NDCA can lift Malema suspension: Hanekom

2012-04-05 14:55

Johannesburg - If ANC Youth League president Julius Malema wants his latest suspension lifted, he will have to approach the ANC's appeals committee, national disciplinary committee (NDC) chairperson Derek Hanekom said on Thursday.

"We've made it clear that the member [Malema] has a right to reply to the NDCA [national disciplinary committee of appeal]," said Hanekom.

"They can lift the suspension."

However, it would not be an appeal, but an application to the NDCA.

"This was a special measure in exceptional circumstances. There are no findings and there is no appeal," he said.

"He has not been charged; it's an immediate temporary suspension."

The NDC had instituted special measures because of Malema's repeated behaviour, said Hanekom.

According to section 25.12 (g) of the African National Congress's constitution: "When a provincial working committee (PWC) or provincial disciplinary committee (PDC) imposes a temporary suspension on a member or a public representative, it must immediately forward a report of such suspension and the reasons for it to the NDCA and the NDCA may, if circumstances warrant it, at any stage set aside such suspension."

No comment on court action

On Wednesday, the NDC announced it had temporarily suspended Malema from the party to investigate charges relating to comments he made at a centenary lecture at the University of the Witwatersrand on Friday.

Malema called ANC President Jacob Zuma a dictator and said he was suppressing the ANCYL.

Malema was informed on Wednesday of his immediate temporary suspension and that disciplinary proceedings would be instituted against him by the NDC.

The conditions of the suspension meant that Malema would not be allowed to exercise any duty as an ANC member, president of the ANCYL or member of the Limpopo provincial executive committee.

Reports that Malema's lawyers were threatening to take the party to court if it did not withdraw the suspension by 14:00 on Thursday could not be confirmed.

The NDC, the ANC and Malema's lawyers said they would not comment.

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said the party frowned on its members taking it to court.

"We are against anyone who takes the ANC to court because we do have a constitution in the ANC and we abide by the constitution," he said.

Malema is appealing his expulsion from the ANC for sowing division in the party and for bringing it into disrepute. The appeals hearing takes place on April 12.

The two disciplinary proceedings are separate.

  • Marion - 2012-04-05 14:58

    This gets more hilarious by the day.

      Isabel - 2012-04-05 15:48

      Hasn't he been fired? How can you be suspended if you're fired? I'm losing the plot here!

      Anthony - 2012-04-05 15:52

      you are so right --they really dont know what they are doing ---much the same as they run the country

      Don.Tandy - 2012-04-05 15:53

      Agreed, but if you look at it another way, it gets more scary by the day. These are the clowns trying to run the country.

      Wesley - 2012-04-05 15:58


      colin.dovey - 2012-04-05 16:04

      Actually they ARE running our country very well........first by ruining it, and then running it into the ground!

      Phemelo - 2012-04-05 17:54

      @ Xavier.... running a country while oppressing a certain race is easy... you make them work for peanuts and distribute the wealth of the land amongst a minority... there are many black people who have the qualifications and government cannot employ everyone! The only way black people can make money is through govenment, because the whites of this country are busy hogging the land (stolen land) and the minirals and they have the money to invest as well.... so take a look in the mirror before you judge quickly

      infijar.ken - 2012-04-05 21:30

      How the eff does this work. Suspended, expelled, suspended again, and still he is in the ANC. There was a report the other day of a Chinese MP expelled. he was expelled, end of! What sort of constitution and guidelines does the ANC have?

      Leanne - 2012-04-06 12:52

      very comical

      Alf - 2012-04-07 08:02

      What arte they going to do if he ignores the suspension - withdraw his daily chocolate rations? The ANC should forget about being in politics and instead establish a network of kindergartens or go on tour with the biggest freak show on the continent! They qualify for both.

  • Geswine - 2012-04-05 15:01

    "He has not been charged; it's an immediate temporary suspension." Huh! what the fkcu is that?

      philani.goba - 2012-04-05 15:43

      f'ken hell I heard him diss peezuma, we all heard it, they heard it..lets get this sh*t over and done with and start fixing the country for f's sake!!

