New bill to integrate kings into politics

2011-08-11 22:18

Johannesburg - A proposed bill would integrate South Africa's traditional kings into the political and legal systems of the country, the department of traditional affairs said on Thursday.

"Through colonialism, our African heritage and culture have been destroyed, and as the custodians of African traditions, heritage and good governance... [the kings] have an extremely important role to play in the restoration of our heritage and culture," Acting Traditional Affairs Minister Nathi Mthethwa said in notes prepared for delivery.

He discussed the proposed national traditional affairs bill with traditional kings and leaders in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The bill would ensure that all forms of traditional leaders were recognised, and that matters of leadership were dealt with "holistically."

"Outstanding work includes the establishment of Kings' Councils, the reconstitution of traditional councils in some provinces and the establishment of local houses," Mthethwa said.

Fully represented

The bill would also ensure that the Khoisan, who had previously been marginalised by legislation, would also be fully represented in government structures.

"With the establishment of the new department of traditional affairs, and the establishment of provincial departments with a similar mandate, we have no doubt that these challenges will be dealt with successfully," he said.

The department split from the department of co-operative governance in January this year.

Both departments still functioned through the same ministry.

Mthethwa said the new department was instrumental in the creation of the bill.

"The new department will... engage robustly with other national department and organs of state to ensure that it plays a co-ordinating role on all matters relevant to the development of the institution of traditional leadership," he said.

Traditional Affairs director general Muzamani Charles Nwaila said the department and the traditional leaders had high goals, but also had no desire to win "Christopher Columbus" awards.

"These awards are given to people who don't know where they are going, have no idea where they are, and upon returning home don't know where they have been.

"I believe that we know what we want... what remains is the tough work on how to get there," he said.

  • Kevin - 2011-08-11 22:34

    Never have I read anything so absurd as to bring hereditary chiefs into legislative and/or judicial structures. Democracy in Europe only became a reality when the power of the hereditary nobility was destroyed. The destruction of their self centred biased influence on politics and judicial system was what set the Western democracies apart. It has allowed development to flourish so that they enjoy the highest GDP per capita in the world and these countries are the goal of millions of African and third world immigrants. It never destroyed or supressed the culture but has allowed it to grow so that the sports, music arts created in these countries have enveloped the world. Nathi Mtetwa and his advisors are naive and stupid beyond belief. I have come to regret my part in the struggle for democracy, because democracy has been hijacked by the corrupt and stupid for their own benefit. I wish I had emigrated and left these idiots to suffer.

      winter123 - 2011-08-12 11:56

      I agree 100%! I'm at a loss for words... Unbelievable!

      Vince.York - 2012-01-29 07:59

      There should be NO SURPRISE to this as it has in fact been put out there in the open for those willing to explore and find it, even though not forced down everyone's gullets as they churn to work and back each day to keep their air-conditioned 4x4 and condominium in Chartwell or Dainfern or Plettenberg Bay. In fact it was out in the open as soon as Zuma started to regroup his allies and undermine every Democratic bastion and nuance since he was identified with hundreds of criminal and unethical issues - but in accordance with COERCION could never be put out in any MAIN STREAM publications until the deed is done - thereby explaining all the nefarious matters leading up to and surrounding his freedom and position today. THIS is the joy of having 14 official poisonous forked & barbed tongues to babble with in SA. Here is a link from just last year, but find others all under Sicelo Shiceka's screwings before this! Minister Nathi Mthethwa: Meeting with Kings of South Africa (English) Happy fawning, obeisance and tithing from here on everyone!

  • Doublepost - 2011-08-11 22:41

    Separation is the only cure, when will people start seeing what is right in front of them?!

  • Vince York - 2011-08-11 22:55

    DEMOCRACY BEEN A GOOD ENOUGH LAUGH FOR LONG ENOUGH IN SA HAS IT? becuase this is the final death knell to any semblence of democratic dispensations.

  • Gideon - 2011-08-11 22:59

    Why are there so many DUMB people making DUMB decisions? Why Why Why Why I just read about hospital CEO's not having matric!? Democracy does not work cause the majority make the decisions. BOOM!

      Stephan Janse van Vuuren - 2011-08-11 23:02

      One answer, cANCer.

