Minister blows R1.7m on air travel

2011-12-08 18:00

Johannesburg - Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Minister Collins Chabane spent about R1.7m in domestic and international air travel in just 15 months.

Chabane also spent R500 000 to charter two planes in April and October last year.

He revealed his air travel expenses in a parliamentary reply to Democratic Alliance MP Sandy Kalyan.

Chabane’s international travel bill, which included 33 flights, came to over R1.4m.

His domestic bill was R260 000 between April 2010 and July this year for 44 flights.

His former deputy, Dina Pule, now the communications minister, spent over R360 000 on local and international travel between November last year and July this year.

Chabane also took the presidential jet to former president Nelson Mandela’s village, Qunu, in Eastern Cape, in June last year.

He travelled in the presidential jet to Isandlwana in KwaZulu-Natal earlier this year.

The DA said ministers’ spending habits show deep disregard for the needs of the millions of South Africans living in poverty.

“Public Service and Administration Minister Roy Padayachie must ensure that the long awaited amendments to the ministerial handbook are presented and implemented as a matter of urgency,” the party said.

Chabane’s spokesperson is yet to respond to City Press’s enquiry.

» Earlier this week, the DA slammed Chabane and Pule for spending almost R550 000 on car hire between March last year and July this year.

  • Spyker - 2011-12-08 18:12


      Fred - 2011-12-08 18:49

      That makes R2.2 million in just 2 reports. Can't we just toss these slimeballs into jail ???? Or just make him president and when we run out of money completely we can make Zim look like paradise.

      Sean - 2011-12-08 22:13

      Just goes to show , these guys don`t give a f@ck about the rest of the South Africans ! I cal it AFRICANISM , it`s a desease !

  • Jeanne - 2011-12-08 18:13

    R1.7 million = ? RDP houses R1.7 million = ? meals for the poor R1.7 million = ? bursaries R1.7 million = too much of our tax money to be wasted on air travel

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:32

      well done my girl we all think like that dont take there s..................t

  • Ben - 2011-12-08 18:13

    Give him wings. He likes to fly.

      John - 2011-12-08 18:44

      Off a flipping cliff the thieving dog!!!!!

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:36

      lets hope the can ex..................and he has a happy ending

      Airborne68 - 2011-12-09 06:41

      I'd love to know how they landed this plane at Isandlwana.

      Craig - 2011-12-09 09:32

      Airborne: Land in Vryheid or Dundee then hire vehicles to drive them out there.

  • Sylvia - 2011-12-08 18:17

    I believe I can fly!

  • Michael - 2011-12-08 18:19

    What is wrong with our Minister of Finance that he can't stop these greedy b---ards wastinf taxpayers money?????

      J.D. - 2011-12-08 18:55

      Our minister of finance have no morality being part of this effen anc gang. He should bloody quit.

      norman.buchalter - 2011-12-08 19:01

      I gave up long ago on our Minister of Finance. He doesn't like to and won't rock the ANC boat. He is scared to put his money where his mouth is . Shame, another ANC deployed stooge who has given in to putting the Party before our individual rights and needs. Maybe he'll read this and surprise us by showing some backbone in 2012.He gained respect at SARS, but is losing it just as quickly.

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:25

      stop paying tax

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:26

      he is lke them

  • Yar - 2011-12-08 18:22

    This worthless and useless ministerial portfolio (Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Minister) should not even exist. Who needs a minister to tell us that all Government departments are not doing their jobs, everyone knows. Too many ministers. JZ now has at least double the number of ministers than pre '94. Waste, waste and more waste.

      Ronald - 2011-12-08 23:16

      It is called witless cadre deployment. This lot make pigs in a feeding frenzy look positively elegant. Reminds me of a child that had never eaten cake before, stuffing his face until he pukes and then expects his mummy to feel sorry for him when caught.

  • Kobus - 2011-12-08 18:29

    33 international flights = R1.4m which average R42000 per flight. Did he charter his own plane?

      J.D. - 2011-12-08 18:58

      Yes Kobus he have the POWER to charter flights. So he exercise his POWER regardless of the damage he do to his country. He should be herding goats or cows for that matter. anc + imbeciles from top to bottom.

      norman.buchalter - 2011-12-08 19:02

      Think he took flying lessons - first class all the way

  • Bruce - 2011-12-08 18:30

    Performance evaluation and monitoring?....spending this kind of money......can you spell I.R.O.N.Y.

  • Shirley - 2011-12-08 18:32

    Wasteful,sinful,criminal,with a yetti sized carbon footprint!!!!!!

      Hunter - 2011-12-08 19:20

      Yes, and that while they are making all sorts of green promises to the nice people from oversees that might donate money to the green fund to fix the flood damage caused by overgrazing, or no, sorry, climate change...