  • IAnon - 2012-04-05 15:03

    Malema seems to know more about ANC rules and regulations than the ANC itself - What Fools.

  • lebogang.molefo - 2012-04-05 15:05

    Wait yesterday they said they suspending Malema but now they say they had "temporarily" suspended him.... Wow, okay this is interesting hey

  • Sboniswa - 2012-04-05 15:06


      lebogang.molefo - 2012-04-05 15:23

      Lmfao fatty boom boom ne

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-04-05 15:09

    Oh boy - the wheel continues on its slow rotation. Sounds like the ANCorruption still cant make a decision, so yet another round of endless appeals, appeals against appeals, re-appeals for more appeals, and so the circus continues. When will someone in the ANCorruption grow a pair big enough to stand up to fatboy. What a joke. And people wonder why SA is becoming the laughing stock of the world.

      Anthony - 2012-04-05 15:59

      don u are so cottect --what amazes me is that as this issue goes on and on and on and on,that there is no one in the ANCruption that understands that this make them ALL look so utterly stoooopid and banana in the eyes of the world

  • Gordon - 2012-04-05 15:11

    The ANC needs a naughty corner

      Derk - 2012-04-05 16:00

      they must change their name to ALL NOW CLOWNS

      Irene - 2012-04-05 16:41

      Derk ~ I could think of another word to replace 'Clowns' and it also starts with a 'C'.

      Adam - 2012-04-07 06:23

      Irene, please leave the cows out of this one.

  • Frank - 2012-04-05 15:11

    Comrade malema, after the new leadership reinstates you in Mangaung, please speed up the land and the economy issue.

      mbossenger - 2012-04-05 15:48

      Sure, by implementing policies that are doomed to failure. I have a few questions regarding these policies: 1. Nationalisation - firstly, if the government wants to own stakes in mines, etc they would have to become shareholders. To do this they would need to buy shares; so where would this money come from? Increasing taxes would place an even greater tax burden on the small tax base the country has? what other alternatives are there to raise these funds? And how, in a practical sense, would the government ensure the poor would benefit from the policy? Would there be tax breaks, would there be an actual distribution of funds to the poor? And if so, who would administer the distribution of these funds? Seems like a recipe for disaster given the current levels of corruption within the government. 2. Appropriation of land - so a piece of land (e.g. a farm) is appropriated. Waht then - you give the land to someone else to farm. In all likelihood the person noe doing the farming will be less efficient in farming the land, leading to lower production and ultimately higher prices. I have asked these questions before, and maybe my understanding is simplistic, but nobody has ever been able to answer these questions satisfactorially.

      Den - 2012-04-05 15:58

      yes please plunge this place further into darkness, pls excuse the pun

      Anthony - 2012-04-05 16:02

      well u voted for them assh***

      jaymz.hurly - 2012-04-05 16:27

      Eish comrade pritty plaese make the speed go faster eish I can't sit here outside my 4x4 rdp house longer I declined the jOb offer yesterday the day before today becouse that farmer with the white skin u say u going to give me his farm and yes I am ready I have 2 spades 20 partners 2 workas we can do it becouse malema said so

      Johan - 2012-04-05 17:22

      I have my doubts whether this is a serious comment. I suspect he is just stirring the pot.

      Maphuri - 2012-04-05 17:46

      cde frank-we've same ideas, im ready for my farm, my rights one of them is zz2,i'll make sure all black workers retain their posts with reasonable salaries ever.

      Lincoln - 2012-04-06 10:15

      mbossenger Let me alleviate your mind ask David Brown CEO of Implats and Zimplats or GOOGLE Zimplats and you will see how we get the companies. Even after Zimplats was nationalised, the shareholders have stuck it out they did not run like what the doomsayers have said. Tax in Australia was increased to 40% and yet the investors never ran away. The land is self explanatory and we are not going to another Zim, investors have nowhere to go they will simply accept the knock and be glad to accept the little profits. These exponential huge profit margins are crippling the country and little is invested back to the country.

      Keith - 2012-04-06 12:54

      After the farms,the mines, and our businesses, what comes next? Our houses?

