Minister won't report on police lease scandal

2011-09-08 19:20

Cape Town - Public Works Minister Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde will not report to Cabinet on her role in the police headquarters saga as the public protector had requested, government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said on Thursday.

"The public protector case is not a Cabinet case. It is a case between the minister and the president. It is not a Cabinet issue," Manyi said at a regular post-Cabinet briefing.

"The minister does not report to the Cabinet, the minister reports to the president."

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found in July that the contracts public works concluded with businessman Roux Shabangu to rent police headquarters in Durban and Pretoria at inflated prices were "fatally flawed".

Madonsela's report on the matter painted a damning picture of the minister's conduct and said her department was guilty of "serious maladministration".

It recommended that President Jacob Zuma consider taking action against Mahlangu-Nkabinde and request her to explain herself to Cabinet within 60 days.

Attempts to obtain comment from the presidency on Thursday proved fruitless.

The Democratic Alliance's public works spokesperson John Steenhuisen said the minister must explain herself not only to Cabinet, but to the whole country.

"I think it is most unusual that a directive of the public protector is being ignored in this way," he said.

"I don't think it is a matter between the president and the minister. It is a matter between her and the people of South Africa, who she as a Cabinet minister represents."

  • Chops - 2011-09-08 19:27

    Zuma's reaction to this scandal is totally disgusting. One can only assume that he was also due for a back hander if it had not been for the exposee from our fabulous Public Protector, who should be congratulated for a job well done

      Glenn - 2011-09-08 19:33

      What reaction?

      Chops - 2011-09-08 19:38

      Exactly Glenn

      Skuinskoek - 2011-09-08 19:53

      She's one ace of a lady - deserves all out praise and support!

      James Weather - 2011-09-08 20:06

      Could someone please tell me why those involved are not getting charged and taken to court? If they have been caught trying to steal our money WHY are they not getting prosecuted? Cause leaving the President to deal with corruption is like leaving a baby with candy, you not gonna get the baby to give up on its own ...

      Met - 2011-09-08 20:12

      Well, they are all in the same syndicate

      Colin Dovey - 2011-09-08 20:43

      Zuma is "acting" the same way as Thabo Mbeki did by doing nothing about Manto - nothing. The ANC has NO effective leadership, and has not had a good leader for yonks.

      Christelle - 2011-09-08 20:45

      The minister of Environmental affairs is refusing to give details of cost incurred in luxury hotels and trips over the past 2 years - Public works minister does not have to report her involvement in this corruption saga -the ANC wants to screen potential new members for criminal activities before they are accepted. All I can say - the pot is calling the kettle black. Sorry, am I allowed to still say that or is it politically incorrect.

      The Wonderer - 2011-09-08 21:19

      Postpone, postpone, postpone...cancel!

      Happygas - 2011-09-08 21:57

      info bill adopted????

      Spyker May - 2011-09-08 22:30

      Shall I tell you a little secret that will scare the SWEET BEJESUS out of you..? Our dearest Ms Madonsela is in fact THE Resident Evil. A brief refresher - remember this: Now she is carefully buying time for her incumbent despot-in-training. She is equally carefully hanging Zuma's support-network out to dry. The really scary reality is that the ENTIRE ANC is absolutely rotten to core - there is NOBODY that cannot be 'bought', nobody that cannot be manipulated... The ANC is the biggest organised crime syndicate in SA, if not Africa, hard at 'work' to become the biggest in the world - ever... And I am not the first to say this. Why do you think Juju is still partying away as if there is no tomorrow (apart from the fact that there is not)..?

      Fred - 2011-09-08 22:38

      Well, I think Zuma was definitely in on this. Don't these animals realise that they are employed BY the country, and they don't own the country. This info bill thing is now being blatantly used to hide their criminal activities away. This is the sort of thing that will invite vigilante reprisals in the near future, and for once I certaily won't oppose it.

      thinker - 2011-09-08 23:58

      Could this be the reason why she replaced the previous minister, to close the deal???? Hence NO word or reaction from Zuma????

