Opposition rejects ANC debate idea

2012-11-22 08:39

Johannesburg - Opposition parties rejected a proposal put forward by ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga on Wednesday that a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma be debated in February 2013.

"This phenomenal backtracking from the African National Congress Chief Whip, who two weeks ago tried to block the motion from being heard at all, continues to undermine the Constitution, which enables the National Assembly to remove a sitting president through a majority vote," the parties said in a joint statement.

Motshekga said on Wednesday that he did not oppose the motion being scheduled, but that it would not be possible for the debate to take place before the last sitting of the House this year.

‘Logistical burden on Parliament’

Motshekga said committee meetings, oversight visits and international study tours were planned for MPs from November 26 to December 7.

"Cancelling these commitments or summoning back all MPs for a special sitting would place a significant administrative, logistical and financial burden on the institution," he said.

The Western Cape High Court is expected to rule on Thursday on an urgent application brought by Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko on behalf of the major opposition parties in Parliament.

It seeks to compel National Assembly speaker Max Sisulu to schedule a debate and a vote before Parliament goes into recess.

Last week, Sisulu adjourned an Assembly programming committee meeting without the debate being scheduled, on the basis that no consensus had been reached.

‘Manipulating Parliament’

Mazibuko officially gave notice of the motion in the House on November 8.

She brought it on the grounds "that under his [Zuma's] leadership the justice system has been politicised and weakened; corruption has spiralled out of control; unemployment continues to increase, the economy is weakening, and the right of access to quality education has been violated".

The opposition parties said Motshekga wanted the debate to take place next year because the ANC national executive committee had over-ruled his initial "rash, and unconstitutional position".

"He is doing nothing more than manipulating Parliament to make sure that he reaches the same desired goal: protecting President Zuma from Parliamentary scrutiny at all costs," they said.

  • John.Yossarian22 - 2012-11-22 08:49

    Problem is that the ANC cannot be trusted anymore. By next year he would have been "quoted out of context" or something to that effect. And shouldn't "international study tours" read, "overseas holidays at taxpayer's expense"?

      jono.qmann - 2012-11-22 09:05

      i think once every month they must have a live debate on national TV so that we can hear and see how pathetic these people really are!!!

      heathway.master - 2012-11-22 09:08

      Financial Burden my foot. Cancelling overseas visits, international study tours etc etc by a mass delegation of politicians, would save the country millions in cancelled chartered top luxury executive jets, and 5 star hotel bills, and suppers in the best and most expensive restaurants available in the host countries visited. Maybe by forcing the politicians to stay in the country, they could rather concentrate on the tasks they were elected to carry out. Just very fearful of how many ANC politician will vote to get this walking anus out of power.

      strikeback.strikeback - 2012-11-22 09:11

      jack.blacking. See below!

      JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-22 09:12

      @Jack.... they should just appoint that pilot as the presidential and VIP pilot. I think she's qualified enough for that.

      jeremy.thewasp - 2012-11-22 09:12

      Throw him out now and make him pay back the millions for Nkandla, then drag his sorry ass to court and make him pay for all his corruption and fraud charges - then charge him and make sure he sits in prison! He is an absolute embarrassment to Africa!!!!

      matshobana.siziba - 2012-11-22 09:13

      ANC is short sighted as always....the repercussion of deferring the debate far outweigh the study tour burden which is just shorten shocks. We are thinking of the long term sustainability of SA not fly by night useless courses attended by gvt officials - where they'll be sleeping in meetings half the time after having a feast, which is what they look forward to anyway.

      Willie - 2012-11-22 09:28

      @ jono.qmann i agree with you 100%, the ruling party should stop bulldozing and abusing the constitution

      beveley.brown - 2012-11-22 15:12're the STUPID..gosh such a pity you don't know that the rest of the world comes visiting our Parliament.

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-22 08:51

    That is why they are called opposition parties, lol they oppose everything. Its their job.

      charl.malan.12 - 2012-11-22 08:54

      Word from the peanut gallery, well done for stating the obvious! You get a gold star!

