Mathale defends nationalisation call

2011-12-17 18:09

Polokwane - The ANC Youth League must not be condemned for demanding an equitable share in the wealth of the country, Limpopo's chair of the ANC, Cassel Mathale, said on Saturday. 

"Throughout it's nearly 100 years of existence, the movement has always been guided by the objective of people from political and economic bondage," Mathale told delegates at the province's 7th elective conference.

"The economy of this country is still dominant in the hands of the white minority."

Suspended league president Julius Malema, said to be a close ally to Mathale who will be battling against Deputy Arts and Culture Minister Joe Phaahla to retain his position, has been spearheading the call for nationalisation of the mines and land grabs.

This received a lot of criticism from the opposition parties and civil society movements representing farmers.

The government has consistently indicated that nationalisation was not government policy and that the matter was being investigated.

Mathale said after intense discussions in the last provincial general council they agreed with the youth league's stance on the issue.

National heritage

"We have always believed that the mineral wealth beneath our soil is the national heritage of our people. [They] must enjoy direct benefit of all mining proceeds." Mathale said the young lions were taking initiative as part of their work by reminding the movement of its historic obligations and resolutions.

"The youth league must not be condemned or called names for speaking the language of the ANC," he said.

Malema arrived at the University of Limpopo's Turfloop campus where the conference was held, accompanied a group of provincial league members who were singing and chanting slogans critical of President Jacob Zuma, who is also president of the ANC, on Saturday morning.

They also made it known through their chanting that they supported Mathale and party deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe who was sent by the ANC to address delegates instead of Zuma.

This was reportedly out of fear that Zuma would be embarrassed through booing by delegates loyal to Mathale, who were unhappy with his decision to place some of the province's department under administration.

  • Bob - 2011-12-17 18:20

    Of course we can read you ANC like a book....! You use the ANCYL to announce an idea to see the countries reaction...At the same time you deny your alignment to the idea. Then a little way down the line you suddenly come into favour with the idea as a realty..! Nationalise the Taxis please! You owe it to the population to provide state funded cheap transport and at the same time bring the taxi road curse of delinquent driving into line at the same time.

      Louis - 2011-12-18 08:49

      He is preparing to feather his nest

      Sharkshoot - 2011-12-18 12:12

      First they enrich themselves...then they call for nationalisation. Luckily there are still around 17% of the country that isn't thick enough to fall for the con.

      Airborne68 - 2011-12-19 10:45

      "Suspended league president Julius Malema, said to be a close ally to Mathale who will be battling against Deputy Arts and Culture Minister Joe Phaahla to retain his position" Ally for now, just ask Zuma.

  • dstar76 - 2011-12-17 18:34

    We can all see where the rot is... They want to get their hand on the money as they had syphoned the municipal coffers and need a new source to plunder..... thieves.

  • Shoe - 2011-12-17 18:36

    There are times when being not associated with the ANC, by any means, is huge source of pride. Lately, such times occur 60 times a minute, for 60 minutes/hour; over 24 hours each of the 7 days of the week.

      Moss - 2011-12-18 09:00

      Maybe you should leave politics to politicians! Find a hobby

  • An observer - 2011-12-17 18:39

    Sure.Why don't we all demand a share of the spoils, when we haven;t earned it. Let's keep an eye on the wealth that can be raped. Let's just steal it. Is this the message of the ANC? Looks like it. They are now making entitlement, the very thing that Mandela warned against, policy of the ANC.

  • mike.clery - 2011-12-17 18:41

    Mathale wants to keep his position at the trough - "Suspended league president Julius Malema, said to be a close ally to Mathale who will be battling against Deputy Arts and Culture Minister Joe Phaahla to retain his position..."

  • An observer - 2011-12-17 18:43

    "The economy of this country is still dominant in the hands of the white minority." So what are you going to do? Steal it?

  • Max - 2011-12-17 18:44

    You cannot create wealth by deviding it. Get it into your thick skull.

