Minority group to decide on Malema charges

2011-11-15 14:21

Johannesburg - The SA Minority Rights Equality Movement (Samrem) will decide whether to drop charges against Julius Malema after meeting with him on Tuesday.

Samrem laid charges of crimen injuria against Malema on November 4 at the Mountain Rise police station in Pietermaritzburg after he referred to Indians as "makula" (coolies) during a speech in Gauteng.

Samrem was to meet with Malema in Pietermaritzburg on Tuesday evening, said Samrem advocate Ashin Singh.

"What counts in his favour is that he asked if we can meet and discuss the matter. We were impressed that he took that stance," said Singh.

Samrem had a few thousand members and although Malema had already apologised publicly for his comment, it would be up to the members whether the charges should be dropped.

The discussion would go beyond the comment Malema made.

Samrem also wanted to discuss the continued antagonistic behaviour towards minorities, said Singh.

Last month, opposition parties were outraged when Malema used the word "makula", which was translated to mean "coolies".

Malema said he had meant no offence. He also said he would not use the word again to refer to South Africans of Indian origin.

  • James - 2011-11-15 14:26

    What is that are you deciding Minority group? Because clearly this was not an offence. Please be brave and stop using police,courts when you don't like things.Drop the charges,thanks.

      Anthony - 2011-11-15 14:29

      U sic person DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?????

      Go - 2011-11-15 14:44

      Sganja - Amazing how racist slur is acceptable and condoned by you when it is not against you.

      James - 2011-11-15 14:49

      Anthony I have a shame but this word is used many times,t was not meant to offend people. Go I'm not promoting racism but clearly this is not a racist word...

      rbphiri - 2011-11-15 14:55

      The purple Mauritius suit wasn't good enough...he just had to go and get a law suit.

      Go - 2011-11-15 14:57

      so then obviously you must agree that when malema makes racist remarks he is at fault - kill the boer etc,etc ???

      New - 2011-11-15 15:13

      Go to this site to see the real reason Malema was suspended I think you will find this interesting!!!

      Gammat - 2011-11-15 15:15

      You have yet to answer me on a question you started James Scott aka sganja, the white troll.

      James - 2011-11-15 15:17

      GAMMAT Vaanikaap I'm not a white troll, I will invite you with my account.Please accept the request

      Go - 2011-11-15 15:28

      LOL, Gammat - Sganja doesnt answer questions. he has to think in order for that to happen and he is very opposed to that lol

      James - 2011-11-15 15:50

      250 thumbs down? Anyway I'm not suprised,Anti progressive people have access to the internet while masses don't,but it will be over soon.I will have 10 000 thumbs up

      Deon - 2011-11-15 15:51

      Malema should book a room at the court and get a discount for frequent visits. His lawyers are probably making a killing. He will be probably in and out of court for the next 10 years.

      Gammat - 2011-11-15 15:57

      There is no invite, there is a few scenario's that can explain what gives, and is as follows: 1.) You are using James Scotts computer 2.) You have stolen James Scotts identity 3.) You set up a fake profile on FB 4.) You are using a stolen computer. Which one fits "sganja"????

      Gammat - 2011-11-15 15:58

      Or maybe you ARE James Scott??

      James - 2011-11-15 16:00

      Hey GAMMAT I will add you as a friend tommorow, we will talk then.Good bye have to go now...

      Daniƫl - 2011-11-15 17:12

      Where the Fu*k are you comming from idiot

      Go - 2011-11-15 18:01

      Kgaogelo - WE JUST NEED TO GET JUJU-LESS and the country will be fine lol

      Go - 2011-11-15 18:02

      or an addition to your list Malema - Brain-less

      Michael - 2011-11-15 20:01

      Dude, WTF??????? have you heard of something called racism? wait until someone uses the k word against you, what then? will that be ok for you? Malema is an animal and a dog, and he must learn his lesson. This is not woodwork - he can't fail and carry on, he will be dragged to court every time he makes a F*** up. And you, you're a clueless idiot, and probably racist too. wake up man

  • Peter - 2011-11-15 14:28

    Who is this SAMREM? they are trying to make a name for themselves. Drop the huffing charges and stop being a sensitive rainbow nation.

  • Mamaile - 2011-11-15 14:28

    Please SAMREM, just drop the charges and leave the poor Juju boy alone.....