  • komorison - 2012-04-05 15:15

    Almost a circus, I believe they're just waiting for the tent!

      Den - 2012-04-05 15:59

      very good

      Anthony - 2012-04-05 16:03

      you are wrong --in a circus the animals are trained

      colin.dovey - 2012-04-05 16:06

      There IS an elephant in the room.......guess who

      Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:39

      Can't wait for the tent. Mrs. Zuma wore that made of fur, to South Korea

  • Morne - 2012-04-05 15:21

    Its 15H20, i wonder if they are at the lawyer's office now?

      Keith - 2012-04-06 12:56

      No, it's Africa time.

  • Gavin - 2012-04-05 15:26

    That's the problem with these w@nkers, there's no final yes or no, they issue thier judgements/decisions cast in jelly, you can then stay 'active' for the next thousand years while you appeal the decision. This is what happens when you elect politicians and not leaders to positions of authority.

      colin.dovey - 2012-04-05 16:08

      They are doing what they know best....PLAYING politics.....while the running of the country goes into a scary dive down into oblivion

  • Paul - 2012-04-05 15:27

    This dickhead reminds me of the other dickhead from the AWB.........same approuch... same Mentality ........ all he needs is a black horse

      Morne - 2012-04-05 15:30

      I couldnt agree with you more on that, Paul!

      Isabel - 2012-04-05 16:26

      And a pair of green underpants!

  • Irene - 2012-04-05 15:37

    Oh enough of this Fat Fool already. Get rid of the turd once and for all.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 15:48

      People r nt commenting on yr comments cz u don't make any sense.

      Shirley - 2012-04-05 16:07

      Pule: I suggest a dictionary!

      Irene - 2012-04-05 16:08

      Pule ~ I couldn't give a flying fck whether people comment on my comments or not. Before you point a finger at someone saying their comments don't make sense try learning how to spell. Maybe if you could spell you might understand a bit better.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 16:39

      Come to North west,You will be astonished by her ignorance.

      Irene - 2012-04-05 16:43

      Pule ~ WTF? What are you smoking? Your socks?

      Keith - 2012-04-06 13:00

      Pule, haven't you just contradicted yourself?

  • Jabulani - 2012-04-05 15:42

    Malema is ANC, he will remove JZ. He put him there.

      Don.Tandy - 2012-04-05 15:50

      First prize - fatboy and showerhead removed, forever.

      molokor2 - 2012-04-05 15:57

      I agree with u.

      Ian - 2012-04-05 16:01

      @Jabulani, keep dreaming. Your uncle is going down the drain.

      IAnon - 2012-04-05 16:02

      You may just be right.

      Maphuri - 2012-04-05 17:07

      fact!,zuma out-malema in.

      Daphney - 2012-04-05 17:40

      Jabulai you fool

      Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:42

      Jabulani, you may be on to something here. Won't that be funny, Juju dpoing his smart moves and Zuma out in the cold. I just hope Juju keep loving us whites then too.

  • Anton - 2012-04-05 15:43

    Hey guys, let's just call a spade a spade. (No pun intended) Why all these suspensions if there is always a joker in the deck??

  • Shirley - 2012-04-05 15:45

    Much ado about nothing!

  • Gibbaan - 2012-04-05 15:46

    This is almost like the movie Inception, but instead of a dream, it's a circus within a circus within a circus.

      Tony Zulu - 2012-04-05 15:51

      Lol that ish cray

  • Ian - 2012-04-05 15:48

    Dear Lord, I have been you servant all these years. You have been answering all my prayers because I have been a good citizen and following your commands. Now My Lord, will you please take Julius Malema away from us? Just switch off the oxygen you have been giving, please dear in heaven.

      Xulu.Thulany.Xaba - 2012-04-05 16:02


      smakuwa - 2012-04-05 17:25

      he will start with you and you will be dead by tuesday

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-04-05 15:49

    If the Anc can not even handle a simple suspension of a Malema are they handling far greater and more involved issues regarding the running of this land... what ever happens from now...and that could be... ANYTHING.. BECAUSE NOTHING WOULD SURPRISE ME....the Anc will have themselves to blame.

