Outrage after alleged coloured remarks

2012-07-22 22:38

Leandra - The deputy speaker of the Mpumalanga legislature, Violet Siwela, has rubbished allegations that she made racist remarks about coloured people during a by-election campaign last week.

Siwela was addressing a meeting in Lebohang near Leandra on Thursday evening when she was allegedly heard saying that the existence of coloured people was a direct consequence of Jan van Riebeeck's arrival at the Cape in 1652.

“I don't know that statement and I won't comment on something I do not know,” Siwela told African Eye News Service when contacted for comment.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the province released a statement in which they demanded that Siwela apologise for the alleged remarks.

“These distasteful remarks clearly show both Siwela's and the ANC's complete disregard for reconciliation and redress in Mpumalanga and she must be called to order immediately.

"To this end, the DA demands a written apology from Siwela as well as from Premier [David] Mabuza, distancing the ANC and its members from racism and racist remarks,” said DA MPL James Masango.

Masango said the DA learnt that Siwela added that coloured people do not know where they come from and who their grandfathers are.

"Siwela claimed that black people belong to the ANC and not other opposition parties, whom she claimed are not committed to peace and democracy in South Africa.


"At this point one pastor called Siwela to order and said that remarks such as these were inflammatory, and could not be preached in church," said Masango.

One of the local pastors that attended the meeting confirmed with AENS that Siwela made a remark about coloured people and their connection to Jan van Riebeeck's arrival.

“She did say that. What I don't remember her saying was that black people only belong to the ANC and also I did not hear anyone calling her to order,” said the pastor, who asked not to be named.

Pastor Luke Dlamini, provincial chairperson of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) said such remarks are not expected of anyone living in South Africa.

"Our main focus is to build a rainbow nation and encourage unity in the country. We do not expect such from the politicians or anybody else," said Dlamini, who was not at the meeting.

He said the incident had also not been reported to the SACC.

Mabuza's spokesperson, Zibonele Mncwango, said the premier was not aware of the remarks attributed to Siwela.

"We don't even know the context in which she used [such words].

"It will only be fair that the DA approach her directly and if they still feel they are not satisfied, then they should ask her for that apology,” said Mncwango.


  • Frank - 2012-07-22 23:22

    Eishh! Another ANC cadre who fell head first out of the stupid tree!

      trevor.roberts.148 - 2012-07-23 18:27

      Magic comment!!.

      abdol.goebels - 2012-07-24 09:19

      "Siwela was addressing a meeting in Lebohang near Leandra on Thursday evening when she was allegedly heard saying that the existence of coloured people was a direct consequence of Jan van Riebeeck's arrival at the Cape in 1652." Not totaly true, but more or less a few years later with the van der Stells'

      Jellyarse - 2012-07-25 06:46

      Well, at least then we know that Coloured People have some good in them!

  • steve.bokaba1 - 2012-07-22 23:31

    This is the "QUALITY" of the current "LEADERSHIP" crop you find these days in our movement. You can sense that this person was, first, confused by bantu education (or someone from that era); secondly, she came into the ANC, but was not properly schooled in the politics of the ANC; and she's deputy speaker, nog al!

      Henk - 2012-07-23 00:10

      R1000 rand they will be voted in next elections!

  • nkosingiphile.cofu - 2012-07-23 00:06

    This is the embarassment of the highest order. How does it happen that a person will climb the ladder of the organisation he or she does not subscribe to its principles. Clearly such remarks got some bantustan connotation.

      Billy - 2012-07-23 20:40

      lol bantustan

      neville.watson.94 - 2012-07-23 21:33

      She did not climb the ladder they carry her to the top, it is not what you know but who

  • devon.riley.52 - 2012-07-23 04:26

    Siwela clearly doesn't know much history. In any event if you were born in South Africa, you are South African. No matter what your ethnic back ground. Seems nowadays some believe that because you aren't black you are a foreigner.

      Penny - 2012-07-24 21:47

      Yep, I'm a pinky-beige African. Not a New Zealander, nor Australian. Definitely not German, Italian, British or Dutch. Nor anything remotely European - they come from Europe. I was born in African - hence I'm African - just a pinky-beige one.

  • Erna - 2012-07-23 05:56

    Siwela is proving to be a good anc cadre by living up to the anc motto - deny, deny, deny; then lie; if that doesn't work, it was taken out of context.

