Motlanthe urges UN to send peacekeepers to Syria

2012-06-13 18:01

Cape Town - Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe on Wednesday said the UN Security Council should agree to the deployment of a peace force in Syria.

South Africa, currently a Council member, was pushing for the body's five veto-carrying states to reach a consensus on the war-torn state "because now peace won't happen of its own".

"So what is required is a peace-making force to be deployed and also to defend that peace once attained," Motlanthe told parliament.

Slamming the violence as unacceptable, Motlanthe said South Africa will try to lobby for agreement and added that Syria will be discussed on the sidelines of the upcoming G20 meeting.

"We are a small fry... We can only use soft power of persuading those with this real veto power to find each other, to find a common meeting point so that an intervention is called for."

"We can't sit back and do nothing about it, we've got to keep on knocking on them because the situation was much much better two weeks ago, it has spiralled completely out of control now," he said.

"And so I suppose Russia and China and the United States of America and the other permanent members are now persuaded that something should happen."

Motlanthe warned against unilateral action, as taken in Iraq, saying it was important for the UN to take responsibility for any intervention which had to be aimed at bringing peace.

UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous on Tuesday said Syria was in a full-scale civil war, as the government's forces seek to regain control of territory lost to the opposition.

  • Squeegee - 2012-06-13 18:05

    Have we kicked out their Ambassador yet? No.

      Kenna - 2012-06-13 18:19

      LOL - my first thought too.

      Andrew - 2012-06-13 18:23

      The Syria as a whole is factional and hugely violent. Why should the UN risk the lives of their workers and peacekeepers. The Arab League should be leading any effort to bring regime change and stability.

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-06-13 18:51

      Champagne Motlanthe is 12 months late with SA foreign policy. A bunch of cowards that are too scared to voice an opinion until it is too late. They are followers not leaders.

      Squeegee - 2012-06-13 19:18

      Patrick, you are delusional - usual anti-USA junk.

      colin.dovey - 2012-06-13 19:28

      Your real name is NOT Patrick Edwards.......

      Kevin - 2012-06-13 20:06

      Patrick Edwards being anti USA does not change what is happening on the ground in Syria. You insult the Free Syrian Army and all those killed by the Assad regime. Assad has never faced a free and fair election, his father came to power in a coup and he inherited the job as president. That is known as a hereditary dictatorship. What makes you believe that the Syrians haven't finally got tired of a corrupt dictatorship? You are a typically short on reading and education South African. Motlanthe is in the same league, he hasn't read what Vladimir Putin is saying, that they will oppose any measures against Syria so the Veto wielding powers in the Security Council can achieve nothing and they dont give a damn what a powerless third world nation has to say.

      Juan - 2012-06-14 04:23

      @Patric I am on the ground in one of the countries that you mentioned. I know you are anti-US and love to vilianise the Americans. But I know what they are like, and I know how they treat the local people. They are treated very well indeed. Don't always believe everything you read in the media, it's a very one-sided picture.

      Koos - 2012-06-14 04:57

      According to our friend and Western basher, Patrick, Syria should just be left alone. Let them kill each other! The strongest will survive. Right Patrick? Or is your Russia and Iran going to intervene and safe the day?

      Jacqui - 2012-06-14 10:31

      Patrick, leave politics to grownups. You don't know what you are talking about. Go play.

  • Gekraaktehoof - 2012-06-13 18:16

    In the future the UN Security Council agree to the deployment of a peace force in South Africa it is not so far in the future it will happen if you look to the history of Africa!!!

  • Busani - 2012-06-13 18:20

    Ag please mr Mothlanthe, when you and Zuma speak, it sound like a toilet flushing

      Ben - 2012-06-13 18:36

      Not very nice, but a very good way to describe it.

  • gee.raaf - 2012-06-13 18:23

    Send a few peacekeepers to your townships first!

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-06-13 18:31

    Why endanger the lives of a UN peacekeeping force?

      Juan - 2012-06-13 19:33

      That Sirian government must be crushed, that's how peace will come about.

      John - 2012-06-14 04:28

      The UN is a Pit Bull with it's teeth kicked out. They consume enormous amounts of member states money and do nothing constructive.

  • Alwyn - 2012-06-13 18:36

    Motlanthe, the biggest obstacle is China and Russia. Your buddies!! No use trying some window dressing to show we care!

  • clive.brink - 2012-06-13 18:43

    Dear Mr Deputy President, How about requesting the UN Security Council to send Peace Keepers to South Africa to protect us against the violent crime?

  • Jason - 2012-06-13 18:59

    If only they were this vocal about Zimbabwe.

      Kevin - 2012-06-13 20:15

      Oh boy are you optimistic! Our Government supports unelected dictators in our immediate neighbours (Swaziland & Zimbabwe), says nothing about their crimes against humanity and invites them here as honoured guests. Occasionally in countries where we have very limited interests and very little trade, we belatedly make inane comments to try and show the world we care. What is lost on our Government is that no one least of all the world powers gives a damn about their inane comments. Their statements and duplicity show us as amoral and disreputable.

      ryan.a.smith.3958 - 2012-06-14 13:51

      at least motlanthe is right about the SA government being a "small fry". everything else he says can be disregarded

  • Cedric - 2012-06-13 19:04

    your urge is long overdue sir the world has watch in disbelif a president and his equally blood thirsty rebels killing inocent people pleas un send as many as you can.

