Mbalula: Leaders must be politically mature

2012-02-23 12:37

Johannesburg - The leaders of the ANC should be chosen based on political maturity, ANC executive committee member Fikile Mbalula said on Thursday.

The debate around the 'generational mix' should also not be understood solely on the basis of a candidate's age, Mbalula wrote in a column published in The Sowetan newspaper.

"... [W]hen the leadership of each generation takes over, it should be based on having achieved high levels of political maturity and intellectual zest arising from long years of service in the various structures of the movement."

Writing in his personal capacity, Mbalula said that over and above this, the African National Congress leadership should be appointed against a backdrop of the challenges facing the party.

These included adequately addressing poverty, unemployment, education and health.

‘New chapter for the ANC’

He said ANC elders needed to be praised for their contribution to the struggle, which had led to the healing years.

"But now that the healing period should be considered to have been given its chance, one can argue that we have to open a new chapter in the new century of the ANC that the period will be defined by radical transformation."

Leadership was also a dynamic concept that should be debated only at congress level, such as at the Mangaung elective conference later this year.

"The question has to be asked whether in their current form the structures of the ANC allow for smooth changes in leadership."

Mbalula said the generational mix issue had been manipulated by some to advance their own agenda.
"The reality is that even the comrades who deny the validity of the principle of generational mix are themselves beneficiaries of it.

"A mature response... should be one that sets aside the names that have been presented and looks at the merit... as a genuine attempt to use principles for electing the leaders at the next congress.

"We should not devour principle because of political expediency," said Mbalula.

ANCYL wants Zuma replaced

ANC branches start nominating candidates for all the party's national executive committee positions in October.

Mbalula, who is sports minister, is the ANC Youth League's favourite to replace Gwede Mantashe as ANC secretary general.

The ANCYL has made it clear that it also wants President Jacob Zuma replaced with Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Mbalula said the fact that traditionally outgoing leaders were replaced by their second in command might not be healthy for the party.

"Should it always follow that because you are deputy president you automatically qualify as a candidate for president?

"Should the organisation not be smart enough and act in ways that remove these obvious expectations?" Mbalula asked.

  • Josh - 2012-02-23 12:44

    The guy can't help SA to kick a soccer ball straight and he wants to advise the rest of the country.. lol

      Lungani - 2012-02-23 13:25

      @Josh...Don't forget that the most dangerous guys are Mbalula, Sexwale & Phosa. They are extremely dangerous to play with politically.

      Nigel - 2012-02-23 13:54

      Lungani, you are right, what most guys here don't know is that Mbalula is Malemas main co-conspirator, Mbalula is the one that got Malema elected as the President of the YL in the 1st place, the other dangerous co-conspirators are Sexwale, Phosa & Winnie Mandela, the 5 of them are the gang that are plotting to take over the ANC while pretending to be for the poor.

      Bob - 2012-02-23 14:16

      You want politically mature leaders, easy, vote the DA into power.

      msendi - 2012-02-23 14:53

      The guy is talking about ANC as an organisation this time. Not his position as a Minister of Sports or MP. There is a different between a coach and Sports Minister so it is not his position to teach players how to kick a soccer ball…

      John - 2012-02-23 18:11

      Thank you People, Thank you !!! I told you that this circus is going around and now I see we all share the same opinion. In next article Fikile Mbalula will expose his vision on Agricultural Biotechnology trends in North West Province.

      Abram - 2012-02-24 15:24

      DA will never rule south Africa,

  • Willie - 2012-02-23 12:46

    Very few of you see this in the ANC,there are some members who suffer from entitlement mentality.The movement should be taken to a higher level of been a political party that is moving away from been in the trenches( the transition should be manages carefully)

  • Mashudu - 2012-02-23 12:50

    This applies to Malema, He's not Politically mature.

      Penny-wise - 2012-02-23 13:47

      HAHA, exactly. The ANC are sending little undisciplined juju boy messages. LOUD AND CLEAR !!!

  • mabandla.magoqwana - 2012-02-23 12:50

    Is Malema politically mature/immature Minister?

      Penny-wise - 2012-02-23 13:48

      IMMATURE. Like all of his followers.

  • Stephen - 2012-02-23 12:55

    Surely your deputy president is the next best candidate for president (when the current president's term ends or is unable to continue his duties). Mbeki was Mandela's deputy, Zuma was Mbeki's deputy etc. Motlanthe already has the advantage of having being stand-in president for a short while, and is a good candidate (especially considering the other alternatives). Maybe this is just Mbalula's way of hinting that he wants the top job? Won't that make the ANCYL so proud...

  • Brett - 2012-02-23 12:58

    Actually they should be chosen based upon their ability to do a job. Stop seeing yourselves as leaders and more as public servants. But I suppose the concept of public servant (government official being paid a salary by the public) does not sit well with the tribal mentality does it?

