Mpumalanga premier suspends health boss

2011-11-07 22:29

Johannesburg - Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza has suspended the head of the provincial health department, his office said on Monday.

It confirmed the suspension of Johnson Mahlangu, but would not give any more information as it was a "sensitive" issue.

The Sowetan newspaper reported that Mahlangu had been suspended for allegedly awarding a R120m contract to a company linked to the ANC Youth League.

The company, Isibonelo Waste Solutions, was awarded the contract for the removal and treatment of medical waste in the province. Isibonelo is co-owned by Christos Eleftheriades, a business partner of ANCYL president Julius Malema, the newspaper reported.

The Democratic Alliance welcomed the suspension, but voiced concern over the impact on the health department, which it said was already in crisis.

"If Premier Mabuza suspended Mahlangu due to irregular tender procedures, then the suspension and subsequent investigations and actions are legitimate and right," DA MPL Anthony Benadie said in a statement.

"If so, it must be determined if the reported links of the said company with the ANCYL and its president Julius Malema had any role to play in the company receiving the R120m tender in the first place."

According to the Sowetan report Mabuza was not happy with Mahlangu dismissing his preferred choice of company, which Mabuza believed should have received the tender.

"This aspect also needs to be investigated, as the premier has no right to dictate which company should or should not be awarded tenders," Benadie said.

The DA said it would ask Health MEC Clifford Mkasi to investigate the tender process followed in appointing Isibonelo Waste Solutions.

It called on Mabuza to prioritise the investigation and appoint an acting head of department.

  • Ronald - 2011-11-07 23:33

    I can understand that the budget for governmental salaries has grown from 23% to over 40% of the national budget. At the rate that people are being suspended, axed, re-deployed and hired to stand in or do the work of those that have been suspended, axed, re-deployed or found to be incompetent is frightening. The sheer volume of gravy train leeches that have crawled out of the woodwork is slowly but surely starting to overcome the ability of the gravy train engine, us, the taxpayer. It feels like the government is trying to de-sensitize us with the numbers of people being suspended, fired and investigated, to the point where it starts feeling normal. These reports at first were few and far between, perhaps one a month or so. Now it has escalated to one, two, sometimes three such reports a day. At least the Nigerians have the decency to hide their internet scams behind a mask of respectability and reflect a bit of sophistication. In SA it is more of a bloody stampede by pigs to get to the feeding trough. What will it take before it drives us to stand up and say, ENOUGH! Or will we be silent until we are to hungry, overworked and broken to care.

  • Kevin - 2011-11-08 05:57

    Another anc thug by the sounds of it . THE TENDER PROCESS IS FRAUGHT WITH PROBLEMS BUT NO ONE CHANGES IT. If the governmnet really worried about corruption they would let Chartered Accountancy firms get involved in running the process from the outset and let them award the tender. There is also the 500k no tender necessary process which is also being used to rape the system . ANC, every day more people are turning there back on your corrupt lot. The judiciary is so useless it could not even get schaik into jail , let alone the real criminal. How can we trust them with corrupt officials getting maximum sentences .

  • Koos - 2011-11-08 06:16

    Corruption is part of the CULTURE. African culture. Tenders are normally asked to be able to ascertain the ability of the company tendering and to get a reasonable fee. The SA government/provinces basis of tendering is to get money for family/friends/self. Can it be changed?

  • Paas - 2011-11-08 07:07

    Mpu health boss suspended, Mbombela acting municipal manager suspended (new acting municipal manager appointed) - at the rate we are going in Mamparalanga Province, the personal fiefdom of Premier DD Mabuza, there will be more suspended (on full pay) ANC deployees around than the few who actually do a job effectively.

  • Edwards - 2011-11-08 10:31

    mpumalanga only god can stop corruption in mp trust me

  • fillibusters - 2011-12-04 19:21

    in health contracts are ONLY awarded to ANC connections, I challenge anyone to show me otherwise

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