. This is the problem.

      nathaniel.kgokong.3 - 2012-08-16 08:29

      you know what with your clever comment i went to school got my matric but was not beaten and i am still studying and never burnt a school wat does dat say for blacks den mr know it all,we will never change anything as long as we keep on pointing fingers if we dont want staff we must get rid of it we voted for them we can take them out as well is our democratic right we need to excersize it from now on and stop being bang broeke

      winston.nolan - 2012-08-16 09:32

      The best thing any black can do for his future today, is vote for the DA. Your ANC is sh|t. I see you guys saying "Where's Mandela - why does he sit quiet" ARE YOU MAD? That man sacrificed his whole life, and you still want more! Man wake the fsck up - get off your a$$ and move! Create your own Luck dummy.

  • africanwolf - 2012-08-16 08:17

    I agree money is not a problem the problem starts when there is no money :)

  • daleinn - 2012-08-16 08:29

    Money is not the problem, but the love for it..leads to the root of all evil!

  • deon.dutoit.758 - 2012-08-16 08:32

    what a statement.....Well if thats the idea, invest and train/educate the CEO of the school and give them more power to expedite what they see best for the positive outcome of their school and let them motivate teachers with incentive, punish wrong doing correctly so that it does not happen again and support the teachers to have more of an interest in teaching of morals and manners and then maybe, MAYBE, our future leaders will have what it takes to contribute yo society and not just "TAKE" what they believe to be a given THEIRS Ha, lets see what happens Its taken them how long to realise this.... and if thats the case get rid of rubbish from the top.

  • nom.deplume.969 - 2012-08-16 09:14

    I agree with Trevor that money is not the problem...I mean, just look at your payslip every month and see how efficient the govt is at collecting the money. The issue here is administraion...or rather govt's severe inability to efficiently and effectively work with money. If they can get that right and honestly and truthfully root out the corrupt officials, then this country can be the beautiful land we all hope it to be...even with the Assoc of Nepotism and Corruption in charge, being "Spear" headed by that man Zuma... but... As it stands, everyone is on it for his own welfare and therefore only a few benefit while the majority have to suffer.

  • warwick.railton.7 - 2012-08-16 09:35

    The anc is - finish & klaar.

  • odupreez - 2012-08-16 09:36

    Trevor - Its because of your and your ilk's attitude to transform everything that the education system is in a mess, (basically everything else you touch turns to SH*t), of course its about money, its how wisely its spent thats the crux of the matter, But you and your buddies think its for party and Own enrichment. You have to instill a learning attitude with the pupils, and while you are about it (teach them about time-keeping and reliability). You spend ? 2 years on your plan and it is doomed from the word go - like everything else if the attitude from the top to the bottom is not changed, and govt. takes responsablity and actually does what a government is supposed to do, they are not kings or dictators (yet).

  • bob.robertson.3363 - 2012-08-16 09:47

    Cyrild Ramaphosa is reported as saying “it was time principals were treated as the chief executive officers of schools.” I tend to disagree because it places too much emphasis upon principals to be skilled in the executive and administrative principles of running a national education system. The problem is at the political level, which clearly lacks the necessary skills to provide and administer such a system. The late Prof. Kadar Asmal recognised this when he was minister of education back in 2000. He reported fully to Thabo Mbeki in that year on the subject and I give an extract from the chapter dealing with education in my book: “Too often, problems and challenges in education invoke conditioned responses without sufficient analysis of the nature of the problem and feasibility of solutions.” “Far too many of our comrades have accepted their positions, salaries and benefits, while lacking the training and skills to perform their responsibilities, having previously removed those (whites) qualified to do so. If we are to achieve the desired results, these people will have to go and we must outsource the work to the private sector.” Nothing has changed and I doubt that Trevor Manual’s NDP will have the desired effect. You can freely download a copy of my book at http:/

  • - 2012-08-16 10:40

    Who is to blame for failing Education, Health, Poverty,Public Transport, to name but a few? All that the current governors should have done was to make improvements where it was needed. But no, we shall make use of the Taxpayers' money for everything but that! The introduction of Affirmative Action, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is another form of RACISM, and government fails to see this too! Before our Democracy, we were employed based on aptitude,knowledge and skills acquired, and not skin colour. And why is it that when something fails, a new department is formed! All this is money they care? They don't give a F... As long as there is gravy....there will be mouths! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, or GET OUT OF OFFICE! The system hasn't failed us, GOVERNMENT HAS! GATVOL!!!

      peter.beltingser - 2012-12-16 11:41

      HAHAHA "Before our Democracy, we were employed based on aptitude,knowledge and skills acquired, and not skin colour." That is just about the finniest thing I've ever read on news24. I do agree with some of the other things you said, but that one sentence screwed it all.