Mthembu continues as ANC spokesperson

2013-01-15 17:32

Johannesburg - Jackson Mthembu will continue serving as national spokesperson of the African National Congress, the party said on Tuesday.

Mthembu was re-appointed by the new national executive committee (NEC) during its first meeting on 11 January.

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told reporters that the meeting held in Durban was adjourned and would continue on Thursday and Friday.

The new leadership of the NEC, which was elected in the Mangaung conference in December, appointed sub-committees and those who would chair them.

Lindiwe Zulu would chair the communications and media sub-committee while education and health would be led by Naledi Pandor.

Economic transformation would be chaired by Enoch Godongwana and international relations by Obed Bapela.

The national disciplinary committee would be chaired by Derek Hanekom with political education chaired by Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor would chair the education and health sub-committee.

Mantashe said the NEC adopted the 8 January statement made by President Jacob Zuma and appointed NEC deployees for each province.

Gauteng was allotted to Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu. Joe Paahla would be in KwaZulu-Natal, Ruth Bhengu in Limpopo, Dikeledi Magadzi in Mpumalanga while Lynne Brown would represent the NEC in Northern Cape.

The North West would have Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini and the Western Cape has Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi as the NEC deployee.

Hanekom would also be the NEC's representative in Eastern Cape, while Public Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba would be based in the Free State.

"These deployees will attend PEC meetings, do political work in the respective provinces, attend to problems that require NEC intervention and service our structure on an ongoing basis," said Mantashe.

Mantashe said in the coming meeting the NEC would appoint the national working committee.

The North West and Limpopo were the provinces which needed immediate attention.

"The NEC endorsed the March deadline for the convening of the provincial conference since the Constitutional Court declared the June 2012 conference null and void," he said.

Mantashe said the entire process would re-started from auditing of branches and their general meetings.

On 21 March, national officials would meet the leadership of the ANC Youth League to deal with the relationship between the party and league, and "general functioning of the ANCYL".

The ANC would hold its national lekgotla on 30 January to 2 February to "streamline" the implementation of the resolutions of the Mangaung conference.

"The outcome of the lekgotla would give guidance to the cabinet lekgotla and the state of the nation address."

  • peter.horn.3576 - 2013-01-15 17:47

    Ssssssss.....sssssss.. and this is of interest to whom?

      musawakhe.ngubane - 2013-01-15 18:10

      To us as the majority!

      jesibelle.krueger - 2013-01-15 18:23

      @musawakhe.ngubane, What majority - the majority of idiots, the majority of < 50 IQ's, the ILLITERATES, the economic parasites, the goons who consume more wealth than what they create, the feckless, the obtuse..? For let me assure you, the bona fide tax-paying majority, the wealth creating majority, those who deserve the oxygen they breathe.., they could not care less about the most worthless party of whiskey slurping roaches...

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 18:35

      Musawakhe, by the "majority" you mean the 1,2 million members of the ANC aka idiots who are dragging the entire country of over 50 million people down I presume.

      bone.marrow.501 - 2013-01-15 18:47

      You can toss n turn,The ANC will RULE.

      beki.khumalo - 2013-01-15 19:14

      @ Kruger and Thwala, it would be progressive hear you guys offer solutions for a change instead insults. Try it! The more you insult suppoters and members of the ANC, which I'm one of them, the more you lead them defend and campaign for the ANC even harder. What suggestions or solutions do you have? Let's hear them and debate them, maybe we could end up finding common ground. With all these insults and no real alternatives, the ANC will rule this country for YEARS to come!!! You're so emotional towards the ANC and yet you expect people not to vote with their emotions!?!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 19:22

      Mzilikazi, even the blind can see that the ANC is losing support. You arfe the one that's emotional here, using exclamation marks (which imply screaming). I was once a regional member of the ANC, until I realised that even though the ANC spearheaded the fight against racial oppression, they are now raping the country. The solution: vote them out and give them time to reflect. And vote them back in power once they have admitted the error of their ways. Vote them out again if they start thinking having led the struggle entitles them to rape the country. You also seem to forget that the ANC is not some amorphous entity, but that it is made of members, and was supported by an overwhelming majority initially, but the election results have started dwindling. Why is that? And don't fool yourself: the ANC has lost a number of wards over the years, and a province called the WC.

      beki.khumalo - 2013-01-15 19:30

      @Thwala, I FULLY agree with you on everything you've just said. You will not believe that I've been saying the same thing, that ANC has become way too comfortable and is taking a lot of things for granted, in fact the ANC has become arrogant. My call is for more people to continue to withhold their votes so that the ANC can lose a term and catch a wake up call, exactly what you're saying. Those are messages and suggestions that will make sense to people, I think everyone acknowledges that the ANC is under-performing and is riddled with corruption, all that people need is gentle persuation. I'm against the insults! You'll NOT win anyone over by insulting them, never!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 19:46

      I hear you Mntungwa, and fully agree.

      Erna - 2013-01-15 19:48

      @bone.marrow They may rule but they surely know nothing about governing a country.

      Erna - 2013-01-15 19:59


      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 20:54

      Khumalo, I change my mind about withholding votes. The Zimbos are also withholding their votes from Mugabe by fleeing to SA and depriving Tsvanguraiof a credible majority. Who must remove the ANC from power and teach them to stop taking the electorate for granted if you are not happy with their performance, but would rather sit on the sideliness and not do something about it?

      lubabaloo - 2013-01-16 13:26

      you DA's or whatever might be a magority on news24, but when it comes to elections we decide, anc forever!

