Mathale dismissal claims untrue - PTT

2013-06-24 17:43

Johannesburg - Reports that the ANC's provincial task team (PTT) in Limpopo has decided to fire Premier Cassel Mathale are untrue, it said on Monday.

"Those reports are absolutely untrue," PTT spokesperson Sello Lediga said.

"The task team has no authority to fire the premier. That decision lies with the president [Jacob Zuma]."

He said the task team had never discussed Mathale's future as it did not have the authority to decide on this.

On Monday, The Star newspaper reported that the PTT had decided to fire Mathale, and had asked Luthuli House for permission to implement the decision.

At a meeting last week, the task team reportedly also took a decision to recall three district mayors aligned with Mathale.

The newspaper made reference to unnamed sources who said a decision had been taken to recall Mopani district Mayor Joshua Matlou, Sekhukhune district Mayor Shoes Magabe, and Lawrence Mapoulo of the Capricorn District Municipality.

Lediga said this was also "completely untrue".

Disbanding ANCYL NEC

In March, the ANC took a decision to disband the ANCYL's national executive committee (NEC) and the Limpopo ANC provincial executive committee (PEC).

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe said the decision was taken at a three-day NEC meeting.

Later in March, Zuma said: "The [ANC] NEC collective decided to dissolve the NEC of the youth league precisely because of its continued ill-disciplined behaviour, which has brought the organisation into disrepute on numerous occasions.

"On the same measure, we further decided to dissolve the Limpopo PEC because of institutionalised factionalism, which is un-ANC [sic]."

  • Marhumbu Ya Vahlave - 2013-06-24 17:47


      Chamber Vibrator - 2013-06-24 19:24

      For posting stupid comment, you are next on my mission.

      ThandoGqabaza - 2013-06-24 19:27

      Empty Cassels make the most noise !!

      Timmy Thomas - 2013-06-24 20:47

      @Marhumbu ya Vahlave: Xana swi vula yini leswi mi nga vutisa laha henhla?

      Dlayani Tivani - 2013-06-24 21:55

      Mhlave hambi amilava ku hlamusela yini hi Question Mark leyi (?)?

  • Lerato Mako - 2013-06-24 17:50

    keep on disbandin,agang will help you to build,

  • Lolo Mogale - 2013-06-24 17:53

    Mathale says The zanc ntt want to dismiss him the limpopo premier but the ptt says dats untrue but I don't see what significant is mathale do as a primier they must just recall him including joshua matlou as mopani executive mayor those guys are useless both of them

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-06-24 18:30

      You say only the President can do it, then it is true. He will not be blamed, because he is sneaky and will not do it direct, so rumors like this with Zuma is true.

  • Frans Rabalao - 2013-06-24 17:56

    U r gud in corruption meaning u r gud to b in the ANC Mr C Mathale bt jc becoze u r not a zulu u will b axed soon no dought .

  • Mahlatse Patience - 2013-06-24 17:57

    Political terms won't help Limpopo government with anything,the Limp government is bankrupt because of Mathale,pupil's experience bad education at schools,Giyani theres various places where there's no water and electricity at all,but u stil afraid to recall mathale,argh no man.

  • Kalahari Kgalagadi Safaris - 2013-06-24 18:00

    The anc are dishonest always say one thing but they do the other. Why always lying? Why is the truth the enemy of the anc? Are they scared of what? Truth shall set you free!

  • Payricia Bull - 2013-06-24 18:00

    DMTT .... Disaster Management Task Team

  • proudlysa - 2013-06-24 18:15

    Disband the ANC in total, and lets rebuild a corrupt-free SA where all of us will work hard together with all South Africans. We don't need these clowns to steal and waste our hard earned money. DA and Agang must govern in coalition

      Mfaniseni Thusi - 2013-06-24 18:40

      Write something realistic? Working together does not begin in the political parties it starts with you. Racism and disrespect on this platform shows no signs of working together.

  • Thanduxolo Galada - 2013-06-24 18:38

    Who gives a FAQ?!

  • Prinscor Holdings - 2013-06-24 18:46

    ANC is Corrupt

  • proudlysa - 2013-06-24 18:52

    Mfaniseni, please tell me what about my comment is racist or disrespectful? The ANC stealing from their own (poor) people is a reality. They are destroying this country! I don't care if the President is pink, black, yellow or white. We can make SA work!!!

  • Victor Tshikovhele - 2013-06-24 18:53

    Zuma is the one who brought ANC into disrepute.Lol.Tyrant shenanigan,Tired of this this tribalist Pres.A divider.

  • Jo van Salcedo-Loza - 2013-06-24 19:14

    ....IFFF it is true, that would mean that he (Castle Mathale) has some ace(s) in the sleeve, which Zupta and SAHARA-Mantashe are not happy to have it revealed.......otherwise. it confirms again that ANC has uncontrolled sphincters...........

  • Zakes Seema - 2013-06-24 19:14

    Lol it's too late to restructure yourselves the so called ANC, my advice to you starting from Zuma to Mantashe just resign and go enjoy what you have looted from us.

  • Edward Radingoana - 2013-06-24 19:22

    Too much damage has been done and anyone who could be taking the leadership of Limpopo Province has got a huge job ahead for damage control.

  • Phillip Marchant - 2013-06-24 20:27

    No, no, NO! This straining beanbag has far too much dodgy stitching, and we can't have beans spilling all over the place now, can we? Maybe after 2014 yes, when the whole country is up to it's eyeballs in beans, as nationwide the stenographer's go on strike for shorter working hours...

  • James Pule Thobela - 2013-06-25 08:13

    Dlayani TIVANI I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

  • Fanta Nthabiseng - 2013-07-15 12:27

    voetsek mane,this country is not a one mans show

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