  • paul.duplessis - 2012-07-23 06:13

    Violet, your comments reek of fear. Do the Coloured and White people of the country scare you? It seems that you and your ANC cadres are feeling very insecure? Good.

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-07-23 06:16

    Does anyone in this country think that the ANC/blacks care a damn what Whites and coloureds have to say? It is about time that those who vote for the ANC,especially the coloureds, realize that they only use them to keep them in power to steal the country dry. They the blacks will say what they want and deny when something they said is true but if a white or coloured says something about them,it is called racism.

      shanthal.davids - 2012-07-24 09:49

      So true Roy i think Racism is the only word they Know in the dictionary if they even know what that is and how to use it

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-07-23 06:28

    Deny, deny, deny, always the same old story when someone takes a minister to task, you owe the people an apology, apologise dammit. To the people she has knowingly hurt keep your head up high, you are as important to South Africa as the next person. We are trying to build a nation here and a remark like this destroys all the good work that has been done thus far.

  • breinlekkasie.dodelikegif - 2012-07-23 06:46

    We have got such nice, friendly, welcoming and considerate people in this country, don't we?

      Koos - 2012-07-23 08:07

      .. and black, colored and Indian ones as well... We all one big happy family ;)

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-07-23 18:52

      ubuntu umoertu

  • obadia.segwape - 2012-07-23 06:50

    m tired of these people maar m stil gona vote for them i have no choice no offence my lovely antiracism friends

      harold.parsons.37 - 2012-07-23 09:14

      You have no choice because you are just like them you cant use your ANC brain. It is sad that a person who wishes to give thier own opinion on an issue states they have no choice . Your own self education and wisdom have helped you nothing please do not comment here again I am sick of the no choice people having the biggest say in this country.

      rontheogre - 2012-07-23 09:30

      You always have a choice, even if you choose to create your own. If no political party measures up to your standards, create your own. To settle for the mediocre is worse than a cop out.

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-23 14:48

      You do have another choice Obadia. You can spoil your vote. Spoiled votes are counted and count for something. They send the message that you don't like any of the politicians. Not as constructive as giving another opposition party your vote of course but it shows you were angry enough to go to the voting booth and register your displeasure.

  • tebogo.makaneta - 2012-07-23 06:55

    News24 why even post this mindless remarks? Can't you see what you are doing? You are busy sowing division among all races in South Africa. This is stupid,don't you have editors?

      tony.naidoo - 2012-07-23 07:42

      No mate, News24 is not stupid. They don't go around formenting racial polarisation! It is morons like the deputy speaker of the Mpuma legislature who sew divisions. When are you going to vote for someone who can behave and speak with responsibility? We need educated, sensible and responsible reps who lead by example! Long live News24, long live!

      tebogo.makaneta - 2012-07-23 07:57

      I suppose you are asking me that question. Well, my answer to you is that I do not vote since I don't know anyone worthy of my vote. It's either the best or nothing at all and that my friend is I live my life. You'd swear these media people are waiting for any pathetic racial comment to publish. You are educated right? So stop believing everything the media tells you. Yeah long live liars

      pierre.scheepers.9 - 2012-07-23 09:32

      lol, so you blame news 24 for this. i think you are the stupid one here!

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-23 14:57

      If you don't vote then you are a mindless idiot. Do you toyi toyi and burn then? What has that actually achieved for you except roads with potholes and fewer libraries and books? Spoil your vote - make the effort to be counted otherwise people think you are apathetic. Spoiled votes form part of turnout percentage after an election. No shows are not counted at all. Save yurself some shoe leather and energy and show and be counted. Enough spoiled votes will be noticed especially if they coincide with the percentage fall in the majority vote. All you do is take your vote and write across it "YOU ARE ALL LIARS AND THIEVES" I dare you. Otherwise in my books you fall into the same category as the apathetic no shows during apartheid that denied Mandela more freedom and prolonged and increased the number of dead on both sides. - 2012-07-24 08:31

      I am always amazed at people who do not want to vote. Did you not live through apartheid and see what people fought for? Go and spoil you ballot rather and show that you have no faith in any of SA's parties. If you are not willing to participate in the process then you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to voicing an opinion. This is my issue with all my friends and the youth of today, we want to sit on a heap and whine. However when it comes to taking action no matter how small it may be we even refuse to do that. Stand up and take personal responsibility and accountability for the country we call home! Make a difference or keep quiet.

