Mayors: We want our blue lights!

2012-09-16 21:15

Durban - The Zululand District Municipality says it is prepared to go to the country’s highest court to force the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government to allow mayors their blue-light convoys – or to stop everyone in the province from using them.

This comes after Zululand’s councillors, under mayor and National Freedom Party leader Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, resolved to “engage” KwaZulu-Natal Co-operative Governance MEC Nomusa Dube to change a directive she issued to mayors last month outlawing their use of blue lights.

Since then, provincial traffic officers have stopped several mayors’ convoys for using blue lights, sparking at least one standoff between bodyguards and the traffic officers who pulled them over.

Zululand Speaker Mpiyakhe Hlatshwayo said the council took the resolution as it believed the MEC was acting unconstitutionally by implementing a directive that targeted one, and not all three, spheres of government.

“If mayors cannot, as the MEC says, use blue lights because of the danger this poses to the public, then obviously the same should apply to all spheres of government.

"The reality is that the bulk of the incidents involving men with blue lights on our roads have involved the convoys of leaders of our provincial government, not those of mayors,’’ he said.

The directive, which states that only SAPS members, and not traffic officers, can use blue lights when transporting VIPs, violates the Constitution, Hlatshwayo said.

Danger to public

Bodyguards and drivers of national and provincial ministers, MPs and MPLs, are SAPS officers while those who transport mayors are traffic officers.

“We understand that the men with blue lights do pose a danger to the public. We believe this directive is about local government being made a whipping boy and being sacrificed by provincial and national government.

“If one poses a danger, all pose a danger,’’ he said.

Hlatshwayo said Zululand’s municipal manager wrote to Dube and the SA Local Government Association asking for talks about “levelling the blue light playing field”.

Dube’s spokesperson, Lennox Mabaso, said: “The MEC merely communicated to local government the content of the law and the conditions under which blue lights can and cannot be used.

“Her community safety counterpart communicated the same to all protectors in the province. The law is the law
and has to be applied.”

Mabaso said Zululand was “welcome’’ to lobby for legislative changes on the use of blue lights.

“People can either abide by the law or break it and face the consequences,’’ he said.

  • keith.recore - 2012-09-16 10:52

    yep, priorities, got to have blue lights. what about roads, schools, hospitals, housing, water, teachers, qualified workers, proper tenders? but yep, got to have blue lights.

      max.reynecke - 2012-09-16 21:34

      It only shows that they need the blue lights to distinguish them from the common garden variety....because believe you me, nothing ells does!

      david.coetzee.77 - 2012-09-16 22:03

      How childish are these people? Is that how leaders are to act?

      carl.lutzer.3 - 2012-09-16 22:08

      Nomusa Dube - the only one with brains .....

      Desilusionada - 2012-09-16 22:33

      Taxpayers pay their salaries. They are public servants. So obviously they have more rights than ordinary citizens, hence the blue lights required. And if you do not believe it, ask the failure that explained it all in parliament. About democracy and how we do not understand it. The sheer arrogance and self grandeur that leads a person to consider him or herself above others to such an extent is despicable. And when they go to bed at night not a twinge of remorse or guilt at the way they are suppressing and abusing their voters. Who are too stupid to understand otherwise anyway...............

      fred.murgatroyd - 2012-09-16 22:44

      Right .... the more useless they are, the more they demand. These in particular, do nothing other than make themselves look important. Once outstanding municipalities, now dirty, scruffy and decaying. Funny, isn't that the general picture of everywhere that is run by the anc.

      kyle.atcheson.10 - 2012-09-16 23:01

      When would a mayor ever even need blue lights or bodyguards? Seriously, they're small time players.

      tw2066 - 2012-09-17 05:29

      Its that new elite lifestyle thing - Shop at Woolies, got to have a Merc or Beemer (with driver), need those shoes, hair MUST either have extensions or look like a neat ploughed field, and lets not forget the bodygaurds and cavalcades..... Small things amuse small minds as they say.....