      Go - 2011-11-15 14:45

      Surely you mean - "soon to be poor guy" Mmaile ??? lol

      Chumscrubber1 - 2011-11-15 16:14

      Poor?? Kgaogelo - and what is it that makes him a person to look up to? The fact that he wears a R250k watch, lives in a R16 million mansion, drives fancy cars, eats sushi off women and drinks expensive whisky. Is that a value you admire. Or is it just that he is calling for you to kill white people? You consider these "values" admirable? Different strokes for different folks I guess...

      Kgaogelo - 2011-11-15 16:17


      Sinjoku - 2011-11-16 09:00

      @Kgaogelo your responce is "indeed" regarding Chumsctubber's comment to you. So by that you are ok with shooting white people?

  • Lyndatjie - 2011-11-15 14:28

    So he acts out, asks for forgiveness and then gets forgiven. So what stops him from doing it again? NOTHING.... If there is no repercussion - he will never learn. This is a child - teach him the consequences so that he can stop acting like a spoilt brat!

      Go - 2011-11-15 14:48

      My children used to try the same tactics after doing wrong, they have learnt the lesson that there are consequences to your actions - surely big boy malema should be taught the same lesson

      Michael - 2011-11-15 20:05

      Agreed - this is not woodwork. He needs to back to court, back to school and back to the place where he he makes his F**** ups, and be lessoned in how to be a human being. he's an evil F***er

  • Nigel - 2011-11-15 14:29

    don't believe a word he vomits, he is always having to apologize, the only way he will learn (if he is capable of learning) is to take responsibility for his actions, don't drop the charges...

  • Trevor - 2011-11-15 14:32

    Malema is running scared now...he won't change, as soon as the ANC reverses it's decision after his appeal just watch him revert back to and become even WORSE than before...he has YEARS of hatred and it will not change in a month...he is who he is and you'd be a fool to even entertain any of his latest apologies...

  • desmond.joshua2 - 2011-11-15 14:35

    he is smooth talking you people,don't fall for his tricks.he is shrewd,cunning.he just wants you people to drop the charges,than he vomits on you again.

  • Deon - 2011-11-15 14:41

    We will be a better country without this child, can he not become an ambassodor in Zimbabwe or North Korea?

      Go - 2011-11-15 14:53

      lol, we'll let you believe that for now Sganja lol

      Xavier7034 - 2011-11-15 15:10

      @Sqanja - ironically, for once one can perhaps agree with something you have said...."So you have to wait because he is going nowhere" - frankly we all hope you are right, and that he IS NEVER going anywhere....except perhaps to prison as a result of a SARS investigation. Time will tell.

      Bob - 2011-11-15 15:12

      Sganja, once again you are right, Juju is ging nowhere, absolutely nowhere.

  • John - 2011-11-15 14:50

    have malema barbeque fat pig with spicey sauce

  • Dudley - 2011-11-15 14:56

    Let him open his pocket to learn to close his mouth, he is far too out spoken. Paying for his mistakes may hopefully teach him a lesson he has not learnt.

  • Dudley - 2011-11-15 14:56

    Let him open his pocket to learn to close his mouth, he is far too out spoken. Paying for his mistakes may hopefully teach him a lesson he has not learnt.

  • Deeteem - 2011-11-15 15:06

    So fatboy can say what he wants and we are not allowed to ??? Two words for juju ..... one starts with a F and the second ends with a U !!

      Kgaogelo - 2011-11-15 16:05

      you are talking crap man. I saw your picture and for that reasom I am not surprised.

  • malcolm - 2011-11-15 15:08

    The charges will be dropped. Just watch and wait. These four Asian individuals are just another band wagon jumping, opportunistic bunch of money grabbers. They lay the charges at least a month after the incident. I despise Malema, but I also despise people who use the alraedy too busy courts as a pawn in a money making scam. I reckon Malema has already paid them a bribe to drop the charges. People will mock me for this statement, but just watch the charges get dropped in days, or weeks to come.

      Marion - 2011-11-15 16:15

      Actually, Malcolm, they laid the charge about two weeks after the incident as I recall. And I think your comments are as offensive as Julius' slur.

  • comurray - 2011-11-15 15:09

    The K word is not acceptable but the MAKULA word is ok. Who gives anybody the right to use such language. Oh yes, a minority has no rights at all, is that what they are trying to say??

  • Shirley - 2011-11-15 15:11

    He didnt take a stance!!! Hes backed into a corner and is clutching at straws! Dont sell your dignity so cheaply!!!As for Sganja-Im so glad you "have a shame" You hide it well. You tipify the sad ignorant crowd that swallow all the s*#t that Malema spews!