  • des.cider - 2012-06-13 19:12

    Syria is gone.. and many other countries wil follow suit! Best bet now is to nuke it and to try to retrieve the oil as long as we are able.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-13 19:12

    Yes SA,lets show the world we have our own foreign policy. Tell them that SA knows about minority regimes !!!!! Throw the Syrian ambassador out, 24 hours to pack his bags!! Than call in the ambassadors of Russia and China, and tell them, if they don't stop supporting this evil assad terrorist, they can also off !!!!!!! In any case, What good does Russia do for SA, where is the Russian investments???????? And China only destroys jobs in Africa, and floods the market with their cheap junk !! So we really won't miss them!!!

      colin.dovey - 2012-06-13 19:30

      Tell us your REAL name Patrick......

      Juan - 2012-06-13 19:38

      @anthony then our regime will realy shoot itself in the foot. Where will they turn to for handouts in the future. I mean that will blow the "look east" campaign right out of the water

      Kevin - 2012-06-13 20:19

      Patrick it is not silly filth, it is wishful thinking. If it were to happen at least we as a nation would be able to reclaim our integrity.

      jans.opresser - 2012-06-13 22:47

      you again?you and your stupid tirade on Russia and China,you seem to forget that they are both BRIC members along with us. dont be surprised if the russians tell the ANC to recant this statement,or if they are kicked out of BRICS all together. if I was china or russia,I would be fed up with the fools from the ANC for destroying their foreign policy agenda's based on their(ANC)STUPIDITY!!

      jans.opresser - 2012-06-13 22:55

      Anthony, sal daar 'n tyd kom wanneer ons die Afrikaner sal die VN vra vir 'n "vredesmag" hier in Suid-Afrika, en dan sal die ANC dat motion.what verloën, sal jy dan sê?

      John - 2012-06-14 04:36

      @Xavier, he is probably Blondezulu, Tsotsie-baby, Tamaranui Victor or Tamaranui in a new disguise. Prick troll.

      Koos - 2012-06-14 05:55

      He bashes everything that is West but I don't think he is driving around in a Lada or Cherry. When him and his type's begging bowl's comes out it goes to those terrible people in the West. Patrick, you should have some pork tjops boet.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-14 05:58

      Jans.opresser, ""you again?you and your stupid tirade on Russia and China,you seem to forget that they are both BRIC members along with us"" No, I did not 'forget' SA is a BRICS member The way I see it; SA biggest challenge is; EMPLOYMENT The USA and Europe invest big time, in SA, and directly and indirectly employ tens of thousands of South Africans. They only bring here a handful of their own people, for the rest they use locals. Besides, the USA and Europe DONATE , BILLIONS OF EURO AND DOLLARS, each year to Africa. Even now, with their own economies not doing well, there is no excuse, the aid keeps coming. Just on fighting, and put preventive measures in place, hiv aids and malaria, they together save the lives of MILLIONS of Africans, each year!! But you being the smart one here, please tell me; WHAT investments are there from the Russians in South Africa, or as a matter of fact in the whole of Africa??????????????? ----NONE---- What employment have they created in Africa----NONE----- What aid have they donated to Africa-----NOT ONE ROEBEL !!!!------ Show me a South African who is employed in a Chinese company, except of making the tea!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can point out to you, TENS OF THOUSANDS who have lost their jobs, cause of Chinese "INVESTMENT" !!!!!!!! Show me ONE investment the Chinese have made in Africa, which is not only beneficially to them, but ALSO to Africa?? Show me where the Chinese have DONATED just ONE Rand in SA. Both Russia and China are USELESS

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-14 07:09

      Jans, Sorry, although i respect your language, I don't read or write it !!

      Kenna - 2012-06-14 12:55

      Ah, in a perfect world that is indeed how we would behave. But, it is not perfect. Add to that the bizarre vested interests our corrupt leaders appear to have with China, Russia and the poxy Arab countries... well, we have a greater chance of seeing a squadron of pigs fly past the window.

  • jans.opresser - 2012-06-13 22:40

    Eish,is this NOT the same ANC who VOTED for UNR1973 to have Libya bombed and destroyed,only to then turn around and COMPLAIN that NATO was exceeding its mandate and slaughtering the citizens of Libya? is this not the same ANC who then had their president(not ours)zuma fly all over the globe to russia and china to drum up support to force NATO to STOP bombing gadaffi? is this not the same ANC who claimed that "this is not what we voted for" once the bombing of libya took place? is this not the same ANC who refused to acknowledge the libyan TNC as the official govt of libya after gadaffi was killed?is this not the same ANC who then refused to release funds at the UN for the(now confirmed)al-qaeda rebels in libya? and isnt this the same ANC who then released the funds to the al-qaeda rebels in libya because they were giving them the "benefit of the doubt"?foreign policy based on the benefit of the doubt to a bunch of terrorist?lets see a show of hands from any IDIOT who would sign off on any opinion of the ANC led govt after their debacle in libya? the ANC is not smart enough to be involved in the affairs of other nations and has no business discussing foreign policy of other nations. their ACTIONS on libya proves that beyond a reasonable doubt!

      John - 2012-06-14 04:44

      Trying to impress the Sheepol that they have their finger on World Affairs, I've said this before you can never teach an elephant to drive a car!

      Koos - 2012-06-14 05:04

      I would like to see an elephant in a Cherry! Just imagine that.

  • Andricca - 2012-06-14 09:23

    Motlanthe really speak like a real leader - not this shower head who always call for "debate" and so-called "balancing act" when he can't reason further on technical matters

      Koos - 2012-06-14 09:36

      Speaking and doing is two different things. Don't be fooled.

  • Jacqui - 2012-06-14 10:29

    Mothlante shoud get his head out of the haystack. Where did a U.N. peace force ever worked?. They cost a fortune and are as worthless as Mothlante's suggestion. Syrian Ambassador still here? Every other self-respecting nation have kicked them out, but hell no, not here. Bunch of twerps.

  • Brad - 2012-06-14 12:45

    Motlanthe - Keep your urges out of other countries, and fix up your own cesspit right out of your own doorstep!!!!!!!

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