  • ProudlyKgomo - 2011-08-11 23:14

    How are our traditional leaders expected to serve all their subjects if they will be partisan and be an integral part of our politics!!

  • Adrian - 2011-08-11 23:22

    Can we also get traditional leaders please? Oh wait...

  • Kevin Rack - 2011-08-12 06:00

    Firstly we are a one party state and not a Demcocracy according to the definition. Until such time we have a change in power once we then become Democracy. Legislating Kings into power while we can see the great Kingdom of Swaziland as a close example of a Kingdom. So we now have traditional leaders, traditional healers, traditional courts, war veterans and now Traditional Kings. Who needs a Democracy anway.

  • Lab-Rat - 2011-08-12 08:08

    One more step backwards for this country.

  • Nkalakatha - 2011-08-12 08:09

    Just "job" creation for buddies....another gravy train in the making!!But let those Kings and Queens and Amakhosi WORK for their money that they currently get from tax payers for doing absolutely nothing besides the cutting of ribbons. I hope that they are also going to pay TAX like the rest of the nation !!!

  • York Hunt - 2011-08-12 08:12

    Zapiro, draw a cartoon depicting the death of our so-called "democracy"

  • Madelane - 2011-08-12 08:36

    The gravy train at the minority taxpayers expense just won't stop growing it seems......what a circus we have become with ignorance, stupidity, greed and superstition running the country into the ground.

      The_Realist - 2011-08-12 09:51

      Muzi, your HUGE chip on shoulder is clouding your logic! by minority Madelane refers to the tiny percentage of taxpayers compared to the population. (6 million to 50 million) in the UK & other 1st world countries, the ratio is the opposite. no race group mentioned!

  • Julsie3 - 2011-08-12 08:46

    Prof James Weston stated in 1997 woe to Africa. This may be the final straw on the camels back. We will be paying our asses off for :kings". I have no king but be prepared they are going to join the gravey train.

  • mac-sdi - 2011-08-12 09:11

    chiefs must get tenders too. i too will submit claims to a lost thrown. i want my tender!!!

  • Teemachine - 2011-08-12 09:22

    Let's reclaim our African heritage waring tribal, iron age cattle herders. Ambitious!

  • Badballie - 2011-08-12 09:43

    Which just goes to prove that the ANC lead government is a clear and present threat to democracy in this country, while the rest of the world talks of Multiculturalism Africa of course talks about their heritage and ensuring the protection of all things black. Just more proof that the government is the enemy and must be neutralized at any cost

  • BigMoose - 2011-08-12 10:04

    Give that man a lobotomy.

  • The_Realist - 2011-08-12 10:09

    "These awards are given to people who don't know where they are going, have no idea where they are, and upon returning home don't know where they have been." - is this for people who have been abducted by aliens or have dementia?

  • Boerseun - 2011-08-12 10:56

    This goverment is so childish. I will claim to be a king of my land(800sqm around my house .lol) and then I want a seat in Parliament!! See how that gows down.

  • Nero - 2011-08-12 12:09

    Get your gravy train tickets here!!

  • Texxx - 2011-08-12 13:10

    will the boer and their traditional leadership structures be included into this too? or is another blacks only club?

  • Malema Dilema - 2011-08-12 14:29

    Besides Tutu's recent remark on a "special tax for whites only" this too leaves me pale, gasping for breath and unable to utter my disbelief.

  • Pawel - 2012-01-29 04:12


  • Jacques - 2012-01-29 05:08

    How are these dudes elected? Why the the hell should taxpayers pay for them? What work do they do? How do we fire them? South Africa is now truely a banana republic.........we must just recognise witch docters as medical professionas. Wait, that's already done!

  • Vince.York - 2012-01-29 06:38

    DEATH OF DEMOCRACY IN SOUTH AFRICA - in the follow up of 'Promise Made' by Zuma to oust his opponent and take the crown. This is nothing to do with culture nor colonialism BUT is EVERYTHING to do with TRIBAL POWER and future dictatorship as the last remnants of quasi communism fade away in face of easy riches through corruption (tribal authority largesse in most peoples vocabulary).

  • Derrick - 2012-01-29 07:50

    Kevin -remember europe is not africa what work in europe does not work in africe africa is africa europe is europe africas dont give a dam what happend in europe

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