NYDA complains about Cope

2010-12-17 17:30

Pretoria - The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) on Friday complained that Cope members had stormed the festival's venue to get publicity.

The NYDA issued a statement on Friday afternoon, saying Cope members had stormed the festival's venue "under false pretences".

"The group of about 500 people forced their way into the venue and used equipment meant for the World Festival," the NYDA said, adding that the police had to be called in to control the situation.

Its chairperson, Andile Lungisa, accused Cope of abusing the festival to get publicity.

"We condemn this type of opportunistic behaviour in the strongest terms," he said. "This type of behaviour is anti-democratic; it also reflects badly on South Africa's image."


Earlier, Pastor Eugene Pienaar said he had seen a lot in his career as church minister but this week's Cope elective conference was one of the more memorable experiences.

"As a minister I have experienced a lot. For me, this has been one of the highlights," Pienaar told a Sapa journalist, looking out over the auditorium of his Pretoria church, where dozens of broken chairs lay piled up.

"I don't think there was a chair in my auditorium that wasn't thrown at least three or four times," he sighed.

The auditorium was the venue for the Congress of the People's 2010 elective conference, which turned violent between supporters of its two leaders, Mosiuoa Lekota and Mbhazima Shilowa, who have been embroiled in mud-slinging matches and political contests since the formation of the ANC breakaway group in 2008.

Pienaar said the first clash happened on Wednesday morning, at the start of the conference, when delegates "started throwing rocks and chairs at one another".

Lekota supporters were inside the venue; Shilowa supporters were outside.

Some entrances were blocked by the chairs that had been thrown around.

Busloads of supporters

Pienaar said the venue had only been booked for one day, but that organisers asked to use it again on Thursday.

He agreed, but insisted that police officers be deployed to keep an eye on the conference.

The event continued on Wednesday, and, "at some stage, all these buses started arriving".

Pienaar said: "It seems to me this other guy (Shilowa) started bussing in folks."

By Wednesday evening, delegates had nowhere to go and he said he was forced to agree to let them spend the night at the facility.

But, there were 4 000 delegates, and the church had only been asked to cater for 2 500.

"Everywhere, people were sleeping, but there was no food," said Pienaar.

Police deny reports

Pretoria police denied reports that 13 people had been injured during the scuffles between supporters of Shilowa and Lekota.

Cope spokesperson Philip Dexter said there were again some incidences of violence in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"We as the working committee left and have been meeting and will now have a press conference at 14:00.

"But essentially the conference did not take place."

This was because of "disputes around the delegates' forms" and "huge administrative" problems.

"We just were unable to start because of incidents of violence."


Pienaar said the "whole voting process never happened".

He said he felt sorry for the older women who waited patiently to register for the conference.

"The leaders will be held accountable to their people. It's not fair, it's not right to their people."

He said it was a humbling experience to see the patience of some of the older delegates.

But that is not the only thing Pienaar learned.

"I would not host another political event again," he said.

  • Treborani - 2010-12-17 17:46

    Welcome to the new banana republic of South Africa...

      Zion - 2010-12-18 08:16

      The first explorers who ventured into Africa described it as Dark Africa or darkest Africa etc. Then racial tensions never existed. Sadly they were right.

  • briansmith702 - 2010-12-17 18:25

    Typical of African politics. Five hundred years behind the rest of the world and still falling behind. They can never catch up!!! The same story right through Africa-Sick but when you raise this you are a racist. It is like a drug addict or alchoholic-denial!!

  • V. Zela - 2010-12-17 18:26

    Why do my brothers and sisters make me feel so ashamed

      Francois B - 2010-12-17 18:42

      I dont know. I always thought it was the vocal minority that brings shame to all South Africans, but these days it feels like it is the unruly majority of South Africans of all backgrounds that behave like idiots. Luckily the individuals that count as my friends and family are not like that. Rather stick to a small nuclear group with similar interest, than asociate yourself with vocal anarchists that cause shame and humilation wherever they go.. It is more uplifting..

      Zion - 2010-12-18 08:20

      This youth does not need conferences but rather school seats where they can add substance to empty and destructive minds and be a blessing for the future. It must be hard to find goodness in these people and hope for our future.

  • Francois B - 2010-12-17 18:30

    Such a pity that COPE became a banana party. Eish! I really hope that one day a strong and united opposition party will rise in South Africa. But I think we lack strong leaders. It seems that the private sector is much more lucrative for the honest and hardworking intelectuals these days. We need some fresh new blood in politics, and it is scary to think that these "Youths" that currently try their hands at politics will most likely be the caliber of people that will rule us in future. God help us all! - 2010-12-18 09:14

      A pity for sure. I voted COPE when they first stood for election as I though a strong opposition to the ANC was what the country needed. But now, I regret that wasted vote on what, pretty rapidly, turned out to be the usual bunch of idiotic thugs. You won't get my vote ever again, COPE !!

  • Dave - 2010-12-17 20:11

    Power corrupts.....I think a lot of people had hopes for this party as a viable opposition...2 reasoned experienced politicans at the helm, but how quickly it turned to chaos.What is it that causes this? That these 2 men are not completley ashamed is astounding!!

  • Dog Poo - 2010-12-18 11:27

    Shilowa and Lekota you have shamed your country, party and voters. You have lost all the credibility you had, thanks to both of you COPE is now dead, we will do the unveiling ceremony come next elections.

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