  • Christopher Hart - 2011-12-08 18:37

    I think that the government should force it's minister's and their employees (and i mean all of them) to follow the Walmart way of cutting costs as the company will only pay for the cheapest car hire, cheapest hotel rooms, cheapest airfaire etc and if the exec wanted to travel a on a higher class ticket the company would not cover it at all. That way there could be an extra R1 billion or so for the government to build roads, houses, schools and to provide the state-of-the-art tools and equipment to those people who keep us safe (military and police)so that they can combat any and all threats to our safety. That way more jobs would be created for those who need jobs, as more jobs will equal less crime, less crime will make the country safer. Then we'd have what some semblance of economic freedom.

      TheWatcher - 2011-12-08 20:03

      Agreed. I can't think of any reason for anybody to travel business class rather than economy, yes the seats are comfier but the extra money you save could feed a family for a month.

  • J.D. - 2011-12-08 18:42

    Never forget that this kings of the mountains and rulers of the tree tops have an total over inflated esteem of their self importance. They do NOT understand that without them everything will just be better. They will NEVER stop wasting and stealing because it is their RIGHT to do so. The chief gorilla RULES over the tribe. They do not govern.

  • Marius Koen - 2011-12-08 18:48

    We can sit here and complain until we are blue in the face. They dont care. The ANC government are corrupt and the masses are blind. When you are poor you dont aspire to anything. Come election time they stand in a q and x the ANC again. Never learn from their mistakes. We are all getting poorer because of the corrupt government. Wake up people! This is our country, our future going to the dogs.

  • Lynn - 2011-12-08 18:54

    Get rid of these people. Who the hell do they think they are. This is madness. Why is this allowed.

      Nitesh - 2011-12-08 19:12

      its allowed coz they are black & were oppressed in the past....

  • willie.uys - 2011-12-08 18:54

    Not flying La-La Class. That is for sure.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-08 18:56

    Holy excrement. Lavish is a poor mans word in these guys books. They got to go the hole hog. Seems to be a competition who can blow the most tax payers money in the shortest amount of time.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-08 18:58

    They gonna have to extend the first class cabin on the planes to accommodate all these fvckers.

  • gcshrimpton - 2011-12-08 19:00

    When r the brainless,unwashed,uneducated malema followers going 2 wake up and realise that the rsols that they vote 4 r not the least bit interested in their well-being. Comment by Tickey & Friends against the uneducated rsols that r trying 2 destroy this once vibrant country,

      Nitesh - 2011-12-09 18:22

      when most of them are dead.......

  • jacques.koorts - 2011-12-08 19:07

    We obviously pay too much tax.

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:22

      a men brother

  • Herman - 2011-12-08 19:22

    Never Ending Story. anc gemors!!! Mag hulle almal verdoem word tot slawe in hulle volgende lewe!

  • braamc - 2011-12-08 19:24

    They just f*cken think they are international celebs, in the meanwhile they nothing but thieving corrupt trash. Burn in hell

  • braamc - 2011-12-08 19:25

    Can't these planes just crash

      Mike - 2011-12-08 20:23

      please lets keep believing

  • raymond.kok3 - 2011-12-08 19:29

    it hink he should drink red bull

  • pws69 - 2011-12-08 19:33

    And in other news, the DA took a ward off the ANC in MP, one that has traditionally voted 70%+ for the ANC. The times, they are changing. Ordinary folk are starting to wake up to this massive ANC abuse.

      Steward - 2011-12-08 20:04

      Waiting for the trickle to become a flood

  • tobydt - 2011-12-08 19:35

    And this dude was appointed to fight corruption... Eish ANC, you used to be cool man... Now look at you. A drugged out prostitute.

  • Alan - 2011-12-08 19:35

    Everyone seems very quick to condemn the Hon Minister but I flew from Durban to Jhb recently and it cost me R500 so Chabane only has to do 3 400 flights and it doesn't take long to get through R 1 700 000. That's 227 per month or 7 per calendar day and R 1 700 000 soon goes.

      Rashaad Hendricks - 2011-12-08 21:00

      What your theory lacks is time no way theres enuf time for him to make that many flights. The cost comes from him flying around with a lot of trimmings

  • Peter - 2011-12-08 19:37

    I have no words :-( Only sadness.

  • Larry - 2011-12-08 19:37

    Typical from the ANC.

      Juan - 2011-12-09 04:39

      African National Crime

  • akaRags - 2011-12-08 19:42

    Just about every comment has got one thumbs down, several more maybe have got two thumbs down, as compared to many more thumbs up - in other words a few people actually approve of this wastage of money? They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • mundu.olewega - 2011-12-08 19:47

    A useless, wasteful ministry if there ever was one. I bet the job description includes a lot of arsescratching with another task of "fly around alot to obscure destinations" and my favourate "spend tax payers money doing nothing.

  • Jason - 2011-12-08 19:55

    What an effing joke!! Expose all these thieving bastards.

  • Steward - 2011-12-08 20:11

    The sad thing about this is that the ANC supporters will still find a way to justify such theft.