  • John - 2011-12-17 18:52

    How else can he protect his tender pay-backs??

  • An observer - 2011-12-17 18:57

    To give an example. The largest electricity producer in this country is Eskom. The largest carrier of goods is Transnet. The largest broadcaster is the SABC. The largest airline is SAA. I could go on and on. All of these are "owned" by the ANC. Have any of them achieved any notable excellence? No. They are largely bankrupt and disorganized. The mines have already been "nationalised". The mines don't own the mineral rights. They have to apply for the right to mine.The mines now owned by the government are going to spew out their lethal doses of cyanide and acid, because the ANC forgot that these have to be treated and pumped to avoid the kind of environmental disaster that is a few metres below our feet. The ANC are beginning to stir the same kind of loathing that I had for the Nationalist government, and that is sad. I am sure that many are beginning to feel the same way.

  • Dave - 2011-12-17 18:57

    Still think that wealth can be created from nothing? You can't redistribute wealth just as locusts can't distribute food. A society has to work, to become educated and learn how to create wealth. To pay tax to built infrastructure. This then this means that the whole nation needs to work and pay tax to create mutual wealth. There is no free ride.

  • PaasHaas - 2011-12-17 19:03

    So the Premier who see's nothing wrong with having interests in private companies and sees nothing wrong with those businesses getting government tenders, also sees nothing wrong with nationalisation. Will his companies be first on the list of government purchases at highly inflated prices?

  • MrGuyT - 2011-12-17 19:13

    Another idiot

  • Arthur - 2011-12-17 19:18

    WTF have you done to earn anything, you bums

  • Dave - 2011-12-17 19:25

    Maybe the redistribution evangelists have failed to observe that communism is nearly dead and Europe's experiment with socialism is nearing the end. Move on gentlemen and develop policies that actually do create wealth.

  • Pieter.AC - 2011-12-17 19:33

    @Mathale: If the youth wants to share in the wealth of this country then they should start working for it. No one gets something for nothing .... except maybe ANC?

      Ibhubesi - 2011-12-17 21:21

      @Sam. Your summary of the DA issues are a lot more complex than you have just stated here. THE ANC mayors are selling RDP houses to Pakistanis for R1500 a piece. Those houses were built for us and our people have been waiting 17 years for them. The service delivery issues you say the DA is going on about affects us all because the Councils are lining their own pockets and not using the tax money to provide the services people are paying for. Most municipalities owe Escom hundreds of Millions because they are stealing the money. Unless you are stealing or on the ANC Gravy Train, I don't know how you can say the ANC has brought you economic freedom. I had to wash white people's cars to get my education at university. The ANC didn't pay for my tuition fees or my accommodation. I squatted in an empty building in the CBD of JHB. Please tell me how the ANC made it possible for you to be able to be on this forum commenting when they have done nothing to help me get here? After university I asked a white man to teach me how to own a corporation like his and even if I had to start by washing cars in his basement, I would do that. Again the ANC had nothing to do with the position I hold today. I never was a BEE placement, because our corporation is based on business principals and not charity. How did the ANC free you? Please tell me.

      mike.clery - 2011-12-17 21:59

      @Sam - "...pikinini issues of sewerage mantanance and so forth...not service delivery of refuse bags removal". Sure, let's wait until thousands of babies die of dysentery, or wait for tens of thousands of people to die of cholera and typhoid. In fact, why bother with public health issues at all - we can all just throw our sewage and rubbish out into the street, like we did a thousand years ago, and live (and die) with the consequences.

      Ibhubesi - 2011-12-17 22:34

      @Sam. It is good to hear that your forefathers were so wealthy. My father left me and my mother when I was 3 and I never saw him again. He didn't have cattle and my grandfather didn't have cattle. So I can't share your sentiments on cattle being stolen from us. I know our land was stolen from us. But during the last 17 years nobody of the ANC has contacted me yet to tell me I'll be getting a farm or cattle that was stolen from my ancestors. In the mean time I had to get on with life. I wish more people would get on with life and stop wanting stuff that will make nobody rich. I want to be rich and I want sustainable wealth, not a shiny car.