      James - 2011-11-15 15:15

      Hi Shirley so you ran away from Kholofelo Teko?

      Anthony - 2011-11-15 16:23

      well put Shirley, lets both have a bells.

  • Nhlanhla - 2011-11-15 15:15

    what deciding,make a decision quick get done!

  • Sean - 2011-11-15 15:26

    We all know that besides whites, Indians are the next worst exploiters of Blacks in South Africa!! Its plain to see that black workers in small shops owned by indians or even in the homes as maids etc are hard for pittance!!!! In apartheid era, indians received better education and lived under better conditions etc! In fact in new SA indians are pseudo elite and are still priviledged, and still far better off than the majority of blacks!! It would be understandable that blacks hold some resentment to indians! One could go further and ask what are the majority of indians contributing to the new SA, besides small pockets of sincere indians? I don't see them rushing to change things and that can only be because they are happy with the status quo!!!

      Charles - 2011-11-15 15:37

      Indians and blacks started with the same amount of rights. If the Indians managed to make something of their lives through honesty, diligence and hard work, why must the blacks blame them for this

      Sean - 2011-11-15 15:57

      To Charles, all I can say, whatever indians built, yes through honesty, diligence and hard work, but also on the backs and sweat of blacks!! As I said, there were more opportunities for Indians in the apartheid era, better areas, better education, and better jobs. Lets not run away from that! That's the problem I have in the new SA, is that people's memories are short and people try to be fake and not own up to the realities of the past! Let's not but into this fake rainbow nation because the playing fields were not level to begin with, entering the new SA!!! Apartheid was social engineering at its best with whites right on top, then Indians, then Coloureds and then Blacks!!! Tell me, how many indian communities struggle in their areas, even poor ones, with lack of basic services like water and sanitation!!! Please Charles, lets not always jump on our horses but lets face up to the cold hard facts, and lets try to understand the debate coming from black people!!!

      Chumscrubber1 - 2011-11-15 16:41

      I tend to agree more with Charles. The Indians are survivors - they know how to succeed in adversity. They are very hard working people as well, they have more energy than any other group in this country - from my experience with them. Not good to generalise, but they tend to be very sly as well - their lack of honesty has got them into a lot of trouble, and caused a lot of resentment against them. Again, this is from my experience as a law enforcement officer - the black guys I worked with were not fond of the Indians, I often needed to control the aggression they showed towards Indian suspects. (The guys I worked with were Zulu) Another thing with Indians is they stick together, they are not big into mixing with other "groups". Keep it in the family as they say.

      Thozi - 2011-11-15 17:32

      What a nice way of bulding the new South Africa Sean, congratulations. I admire your intelligence - so contructive. Now everybody loves everyone in our land!

      GAMMAT - 2011-11-15 19:05

      You talk about short memories Sean, how old are you? You look very young, too young to comment on things that happened before your time.

      Sean - 2011-11-15 21:44

      Thozi, we cannot hide from the truth! We must bring all these things to the table so that we can debate openly! Why shy away and pretend that all is good and well?? We could end up like the United States who have been free for so long yet the racial tension is there, so much so that you can taste it! All because people tend to put the love for the idea of unity ahead of real progress towards it! One intellectual once noted that there cannot be progress if there's no strife to attain it! I'm not trying to single out Indians here, but just trying to get debate going! I'm coloured and oh let me not start opening a chapter on the hypocrisy of coloureds in this country towards black people....there's a whole can of worms there! Why not debate these ugly truths hey! I really laugh at the brief moments of fake unity for rugby matches etc only for everyone to go their separate ways when the dust settles! SA is far from being united, we are 1 of the most polarized societies!!! Lets face up to THAT FACT!!!

      Sean - 2011-11-15 21:52

      Gammat that's a old pic of me mate, as a kid! I'm 40+. Why not contribute to the discussion instead of trying to deflect! Do you have an opinion about the attitudes of coloured people towards our black brothers and sisters?

