Mthethwa denies nepotism claims

2012-04-20 18:02

Johannesburg - The police ministry has rejected reports that crime intelligence head Richard Mdluli employed two of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's relatives.

"Minister Mthethwa or his spokesperson were not contacted or asked for comment on the veracity of the claims made in the article, which have now been paraded as the truth," spokesperson Zweli Mnisi said on Friday.

The Citizen reported last week that on 1 July 2010, Mdluli hired two men, LS Mthethwa as a crime intelligence agent and T Ngubane as a warrant officer.

The newspaper reported that the men were Mthethwa's sons, although Ngubane claimed to be Mthethwa's nephew.

Mnisi said the article was "untrue, subjective, and without any foundation whatsoever".

The Mail & Guardian on Wednesday approached Mthethwa because it had information indicating two other relatives of his, Charity Mthethwa and BN Mthethwa, were also employed by the police.

"Again, the minister yesterday responded... to reiterate that none of his children or relatives have been employed by SAPS; furthermore that he does not have any adopted child," Mnisi said.

Malicious attacks

"The minister has noted this ongoing campaign of peddling malicious and personal attacks aimed at discrediting him.

"However out of respect for the current investigation by the auditor general ... he will not be making any public commentary pending the finalisation [sic] of the investigation."

According to reports earlier this month, the Hawks were investigating claims that Mthethwa used nearly R200 000 from a crime intelligence fund to renovate his home in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mthethwa asked the auditor general to investigate the allegations.

There were also claims that Mthethwa was trying to quash the investigation into himself and two other high-ranking police officers accused of colluding with him.

This reportedly emerged in a "top secret" police report given to acting police chief General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi last month.

Crime intelligence boss Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli and finance head Major General Solly Lazarus were both named in the report.

Mthethwa denied all the claims.

  • Sharon - 2012-04-20 18:11

    Is this a new spin on the expression "Friends with Benefits"?

      Ian - 2012-04-20 18:36


      Piet - 2012-04-20 21:26

      time for them to go!!

      Godfrey - 2012-04-20 21:34

      Here is a simple test, if it's all lies, sue the paper, else hand in your resignation.

      Louis - 2012-04-21 12:54

      Ben you need an IQ tell the difference between truth and lies. Well at least some IQ. These guys can bullSh.t their own uneducated masses but not the minority with an IQ

  • thabane.dladla - 2012-04-20 18:13

    Here we go again!!!Always denying allegations to media .You will never heard any politician admits or confess his or her allegations that they faced. \Typical politicians\

  • Shirley - 2012-04-20 18:21

    Denial,denial,denial! Rotten to the core,the whole lot! Its not what you know but who you know!

  • Michael - 2012-04-20 18:24

    That the reason anc want the media to be regulated 2 hide such scandals

  • Michael - 2012-04-20 18:24

    That the reason anc want the media to be regulated 2 hide such scandals

  • Dave - 2012-04-20 18:26

    Should really be very simple to prove or not disprove, but then our Ministers think along those lines do they, they just sommer lie

      Sharon - 2012-04-20 18:27

      It is always their first line of defense..

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-20 18:57

      It should be but then the very people employed to investigate and gather evidence have no funds to do so. So in the absence of evidence, it all disappears

  • Morne - 2012-04-20 18:27

    It is very seldom that well established media companies will report stories without evidence, or make false accusations. That's why the media play such a important roll in a country, mainly exposing corrucption!

  • Tumelo - 2012-04-20 18:35

    I would deny stealing even with my hand in the cookie jar!

  • adam - 2012-04-20 18:36

    Only in death will they tell the truth. May they all die. Do the honourable thing and just die. anc scum!

      Grant - 2012-04-21 04:05

      I'm sure there are a few honest ANC members but I would be hard pressed to name any ;-)

  • FinalJustice - 2012-04-20 18:36

    \Liar, liar, house on fire!\\r\nAnd all of this coming from our top shots in the police force, only makes me think about the latest crime statistics, lots of room there for a few white lies as well, don't you think?

  • Ben - 2012-04-20 18:40

    It is of course possible that all these allegations are not true.

  • Neville - 2012-04-20 18:45

    Just get rid of the GR 8 People in SAPS

  • Ganiyu Muhammed Adekunle - 2012-04-20 18:49

    No responsible media will report such gross allegation without some material evidence. Yet, No partisan politician will own up to such defacing allegation @ first instance. Further unfolding of event will nail Mr Tactician.

  • Sechaba Mothupi - 2012-04-20 18:52

    Ths allegations must b investicated as far as possible...bcoz if the men claimed 2 b mthetwa 's sons whr realy competent in the job,they should hav been employed officialy....

  • ChrisKhanye - 2012-04-20 19:16

    E-tolls have evoked Activism of South Africans against Government Malice. But this new found enthusiasm amongst South Africans must also Herald the DAWN of a United Front Against Institutionalized Corruption and Ineptitude sweeping our country. Remember - approximately in every R1 intended for public service about 40c is stolen institutionally. The GP E-Tolls could be self sustaining had the government managed public money efficiently. Gauteng looses billions to institutionalized corruption and as of the 30 April 2012 it's demanded of us to pay for a service we already paid for through our many taxes. E-Tolls - basically we're paying for a crime most of us never committed. Institutionalized Corruption is a Crime Against Us the Obedient Tax Payers. E-Tolls has evoked the spirit of Resistance against Government Ineptitude and Corruption. Enough is Enough! Time is NOW - RESIST Institutionalized Corruption Hampering A Better Life For All!

  • Elkita - 2012-04-20 19:23

    mthethwa we all know you lie again and we all know how the anc can lie.You are all liars and cheats.

  • Donald - 2012-04-20 19:30

    Do we really have to speculate if someone is someone's son? I mean if the media knows who Mthethwa's son(s) are... why don't they just put it here instead of asking a person if true that your son is your son. Is it that bad in this country?

      Piet - 2012-04-20 21:25

      like most black people who does not know their fathers.....

  • neo.mokami - 2012-04-20 20:11

    They would deny their own mothers if given a chance.

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-21 10:42

    Just keep denying. It's the same story with his fence too. Another above the law spectacle.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-21 13:31

    People i lost my job at a motor dealer because the big boys employed one of their mates who empregnated a temp.That should be instant dismissal.The wheel turns always.

  • Thando - 2012-04-23 10:09

    Ilifa lakwaMthethwa.......

  • burgert.potgieter - 2013-03-04 09:58

    No One around to to Prosecute these lying Politicians, Gov.Officials and Criminals. One Criminal Party State voted in by the Millions of Uneducated Rural Folks whom are in the Majority in S A and as long as they stay uneducated, the ANC will be in Power, hence our Failing School system.

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