Olifantshoek pupils will repeat year

2012-11-26 19:43

Bloemfontein - All Grade One to 11 pupils in Olifantshoek, in the Northern Cape, will repeat their 2012 grades next year, a provincial education official said on Monday.

Spokesperson Sidney Stander said it was impossible for the children to reach the minimum standards required to pass after missing six months of schooling.

Parents and other residents stopped about 2500 pupils from going to school as part of a service delivery protest and campaign against mayor Maria Diniza.

National government officials and community leaders visited the area during 2012 in a failed attempt to change their minds.

Stander said planning for the 2013 school year in the area was well advanced.

"There is huge support from all involved to pick up the pieces of what had happened and support the children for 2013."

The Democratic Alliance in the province said it would approach the provincial legislature to ask education MEC Grizelda Cjiekella and the police to explain plans to make sure schooling takes place in 2013.

DA spokesperson Allan Grootboom said the department’s decision prejudiced pupils who might have tried to beat the odds and study for the final exams.

"These learners should have at least been afforded the opportunity by the department to write their exams."

Grootboom said the department’s decision in effect meant that Olifantshoek would have no matric pupils for the 2013 school year.

The DA said the provincial government had failed the town's pupils. The police had shown a lack of urgency in finding and arresting those responsible for the violence and intimidation.

"To date, only one arrest has been made on a charge of intimidation and the case has not even been brought to court yet," Grootboom said.

The DA said it was not clear whether schooling would resume next year, as the residents' grievance about the mayor had still not been resolved.

  • avremel.niselow - 2012-11-26 19:56

    Surely it would make more sense to vote for another party rather then wasting a year of your children's lives?

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-11-26 20:46

      Sense, logic. These are unfathomable concepts. If you are the product of 40+ years of indoctrination, you don't think, you act, You don't reason, you destroy. Preventing children from having an education is a completely acceptable means of making government build a road. The fact that the MEC of Edu and the Minister of Edu did nothing to enforce each child's Constitutional Right to an education, is also not a problem. They'll be voted in again. The tribe has spoken

      lsfreak - 2012-11-26 21:48

      And this years MATRIC's...

      RudiErnst - 2012-11-26 22:54

      @lacrimose: I hope that I misunderstand your comment, because it appears that you are holding everybody accountable except the children's parents. Really? How does a nation advance when they are regarded as inherently useless as you would have us believe... or are you completely correct about the nation's destiny and its approach towards education? After all, the two biggest newsmakers are a herdsboy and failed woodwork student - education means nothing when those people are heroes.

      RudiErnst - 2012-11-26 22:56

      @lacrimose: Having read more of your comments, my apologies for my misunderstanding of your appreciation of the irony of the situation. Oops!

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-11-26 23:04

      Judging by their parent's brilliant intellect (which was no doubt passed on to their children), 90% of these scholars will be rewriting their exams the following year (2014) too. Why didn't I think of this first? I'm going to keep my kids out of school until the government gives me my free Ferrari. *F.A.C.E.P.A.L.M.*

  • leon.pieterse.35 - 2012-11-26 20:07

    Awesome! Less cANCer scholars with useless qualifications that have to be accommodated on the gravy train!

      william.nigh.5 - 2012-11-27 04:12

      No Leon. MORE useless people that have NO qualifications and no hope of ever succeeding to hop on the gravy train.

  • malcolm.stevens.129 - 2012-11-26 20:07

    Given the mindset of these parents you wonder how many of these children will succeed in life, given parents impart much of the mindset a child needs to succeed in life? I think the parents were very selfish and short-sighted in depriving their children of schooling. So sad for the kids.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-11-26 20:52

      Hey they wanted a road. Way more important than the next 50+ years of their children, grand-children, great-grand children and great-great grand-children's lives. Generations will sit beside it, begging or trying to sell the few goods that they are able to produce. Then someone will get gatvol and set fire to it. It's the circle of life

  • beverly.young3 - 2012-11-26 20:08

    Ja well no fine....some will be about 25 before they leave school...eish....

  • beverly.young3 - 2012-11-26 20:09

    Actually what I wanted to say is the you reap what you sow? or is that tooooo 'twee' toooo obvious?

  • Dennis - 2012-11-26 20:13

    This is one of the saddest stories I have read. What an inditement of the entire system. From Gov to parents to police and the kids suffer. This is the worse scandal.

  • samgaf - 2012-11-26 20:23

    maybe one will be our future president

  • - 2012-11-26 20:29

    "...stopped about 2500 pupils from going to school..." How is that going to solve anything?! These kids are our future! It sickens me to see that the parents are willing to place the futures of their OWN children in jeopardy for the sake of politics...

  • altus.kirsten - 2012-11-26 20:43

    Parents should know the adult and look after your children! In other countries you would be arrested. Poor kids!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-11-26 21:15

      The MEC and Minister of Edu did diddly squat to protect the children's rights. In fact the level of disrespect shown to the entire community is quite astounding - especially when they will vote for same again. As usual, nothing was done until the children were moved to a military camp(!) and as far as I know all that was achieved was getting the kids back in school. The underlying problem is still not solved and so next year we shall see more of the same....

  • juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-11-26 21:00

    Ag education is a colonial thing, who needs it? As long as you can find and tick the ANC block on the voting paper you have all the education you need.

  • braamc - 2012-11-26 22:16

    Destroy youngsters lives because you vote for the thieving useless criminal ANC. Have a good day

  • RudiErnst - 2012-11-26 22:49

    The people have made their choice, not only in their political party, but in preventing their kids from receiving an education. Frankly, the latter should be criminal but the parents will surely understand when the children steal their parents' televisions to pay rent.

  • cj.venter - 2012-11-27 06:18

    one year of those kids lives wasted, what a shame :(

  • sharlene.cochrane - 2012-11-27 06:19

    So deprive your children of an education because you're unhappy with service delivery and the mayor.*speechless*

  • mariuskowie - 2012-11-27 06:52

    This sounds like revenge against the parents. Surely the pupils should be tested to see if they achieved enough to advance to the next grade. I can see the provincial education department ending up fighting their decision in court.

  • marc.ross.965 - 2012-11-27 07:30

    The right to basic education is enshrined in the constitution. These parents have used their children as pawns to gain political ends. This is tantamount to child abuse and the parents should be prosecuted.

  • sisie.indola - 2012-11-27 08:11

    It will all be sorted out after Manguang, when JZ will pull out his magic spear and everything will be solved - Abracadabra - farm riots/miner/riots/educational upheaval etc etc etc....No problem!

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-11-27 08:12

    And how is this going to change in the coming year, I would have to also agree with the DA.....exams should still have been offered, even if the scholars did fail, and the question is why were they not held. Maybe the answer lies as to how the money was spent, and this question should also be checked, where is the money gone, and if it is still available for next year. The Northern Cape should be one of the richest provinces in the country, with the smallest population and huge mining going on for it's rich mineral resources, it is hard to accept that most of it's people live below the break even line.

  • carolyn.myburgh - 2012-11-27 09:49

    Missed six months of school / no text books for six to eight months elsewhere will all those children have to repeat the year as well? Surely they have not had enough schooling to pass with any sort of decent marks!!

  • magogodale.mulalo1 - 2012-11-27 16:45

    Nah dis 's nt gud @ all all pupils reaptin dy grade.................age is goin

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