      Mark - 2012-09-17 07:15

      It's an African Banana Republic thing. They have to pretend that they are so important while scoffing public funds.

      gungets.tuft - 2012-09-17 07:16

      I think this is brilliant. Finally we get to test the legality, in the Supreme Court, of blue lights for people who oversleep or are too useless to manage their time. We will forget for a moment the category of power hungry morons who care more about their image than their service mandate - that will be beyond the intellectual capacity of the target group.

      susan.paul.330 - 2012-09-17 10:11

      OH shut up, isn't there more improtant issues to worry about?? clearly not..

      travis.vermaak - 2012-09-17 10:21

      I doubt there are any road users that would back the Mayors in their demands!!

  • mthetheleli.ntshobololo.1 - 2012-09-16 12:37

    Stupid mayors instead of doing what they are paid for, now they are going to waist money & time on this rubbish.

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-09-16 21:37

      Next it will be the councillors who want blue lights.

      wesley.nel.5 - 2012-09-17 05:04

      She must just do her work, she can put a blue light on her bed

      jack.trend.3 - 2012-09-17 07:09

      Why doesn't the mayor wake up a little earlier like the rest of us? If traffic congestion is an issue, fix the traffic congestion.

      bless.boswell - 2012-09-17 09:03

      Oh Wesley you are funny!!

      mark.singh.9889 - 2012-09-17 12:06

      @Ntshobs, what do they actually get paid for??

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-09-17 13:44

      Port Elizabeth has the most expensive mayor in the country according to a popular magazine out this month and yet when council meetings are held regarding vital issues there are not enough ANC councillors to form a quorum so the meeting have to be rescheduled again and again. This is because an ex mayor and the current mayor are busy fighting each other over who should be the mayor.

  • mboma.maligana - 2012-09-16 14:31

    this is what we used to resent with the apartheid government. It is unthinkable that at this day and age "freedom fighters" will be fighting for blue lights. These people are animals, and perhaps where not even there when some of us died for freedom not blue lights. God have messy on these fools.

      sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-09-16 22:03

      I can just imagine them: Balled fists, eyes squeezed shut, stomping their feet - aren't they just acting like spoilt 2 year olds?? BAN THE BLUE LIGHTS!!!! Nobody is that important that they need these bullies to protect them!

      warren.slater.353 - 2012-09-16 22:21

      "this is what we used to resent with the apartheid government"...I never saw blue-lights used by anyone but police pre-1994, and certainly not councilors.

      theo.schoeman.71 - 2012-09-17 01:18

      @Gollum - you are absolutely right, pre 1994 blue light brigades never existed. And interesting enought blue light brigades alao dont exist in 1st worls coutries xcept the presidents like the USA. All Arican countries just love it, pathetic - must give them some sense of feeling important

      Klaus - 2012-09-17 07:21

      @theo, if no-one loves you or respects you, except the @ss lickers and brown nosers around you, you loose touch with reality - outcome see above!

      Klaus - 2012-09-17 07:24

      @theo, as an aside - as someone famously said "I didn't join the struggle to remain poor" i.e. F@kkkk the poor, and the loving it ? - 2012-09-17 16:21

      Agreed although even the apartheid government didn't use blue lights much. The President...maybe but Ministers etc. did not. Of course to be fair not all ANC ministers do it either. I have seen Trevor Manuel driving himself or being driven by his partner I think some leaders see it as a status symbol and a perk. Fair play if Mr Zuma needs it. It can stop there.

  • shaheen.moolla - 2012-09-16 14:55

    What is mond-boggling is that they say “We understand that the men with blue lights do pose a danger to the public." So, essentially screw the public. We'll kill them but we want our BLUE LIGHTS! Not even a 3yr old can stitch together such flawed logic. I am glad I live in a civil province led by civil civil servants and not just another ANC Banana back-yard. Soon we hope to completely outlaw these blue-light thugs from National Government - Our premier rides a bicycle. It may be blue.

      wesley.nel.5 - 2012-09-17 05:06

      For the ANC status = the ammount of blue lights on your vehcile

  • Martin522 - 2012-09-16 21:30

    The use of blue lights is the least of the worries. What about NOT killing fellow road users because these people think that they are important? Then there is ALL the thousands other more pressing matters. Now I wonder, if these people see blue lights as the BIG problem, how can they govern a municipality?

