Nelson Mandela gets special delivery

2012-01-25 19:10

Johannesburg - ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa paid former president Nelson Mandela a visit at his home in Qunu in the Eastern Cape to hand over copies of the party's centenary book, the party said on Wednesday.

Mandela was with his wife, Gra├ža, when he was handed a copy of the book, Unity in Diversity: 100 Years of ANC Leadership, on Tuesday.

Phosa said the book sought to recognise the party's historic role in ensuring human dignity by overthrowing the repressive apartheid system.

"The book is meant to remind us whence we come, and to spur us on as a nation to even greater heights," he said.

"It will also encourage us to continue to fight for these freedoms for so many in our world who still suffer intolerable injustices."

Phosa was accompanied by the co-editors of the book and convenors of the ANC Progressive Business Forum, Renier Schoeman and Daryl Swanepoel.

The book would be officially launched in Cape Town on February 8, and then in Johannesburg and Durban.

  • Burtfred - 2012-01-25 19:46

    Does the book have a chapter on how to steal from the people?

  • Burtfred - 2012-01-25 19:47

    Sounds like a good read .... in the toilet.

  • Mas Phil Masilo - 2012-01-25 20:07

    leave the old man alone, anc mandela is nolonger urs, mandela belong to SA

      ludger.machele - 2012-02-25 11:56

      You have a point there that no one else wants to exploit,can you imagine where parties like DA,Inkatha and even COPE would have been now had they too used the poor old man as the ANC have. . .

  • Adam - 2012-02-25 13:58

    I would doubt whether the majority of the anc support base can afford to buy this book, and would be surprised whether 50% of them can even read. This is NOTHING to be proud of. Get out anc thieving scum.You a bunch of uneducated criminals. I wouldnt be surprised if at least one MP could be found to be illiterate.

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