NYDA: No plans to make SA 'ungovernable'

2011-08-22 20:13

Johannesburg - Reports that National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) chairperson Andile Lungisa wants to make the country "ungovernable" are false, the agency said on Monday.

"The NYDA would like to place it on record that Lungisa has no intention of making the country ungovernable at any point," spokesperson Siyabonga Magadla said.

He said the NYDA would support demonstrations planned by the ANC Youth League aimed at highlighting the plight of unemployed young people.

"It is a known fact that despite various initiatives by South Africa’s democratic government, young people continue to be underdeveloped... as such the continued focus of merely quoting statistics needs to be followed with more action by government, the private sector and civil society."

Speaking at BMF conference

On Friday the Times Live website reported that Lungisa had threatened to shut down sectors of the country during his speech at the Black Management Forum young professionals' summit in Cape Town.

"In September, we are going to close every street in South Africa. If there is a cheese in your fridge, they are going to take it," Lungisa said.

He said the agency had never been funded by government, but had survived because of its own creativity.

The website reported that the agency received R370m from the government last year. In February, it was allocated R1.22bn for the next three years.

Magadla said allegations of the agency's poor performance by opposition parties was "political
grandstanding" at the expense of unemployed youth.

"While the under-resourcing of the NYDA has threatened its performance in the past two years of its existence... [we] continue to make inroads in improving the lives of young people.

"A collective effort to support structures that are put in place by government to support the development of young people is what is required, not continued unjustifiable criticism," he said.

  • Grant - 2011-08-22 20:20

    The ancyl training camp have obviously been paying close attention to the lessons being given by the jellitot and his comrades! Lungisa should immediately be charged with inciting violence with his "In September, we are going to close every street in South Africa. If there is a cheese in your fridge, they are going to take it," Interesting that this was to the home-base of Manyi!

      cliffarc - 2011-08-22 21:08

      - It would appear that the future of this country rests in the hands of a bunch of militant ,uneducated juveniles. Who gave these little twats the right to chirp anyway ? The Anc have themselves to blame for all this insolence from these pikaninies.

      Pupuzela - 2011-08-22 22:57

      Now I'm really cheesed-off!

      Spyker May - 2011-08-23 00:00

      Read the following and go figure... I would be keen to know how many of the people who are coerced to pay tax, while they scrape through at the edge of survival, to give their children a decent education (amidst a system that is hurtling towards the stone-age), decent health-care (amidst institutions that resemble slaughter-houses from the dark ages), safety (amidst roads that are more deadly than those in Kabul, a police force that is more corrupt than Gaddafi), etc – earn 800 000 to 1 800 000 per annum..? Particularly for sitting around with a finger so far up their noses they can scratch the back of their thick skulls. These cognitively impeded nincompoops have done nothing but irreparable damage to the SAcan economy and its society, that is without considering the fact that these blood-sucking roaches cost honest, hard-working taxpayers millions – eg > 85% of the “loans” granted by the NYDA never (yes, NEVER) gets paid back. The word “loans” is used with the greatest reservation conceivable...

      Netherlands - 2011-08-23 04:06

      People.... sing WITH me... Place your RIGHT HAND on across your chest, on your sing with VIM AND VIGOUR............. "Nkoshi Sikalele eBanana Reepubleeeek......"

      LBS - 2011-08-23 15:18

      He he, last time I heard someone called "Jellytot" was when Eugene Terblanche called De Klerk, "Jellytot De Klerk".

  • CorneN - 2011-08-22 20:21

    But they still gonna steal our cheese? :)

      Grant - 2011-08-22 20:29

      With R1.22bn of my tax money they can bloody well go and buy their own cheese, after the taxman has left me a pittance, I can hardly afford to buy cheese for myself anyway!.

      surferosa - 2011-08-22 20:32

      i guess i'll just hide my cheese...

      Harvey - 2011-08-22 20:35

      You can get cheese with any burger at Nando's for under five rand. You even get change.

      surferosa - 2011-08-22 20:39

      ...or leave five rand in the fridge :)

      darkwing - 2011-08-22 21:10

      My kaas is gemuf. Ruik soos Winnie se ....

      Netherlands - 2011-08-22 22:44

      (Covers his foreskin quietly)

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-23 01:01

      I'm going to make sure that the cheese in my fridge is rotten with mould.

      Dr Filemon - 2011-08-23 08:20

      Who moved my cheese? .....

  • Stephan Janse van Vuuren - 2011-08-22 20:24

    "The website reported that the agency received R370m from the government last year. In February, it was allocated R1.22bn for the next three years." Can we get a breakdown on what this money was and is going to be wasted on? DA, can you get this information for the tax payers please? And I do mean those that actually pay tax, the rest I don't give a damn about.