  • matt.cumming.77 - 2012-09-16 21:34

    What is it with the ANC and blue light convoys...are these idiots that insecure that even some Mayor with a Std 2 must make others think he is that important? No to blue lights! Skype, plan yr day and sit in the traffic!

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-09-16 21:43

      Never ever underestimate the ego of an African politician, no matter how insignificant he/she is.

      nicolaas.baker - 2012-09-16 23:28

      @Matt, better yet, wh does hese idiots not just take taxi's for where they want to be? I mean they were basically brought up with taxi's, they cancelled these death drivers fines, and on top of it, these taxi drivers can only be issued fines by their tribes and in their language. If they viw these taxi drivers so important, then their death boxes should be good enough to transport these useless councillors and idiots called mayors?

  • keith.gough - 2012-09-16 21:34

    Even the old regime were not part of the blue light brigade, and in hindsight they were more of a target than any of our "luminaries" could ever be, unless their constituents start to get aggrieved with the absence of service delivery.

  • manamela.sebodu - 2012-09-16 21:35

    they now wana wazte money though legal proceedingz 4uzelezz blue lightz,instead they shuld be uzing dae moola 4something more importand

      crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-16 21:46

      Like your education.

      carl.lutzer.3 - 2012-09-16 22:06

      Ccracker, you cracked me up....... well said

      william.nigh.5 - 2012-09-17 07:31

      @ CCraccker why don't you write us a sentence in Zulu, or Xhosa? Oh you can't? Please don't be so quick to deride others when they can speak your language but you can't speak theirs!

      daan.vandenberg.773 - 2012-09-17 08:57

      Should read "ejucacion"

  • sagren.padayachie - 2012-09-16 21:39


  • peter.mansfield.395 - 2012-09-16 21:39

    Ban blue lights. FULL STOP. This will ensure they are not abused by politicians or criminals.

      elspeth.hassall - 2012-09-16 21:54

      Imagine the mayor of Ixopo running around in a car with blue lights...LOL!

      sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-09-16 22:13

      Cheaper option: A hat with a blue light strapped to it. And us taxpayers won't even charge them for it!!

      maria.roth.589 - 2012-09-16 23:45

      What is the difference Peter?

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-09-16 21:42

    Its a good thing self importance aint a serious disease otherwhise the ANC leaders and their appointees would all be terminally ill by now.

      sheik.mohammad.378 - 2012-09-16 22:38

      Doesn't stupidity count as terminal?

      daan.vandenberg.773 - 2012-09-17 08:59

      Aint that "unfortunate"?

  • henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-09-16 21:42

    The leedas must leed. Not serve. We can only leed with a blue light. We have to be more important the the other animals in this farm. Viva!! Status viva!!

  • henk.tredoux.7 - 2012-09-16 21:51

    We want, we want!!! Guess what!! We also your job and plan your time better, between KFC parties and " free T-shirts for all rallies"! The road belongs to all of us! What makes you so special? Morons!!

  • PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-09-16 21:52

    What on earth would a mayor need blue lights for in the first instance? Boggles the mind. Really does.

      Gatvol Griet - 2012-09-16 22:34

      What a stupid question. They need blue lights to look important since they contribute nothing else of value!

      sheik.mohammad.378 - 2012-09-16 22:45

      Blue lights are needed so the the voting masses can see who are at the head of the gravy train.

  • stephen.king.900 - 2012-09-16 21:56

    Bloody idiots. No blue light brigade, no escort, drive yourself like normal people. You are all a bunch of useless fools whose only expertise is to waste tax payers money.

      joanne.pestana - 2012-09-16 22:56

      can't.... those other nine cars with 4 body guards in it is called job creation!