      Organist-1 - 2011-09-09 07:59

      what scares me more is the fact that the brainlless education system is kept that way to prevent the uneducated from reading and thinking for themselves. Of course, we have the most organised mafia system in the world running the country complete with their "hit men". Crime down? tell me another. Their manipulated statistics don't include fraud and corruption. They have plenty of scape goats on the sideline. Nkabinde will never be brought to book. She probably knows too much of the inner workings and they know that if she is brought to book, revenge may just cause her to upset the can of worms. we need more honest people like Thuli Mandosela in the country. In fact the entire Cape Province cabinet will do a 200% better job in running the whole country.

      Organist-1 - 2011-09-09 08:02

      In fact, a concerted effort is needed to get the population to vote the ANC out of their comfortable seats and derail the gravy train. The question is -- How do you teach the braindead not to vote ANC?

  • grod - 2011-09-08 19:28

    WTF why are we not surprised..? Again..!!

      leonard - 2011-09-09 05:37

      This is a test run for the NEW OFFICIAL secrets act.Please note how Manyi stresses the fact that security is at stake.For all we know,the lease could be revisited soon under the same benificial terms to all the "dishonests"and we will never know about it.Now, thats worth thinking about.

  • d54 - 2011-09-08 19:29

    Her silence speaks volumes.

      Humpme Dumpm - 2011-09-08 20:09

      @d54, you're so right here.....if she was innocent she would be screaming it from roof tops, by having another famed press conference....have you noticed how less and less our Ministers actually take questions at Press they don't have to lie!!!

      Netherlander - 2011-09-09 02:51


  • Francois - 2011-09-08 19:29

    Well if she does not report to Cabinet, but the president (glad that is sorted out, took you some time did it not?), then can she at least start reporting? Gwen, that meanse you need to start writing, if you can.

  • burtfred - 2011-09-08 19:35

    Corruption and thievery. If she had nothing to hide, she would shout out her case from the rooftops. Go to jail, do not collect R200, Oh, and take your boss with you.

  • hairyharry - 2011-09-08 19:41

    Banana Republic 1 - citizens 0

      Mark Singh - 2011-09-08 22:12

      your scoreline is totally wrong. this is not the first time that the govt refuses to be accountable for anything. Banana republic 500 - citizens 0

  • Wes - 2011-09-08 19:41

    Wasn't The Pres "applying his mind" to this, in actual fact he was playing PAC MAN inside skull of his shower support base.

      Netherlander - 2011-09-09 08:06

      The PRES was caught with his FOREFINGER UP HIS NOSE... Was busy CHANGING HIS MIND............... MANUALLY!

  • Derrick O - 2011-09-08 19:42

    It has been made clear over and again that the law of the land does not apply to members of the ruling party unless they are out of political favour. South Africa's brief flirtation with democracy is just about over, back to business as usual: an elite exploits the fear of their relatively small constituency - who pick up some crumbs - allowing that elite to live in luxury at the expense of the majority. We've been doing it for at least three centuries, why stop now?

      grant9 - 2011-09-08 20:28

      Whilst I agree with most of what you say, I disagree that the majority of South Africans have been exploited over the last 3 centuries. On the contrary, they got houses, hospitals, roads, electricity, schools etc. If the majority felt they were being exploited by a few hundred whites back then, they could have returned to central Africa and resumed living in mud huts and wearing animal skins for clothes.

      Derrick O - 2011-09-09 09:35

      A brief study of South African history would contradict your position. Provided houses? Have you lived in any of these townships? Tried to get a bus to your very distant place of work at 4.30 in the morning? Clearly not. The notorious taxis were created, with the desperate approval of PW Botha, to attempt to solve this artificial problem. The 1913 Land Act created tiny reserves which rapidly became overcrowded and agriculturally unsustainable - initially due to enforcement of government policies that refused to acknowledge the disjoint between the amount of land available and the numbers expected to live on it. That problem was later reinforced by the Group Areas Act which created artificial housing shortages for non-whites - and impacted on the housing market for all, in the end - and caused massive infrastructural overspend resulting in the average South African town having an urban sprawl more akin to a small city with unnecessary duplication (however poor) of facilities. You might even have a look at how a small clique of "notables" kept themselves well-off at the expense of the average burgher in the old ZAR to see how I wasn't even referring only to a white/black issue. It is a pity that history, rather than propaganda, has never had and arguably still doesn't have a place in the SA school curriculum.

  • Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 19:43

    "The public protector case is not a Cabinet case. It is a case between the minister and the president. It is not a Cabinet issue," It's also an issue between my wallet, taxes and service delivery!

      frankm - 2011-09-08 19:48

      Spot on Leon, give leon a Bells

      Dave - 2011-09-08 20:20

      The so called Minister is a PUBLIC SERVANT, she damn well reports to every single one of us.....put her in front of all us and explain

  • ariete - 2011-09-08 20:06

    What a parcel of rogues in a nation

  • Nobody - 2011-09-08 20:06


  • letsee - 2011-09-08 20:08

    That's transparency.

  • JadedJay - 2011-09-08 20:13

    Admission of guilt....I hope she karma gets her good.

  • ewald - 2011-09-08 20:21

    He is always applying his mind, this JZ dude. Isn't that where the problem is, the exact location of the problem??

      Sedick - 2011-09-08 21:31

      You can not apply something that u do not have......

  • Dave - 2011-09-08 20:22

    The sheer and utter arrogance of this realease leaves me reaching for my Ventolin, cigerate and vodka. Who the hell do these idiots in government think they report to??????

      Freethinker - 2011-09-08 20:38

      They report only to the leader of the party. That is why no minister ever resigns their position, regardless of their misconduct or lack of performance. If the the party says they must go, they go, else they stay. Simple, really. Members of parliament and the Cabinet are not beholden to their constituency voters, because in SA you vote for the party, not for the candidate.

      Dave - 2011-09-08 20:44

      And this thought process makes it any less palatable? Sorry I agree with you, thats our whole problem isnt it?

      Christelle - 2011-09-08 20:49

      Dave it is the same release every single day - its only the portfolio which is different. And it will not stop!!!! (unless a miracle happens and the people stop voting for this corrupt corrupt corrupt party)

      Dave - 2011-09-08 21:00

      Again I agree Christelle, but we need as citizens of this country to do more. The DA needs to do more thats for sure, words are meaningless, only actions count. See how quick the ANC reacted over a bunch of lawyers threatening them over the childrens hearing? Set up the biggest damndest Paypal account and contribute whats left of our pennies. We jhave to do something.....

  • martin gorgeous - 2011-09-08 20:24

    Gwen, God will get you for that!

      Badballie - 2011-09-09 08:54

      God is not in the habit of "getting" anyone for anything, humans are quiet capable of making their own beds. Time to realize the truth and accept that God and religion have nothing in common and never will.

  • Rev. H-Cubed - 2011-09-08 20:25

    Oh, how they fear the light.

  • Freethinker - 2011-09-08 20:46

    If the ANC can stall this investigation long enough to get the "Protection of Information" Bill passed, they can just classify the details as a state secret and the whole thing goes away... If I was Thuli Madonsela, I'd be making sure that my CV was up to date round about now...

      Dave - 2011-09-08 20:52

      We still have to wait to hear what Thuli has to say, wish this report could have been followed up by a statement from her,but News24 dont think that far ahead.... Readq uick everyone, comment will be deleted....

  • JanSlim - 2011-09-08 20:51

    It’s time the citizens of SA stand together and remind these politicians that we voted them in and pay their salaries! A good old fashioned Civil revolt comes to mind...

      PinkAndProud - 2011-09-08 23:23

      I sure never voted them in. Got more brains than to vote for the ANC. Speak for yourself.

      leonard - 2011-09-09 05:49

      @JanSlim Here is the problem.Weight of numbers and an all believing majority gives Zuma and co.carte blanche licence to do as they wish.We need ALL the opposition parties plus an ANC defection(top brass with balls)to get together to put a stop to our ever quickening slide down the road to BANANA republic status.