      Don.Tandy - 2012-04-05 15:58 are they handling far greater and more involved issues regarding the running of this land, you ask. EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

      Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:45

      Sandra, by now you should know this government do not handle anything and as far as running the country goes, don't get your hopes up. As things fall apart more quickly the race card will be played and much toy-toying wil be done and in the end we will all be losers.

  • - 2012-04-05 15:49

    Malema is a dick...tator.

  • Den - 2012-04-05 15:55

    african national circuis

      Don.Tandy - 2012-04-05 15:59

      Anarchy Nepotism Corruption

  • Den - 2012-04-05 15:57

    heaven help south africa, should we ever get attacked, our enemies will be in pretoria before the anc can react.

  • Pule - 2012-04-05 15:57

    If u have'nt suffered nepotism,u'll criticise Malema.Poor vs Rich.

      Irene - 2012-04-05 16:10

      Your comments don't make sense. Is it your brain or spelling ability?

      Shirley - 2012-04-05 17:20

      In your case dumb versus dumber!

      Bongani - 2012-04-05 17:25

      The one who lands the 1st punch has lost an arguement. The same goes to the one who start calling names, has no facts to argue. @Pule,dont stoop to that level

      Thando - 2012-04-05 18:44

      So Malema is poor Pule?? SGL Engineerng got these billion rands contracts bcoz of \competency nd merit\??

      Pule - 2012-04-05 18:52

      Thando,Malema is not poor I do agree with you,but he is fighting for the poorest.

      Thando - 2012-04-05 19:04

      Th ANC is fightn for th poorest chief.......Malema is merely articulatn th positions of th party as any leader shud. Th land nd economic issues r part of th national question but its how we shud implement these policies whr we differ.

      Thando - 2012-04-05 19:04

      Th ANC is fightn for th poorest chief.......Malema is merely articulatn th positions of th party as any leader shud. Th land nd economic issues r part of th national question but its how we shud implement these policies whr we differ.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 19:11

      Thando,Why are they suspending?

      Pule - 2012-04-05 19:12

      Thando,Why are they suspending Malema?

      Thando - 2012-04-05 19:19

      Firstly he was expelled for ill discpline nd commnts whch wer bringn th party into disrepute. Now he is temporarily suspendd bcoz of his utterances on th leadershp of th ANC but he hasnt been charged yet.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 19:23

      Thabo.He did the same with Thabo Mbheki but nothing happened.Why now?

      Thando - 2012-04-06 11:25

      He was relevant then....meaning He was advocating wht th majority wanted, I undrstand yo ques of whers th consistency?.....but these r politics NOT th church......u win sum or lose sum. Im def not sayn he wasnt rong thn, he was, jst as he is nw. Th fact tht he wasnt chargd doesnt make it ryt tho......jst makes him a rabble rouser who doesnt read th balnce of forces.

  • Derk - 2012-04-05 15:58

    Zuma must now act because while all this is going on the ANC are looking like a bunch of clowns,Zuma must get a backbone he is a weakling

  • Mbuyi Mabuya Maphalala - 2012-04-05 15:58

    The only way to gain economic freedom and empowering ourselves is through education. The young academics must not be influenced by this illiterate moron. We fought for political freedom in difficult times and he never utilised his right to get education.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 16:09

      I disagree,3 million unemployed graduates in S.A.Nepotism is destroying our nation.Eskom,sasol n Goverment.

      Bongani - 2012-04-05 17:18

      It is an insult to 3 million unemployed young graduates for saying such.@Pule, yes nepotism is a problem but then when u do away with nepotism how many of the 3 million can be employed? There is another 1 million or half of that graduating next year.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 18:58

      Bongani.Education is not a problem in S.A,Nepotism is ....

  • Ian - 2012-04-05 16:10

    Malema needs a good hiding like what Jesus got when he left the earth. Unlike Jesus, Malema must nailed on a steel cross. Like Jesus he will never think of coming back and the ANC will rule forever.

      mafalie - 2012-04-05 16:27

      Ian, mind my ignorance, but please explain to me how my Lord and Saviour, who has died for you, me and Malema fits into this? You moron. May u rot in HELL.