  • bfvillet - 2012-07-23 07:04

    the ladies comments just shows her ignorance and please we know who we are and dont need immigrants and migrants to tell us who we are or where we come from.It is very strange when the old oppressor and the new wants to argue about who we are. tsjek julle mase

  • duncan.loxton - 2012-07-23 07:21

    Words of the day:INFERIORITY COMPLEX

  • mzwandile.dlamanzi - 2012-07-23 07:27

    We all know this history of where coloureds comes from and they dont need to be reminded now and then. Infact we should be proud of this man Jan and friends.

      Koos - 2012-07-23 08:13

      Agreed, without the wheel we'd be screwed.

      alon.fisher.752 - 2012-07-23 10:08

      big ups!!! They were created here in SA home brewed. The rest of us either crossed the ocean from Europe, or hopped over the Limpopo river after migrating from central Africa. Jan was the main man :-)

      emma.boesak - 2012-07-23 13:01

      Are you Nketso and Zim one and the same troll as you are spewing forth the same hogwash. Like Juju you must ask for a refund of you school fees as it is clear you are a product of this country's inferior State education system

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-07-23 19:23

      Clearly you were sleeping during history class... ever heard of a place called Malaysia?

  • luvo.luvos - 2012-07-23 07:28

    To put this in context the minister was noticing that people are slowly losing interest in ANC related issues. Therefore she started pulling out the race card as one done when they suddenly realise the horse has bolted!

  • retha.vosloo.5 - 2012-07-23 07:29

    OMW! It gets boring. Let me ask you. 'What' is Obama? A Black a White a Coloured?? No, it is in this country that some people use the colour as something (again) to score points. Maybe the poor ANC?

      Nicki.Labuschagne - 2012-07-23 07:38

      My thoughts exactly Retha.

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-07-23 19:25

      Ja before apartheid they were too black, now they too white... And then some poor blacks are told they not black enough. We really are a fickle bunch! At least the afrikaners and the english don't seem to hate each other so much any more!

  • melvine.accountec - 2012-07-23 07:31

    I thought we are all proud South Africans! Anyway, Its like saying that blacks would have still lived in huts and be uneducated if it was not for the european influance in 1652.

  • Nicki.Labuschagne - 2012-07-23 07:36

    Why is being coloured in this country, in these days being turned into an issue???? Anyway, the president of the US is also one. Or is he considered black? LOL What a silly, time wasting and embarrassing thing for a politician to say, but I guess that's nothing new.

  • leaproach.thekeeper - 2012-07-23 07:41

    Blacks are the biggest racists. They just call it tribalism and are proud of it!

  • Senzo Mathebula - 2012-07-23 07:52

    So what?

  • stuart.valk - 2012-07-23 07:53

    if you were born in South Africa, then you are South African regardless of your race.

      alon.fisher.752 - 2012-07-23 14:53

      When this line of thinking becomes mainstream, then and only then SA might move forward, South African first and foremost my skin colour and religious beliefs do not make me less of a South African than the next person whom was born here.All our forefathers contributed to building this nation and the ANC is destroying their legacy, which they sacrificed through blood,sweat and tears, lets look at real challenges facing South Africa not skin pigment, as now I am under the impression that cANCer wants to polarise us all even further.

  • yaseen.dawood.54 - 2012-07-23 08:03

    @nketso.kgwadi - If Jan van Riebeck did not come you would still be in a mud hut grinding corn with a rock.Indians would be in India working in a call centre...LOL

      jacob.siyanda - 2012-07-23 11:19

      And what is wrong with grinding corn with a rock?

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-07-23 19:26

      I'm reporting your comment as lies.. pure lies. Jan van Riebeck also pooped in the bush muppet

      niel.phillips.7 - 2012-07-24 11:02

      ja, if only he didnt come we would have less anderskleuriges

      byron.matthews.562 - 2012-07-25 10:43

      I love mud huts - they're ingenious and eco-friendly

  • Koos - 2012-07-23 08:16

    MMmm I don’t know. Anyone else notice that the photo only contains black and white? Interesting No?

      Penny - 2012-07-24 22:03

      Nah, there's a little bit of "coloured" where the black 'n white overlap :D

  • deidre.swanepoel - 2012-07-23 08:47

    keep politicians out of churches and def not on pulpits, they dont belong there, except if they come to attend.