      Gammat - 2011-11-16 08:48

      Yes Sean, I do, I'm a 1960 model. I was around for a good many years, saw a lot of wrong doing. But first of all we can look at many scenario's. The cultural gap is definite, in my young days there were few black folks in Cape town. You hardly saw any in the CBD. We had a good relation mostly with black folks. According to the human genome project, my dna analyses groups me with san/european. So I do not share bloodlines with black nguni people, or at least not till a common ancester in the dawn of mankind. But we are still a brotherhood of man. Your comment states that SA was built on black exploitation. I believe that it was willing buyer, willing seller of labor at least from the start of the 20th century. And in line with that, black people also benefited from the development of the country. Your comment paints only one side of the picture. I have seen many things white people has done which left me with respect and awe at their capability. And to give balance to the equation, take a look at the rest of the world where there is negligible quantities of black people, those countries have advanced infrastructure. The "work hard for pittance" you mentioned was not enforced. Those black woman that work as servants in Indian houses did so out of choice.

      Sean - 2011-11-16 09:40

      Wow Gammat, I must say you make a very good point! Good that we starting to debate decently now! I agree with you on the point that in societies where there have been less to no black people, societies have thrived..I have read the book Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani which is a brutal critique on the black race, which outlines their failure to govern, innovate and basically are consumers of what other races produce! Where would we be right now , in certain respects I must caution, if it were not for the forward thinking our White and asians brothers and sisters?? Western advancement in my opinion yes has been their making no doubt about that!!! But at what costs I should point out??? More than a hundred years of slavery of black people, has made the playing fields unequal in a major way!!! Could that advancement not be achieved through another mechanism....too late to ask that now is it! However it does leave us with this problem that we have now, frankly I don't have all the answers, but I can try to at least listen and start understanding my black brother's plight! It's through that, that we can begin influencing and perhaps contribute to CHANGE!! But thanks Gammat, I admit you had me there...good point!

      Gammat - 2011-11-16 10:32

      Thank you Sean my brother :)

      Maximus Odinidus - 2011-11-16 13:18

      @sean, with all due respect as my elder I cannot say I have any respect for your train of thinking. You sound quite intelligent but to me you seem more of an agent. Lets get real about a couple of things. I am coloured which makes my parents the same. My mom has loads of white friends. My best friend is white and my wife and two of my grand parents. So Sean while you attempt to debate and understand the plight of your black brothers while casting aspersions on other races you make me wonder why you claim racial integration is a farce. I put it to you sir that you are the very reason there is no real racial integration because of what lies in your heart.

  • Tim - 2011-11-15 15:27

    The people I feel most sorry for are the ones he was addressing in Gauteng when he used that racist term. The problem with Malema's populism is that he appeals to the lowest common denominator in his audiences, reinforcing the stereotypes his audiences want reinforced, saying what he thinks his audiences want to hear, leaving his audiences no better informed or led anywhere. Populists don't provide leadership, they only collect ballot fodder.

  • TonyPerkis - 2011-11-15 15:28

    He will not be able to appeal against the 2 year charge, that stands for now. Only the 3 year charge, in two years may be appealed.

  • Kedibone - 2011-11-15 15:33

    I had that he got a job at UNISA as a 'marking instructor"....just a few days after he wrote his examz!!!

  • Grim - 2011-11-15 15:38

    Sorry who was this guy..? Juli .. who? Oh nevermind, he's not worth it. He gone

      Barbicus247 - 2011-11-15 16:16

      Neva count your chickens, u might be in for a rude awakening.

  • wdasneves - 2011-11-15 15:43

    dude you a living on another planet "Malema used the word "makula", which was translated to mean "coolies"." How is that not an offence??? He is a racist!!! You would not like being called racical names, would you? Because I think you would be the first to complain, they should NOT DROP THE CHARGES!!!!

      Barbicus247 - 2011-11-15 16:19

      Let them proceed for all we care, we are well aware of their agenda and the timing of this is not surprising at all.If you look for trouble you'll always find it.Get a life!

  • Shirley - 2011-11-15 15:46

    Sganja: Go and read properly and see> I dont need to run anywhere. So please be BRAVE when you see all the thumbs down at your comments and stop wasting space!

      James - 2011-11-15 15:54

      Hey Shirley there is reply button,is very useful you can try it next time...

      Shirley - 2011-11-15 16:06

      I am able to think on my own and will reply as I please. But good to see you can at least read. Go and practise your double standards with the rest of the kindergarten. You are out numbered here even though we are the MINORITY.

      Kgaogelo - 2011-11-15 16:14

      you will move from being MINORITY TO minority.

      Go - 2011-11-15 18:09

      Sganja and Kga... - You guys are sad individuals, switch off your employers pc and get back to whatever job it is you are actually employed to do.