      DW - 2011-08-23 08:13

      Well for one, there was that youth festival costing R100m last year which was predominantly funded by the taxpayer. That was organised by NYDA. So that is what they spend the money on. They seem to think that, somehow, that is creating jobs. Not sure that I want to know the kind of jobs which are being created if it ends up in a "kissing" festival

      De la Rey - 2011-08-23 09:24

      @ DW, yes, one will pay R100m for a festival if you don't now how to work for what you have. I have a whole fridge full of cheese , come get it!!

  • Grant - 2011-08-22 20:33

    How many make up these unemployed and disenfranchised youth that they keep blethering about? Divide that into the R1.22bn and how much would each unemployed person receive as a lump sum, once off, payment? Can any one out there work this out?

      TamaraSays - 2011-08-22 22:44

      Don't be silly. Cos then the guys at the top couldn't afford their Breitlings. Duh.

  • GH - 2011-08-22 20:34


  • GH - 2011-08-22 20:37

    R1.2b from government but not funded by gov? Crackers, anyone?

  • punkprincess - 2011-08-22 20:40

    eerm sorry but - unemployed? EDUCATION is first! Second by demonstrating and creating caos and possible destruction will only push the SA economy deeper into the great abyss and let me tell you something - those that are unemployed should rather demonstrate on parliaments lawn than disrupt those that are trying to do a days work. "One day a man was lying on his sofa and was crying - OH GOD, why can't you just give me a job so i can earn money and by food and GOD replied oh man, why can't you just get off your sofa and go make the effort first"

  • Uzziel - 2011-08-22 20:44

    It is so nice that the NYDA feels "plight of unemployed young people." They did not perhaps think of that when they spent that nice amount of our tax money on a conference where the delegates from other countries did not have place to sleep or food to eat... wonder where the money went? Could have been better spent on job creation etc.

  • michael - 2011-08-22 20:52

    People need to understand the operational mentality of the upper senior ANC management and realize that during the struggle any dissension in the ranks was ruthlessly dealt with using the torture and death camps ( this can be further researched ) The Malema's and co of today have grown up in a democracy backed up by a constitution which has allowed many freedoms unheard off in the past. The ANC encourages widespread corruption amongst it's political elite for just the prevailing situation - enough rope to keep members in tow. Political people all over the world and especially in Africa become ' drunk with power ' , giving themselves demigod status but normally possessing limited intellect . Zuma , the smiling assassin and co come from the old school ANC who created these various youth clowns for mobilizing ANC votes and nothing else. Any attack on the gravy train will be ruthlessly and surgically dealt with . Zuma is a highly ambitious and merciless politician - only a prized fool will get in his way and I believe we will see the face behind the smile in the following weeks - this will not end well for many people.

      darkwing - 2011-08-22 21:12

      Well, if ever there was a surgeon's clear exposition of a bad case of cancer, this was it.

  • braamc - 2011-08-22 20:55

    God can they waste money on a party. Off course the poor couldn't attend or benefit. Good for nothing anyhow, look at the youth.

  • Lucky Strike - 2011-08-22 21:12

    While they continue to think that striking and behaving badly during those will bring jobs, nothing will improve. Our youth needs to understand that they have to earn the right to work and to respect and to earn a living - that is NOT a right. It is a case of working hard and putting effort into developing skills and knowledge and showing employers that you are worth having. Creating havoc will just lose this country more jobs and the NYDA and the ANCYL has no place to march and create more disruption in our industries that already are under-performing as far as productivity is concerned. A country that works together - grows together!!

  • setsompa - 2011-08-22 21:12

    The government should disband this useless organisation. How many house can be built with R1.22 BILLION? Plenty. Now they are demanding to have more money to line their pockets. Their behaviour is disgraceful. Maybe the government should send them to Norway to learn from the youth league there.They should not exploit our unemployed youth to push their own agendas. Same applies to ANCYL.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • umhlopo - 2011-08-22 21:29

    i have plenty cheese,come try take it malebe

  • Harambe - 2011-08-22 21:39

    We don't need another 'Hero'.

  • vtowntekkie - 2011-08-22 21:40

    In die land van blindes is een oog koning,of een brein sel???

  • lloyd - 2011-08-22 21:51

    what is the true purpose of the nyda..create jobs,business opportunities...we are hungry..Black,White...and all the in between alike.forget corruption(hunger=best motivation),think about the future cause your siblings,children and all affiliated will be affected.the time is now!!!!!! we are a beautiful country,let's not put it to waist.

  • Hope123 - 2011-08-22 21:55

    "young people continue to be underdeveloped..." Wonder why, if you see them busy with all kinds of crap instead up learning when they eventually end up in school or varsity.

  • HowardX - 2011-08-22 21:58

    The journalist who wrote that article, Anna Majavu, is well known for biased, inaccurate reporting designed to incite and cause race tensions. She should be barred from the profession.