  • jeffrey.mnisi - 2012-07-23 08:59

    What a disgrace, lack of consistancy within ANC ranks. She was addressing PPL not in her capacity, but ANC'. cowards, do what you did with Malema

  • Nicorien Le Roux - 2012-07-23 08:59

    I am white and I am African. Americans are American and Australian are ..... Ect ect. I am not leaving SA. This is my place. My world. My history. I am African!

  • byron.jay.37 - 2012-07-23 09:07

    Im colored. My grandfathers colored, his grandfather was colored, from west Africa. I speak like a cape colored. My ancestors are said to be black and white...So what...we still breathing the same the same lives, dying the same way...

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-07-23 10:00

      Byron, one of my dearest friends is coloured. She is a Khoi and proud of it. We have known each other for more than fifty years and she has more dignity in her small finger than some who write here.

      bongani.ngobeni.5 - 2012-07-24 23:37

      dyin the same way. ......buried under the same soil(EARTH) mother to all of us,black, blue, yellow,red, white en etc

  • Warwick - 2012-07-23 09:12

    So what does the idiot say to Tokoyo (black) and Julie (white) Sexwale and their children. Must be Jan van Riebecks fault.

  • louiseroger.higham - 2012-07-23 09:29

    Jan must have got around, there are coloured people every where in the world. Anyway coloured people are very much part of any country.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-07-23 09:32

    It seems the disadvantaged only acknowledge that black and indian are the chosen race for this country. Coloureds must push off with the whites. The wheel turns it in the up direction at the moment but soon as it reaches the top the downward motion will engage.

  • kullid.kullidsii - 2012-07-23 09:36

    I would only wish that we at times let stupidity be seen as what it is. I'm sure that we have many patriots in Mzansi, more than racist, I would want to believe. For us now focussing on the stupidity of calling each other names and becoming personal against each other, only augments the already existing problem we face in Mzansi.Let true patriots reign and let any racist die the slow death they eventually deserve. Mzansi needs patriots more than it needs racists or any racists remarks or comments.

      alon.fisher.752 - 2012-07-23 14:59

      Moree patriots than racists unfortunatley and our government capitalises on this, SA doesn't need a Jacob Zuma or Helen Zille but an Iron Leader whom can forge a proud nation like Otto Von Bismarck did with Germany. South Africa first, and South Africans are the main priority, not ethnicity.

  • alon.fisher.752 - 2012-07-23 09:38

    And the Bantu tribes came from Muizenberg I presume?

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-07-23 09:41

    Yeah!!!! For once it isn't a white person being tarred and feathered.

  • el.torro.509 - 2012-07-23 09:49

    Idiotic on so many levels! 1) a party espousing non racialism putting down another race? 2) Not all coloureds are descendants of the dutch, but also the british and also of the slaves from other countries including Indonesia etc, similarly not all were products of rape, there were and continue to be consensual inter racial relationships. 3)This arguement about who's ancestors were here first has to stop, its dumb. EVERY human on the planet has an african ancestor of you go back far enough, so by that logic we should not be complaining about colonialism or foreign investment, because they also had ancestors here, just depends on which time frame you want to use! Lastly, I don't really see what her comments either have to do with the church or politics.your ancestors are not going to earn you a wage or educate you!

  • el.torro.509 - 2012-07-23 09:49

    Idiotic on so many levels! 1) a party espousing non racialism putting down another race? 2) Not all coloureds are descendants of the dutch, but also the british and also of the slaves from other countries including Indonesia etc, similarly not all were products of rape, there were and continue to be consensual inter racial relationships. 3)This arguement about who's ancestors were here first has to stop, its dumb. EVERY human on the planet has an african ancestor of you go back far enough, so by that logic we should not be complaining about colonialism or foreign investment, because they also had ancestors here, just depends on which time frame you want to use! Lastly, I don't really see what her comments either have to do with the church or politics.your ancestors are not going to earn you a wage or educate you!

  • JanHNortje - 2012-07-23 09:52

    Koi-San. Need I say more. The Western Cape belong to them always has.

  • konanani.rachicoper - 2012-07-23 10:43

    Your really sensitive.

  • anne.canham - 2012-07-23 11:22

    Grandfather: Jan van Riebeeck, \r\nGrandmother: Violet Siwela's original great grandmother.

  • badballie - 2012-07-23 12:16

    Time for this country to grow up a bit, and stop acting like a bunch of school kids educated post 1994. The old saying "sticks and stones" holds true everywhere in the world besides here, where a word or two sends and entire race into fits of hysterical crying because their poor little feelings have been hurt, grow up and grow a pair!