      Morne - 2011-11-15 21:42

      @ Sg & Kg - You must be joking, education standards have really dropped the bar with you man??? Wake the f... up, bloody agents!!!

      Sean - 2011-11-15 21:49

      @Morne - Even the wood work standards have dropped !

  • Roy - 2011-11-15 15:48

    Stupid move that Samrem is thinking of doing. They should not let Malema get away with it. People like him should not call people names and then think they can apoligize and everything will be OK To often he says things but if whites or other groups should use the"K" word these same people would destroy property etc when they go on a march. Samrem should teach him a lesson.

  • Faizel - 2011-11-15 15:55


  • Peter - 2011-11-15 16:08

    "Samrem also wanted to discuss the continued antagonistic behaviour towards minorities" Exactly you dingbat, its not just about a comment here and there, its about whats in your your head, and what you state on the platform you love so much.

  • lioneldelange - 2011-11-15 16:09

    If they drop the charges he gets away with it. Call him the "K" word and see if he'll be happy and not press charges. He's getting nailed from all ends because of his behaviour. He's made his bed, now he needs to lie in it. Malema, try and be a man and face the music.

  • Marion - 2011-11-15 16:11

    If it was offensive then, it is just as offensive now despite his apology. But do speak to him about his antagonism. Here's hoping his suspension stands so he can be sued in his private capacity in future, without the support of the ANC, next time he puts his foot in his mouth.

  • Soli - 2011-11-15 16:27

    I'm certainly not a Malema fan but this whole story illustrates the dangers of directly translating one language to another without proper contextualisation. Makula in Sepedi refers to people of Indian descent. one need not be a history fundi to know that this derogatory word was used widely when Indians first settled in SA. This was the word that the Africans heard and used then to describe Indians and has since become part od their lexicon and when used there is never any malice intended.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2011-11-15 17:00

      It depends on the tone. I currently work with Shagaans, and when they talk about "makula" it is with malice. Same as "mlungu", it can be innocent but is often used against us whities with a malicious tone. When used like that I take offence, its pretty easy to hear when the intention is to insult or innocent. I must admit, in Juju's speech it is a bit difficult to define his intent - then again, he is a politician...

  • Shirley - 2011-11-15 16:30

    Kgaogelo: Do I detect a subtle threat? Maybe in your dreams you think that all the Minorities will dissappear from S.A. but alas that is only a dream. The "minorities" of S.A. become all the more determined to stay in their country every time the likes of you sing "shoot the boer" call peole "c.....s" etc. We are not intimidated by loud mouthed children spewing hate,we have invested far too much in this country so by all means continue-it makes us stronger!

  • Frans - 2011-11-15 16:32

    My my my... I so get annoyed at people. If someone calls me a "whitey/ white eye/ white watever" or even a "boertjie" that's what it is because that is exacly what I am and proud to be one! I simply cannot understand that being called a colour something can be implied as being racist. It is time people concentrate on the real things, not te petty things. Modern mankind with all it's so-called "human rights" etc. has put the world in chaos, no wonder criminals have more "human rights" than the victims! Should we now all be upset because we're part of the Human Race? I don't think so. We have a job to do here on earth but petty things keep us from doing what we were assigned to do here. Come on, please the the human race grow up...

      Heiku - 2011-11-15 16:50

      You have to understand that some people have some extremely strange psychological disorders and for them their mission on this earth is just to discover who/what they are. Petty things. That's all they can achieve.

  • Paul Thabane - 2011-11-15 16:42

    Frans I so wish the rest of SA was as open minded as you then this country would be such a better place.

      Frans - 2011-11-15 16:49

      Thank you Paul. I think humans have lost all pride in themselves, their race, their nationality and thus their identity. They get offended by being labelled by what and who they are because they're not happy with what and who they are. The scary bit to me is what the human race are becoming...

  • Michael - 2011-11-15 20:07


  • Michael - 2011-11-15 20:09

    Can. Someone. Please. Lock. Ip. This. Rsole??? Just like the Mafia thug "scarface" was nailed on tax charges, I hope SARS drags this pig to court and has him stripped of his illegal cash, and locked up for a very. Long. Time.

  • harrison.fawd - 2011-11-16 10:23

    How does everyone not see that this is so much more than about the use of "Makula." Malema and his followers have long disrespected minorities with impunity. That's what SAMREM is upset about and they have every right to be.

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