  • Never-apologize - 2012-02-23 13:00

    The healing period has been given more than enough a chance, it is indeed time for "RADICAL Transformation" that I fully agree with, we should stop to be apologetic we are running this Country for heavens sake.

      Brett - 2012-02-23 13:15

      Yes. Running it into the ground.

  • Herman - 2012-02-23 13:07

    anc = Epic Fail They couldn't even manage their own tea club without robbing it blind, what did the people expect when they were given a wealthy country?

  • ericsdoms - 2012-02-23 13:14

    I think what Fikile is saying is very true & correct. However, this is contains all talk & no substance. He is also a big supporter of Juju which makes him dangerous in my book…….

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-02-23 13:22

    I reckon Hitler was politically mature. I would rather have our leaders intellectually mature. And a-political.

      Penny-wise - 2012-02-23 13:49

      Hitler was a radicle madman who liked teenage girls. His military advisers no doubt had influence in many of his decisions. I'd hardly call Hitler, 'politically mature'.

      Heiku - 2012-02-23 15:24

      I feel a very strong urge to defend Hitler here, but I wont. Because it's impossible.

  • Nigel - 2012-02-23 13:24

    What the hell do you know about political are the fool that chose Malema for president of the YL. Rather just shut up, you are a nobody.

      Mzwamadoda - 2012-03-21 06:56

      Watch ur language, we want lo learn something here, vulgarism and or rasism will take us nowhere. We're all human, but we shall learn to controll and limit our comments to "Matured Conversations"

      Aya - 2012-04-11 15:16

      Nigel all you need is to grow up. you really didnt have to call some1 a nobody.

  • Morama - 2012-02-23 13:30

    There we are,i so wish that all the current leadership of the anc can be replaced.maybe there would be progress in building this country unlike Montlanthe neither Mantashe being in charge because they are still going to continue with the current crap system where in their opinion believes that are still in struggle while that $hit has passed 18 years back!!!

  • Muzy - 2012-02-23 14:08

    I think two of the Ministers from ANYL are the clear example of the generation mix you are talking about Mbalula, those are Mbalula and Gigaba, but not to stand behind ill displined comrades for your own benefits.

      Penny-wise - 2012-02-23 14:22

      Well said Muzy !!!

  • nkosiab - 2012-02-23 14:36

    this forum is politically and racially influenced!!!!!!!!! No facts but favours>>>>>>>>

  • Lefa - 2012-02-23 14:40

    Mbalula is saying sum of this people are old & therefore their ability to think is rust. Hence generational mix which has new ideas to take this country forward with best current principles!

  • magomarele - 2012-02-23 14:43

    What about those who cheat on their wives with street harlots, make them pregnant and convince them to abort, can we call them politically mature?

      msendi - 2012-02-23 14:57

      He without sin shall cast the first stone So y’all check in the mirror, double check your appearance… Rick Ross

      Heiku - 2012-02-23 15:26

      msendi: That's retarded.

  • appietrader - 2012-02-23 14:47

    How about having at least graduated from a university with a degree and worked for a living. a Person that were never being guilty of stealing money and want to serve the people as career. Think you'll hardly find this kind of person in the ANC. These lot only want to enrich themselves in the shortest period of time!!

  • Lefa - 2012-02-23 14:48

    The 100 yrs was for political struggle & we have passed it. The relevance tosay is economic struggle hence we speak about general mix to current issues such as tenderpreneurs, unemployement, wealth disparities etc. Hence new minds will bring great ideas which are relevant to us!

  • Francis - 2012-02-23 15:01

    Politically mature means you can fornicate anywhere, anytime and doesn't matter who you get pregnant! What a bunch of no hopers and greedy pigs! We need a Jerry Rawlings to chuck them all out and start kicking butt, shape up of ship out!!

  • Ntuthuko - 2012-02-23 19:33

    Thank you some one who I can associate with. Yes I agree with Comrade Mbalula. it a similar question I have asked my councilour. I like contributing to the ANC but some of the actions by the young commrades gets me worried. For an example I have never carried or used a gun and therefore should I pass on, is it necessary that gun shot should be fired getting all who are in attendence intimidated?? therefore is really necessary for the ANC to always conclude that the 2nd in charge is automatically going to be the Pres. similarly I am sure if some young academics can join the ANCYL will be sidelined because they are coming with objectivity not self enrichment. Hey wena africa Vuka time is passing you by!!!

  • bernpm - 2012-02-23 22:29

    ....."ANCYL wants Zuma replaced........." So do most of us.

  • Simphiwe - 2012-02-24 13:55

    Political maturity, would not even rank among my top five of qualities of leadership...whatever the term means.

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