Manyi appointed to media agency board

2012-01-16 15:32

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma has appointed government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi to the Media Development and Diversity Agency board.

The other new members include Phenyo Nonqane, Rene Smith, Thato Mahapa and Ingrid Louw, the presidency said in a statement on Monday.

The appointment of the five-member team followed recommendations from the National Assembly, it said. The team would serve for three years.

"We wish the new members well in the execution of their new duties. They have a lot of challenges ahead as they seek to build a diverse media environment that is a true reflection of all South Africans," said Zuma.

The statutory agency is tasked with enabling "historically disadvantaged communities and persons not adequately served by the media" to gain access to the media.

Manyi would serve on the board as a representative of the government communication and information system (GCIS). He would remain government spokesperson.

  • George - 2012-01-16 15:47

    Ok I give up this is the 5th time you have deleted my comments. Hope news24 gets worms

      George - 2012-01-16 17:16

      On this page too

  • Arthur - 2012-01-16 15:48

    That's the kiss of death for their careers! But who cares?

  • bafana.skosana - 2012-01-16 16:07

    Mr President, don't forget Malema pls, bring him on board.

      Newsreader - 2012-01-16 16:37

      Yes, I totally agree!!! Manyi needs a teaboy!

      Spyker - 2012-01-16 17:24

      Absolutely, the average IQ of the 'Agency' needs to be brought in line with every other governmental agency - viz = 50. Manyi, Nonqane and Mahapa alone will not be adequate. I.e. 50 x 6 = 300 and 2 x 140 = 280 - so then you need 4 x 5 to get the stats right. After all, everything the ANC does, has to meet the stats of their quotas...

  • Sharp - 2012-01-16 16:22

    Manyi = ANC propaganda puppet!

  • Gerhard - 2012-01-16 16:23

    "The statutory agency is tasked with enabling "historically disadvantaged communities and persons not adequately served by the media" to gain access to the media." Do they REALLY want ALL of their supporters to know what is going on? Oh wait, that is why we need to implement the POIB before we get this plan going.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-01-16 16:24

    This has nothing to do with the arms deal back hands and investigation. Pay me and I will shut up to.

  • Jay - 2012-01-16 16:28

    Dear JZ, Nice to have a Politically Correct Aligned YES MAN in this portfolio. After all it proves that the ANC totally run out of Talent Options. But then, who needs Talent as long as the incumbent is a BBEEE/AA stooge. For once, you needed to find a candidate WITHOUT CONTROVERSY, if you can. I REST MY CASE.

      Juan - 2012-01-16 18:37

      Is that not "over-concentration of coloureds" Myani?

  • frans.visserdsb - 2012-01-16 16:29

    yet another board with expensive salaries, aides, blue light brigades, all to do something which is so vague there are no deliverables to measure their performance... enabling "historically disadvantaged communities and persons not adequately served by the media" to gain access to the media.... Most of the historically disadvantaged battle to read... rather spend the millions (no doubt)which will be wasted on yet another stupid comittee on adult education and training...

  • Graham - 2012-01-16 16:52

    They just need some education, they don't need no thought control!

  • Jim - 2012-01-16 17:15

    This must be one of the most idiotic decisions that "our president" has made. Trying to fit a "round peg into9 a square hole" would be easier than justifying this decision. To quote Alan Paton "Cry the Beloved Country"

  • Craig - 2012-01-16 17:18

    Seems like the clown show is running short of clowns!!!!

      Juan - 2012-01-16 18:39

      Nope there's no shortage of clowns in the ANC

  • Piet - 2012-01-16 18:03

    Malema as Minister of ethics Mr Zuma.

  • Piet - 2012-01-16 18:05

    The blood of a Rhino poacher cures aids. Spread THAT message manyi

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-01-16 18:59

    Lyk my Zuma leer netnie. Weereens 'n aanstelling wat beslis pateties, immorrel en duidelik verkeerd is.

  • Phill - 2012-01-16 19:56

    I've a problem saying out Manyi's name because in my language it means something ummentionable. I hope he does not live up to this version. Anyway, Manyi has many heads, that is if he is the same man who headed both the business forum and the GCIS (pronounced G-sis!. We , in Zuma's word, wish him well.

      Mantsho - 2012-01-16 20:15

      Me too. l always ask myself what kind of a name is this, people should understand that Manyi means something very nasty, l dont think even people would like to know this, its not good at all, l believe that if Shower man run for the second term ANC is going to loose a lots of votes.

  • IrvinIco - 2012-01-17 01:25

    part of control over the media. Manyi is having a field day in Zuma`s good books.So powerfull he is and rich for sure.May be minister of propaganda in training

  • Eva - 2012-01-17 10:23

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