  • Jason - 2012-09-16 21:58

    Excellent move MEC. Hopefully others will follow and hopefully it expands beyond mayors. Time to stamp out the perceived self-importance and end the reckless driving.

  • gavin.simpson.0 - 2012-09-16 21:59

    This is a disgrace. What else can one say?

  • deicide - 2012-09-16 22:01

    if you are late for your meeting mr/mrs mayor then do what the rest of us do,LEAVE EARLIER!!!

  • Cameron - 2012-09-16 22:05


  • archibald.homwe - 2012-09-16 22:06

    You are all missing the point...the majors are saying they should be no selective application of directives..if it applies to majors the it should apply to MECs too because at the end of the day blue lights are blue lights thats what they are saying....they are not demanding blue lights back...learn to read between the lines.

      gavin.simpson.0 - 2012-09-16 22:20

      No bud, they are like a bunch of spoiled children with zero discipline. And these are this countries alleged leaders?

      vaughan.lund - 2012-09-17 08:33

      @Archibald, it's pretty simple. If I can't have my blue light, no one can!! Bunch of spoilt brats.

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-16 22:06

    EQUALITY and equal privileges before the law! The very reason why certain individuals are let off the hook is because the law is not quite able to reach those individuals further up the ladder who have managed those (temporary) extra step or two to stay ahead. The so-called enforcers of the legal system are to blame. Their day of reckoning will come. We ALL in this country know the truth. The truth and its eventual application will not disappear. Not for those currently inside OR outside the ANC. Frankly, the outside ANC's might as well start running straight away. They have no official security protection and the masses are very UNSTABLE right now. Blue lights and status a serious problem worthy of serious attention at this stage? Don't think so except for the irritation it is likely to create at the level of the lower ranked pigs at the lower based troughs. Just a status issue among the current elite. Never mind, the plebs (some clearly VERY upset) are also now demanding something of that specialness the ANC and other bigwig politicians have regarded exclusively as their entitlements, never mind their (practical) uselessness in the areas they are supposed to REALLY matter.

  • frans.verloop - 2012-09-16 22:07

    It is very cruel to take away their status symbols. So now they throw their toys out of the cot.

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-09-16 22:07

    Oh yeah, why not let everyone have blue lights then. How special will you feel then?

  • arne.verhoef - 2012-09-16 22:08

    Spoilt little rich brats, not public servants

  • whites.mustunite - 2012-09-16 22:10

    We demand freedom from self serving unqualified corrupt useless ANC cadre \leaders\ in our lifetime.

      arend.weideman - 2012-09-17 15:40

      ZDM .... NFP led District Municipality

  • henk.tredoux.7 - 2012-09-16 22:10

    They are a danger to the public without blue lights too!!!

  • Gatvol Griet - 2012-09-16 22:26

    Yeah, stop this blue light crap altogether! They are not the bloody president or pope, but all act like celebs, so typical of this banana republic, at least Malema gott that right

      bless.boswell - 2012-09-17 09:10

      Why should the president have a blue light? He's not doing his job. He's just spending money and opening his mouth to change feet.

  • jacques.stander - 2012-09-16 22:27

    Blue light are for police emergencies......period!!!! Not very transporting your big ass around !!!

      blou.johnny - 2012-09-16 22:38

      ...because those big asses are always late... ....For everything... ..... they have zero responsibility... .....fools...

  • robert.doyle.712 - 2012-09-16 22:30

    At the end of the day they will all starve including Juju. Let them carry on. Amandla lol.

  • brendon.nel.7 - 2012-09-16 22:34

    Aaaaaaah!!!!! Does the big fat baby want a blue light??? Catch a wake up krans bok. U DON'T NEED ONE!!!!!