      PRQBR - 2012-11-22 08:55

      That is how true democracy works, the opposition have to do everything they can to keep the ruling party in check. Bit of a losing battle when corruption is so rife in government.

      jacques.stander - 2012-11-22 09:03

      @sthembiso......your impressive grasp regarding political matters is overwhelming - NOT !!!!!

      colin.dovey - 2012-11-22 09:04

      Don't worry @sthembiso - your ANC's turn as opposition is coming much sooner than you think.

      sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-22 09:14

      I do agree @ PQRBR, but some oppositional parties turn 2 forget that they also have responsibility to deliver services in their wards

      parys.fotograaf - 2012-11-22 09:33

      Seems like actual thinking is not something you have ever attempted?

  • PRQBR - 2012-11-22 08:52

    The cANCer will do everyting in their power to not let the debate happen before Mangaung. They know that their MP's wont vote against the president if he is re-elected next month.

  • charl.malan.12 - 2012-11-22 08:52

    Down with Zuma, they are so scared, I love it, he knows he is screwed once he gets unseated, from Robbin island to Polsmoor and believe me my man, you not gonna be chopping rocks, someones gonna chop your rocks!!!

  • jono.qmann - 2012-11-22 08:52

    i think once every month they must have a live debate on national TV so that we can here and see how pathetic these people really are!!!

      jono.qmann - 2012-11-22 08:53


  • theo.martinez.980 - 2012-11-22 09:05

    Wondering if the ANC Chief Whip (and the whole of Luthuli House) looks back at his insults towards the opposition when he first rejected the no confidence vote. Now a major u-turn and he accepts a debate. And the reason for not being able to do it still this year is just plain obstructive and childish. Too many meetings and trips etc. In a democracy there can be EMERGENCY parliament sittings, especially for something serious like a non-confidence vote. The sad reality is that the ANC does simply not understand democracy. They have been schooled in Soviet and Chinese models of one party state models.

  • theo.martinez.980 - 2012-11-22 09:06

    maybe they are too busy tracing Zuma's bond....

  • piet.motsoeneng - 2012-11-22 09:10

    Who is opposing the motion Sthembiso Jali? It seems you are missing something.

      sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-22 09:35

      there's lot of opposing going around, i lost track of where it all started. what are u opposing ?

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-22 09:10

    "Motshekga said committee meetings, oversight visits and international study tours were planned for MPs from November 26 to December 7." Why do you have to recall then, are they already out of the country then ? They should still be here, no need at all to recall or cancel anything, there's still enough time, and for the "Financial Burden" will that be the money thats suppose to be squandered as so called "overseas expenses" will not be used then ? That's not a burden that's a saving !!!

  • spikes.joubert - 2012-11-22 09:19

    As if this worried or was a concern to the ANC in past; "Cancelling these commitments or summoning back all MPs for a special sitting would place a significant administrative, logistical and financial burden on the institution"

  • tony.becker.961 - 2012-11-22 09:20

    Seems as if nobody has confidence Zuma - not even his own party.

      art5SA - 2012-11-22 09:38

      Zuma KNOWS his own people, in HIS party, will vote him out. ANC top 6 are also well aware of this FACT!! Current top 6 are running scared... And with Jeff Radebe as Minister of Justice, he is their only hope!!

  • hezekiel.lefopane - 2012-11-22 09:22

    No news here editor..we all know that they l oppose anything suggested by ANC but fail to come up with an alternatives....that's why they failing!!!

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-11-22 09:28

    Hopefully the courts will for once do what is wanted by the people. They failed miserably to take care of his corruption and other charges and actually allowed this menace of a man to become president and the results is clear to see and it is horrible.

  • mark.duplooy.10 - 2012-11-22 09:28

    take them all out Lindiwe,klap them all for a six!

  • Gary.desousa7 - 2012-11-22 09:36

    And so the merry go round continues,the sinking ship slides further and anc does everything it can to stall till next year.