      Michael - 2011-12-18 08:06

      Ibhubesi, it is so encouraging that we have people like you who go out to spew the truth that the ANC has done nothing to improve your chances of CREATING wealth. Just when I want to sign those emigration papers along comes hope for our country in your form, thank you.

      Garth - 2011-12-18 13:17

      @sbszulu - you know something, no one is saying that black people do not work hard, or are not capable of hard work, any of us whites that have worked on farms, or on reserves, or in mines, etc., can attest to the hard work that a black can deliver but, hard work or labour alone doth not a country build. Vision does. And without the imported vision of the white man added to his labour and to the imported labour(yes, they too were settlers)of your forefathers, there would not be a SA for the anc to steal from. Mere labour is a subsistence level existence which is all your forefathers were capable of prior to the arrival of the white man. Irrefutable. Labour guided by vision is the builder. And, a historical note here, your forefathers actually refused to provide labour to the building of this country(work is for whites and women, not warriors), so the visionary whites imported Indian and Chinese labourers. The Indians stayed in your homeland of KZN, because up until the early 1900s, the proud Zulus were still reluctant to assist in the building of their country. So when exactly did all this nation-building labour take place?

  • Lawrence - 2011-12-17 20:03

    A dying horse is dangers more especially the last kick ,its only a matter of a week that Mathale will be in the dustbin of History.The time to talk right and act left are over.

  • indianajohn - 2011-12-17 21:17

    I think it's pretty clear what the problem is here. The previously disadvantaged of this country obviously have a massively inflated idea of white lifestyle. The people in the leafy suburbs are not NEARLY as rich as the townships think. You see it in the rude attitude of a beggar who has been told that I don't have any money on me, when I genuinely don't. They think we have millions stashed under our mattresses and car seats. There is a LOT less money to go around than these people realise. Even if you divide the country's wealth equally among all its people, it would make NO difference. There is just not that much money, anywhere in the world. There is not enough money for ministers to drive luxury cars. There is not enough money to build everyone a house. There is not even enough money for me, an educated, white person, to go to a restaurant at any point on the last 3 months. The sooner they realise this, the better. You want to nationalize the mines? Fine. Enjoy your KFC meal. Cos that's about all everyone will get out of it. Listen carefully, ignorant, disconnected, violent members of ANCYL: The money you want does not exist. Get a job.

      Ibhubesi - 2011-12-17 21:47

      Let me tell you what is going on. All of this drivel being spewed about the white man's wealth, is nothing else but scraping the barrel to win the next election. Mugabe has shown us how to keep up a wealthy lifestyle, if you BS the masses. When you have nothing, you will believe anything in the hope to end your own misery. South Africa is a Lottery. Some win a ticket into the closed circle and the rest starve for another 4 years.

      Peter - 2011-12-17 22:43

      You can talk until you are blue in the face, these clowns know everything thats why they are what they are PATHETIC at everything that they do, just look back over the last 17 years nothing,, at least with the old government things worked, as wrong as they were things worked and most blacks were better off then, as desmond tutu said a couple of months ago, so wake up if you want to live a proper and successful life in south africa get rid of these ANC monsters otherwise we are all going to perish

      indianajohn - 2011-12-17 22:56

      Sam, sorry I really didn't mean it like that at all! I'm just saying that the majority of voters have a completely warped idea of how the "rich people" live. When I say leafy suburbs I'm not referring to the mansions in Constantia, I'm talking about plain old lower Mowbray. It's still pretty leafy :) As are many townships. Thing is, I think the masses focus on the Constantia lot, but they must realise that those people make up a truly, truly tiny percentage of the population. They are actually mostly irrelevant. If you took all their money and divided it up amongst the rest of us, we'd get next to nothing. Not that I would ever accept such a gift anyway. I didn't work for that, why should I get it? And there is the big attitude difference. Biggest problem: Education. You're right, these people don't know, how can they? It must look absolutely fabulous from the townships. We need to find a way of teaching them the truth. They need to know that R1000 is only worth R1000 if you can make it again next month. Otherwise it's worth nothing. Nill. Nada. There's a big difference between being rich and being wealthy. Wealth only comes from constant work, constant income, never relaxing. Riches though, they just disappear. Quite quickly. If you took everyone in SA's money and put it in a pot, and then divided it up equally among everyone, about 2% of the population will be poorer and the rest will be in exactly the same situation they were before, with maybe a KFC voucher.