  • Erna - 2012-09-16 22:35

    They're like little children! I want, I want - and if I can't have it, neither can he! *crying*

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-16 22:40

    They can light a paraffin stove - it also has a blue light.

      jacques.stander - 2012-09-17 07:35


  • keith.ngobeni - 2012-09-16 22:58

    In 10 years time south Africa will be a former shadow of itself,politicians still fighting for pity things such as blue lights hence millions of people are sleeping in shacks and some don't even see the morning of the next day because their shacks caught fire hence they were asleep.

  • kent.harding.9 - 2012-09-16 23:01

    At least we knw that goverment is onto of this very important issue, nd wen they hav fixd it we can move on 2 those easy 2 solve non critical problems like education and crime nd the econmy, nd so on.

  • ftakalani - 2012-09-16 23:19

    Y is it like blue lights hav smthng too special tht mayors at th KZN cnt live wtht? U should be complaining abt srs issues instead of toking nonsense. U hav fancy, fast and comfortable cars tht get u evrywhr in time so u cant say tht every1 should stop using blue lights too.

  • byron.jay.37 - 2012-09-16 23:36

    “People can either abide by the law or break it and face the consequences"...hmmm, that's unfortunate to the victim; Consequence happens after#YouKnow

  • maria.roth.589 - 2012-09-16 23:40

    I wonder why they need blue lights better people have done without them up until now. It doesn't make them more respected just more contemptible because of their bad manners and bad driving. This bunch really believe they are above the law. Had to climb a pavement to avoid one of these blue light cars who objected to a slight backlog of two cars at a traffic circle started his blue light and swung into my path a car distance away the xxxx nearly killed me.

  • rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-09-17 00:38

    Funny that, prior to '94 no mayor ever had blue lights, most politicians never had blue lights, that was reserved for the prime minister/president. The ANC cadres have a huge self importance gene in their DNA.

  • david.eccles.182 - 2012-09-17 00:44

    I cant have one cos im white and i know how to DRIVE!!!

  • Vince.York - 2012-09-17 01:29

    all well spoken in the new official language "uguh uguh uguh UUUUG"

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-09-17 01:40

    Fiddling while Rome is burning. Prats!

  • akaRags - 2012-09-17 01:43

    We want, we want and we want more.....maybe if the mayor of Maritzburg would clean up this city I live in, and make it something to be REALLY proud of, instead of a dreary littered rubbish dump, I might be more sympathetic. You are not in your lofty positions for yourselves, you are there to serve the people - earn your keep and you might get more respect. Wonder if Boris Johnson has e blue lights on his bicycle?

  • blip.noodlum - 2012-09-17 02:44

    Stop everyone from having these dumb blue-light convoys. Nobody needs them.

  • peter.fraser.92754 - 2012-09-17 04:57

    I was the Mayor of a town in KZN for many years before 1994. The Mayor is a ceremonial dude with a lekka robe a heavy chain. Kiss babies and slap aunties in the behinds. the Mayor spread the news,,thats it...and must make sure that he/she is on time to deliver it. Lets call them chairman of the board (these days with a heck of a pay) the councillors makes the decisions>dont come with that clap that they need to speed.

  • danie.smit.587 - 2012-09-17 05:15

    What is the difference Why did thee WC ban blue lights for all province o, /KN only for municipal? Was it apartheid's fault that black people feel so inferior that they need blue lights to repair their self confidence? Is it a cultural trait that black people need blue lights , mercs and bling to feel confident?

  • chhpurdy - 2012-09-17 05:19

    Go to the highest court in the land. Yes of course, and who will be paying for this Bull....?

  • ingramj - 2012-09-17 05:52

    If anyone wants proof that the country has become a banana republic then here it is. Slackers!!!

  • dehlia.fredericks - 2012-09-17 06:09

    omw! the country is in shambles, nd u worried about blue lights.....just show u, small minds amuses small things! get real plse!

  • steven.m.armour - 2012-09-17 06:26

    I also want a blue light,no perhaps a red one.Thinking about it a blue one will do me fine thanks.Please send it priority post.Thanks.

  • clinton.bowden1 - 2012-09-17 06:33

    Taxpayers : We want Service Delivery and Value for our Taxes !!