Motlanthe biography released

2012-10-05 13:03

Johannesburg - A new biography about Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe reveals how he feels about the ANC and its leadership, the Mail & Guardian reported on Friday.

In the book, written by former trade unionist Ebrahim Harvey, Motlanthe expresses unhappiness about how the party's current leadership handles service delivery, the abuse of state organs, and the state of affairs in the ANC.

Kgalema Motlanthe: A Political Biography will be released in Johannesburg on October 11.

Motlanthe also bemoans African National Congress leaders for expelling former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema.

However, he makes it clear in the book that he is part of the leadership and so does not isolate himself from these problems.

An extract from the book reads: "Kgalema's hopes for the new Zuma term were dashed in several major respects, but he does not try to distance himself from the problems. The situation for the poor majority, relations between the ANC and its allies and the state of affairs within the ANC itself are all on the whole very much as they were under [former president Thabo] Mbeki."

Motlanthe dismisses speculation that he will not make himself available for the ANC's top position if President Jacob Zuma stands for the job again. He says no one has approached him yet.

"My position is that nobody must try to canvass for themselves in the run-up to elections," Motlanthe is quoted as saying in the book.

"It is up to the will of the branches. But if I am nominated for such a position... I will either accept or decline."

  • philani.goba - 2012-10-05 13:12 simply're telling us you wanna be president and you like Malema!..Public dont vote ANC..please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willie - 2012-10-05 13:16

    @ "...unhappiness about how the party's current leadership handles service delivery..." So you admit failure and you still want to lead us.The same nonsense will happen you will still hide behind "collective resposibility"

  • sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 13:21

    Dear Mr Kgalema Motlanthe. Thank you for making this biography avbailable to us. Most South African dont understand your behaviour though i studied your deplomatic approach to situation i believe you are the right man for the top job. I take my hat off Pres Jacob Zuma, for a man of his status with such mixed history and events i believe he has done pretty well but, the country come first and i am loyal to the country than indivuduals. his image is seriously dented and doesnt look good at all to the outside world we need someone of your calibre a man of the century one whom we can bet and say he will never. Take note of the charismatic type of leaders who care less about the country's state of affairs but rather looking into enriching those close to him and himself ofcourse. I is due to the love of my country and its citizen that i base my recommendation that "President" Kgalema Motlanthe must be given an opportunity to lead us. We are burning in hell pls Mr Motlanthe fight, fight and fight. We are all behind you. South African Greetings.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-10-05 13:37

      @ kala.bafazi methinks no one cares what makes you glad. the man was just making known his views

      kala.bafazi - 2012-10-05 14:00

      I'm glad Gerald, nobody else has to be.

      sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 14:13

      @Gerald. thanks for your advice my African brother you are a true champion of reconciliation.

  • magomarele - 2012-10-05 13:23

    Ok, Motlanthe, you can take your Malema into political wilderness. You were our favourite to take over from the herd boy shower-head, but with your undying love and adoration for destructive and brainless woodwork boy, forget it. Maybe Sexwale or, as a last option, Nkandla idiot might save us from doom which we might face from woodwork boy's triumphant return.

      sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 13:30

      You really need political education to understand what Mr Motlanthe says. he never said that he likes Malema he says the way in which Malema was axed is wrong and if you are a leader u need to know that Malema couold be rehabilitated the way in which he express himself. there is nothing wrong Malema has done except for the lack of respect to elders who most doesnt respect themselves either. Issue Malema raised are gunuine but i am totally against the way he said them.

      sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 13:45

      If Malema pissed you off like that why you doing the same things u guys claimed he did. you complain about his behaviour but calling names too please go see a shrink you are suffering from irrelevancy and it is a serious disease. infact how old are you? you see its bad to let kaboutertjies comment on serious matters like this.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-10-05 13:47

      dear sammy, i agree 100% with what you said. Motlanthe said it was a mistake to expel Julius, the sentiment was echoed By Moeketsi Mbeki when he said it was extremely unwise to silence the extremely left wing. As for whether Mr Malema can undergo political transformation it is besides the point, his expulsion is irreversible, and i hope the ANC sticks to its guns. @ Maomarele, I would rather you distance yourself from the type of isnulting talk, that we see so much from the passionate youth league of the ANC and the friends of the youth league and just about 90% of the white bloggers here. You are so focused on weaving insults that you actually rob yourself of thinking dispassionately about the issues. You are black, and by your moniker i expect you are Pedi...have the grace with which you were raised, that "herd boy shower-head" is someone senior to you and by our culture must be afforded the respect of the elders. "brainless woodwork boy...", dont you just sound like the white bloggers here? You dont have to like Julius, that is your right, but have the grace of your culture carry you though this diffucult times and above all behave with grace.

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-10-05 13:25

    Ah you will accept you headless chicken

      sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 13:38

      i can tell by your tone that you are not south african.

      ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-10-05 14:49

      Well Sammy u r not worth my intelligency, stupid.

  • Manduleli Rotherham Mtyoki - 2012-10-05 13:29

    Slowly but surely, siyaya eMangaung! Yasombul' inamba.

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-10-05 13:31

    Ah, a book to kill mozzies with at night and a door stop for during the day.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-10-05 14:22


  • hendrikvs - 2012-10-05 13:34

    As confused as the rest it seems?? Dangerous material this.

      bulelani.magwaza - 2012-10-05 16:54

      worse if u never c anydifferent!

  • sammy.senamela - 2012-10-05 13:41

    People slam Malema but they behaver like him u know they say nasty staff about other ople but they themselves are no different from JuJu baby. So stop moaning about his behaviour or check where you last dogged your dromedarys and ship back where you come from.

  • robert.mevo - 2012-10-05 13:49

    dis s a mzansi political game,Zuma used malema 2 shift Mbheki n now s Montlante's term 2 use hm again 2 shift Zuma.Malema s just a key 2 open strong doors n after u open u hv 2 throw it away because anoda 1 can use 2 open where u r.

  • lawrence.mzamba - 2012-10-05 14:12

    Kgalema,go for presidency and win but dont make the mistake of bringing Malema back.he is gonna turn against yu.

  • mzondistanley - 2012-10-05 14:14

    This Time it is Home grown Democracy at work!! Avoid Divide and rule the Problems of South Africa will not vanish by changing personalities at the Top, they need MONEY to carry out all ear marked Changes!!Even Transformation of the Economy needs money, You get nothing from Nothing!! You spend Money on Good Ideas in order to make Money!!!

  • johan.jacobs.33821 - 2012-10-05 15:01

    Where do I find it under Horror,or Fiction.

  • phahla.matwa - 2012-10-05 15:20

    Where can I buy it

      bulelani.magwaza - 2012-10-05 16:58

      of coz between madness of mzansi!

  • alf.pop - 2012-10-05 15:49

    I will give that lot a miss! Hopefully I will not develop withdrawal symptoms!

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