      Ian - 2012-04-05 16:35

      @Mafalie, you are taking me too seriously man. Ease up. You and me are on the same boat. I am going straight to heaven. I can sure you.

      Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:47

      Mafalie, that isn't very Christian of you.

  • molokor2 - 2012-04-05 16:11

    Malema u r a king, thy locked u out side yesterday,than u said u can take them to court ,now they say come to talk with us.

  • Isabel - 2012-04-05 16:23

    Why doesn't someone do us all a favour and give him a frontal lobotomy, or better still sew his mouth shut???

      smakuwa - 2012-04-05 17:39

      Isabel can sm1 take u to political school so that you can comment better just beg off and mouth off to julius is not your type

      Isabel - 2012-04-05 22:00

      Smakuwa, I don't need to go to political school. I don't need to be told what to think, unlike you. I have a right to say what I like. Our constitution still gives me the right to free speech even though the ANC is bent on taking it away from us.

  • David - 2012-04-05 16:35

    How tired we all are of the 'double speak'. Tell us once and for all -- is Malema out -- permanently -- or is he likely to appeal his way back in. If the ANC had shown some balls, and spoken with ONE voice, this would all have been over long ago.

  • molokor2 - 2012-04-05 16:42

    Zuma , who was with u by the time ur rape charges,who put u in the office,is not malema? Please mr zuma arrange the public meeting with mr malema to fix this ......

  • Johan - 2012-04-05 17:30

    Actually it is not a bad move. Malema's pending appeal allows him to use his position as ANCYL and the centenary celebrations to bad mouth the ANC leadership. Until his appeal is heard his position remains as is. By this immediate suspension the NDC have made it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone in the ANC to be seen with Malema at an official function. They would be in breach of the suspension and face disciplinary action. All they have done is taken away Malema's soapbox. However I must say they (NDC) brought it on themselves by not dealing with his appeal as a matter of urgency.

      Sipho - 2012-04-06 12:20

      Stop make full out to self malema done it by himself so if he was waiting for the out come of his appeal so to say he must face what he put himself to nobody else but himself

  • Phemelo - 2012-04-05 17:59

    I think Malema raised alot of good issues, particularly on the land issue... i believe the government needs to be a bit more aggressive on redistibuting the land. however i am happy to see that his political career has home to an end. he was too rude and loved money tooooooo much.

  • Robert.Mjono - 2012-04-05 18:40

    Att:zuma who was with you by the time of rape , corruption,Shake and the time you root out Mbeki from the presidential seat??? Malema!!! But it seems your are fast forgeting the past, so I'm just an ordinary member, how do I know you won't turn agaisnt me after my vote???????

      Thando - 2012-04-05 18:50

      To take a leaf frm Malema...\in politics we dnt hv permnent frnds nd enemies\.....get ova it chief. Th decks hv been dealt

      Sipho - 2012-04-06 12:10

      Robert pls stop you thinking that yl was champion of jz to become president of the anc and the state sorry chief check you fact

  • Robert.Mjono - 2012-04-05 18:46

    To me the surname Henekom only reminds me of the year 1990 and below so I'm not surprised you are the chairman at Malema's hearing Zuma knows well that you will try with your passion to destroy the talent of Juju

      Thando - 2012-04-05 18:56

      Cmrde Hanekom is th chairperson of th ANC National Disciplinary Committee(NDC), he chairs ALL cases brought 2 him by th ANC. If Hanekom reminds u of pre90's thn dnt b selective...thnk of Slovo, Fisher, Cronin, Naude, Woods......etc. Chief th ANC survived bcoz of being progressive NOT bigoted.

      Pule - 2012-04-05 19:00

      I'm with you Robert

      Thando - 2012-04-05 19:12

      Pule Pule Pule.......agree wit wat nw??.......jst go nd ans me on yo commnt plz instead of being 'agreed' here.

      Sipho - 2012-04-06 12:00

      Robert you are out of order when you think like that but let us look at malema's behaviour then look to the individual and the anc always do things collective and becareful about racial utterance

      Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:51

      Robert, thank you for displaying your racism so openly. You are not the kind we fought for. Exile for forty years just to have to listen to people like you make me wonder why the hell I ever bothered.

