Mbeki to attend opening of Parliament

2011-02-07 12:07

Cape Town - Former president Thabo Mbeki will be joined at President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address on Thursday by former speaker Frene Ginwala and former deputy president Baleka Mbete, Parliament said on Monday.

Also in the public gallery will be former chief justices Pius Langa and Arthur Chaskalson, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and the speaker of the Zimbabwean parliament, Lovemore Moyo.

Mbeki missed Zuma's first two State of the Nation speeches, and Zuma in turn omitted all mention of his successor in his annual address to the nation.


Commentators have said Mbeki's presence showed he did not want his legacy ignored. The presidency however dismissed all speculation, saying it was merely logistics that caused him to miss the earlier two State of the Nation speeches.

Speaker Max Sisulu said Zuma's speech would for the second year be held at 19:00 because surveys had shown that the time change "was well received by the general public".

The aim of holding the opening in the evening was to enable as many people as possible to follow the event on television.

The government communication service was setting up big screens in all major cities to enable those who did not have televisions to watch the president's address.

The new timeslot caused traffic chaos in Cape Town last year, and Parliament said it would do "all necessary" to prevent motorists suffering the same problem on Thursday.

  • George - 2011-02-07 13:25

    After Mbeki wanted to be president of the ANC forever, he formed COPE and dissapeared into political wilderness. Today, when he realises that his pet project ( Cope ) failed he comes back crawling into the limelight as it is cold out there. he tried to frame Zuma and lost.

      daaivark - 2011-02-07 14:35

      Mbeki formed COPE? Say WHAT!!

      IandI - 2011-02-07 14:38

      Can Mbeki help Zuma prepare a decent speech , at least? Dang. JZ is gonna aput us all to slep again!!

  • Vusi - 2011-02-07 13:50

    This is a highly misleading story. Mbeki attended Zuma's maiden state of the nation address in 2009.

  • Madelane - 2011-02-07 14:10

    If Zuma was honest the State of Nation address would be the shortest in history...."I apologise on behalf of myself and the ANC for the destruction of the infra-structure in South Africa and bringing the country to edge of collapse so I hereby tender my and my parties resignation."

      Mnumzane - 2011-02-07 14:17

      Unfortunately Madelane u were not at Polokwane when we asked Zuma to lead us. Its unfortunate therefore you can call for his resignation. Better ask those u voted to resign. - 2011-02-07 15:13

      @Mnumzane did you really ask Zuma to lead you? Wow you must be very very stupid.

  • mdu - 2011-02-07 14:19

    I have always have faith in the capacity and also the commitement and the role that the former president has played.He has commited his 52 years of his life to leave,breath and eat the ANC and he is amongs the most respectable and the commitement cadre of the movement.His role in the liberation cannot be undermined and his commitement in uniting the african cintinent cannot be overlooked and his ideology in transforming the economy cannot be challenged and ideas in putting the our country amongs the G20 cannot be questioned.Surely this is the son that his dad the late Govam Mbeki said that he is nolonger his son,but the son of South Africa.We are so proud of the fact that we have produced such a devoted and commited cadre who is principle and clever and the world always listen when he is speaking.I personally have to much respect for him and the fact that he is a person that make mistakes cannot be judge on those basis,but on the basis of the role that he personnaly has played in this country.And the movement even the current administration know that they need his expirience and also his capacity

  • Other Justin - 2011-02-07 14:27

    This is a non-story, so what if Mbeki is attending. Does it make a difference? The story will remain the same, promises and lies, with the promises remaining unfulfilled and the lies as big and pretty as always. It amazes me that people will still fall for the drivel that comes out of our prosidents and other ANC-PF elites mouths. VIVA AMAUSELESS VIVA!

  • daaivark - 2011-02-07 14:32

    Given the abuse heaped on him by the current circle of opportunists, I am surprised that he accepts.

  • yeldarb - 2011-02-07 15:01

    To sum up the state of the nation address: All elitist blacks will get richer and all others in locations with stay exactly where they are. The black elitist will continue pulling the wool over their eyes, they will continue to use intimidating tackticks to get those poor people to continue to vote for them. And of cource they will con tinue to blame apartheid. Bunch of dooses

  • trapped-in-w - 2011-02-07 15:02

    Don, what the fuck do u think u are in Mzansi. Masepa a gago jou moer.

  • siyethembass - 2011-02-07 15:12

    this site is full of people who doesn't see anything gud done by the ANC why alwaz

  • The_Truth - 2011-02-07 15:19

    Both Mbeki and Zuma can go and rot in hell, where they will join theor fallen comrades

      mdu - 2011-02-08 10:56

      You need to vividly careful regarding your sentiments,it was the ANC under the leadership of such cadres that today we enjoy the fruits of the freedom and no one said that freedom was going to come with fruits that will be enjoyed by every individual that are called People of Mzantsi.If the intention of both cadres was to make everyone happy then that was a down fall before they even start and the direction that the country is taken in the mist of such challenges and off-course under their guidance we are in the wright track and as soon as you start doing something about their down fall the better of us collectively making a difference,so plz wake up u stupit idiot

  • Reveal Them - 2011-02-07 15:39

    I would like to say thank you to ABSA oh sorry the DBSA. Ha ha ha ha ha ha (Jacob you chop)

  • Black.dude - 2011-02-07 16:04

    I just think white people sending negative comments and calling blacks nasty names hrere are so jealous. They thought the world cup was a disaster, and it was the greatest one ever, they thought the country will crumble, but it is still attracting the best events ever, F1 on the cards and the olympics in the near future, including Rugby after 2020. SA isnow a memebr of the BRIC. By 2020 the economies of the people of color will be greater that the G7 western (White) economies. Jealousy is so painful, I know that its hurting deep down that the outlook for the country looks great and yes its run by black people, now eat that. Is either you scums go back to where you come from or learn to deal with that.

      Reveal Them - 2011-02-07 16:09

      I black and I agree with half the stuff here, so wind your head in and smell the time of day, time of year and whatever else.

      Wonderboy - 2011-02-07 16:48

      I agree white people are jealous. They never thought of all these things during apartheid. Sorry guys opportunity lost.

      Victor1985 - 2011-02-10 09:56

      can people grow up and stop racialising every debate about this country.the state of the nation is a report about the progress the country has made and plans to make the country better,hopefully for every1(black and white,coloured and indian).so stop this nonsense u bunch of racist idoits!!!

  • coolwaynie - 2011-02-07 20:14

    The beetroot legacy...ama-stoopid.

      DrSabalele - 2011-02-12 23:38

      I thin you are the one who is stupid Coolwayne, you totally misunderstood the beetroot issue. The late former minister of Health supported by the president were merely addressing the issue of us being exploited by the European pharmaceutical companies by selling the ARV's to poor people who could not afford these drugs and the side effects of using these drugs so they said why don't we have a thorough research on this issue. Then it also goes to the issue of nuitrion how can poor people who do not afford to buy food take pills on empty stomacks? So people were advised to eat healthily and live healthy lifestyles in order to live with the disease. The other issue is TB was the main killer disease in that time so hence the Minister of Health and the president were advising people living with HIV/AIDS to eat healthy food for them to boost their immune system rather than taking medication with extreme side effects.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-02-07 21:03

    Who let this idiot out of the mental hospital? Is he going to be serving garlic, beetroot and sweet potatoe for supper?

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