  • kolobe.kolobenyana - 2013-01-15 17:54

    jack daniels is in the "right" camp

  • nettie.potgieter.5 - 2013-01-15 18:04

    At least the ANC get it right to keep all the jokers.

      musawakhe.ngubane - 2013-01-15 18:18

      Colonial mentality indeed!

      david.banner.104418 - 2013-01-15 18:22

      Brainwashed mentality indeed.

  • musawakhe.ngubane - 2013-01-15 18:16

    Well done comrades for electing these capable comrades to chair sub-committees for our glorious movement. That is why we elected you in Mangaung and removed those who were becoming bigger than the ANC. Forward with unity in action towards socio_economic freedom. Yindle lendlela esiyihambayo! ANC lives, ANC leads!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 18:36

      Zuma's stupidity is truly contagious

      Erna - 2013-01-15 19:43

      It looks like the same useless bunch as before.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-15 20:17

      Haha, you said capable...waaaaahahahahaaaaaa!

  • bongani.nxumalo.1804 - 2013-01-15 18:33

    For as long as the majority is still called names, we are gonna continue supporting the ANC. Viva ANC.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 18:53

      Remember that the ANC has 1,2 million members in a country of over 50 million. Don't get too excited and call 1,2 million people "the majority." Considering as well that the ANC has been winning elections on the basis of a few hundred thousands votes, (not even a million), the majority has not been voting for any party during the past elections

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-15 20:17

      By your definition if we stop calling you names then you will stop supporting ANC. Hey you said it.

      Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-16 07:48

      Does the truth hurt you? Its not name calling if its true...your violent threats dont scare anyone go to zim rather please...

      lubabaloo - 2013-01-16 13:29

      anc dominates with more than 60% of votes, thats majority

  • Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-15 18:44

    Why cant they get someone with a standard 3 at least to talk for my ANC. the party is going 1 way...not up!

  • musawakhe.ngubane - 2013-01-15 18:46

    @ themba.thwala: Broer, stop colluding with the counter-revolutionary imperialists, you will be burned. I'm warning you chief, I don't want to direct my arrows towards you. So, step aside or face the consequences!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 18:56

      Why do you threaten to burn people for expressing their right to hold different opinions to yours? Do you even know that the ANC fought for the right to freedom of expression? Do you even understand what the right to freedom of expression means?

      herman.letlalo - 2013-01-15 19:53

      stop threatening people you idiot. We all initialy supported the anc, stood by it and were proud of its liberation legacy, but its arrogant punks like you that make this movement look like a potential zanu pf. You are so arrogant and the nation should be scared of differing with you in opinion just because you attend a branch meeting? this country could go the zimbabwean route and idiotic minds like yours would still believe black people owe you some sick loyalty. Do you think all blacks are stupid? You think we are indebted to you even though you your likes continue behaving like their whole purpose in life is to annoy intelligent people? I owe nothing to the anc, they were in the struggle, they have tenders, they have not yet even built their own university after closing colleges. So go to hell.

      jack.valence.7 - 2013-01-15 21:11

      Hahahaha from which counter-revolutionary imperialist are you gonna borrow money for 5L petrol and a box of matches?

      Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-16 07:47

      hahahahahahaha and i will rather fight with good whites than stupid blacks 'comrade'

  • Buhle Mjiyakho - 2013-01-15 18:49

    @Bongani Viva all the way...these Coconuts have 4gotten dat they wouldnt even b able 2 speak or write this english if it wasnt 4 this ANC fighting the cause.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 19:07

      That's what Zimbabweans where saying to those who warned them about the slide down the sewer. The next things they were racing away from ZANU PF which was "fighting the cause."

      mike.down.5492 - 2013-01-15 19:08

      You mean in spite of the ANC they can speak English, remember the ANC promoted liberation before education and boy has that payed off....not.

      Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-16 07:46

      Yet education has gone down since 1994?

  • musawakhe.ngubane - 2013-01-15 18:56

    To all of you re-actionaries: I have been paying tax since the days of apartheid rule, I did not complain. I just new that we would remove that illegitimate, racist, white-controlled regime with the people's government based on the will of the majority people of this country. Now, be part of this new order in RSA, or leave for Europe or Australia (may be the grass has always be greener that side). We don't owe you any apology for liberating our country from white, colonial rule. We will never hand back power to the oppressors, deal with it!

      mike.down.5492 - 2013-01-15 19:19

      Your new rulers worship mediocrity, nothing to be proud of.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-15 20:00

      How did you manage to hand power over to the DA in the Western Cape, and in the municipality called Mid-vaal? Are you also aware that the ANC handed power over to the IFP in Nkandla?

      Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-16 07:45

      I liked ANC but you know nothing, they only steal and steal. the days of fighting oppressors are long gone....oh wait no theyre not we have the government now.

  • sibusiso.makamole - 2013-01-15 19:08

    One thing I like about the anc is that it is able to recycle drunkards n make them spokesperson. Viva anc viva

      margaret.brand.12 - 2013-01-16 02:29

      very good comment

  • deja.skenka - 2013-01-15 19:36

    Continue comrade Mthembu continue. Those wu vilified u and laughed at ur troubles 4got one important, salient factor: We r all humans and we r all afflicted one way or the other. I dont know how that cud help their ABZ cause. Disco ke emetse comment ya gago.

      Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-16 07:43

      Sorry what?

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