      Mpho Ndlovu - 2011-12-18 10:43

      Get a job? Where, would u kindly give me dirfctions plse. As 4 the not enough money 4 every1, id rather we share whatever little there is rather than u take it all 4yourself n leave me to starve, n m sure u would feel the same if the situation was reversed, u wuldnt say hey mpho keep it all it is not enough 4 the two of us, rite?

      sbszulu - 2011-12-18 11:52

      Have you seen the financial statements of the mining houses compared to what Pravin Gordhan calls the national budget and where the majority of that money goes?

  • Mashudu - 2011-12-17 21:40

    mathale little knowledge is realistic nationalistion wont benefit south africans.

      Peter - 2011-12-17 22:46

      Only the malemas and sexwales of this country will gain from this nationalisation, it didnt work in zambia and they are a lot smarter than our lot of theiving politicans

      Colleen - 2011-12-18 09:34

      Mashudu, One only has to look at china to see what nationalization is all about, the people dont own a thing, because the goverment owns all the the mines and farms, the goverment gets the money and not the people who have slaved. And the people live in fear, bottom line is your life is not your own.

  • Geronimo - 2011-12-18 02:28

    Limpopo the problem child again!

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-18 04:42

    I see many fat black people that want to kill the farmer who grew the food that they happily guzzle down while chanting murderous slogans.

      Colleen - 2011-12-18 09:50

      Chopping down the tree that produces the fruit, is not uncommon in RSA. People dont think of tomorrow just of here and now and it's sad.

  • Cristina - 2011-12-18 06:30

    Not another one!!!..gosh do they multiple these idoits or what?!

  • comurray - 2011-12-18 08:49

    I was always under the impression that if you wanted something so badly you had to work for it, not just expect it to be dished up on a plate free of charge.

      Colleen - 2011-12-18 10:17

      That is what I was taught as well, but people dont need to work cause it gets given to them for free or they steal it. just depends who you are. Comurry- Hard work has not killed anyone that I know of maybe just tired. Why work if you can get it for free or steal it.

  • smathabe - 2011-12-18 11:17

    Nationalisation is a designed tool that purports to financially empower ANCYL and its allies and a new approach to have a financial muscle in our country's richest driver of economy. I would only support it if it looks at the poverty stricken population. Not using people's desperate conditions to further the tycoons business interest. Why only nationalisation when Tokyo has failed in a business sector and returned to politics as desperate measure. Tokyo and other business people must leave politics and may as well copy Cyril Ramaphosa's model. He is a businessman not directly involved in politics. If this doesnt happen we will be fed all stupid ideas like nationalisation.

  • rory.short1 - 2011-12-18 15:35

    Meeting customer needs is why any real business comes into existence in the first place. If it does not do that then there is no point in it existing. Thus any business's primary objective must be to serve its customers. If it loses sight of that objective it will soon be out of business, unless it is nationalised of course. Debates about and calls for nationalisation of businesses of any kind are pre-occupied with a secondary issue namely that of the ownership of the business. What happens as a result of this particular pre-occupation is that the primary objective of the business is lost sight of, its levels of customer service fade away, and the main reason for the business's continued existence becomes not customer service but the provision of paid positions for the employees. Instead of being a contributing asset to the community it becomes instead a drain on the community.

  • Mark - 2011-12-20 12:36

    Theft is easy to justify, if you clothe it in ANC colours - and then the ANC Leadership affirms it by it's affirming silence.

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