  • Vernon - 2011-09-08 21:03


  • Davearch - 2011-09-08 21:04

    Still no comment ZUMA .. You are a SICK JOKE of a president !!

      grant9 - 2011-09-08 23:03

      Yes but for how much longer? The knives are out.

      leonard - 2011-09-09 06:21

      @Davearch I think the reason for no Zuma response is because the spin doctors and speech writers are all too busy trying to keep up to date with all the dwang that is currently hitting the fan.Zuma himself is incapable of preparing an opening speech for a flower show.

  • Rightway - 2011-09-08 21:23

    How can Zuma 783 make any judgement when he has also eaten of corruption. His voice is silent because he has no credibility. He is too embarrassed to open his mouth. That,s what you get when you vote a tribal, buffoon into the highest position in Africa,s largest economy. Nothing.

  • Mark Singh - 2011-09-08 22:14

    where is kolobe, ganjasmoker, etal. No comment s from you guys. Why?

  • Cheryl Muir - 2011-09-08 22:33

    F..K the ANC . They are obviously rotten to the core....

  • Mandla - 2011-09-08 22:35

    Who are the owners of the building the police are currently occupying?.Who complained about the lease agreemant and why?.What roll is the opposition playing in this scenario?.Who were the owners of the building in quastion that is before Roux bought it?.Who else had an interest in the building in quastion and why was that person not financed by Nedbank when the proposal for purchase was presented to Nedbank?.news24 could you please forward these quastions to Ms Thuli Madonsela for anwers,the public needs to know.I am not happy with the fact that the story is one sided,its only Gwen,Bheki and Roux what about the other people involved.

  • Big-D - 2011-09-08 22:35

    Typical ministerial / government official reaction. Stuff you all. We answer to nobody!!!!!

  • Cheryl Muir - 2011-09-08 22:40

    F..K the ANC . They are obviously rotten to the core....

  • Cheryl Muir - 2011-09-08 22:44

    F..K the ANC . They are obviously rotten to the core....

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-09-08 23:19

    Strange how it took Zooomer 783 all of four days to 'apply his mind' to Moegoe Moegoe but just can't do it in this case. ANCrime Syndicate are evil to their very core.

  • jen - 2011-09-09 07:50

    These ministers all live by their own set of rules and are the most arrogant people around. They are merely servants of the people.

  • umlaut - 2011-09-09 08:28

    Yes James ---if the law can not be applied any more then a country has become lawless and then people revert to taking the law into their own hands and things lead to chaos. The anc has lost control of the democratic destiny of SA. Why if their is no law and order at the top, should there be law and order further down.??

  • Badballie - 2011-09-09 08:52

    Nothing new here, everyone knows that the ANC are the most corrupt regime in the world, their capacity for crime is unbounded, on the up side if all goes as expected they will not exist in two years time anyway. the pole shift is just around the corner, get away from the coast and at least 700 feet above sea level.

  • umlaut - 2011-09-09 08:57

    "It is not a Cabinet issue," Manyi said"--yes he is so right, it is a case for the police and this could be another member working from jail. But if Jingeni can get appointed again in a government position then the anc has lost all credibility as an honest organisation. It just doesn't stop---the history of the anc since 1994 reads like a thriller of deceit and mayhem--what happened to Balfour and his wife. Isn't it time that they get re-appointed again??

  • umlaut - 2011-09-09 08:59

    The anc is supposed to show SA and the WORLD how a country and democracy SHOULD be run--They fought against no freedom and racism and all that is evil and here they go and they out do the worst in the world--Shame on you anc.

  • braamc - 2011-09-09 10:08

    Typical. F??*&* fat thieving whore ANC minister

  • Johnny - 2011-09-09 11:16

    she should get fired

  • Johann - 2011-09-09 11:27

    Lord Acton famously said that the best way for evil men to triumph was that good men should do nothing about the crime/dishonesty.Is there nobody in the cabinet and the top structures of government advising the President who has the universally acceptable moral attributes of honour, honesty, decency and integrity? Surely there must be one...somewhere? Hats off the the Public Protector!

  • David - 2011-09-10 10:19

    Shocking with the extent of corruption and the delayed, laim reaction by government responsibility to combat or eradicate such activities that continue on a wide scale. When will SA get the right person/party to draw the line?

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