  • Mike - 2011-12-08 20:17

    please stop paying taxes and these fat b................f...............pigs ma y have there homes birnt to the ground lets hope so

  • Traygon - 2011-12-08 20:32

    What makes these guys think they are important enough to fly first class and travel with all the trimmings? Public servants should all earn minimum wage - Being comfortable in your job and life style makes you less productive. They should only ride public transport and economy - bet you then they may be inspired to make a difference... Politics is dumb, ineffective and needs to be revised. The worst job in the country should be President.

  • Rashaad Hendricks - 2011-12-08 20:54

    What the heck do we need a performance monituring minister for? We the public should be judging the work of our elected officials.

  • sandile.memela1 - 2011-12-08 22:07

    this is ridiculous now, so how the hell is the man suppose to perform his duties if he can't trvel. the DA needs to find something that makes sense to shout about.

      Peter - 2011-12-09 06:54

      Er, how do you perform your duties when you are out of the country no less than 33 times in one year?

  • Dewdawn - 2011-12-08 22:12

    Yech, how does one get a message to the voters that the current Luthuli House deployed cadres are going to recover the cost of being deployed? Or is it a case of:

  • velastardust - 2011-12-08 22:22

    How do you sleep at night,Minister Collins Chabane?

  • Geronimo - 2011-12-08 22:24

    No surprise, really. The pigs get fatter at the trough of taxes whilst the poor - the very people who elected them - suffer. Disgraceful waste of money.

  • sandile.memela1 - 2011-12-08 22:31

    you can unlike my post if you want but the critical question is, were these so called expensive trips personnal trips or was he actually perfoming his official duties, think most of you only have you minds set on critisizing that youré not actually being objective enough on anything that involes the word ANC,. I also think the ANC is mostly corrupt and all that but on this case I think the critisism is just ridiculous.

      Riaan - 2011-12-08 22:46

      LOL An ANC minister performing his duties. Now that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

      Peter - 2011-12-09 06:56

      How many overseas trips does it take for an ANC minister to screw in a light bulb?

      Darryl - 2011-12-09 09:30

      @Sandile, Shut the hell up u stupid idiot.Who cares if it was for official duties or personnal trips. The thing is he spent R1.7mil on flights. The ANC just wanna travel the high life, he is not so important so why must he fly first class. And how is it that he uses the Presidents Jet???? It's disguisting to see millions of taxpayers money wasted on these ANC politicians. This bloody ministerial handbook that the ANC use is pathetic. Look how the DA have changed it in the western cape and the money that is been saved and used for proper use. U and the ANC can learn alot from the DA at how a province is run properly. U may love ur ANC pals my friend, but be warned they are gonna take there money and leave you behind.

  • Snoopsy - 2011-12-09 08:28


  • Andre - 2011-12-09 08:45

    How on earth can anyone in his right mind think this behaviour is normal? Who the hell does this thug think he is? How much time did he spend in his office where he should work? This is total madness and a tragedy!

  • Craig - 2011-12-09 09:29

    This information needs to be spread amongst the local villages and towns, pamphlets and weekly/monthly magazines should be sent out to all those who are not privileged enough to own or have access to the mainstream media, it should also where possible be in the main language of those in the villages and towns, if the government wants to keep the people ignorant to their theft and corruption, its the oppositions responsibility to keep the people informed. This should not be just the responsibilty of the DA but all the other opposition parties that seem to disappear ones the elections are over.

      Nitesh - 2011-12-09 18:18

      do u think they'll bother, as long as they getting a free t-shirt from the BLACKK government, thats all that matters, although they uneducated, they still will believe a black thug than an innocent white/indian or coloured person....thats the norm now....i'm sure this post will get deleted by the racist usual

  • reza.daniels1 - 2011-12-09 10:17

    Some democracy this is if I have no say on what my tax money is spent on. Oh Wait..............there is no such thing as a democracy....only well known hypocrisy. Besides....the very idea is flawed. If the majority are ignorant illiterates what does democracy bring to the table? Corruption and mismanagement. Time for the world to wake up and smell the coffee.....there are more greedy, lazy, ignorant, illiterate and immoral people in the world than not..........It was just a matter of time before stupid people ruled by numbers..........and YET the RAF fund is bankrupt.....Chabane should re-imburse the RAF.

  • Exunitate - 2011-12-09 10:30

    It's a pity the African National Circus (Malema and Zuma as the main clowns) don't read the comments on News24 simply most of them can't read or write.

  • Nitesh - 2011-12-09 18:02

    i suppose the editor that deleted my post is a racist black person thats scared of the truth......the truth always hurts when blacks are at fault

  • Dianne - 2012-02-14 09:47

    If they don't break it they lose it. If they don't lose it they steal it......

  • Frank - 2012-02-14 10:05

    How much would it have cost if he used the A380?(The one with the waggerly tail.)

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