Media missed matric result deadline

2011-10-12 20:50

Johannesburg - Media houses have until October 26 to apply for permission to publish matric results after missing an earlier deadline, the education department said on Wednesday.

"Newspapers have not applied on time for permission to register with us," said spokesperson Panyaza Lesufi.

"We have agreed with the SA National Editors' Forum that we will extend the deadline to October 26."

The application is a necessary part of an agreement on secrecy and an embargo on the time the results may be published.

Only newspapers in KwaZulu-Natal had applied by the September 30 deadline, said Lesufi.

He said there would be a follow up meeting at a later stage between editors and representatives of the Young Communist League.

YCL national spokesperson Mafika Mndebele said the YCL had observed over a number of years, that every time matric results were published, a number of students killed themselves.

Students also partied "recklessly" and went on to be involved in accidents.

Publishing the results was a "mechanism to embarrass students". Only an identity number should be published with a result, Mndebele argued.

Comment could not be immediately obtained from Sanef's chairperson or executive director.

  • Billy - 2011-10-12 21:44

    YCL-what twats! If pupils kill themselves, its becasue they failed, not because their failure was made apparent by NOT seeing their name in the paper. Even if the names were not in the papers, they would get them en masse from the schools on the day, and THEN kill themselves, or party, or get drunk, or join the YCL or any number of other stupid things...

  • Billy - 2011-10-12 21:49

    On the other hand, if they followed the YCL's advice and didn't publish...imagine the scene: On results day, all the pupils rush to get the paper, can't find their names, and 400 000 kill themselves! Monty Python couldn't script this better!!

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