  • Herman - 2012-04-05 19:29

    @Phemelo - Yes, you are right about the government that wont be able to employ each and every (black person) as you call yourself. And i totaly agree with the comments from Xavier, but one thing i dont understand, and maibe as a highly educated black man you might be able to give me an answer. Despite the fact that zim chased all farmers off the lands, and today mijority is strugling becouse of that. Can you please show me one thing the black man invented? im not talking about stagging coke cans and build a garden robot. Im talking about planes, bricks, architecture. Don't live for today, live for tommorow, but its proven that we toi toi today and tommorow another 20 000 unemployed. Dont blame the minority, if you dont have the commonsence to provide for tommorow, then be a man and take your own blame. Im not a racist at all, but what about the millions of border jumpers? blame them, cous they take the cheap laber just to work, and that influence the whole of S.A's. You, me, everyone. minority should not even be a threat to you, but to feel superior will be your fall.

      Herman - 2012-04-05 20:01

      OH Phemelo - I left out one thing. Racism go's both ways if you read the comments, from different groups. And to call yourself a black man? That is the colour of hate, evil, death. I actualy saw your pic, you look more brown to me than black!!! Any way, you sound like someone who is "qualified" or educated to have a better understanding about this whole thing. I love Jacob Zuma and the ANC, Do your self a favour and read the rest of the world's comments wich is obvious mijority white, and you might realise how bad it realy is!! Be openminded,Money money money money money money money!!!!!!!!!! Stop a second!!! land land land land!!!!! Stop again!!! and education? 35% number to pass? any idiot can pass that!!! what is the use of education then?? Think ahead my friend, stop complaining about what you dont have and how much your grandparrents struggled!! And go out begin making something, start inventing stuff, write math books, do research to prevent sicknesses!!!! Ive got a frien Hector - African friend. And he sit right next to me now, and actualy understand what im saying and he agree!!! Thank you for your time sir, and have a blessed day!! You only live once, use it right.

      Ramohapelwa - 2012-04-05 22:45

      We're all created in the image of God.\r\nHerman, we must appreciate TRC. Jan van Riebeck was never invited to Africa. He imposed himself. World icon Nelson and Obama's origin are in Africa. Nobody will tell us our history better than us.\r\nAfrica belongs to Africans. Hence the African Renaissance. The African wealth is spread around the world as both HUMAN and raw material resources. First HISTORY was recorded in Africa. We have our own Indigenous Law (learn it). Pyramids are an incredible art of scientific civilization and Mathematics.

      Thando - 2012-04-06 11:16

      Herman Herman Herman.....i knw yo kind, u hv 'african frnds' ryt....u thnk u knw hw WE africans thnk nd do thngs. I for 1 will tell u tht th legacy of apartheid is NOT only th street names, towns, museums.. etc but also yo migrant labour, hostels, unempolymnt, poverty..etc. So we HAVE to 'blame' th minority group for all wht we hv good nd th bad. Many of our good comrades wer either jailed, tortured or died during th stuggle...these gallant men/women wud hv been our councillors, mayors, MP's nd even Presidents 2dae.....thts y we 'blame' th minority group chief, many of our ills today r either a direct or indirect result of apartheid caused by th minority group. So for nw let us ALL work 2gthr for a prosperous as for yo inventions........the basic inventions strtd in not tlkn bwt google here....

  • Michil - 2012-04-05 21:50

    Please come back, the newspapers are boring without your action and you are the only one with the guts to take on Zuma. I do not agree with your statements but enjoy your arrogance. Give them hell or join the IFP and build new structures there against Zuma.

  • Sandy - 2012-04-05 22:22

    This blady agent doesn't understand the meaning of suspension, his making a fool of himself as uasual, please give him an easter EGG

  • Emily - 2012-04-06 10:57

    Malema made the job of the NDC much easier by making derogatory statements to Zuma.

  • Leanne - 2012-04-06 12:50

    very comical

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-06 12:57

    I'll just take it day by day. Because here is a classical case of not knowing if you are coming or going. Enjoy your Easter everyone.

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