  • beicime - 2011-08-22 21:59

    Watch this...

  • mafia_rule - 2011-08-22 22:17

    This is rich coming from Nyda that is behind the R100 million (of taxpayers' money) spent on that abortion of a 'kissing fest' or so-called anti-imperialist conference. Here we go again ... whip out the begging bowl to enrich the cANCer elite. By the way how many jobs has Nyda (national youth development agency) created for the youth?

  • mafia_rule - 2011-08-22 22:19

    This is rich coming from the agency that spent R100 million (of taxpayers' money) on that abortion of a 'kissing fest' - Nyda's anti-imperialist conference - in Pretoria. By the way how many jobs has Nyda created - being a youth development agency? No, all the cash goes down the bottomless black hole to enrich the cANCer elite.

  • Trevor - 2011-08-22 22:21

    So, once you destroy everything that SA has left to offer, who you going to rape next? Go ask yourself just one question, what is the difference between Zim and every other African to SA...What one constant is there.It's a cold hard truth but true it is, SA has Whites, Indians, Coloureds and Asians....remove them all and you'll have just another ZIM in a matter of months...period.

  • Jabulaniboy - 2011-08-23 02:16

    Now we know we have been threatened by the youth of South Africa. They will the the cheese from your fridge.Security is threatened,as they will close every road. why are the young black people unemployed?????? because of exactly this attitude. They will never find a job with this mind frame. So, just starve to death you dumb assed youth.

  • Komasa - 2011-08-23 05:59

    Andile Lungisa start at the basics and encourage the youth to go to school, and those who go to school to get there on time, it is easy to talk when you have money in the bank. Your earning power is definitely not based on your academic qualifications.

  • brown_bread - 2011-08-23 08:09

    Another of ancyl's money making schemes. I dont even know why they would call this a youth development agency, or yes perhaps for the ancyl and anc. I was bored the other day and walked into their offices just to check (because frankly, i would not want to be associated with so much trash)...all i found were this over 35 year olds, with extra large bellies fat round faces, unwilling to move a finger. and ffs why would a 'leader' of a national youth agency be attending a black management forum? is he supposed to represent ALL youth? (i guess i should expect any logic whatsoever from this imb3cil3s)

  • HAggardGnome - 2011-08-23 08:10

    This fool Lungisa is such an oxygen thief! He could not make a kindergarden party ungovernable!

  • Sithembiso Malusi Mahlaba - 2011-08-23 08:22

    NYDA is just another white elephant project. Much outcry,little outcome. How long will public funds,keep on being pumped into such dysfunctional agencies?

  • yashodadulal.TKG - 2011-08-23 08:38

    it's only when our young people stop looking for freebies, and decide to get off the arses and work... that things will change. who's gonna give you a handout anyways, the government u elected? fat chance those fat cats give a damn about you or your youth...

  • Gibbonater - 2011-08-23 09:29

    Thats all this lot can do. Demonstrate, destroy, burn, kill and rape. Not once does he say that children should work hard at school, stop vandalising school property, stop having babies, but rather make the country ungovernable and steal. Useless brain dead twerps.

  • De la Rey - 2011-08-23 09:37

    I think Solidariteit can nail his @rse in jail for attempting to make SA ungovernable and threatening the broad public of SA. Mommy gonna love you behind bars Andile Lungisa, she can't wait.

  • Kevin - 2011-08-23 10:08

    NYDA - Bring it on young nothings. Watch what the real leaders do to you. The government needs to stop funding these thugs. It's another billion wasted and most likely corruptly used. THERE WILL BE CHEESE IN MY FRIDGE. DARE YOU TO COME NIBBLE you LITTLE INSIGNIFICANT RATS

  • Antonio Ashley Morientes - 2011-08-23 10:43

    This leaves us all with a big question to answer "Who's running the country, is it the ancyl or and now the nyda? Ploeple with knowledge keep on warning us that we're slowly turning into a banana republic, I strongly believe we're already living in one. What more drama do we need in order to be convinced that we're being led by toothless hypocrite leaders who cannot think outside the box?

  • AllHoliday - 2011-08-23 11:02

    If this goverment were serious about unemployment and the youth, surely the R370m and the R3.66m (over 3 years)which was given to the NYDA could have been used for job creation and education. Instead it is given to an organisation who threaten to create chaos! "In September, we are going to close every street in South Africa. If there is a cheese in your fridge, they are going to take it," Lungisa said." HOW is that going to help the youth?? Why is he not charged with inciting violence??

  • WhiteFight - 2011-08-23 12:40

    I have a nice piece of cheese for you will enjoy it along with a few magazines of .45 rounds being pumped into you...

  • Nkalakatha - 2011-08-23 13:50

    Never been funded by government ??? Huh... Andile , what justifies your HUGE salary per year ?? If not government, who is paying you over a million a year salary ????

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