  • Daniel Mah - 2012-11-22 09:37

    that's simply an admission that there is a damning evidence against Zuma's level of incompetency

  • peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-11-22 09:41

    "Motshekga said committee meetings, oversight visits and international study tours were planned for MPs from November 26 to December 7" Ummmmmm I think the discusion about getting a President to step down is a little more important then this?? The ANC are their own worst enemy!! The whole conutry now knows that they are cowards and will do anything to make sure it is their way or nobodys way!

  • hughhezuze.schalkwyk - 2012-11-22 09:43

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • john.morreira.9 - 2012-11-22 09:43

    Cancelling these commitments or summoning back all MPs for a special sitting would place a significant administrative, logistical and financial burden on the institution," he said. Since when does the ANC give a rats derrière about such burdens?

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-22 10:23

    BUT...... theres some light somewhere with good news. (As a Result of a motion of no confidence) " – Prof. Annette Combrink, voormalige rektor van die Noordwes-Universiteit se Potchefstroomkampus, het in die vroeë oggendure die eerste DA-burgemeester in Noordwes geword, het Beeld berig. Combrink is verkies tot burgmeester van die Tlokwe-munsipaliteit, wat Potchefstroom bedien, nadat die ANC-gedrewe mosie van wantroue teen die huidige ANC-burgemeester, Maphetle Maphetle, aanvaar is. Die mosie is aanvaar met 37 stemme teenoor 13, het Chris Hattingh, DA-leier in Noordwes, vanoggend in 'n mediaverklaring gesê. Combrink het die ANC-burgemeesterskandidaat, Lucky Tsagae, met een stem geklop. "

  • Mbuso Siera - 2012-11-22 11:21

    The DA has no capability to run this country.....only hunting around things they think the ANC leadership has done wrong and use it as platform to criticize......Lindiwe is just a fronting of the white DA...hungry to get this country back...she has no qualities of being a leader but only has a big mount....representing the whites of this country....leave this country to the ANC who founded democracy nd brought change to the lives of many.....

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2012-11-22 14:22

      The cANCer does not know the meaning of democracy. Their distorted commie view that the people must serve and worship the cANCer is way off. Theirs is a need for total domination and a dictatorship. So Mbuso, looking at which province is the best run in SA, the DA definitely has a great deal more to offer than the cANCer ever will. Lindiwe will make a far better president of this country than anything the cANCer can dish up. Good governance is what it is called Mbuso, the ability to effectively run this country, so that all can thrive, no matter what colour you are. We desperately need politicians who understand the concept of a democracy and understand that, as public servants, they are there to serve the people. Go Lindiwe, you are the face of the future.

      joyce.beeton - 2012-11-22 14:41

      Mbuso Siera, are you colour blind? There are many black people who support the DA. This country is run by totally corrupt politicians - there is no need for anyone to go hungry, no need for anyone to be living in shacks but they WASTE tax-payers money on RUBBISH!! instead of housing, education and uplifting the poor. If you think the way you talk then you need extra education, sorry man, but that's the truth~

  • bongohead.sipho - 2012-11-22 13:17

    The ANC, the lie deny steal cheat party, is desperately trying everything to not have a debate. We know why - because Zuma is corrupt ie Nkandla compound.

  • givenvon.baloyi - 2012-11-22 14:15

    Why does the opposition parties want to influence Mangaung. If truly it's about Zuma, then the debate can/should take place at anytime.

  • joyce.beeton - 2012-11-22 14:38

    Running scared now ..... backs against the wall and really between a rock and a hard place! Such a pity that the ruling party has such weak leadership and corrupt to the core - this country would thrive under the right leadership and people who want to take it forward "for the good of all" - there is no need for anyone in this country to go hungry, no need for anyone in this country to be homeless - enough money is paid to the government by way of tax to ensure that they could uplift the poor but all they do is steal, steal, steal - the amount of money lost to corruption and the waste is shocking to say the least! SHAME ON THEM ALL!!

  • isaac.hlalele.3 - 2012-11-22 20:29

    statutes covers ANC, b'coz Court has differiante between law n duty by dismissing it, audi partem rule was the order n stare decisis rule.

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