  • vambozha.mutemi - 2012-07-23 12:26

    bla bla bla bla bla 1 million racists comments BUT WE ARE ALL HUMAN....and get back to work otherwise you miss the deadlines and get fired then there is no more News24!

  • smalefane - 2012-07-23 12:31

    I do not condone any act of racism but white people have some serious issues. You had your chance to mess ip our country, now it's our turn. Viva Boeremag, NP, AWB, DA...ANC. Ag, they are all the same!!!

      Koos - 2012-07-23 12:37

      And might I congratulate you guys on doing such a fine job of it. I think you surpassed even your own expectations. Gratz.

      shanthal.davids - 2012-07-24 10:02

      It's seems messing up is the only thing you are good at so i would say you are seriously messed up in your head and you've got major issues

      Penny - 2012-07-24 22:18

      Hmmm, what an attitude. Just a few quick questions. Do you want to go back to using "Shanks Ponies" (your legs) or are you happy that Van Riebeeck et al brought the wheel with them? Do you want to go back to shouting loudly from the hill tops or are you happy with using your cell phone to communicate from any distance? Shaka et al were great leaders but they hadn't even one Basuto pony when Van Riebeeck et al arrived. Nope, not everything was messed up by the arrival of pale faces way back when.

  • richard.zanner - 2012-07-23 12:34

    I agree leave the coloured alone. They are South Africans. The ANC consider any person not being black as not part of them and anything else is just window dressing. Go to the Cape and see what amazing people the coloured people are. How the hell do you profess to be a rainbow nation when even the coloured people are now ousted.

  • john.cryink - 2012-07-23 13:31

    Hope blacks know their history that their forefathers came out of west and east Africa and settled in S. A.that makes them settlers and that the San, Khoisan are the true indigenous South African.

      mariah.jansentshabalala - 2012-07-23 13:40

      at least they are Africans....

  • mariah.jansentshabalala - 2012-07-23 13:35


      Koos - 2012-07-23 15:50

      Oh I like this game, fill in the blank. MMMMmm Replace ---- with screw, steal, corrupt, distort, destroy, Kill, misquote, disavow ... am I getting warmer?

  • damonsb - 2012-07-23 13:39

    The only way that unity can occur here in South Africa ; is when all the racist idiots get a heart attack and die.

  • paco.rodriguez.9210 - 2012-07-23 14:05

    the bushies should make a shrine at Jan Van Riebecks grave because had it not been for him they would not have existed,eish

      stanley.marries - 2012-07-23 14:07

      Your mother was a bushie...!!!

  • vernonvino.phillips - 2012-07-23 14:10

    ...well Siwela clearly met the criteria to land a top job with ANC...applicant needs to illiterate,arrogant,ignorant..basicly needs to be an ASS.Madam speaker,no speaker,YOU DONT DESERVE MY RESPECT,since you talk through the hole where the sun does not shine,DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE NOT ''BLACK'' WE NOT AFRICAN!Have sooo much to say to you,however its a public site and my ''french''will not be suitable!! Proud coloured

      shanthal.davids - 2012-07-23 16:24

      Vernon don't forget the uneducated part they just need to crawl back into the hole they came from or they should go back to kavuki land

  • gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-23 14:19

    Brains have nothing to do with the shade of your largest organ.

  • nathanial.edwards - 2012-07-23 14:35

    As a Coloured, can someone remind me where I come from? Since when are the DA the representative Political Party for Coloureds? Last time I checked the whole Provincial Goverment in Cpt is White. Coloureds always get used as a tool to advance a certain agenda so we got ourselves to blame. For those that think only the ANC is Corrupt....NEWSFLASH .....Ask Hellen Zille what she asked me personally in May 2011 during the elections to do????????????????Well that is if she has a backbone.

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-23 15:46

      Do tell Nathanial. What did Helen ask you to do? Are you a politician? Just wondering why she spoke to you personally. Just FYI You must have checked a good while back since their spokesperson is Lindiwe Masibuko so the DA isn't entirely white. Patricia De Lille is actually a coloured and she and Helen are on the same side because Patricia holds her position with honour and merit. I'd vote for the ID if there was enough support in my area. One votes for strongest Opposition otherwise one ends up with someone like Robert Mugabe who won't give anyone else a chance and destroys the economy of the country he inherited. Mbeki showed signs both because he and Mugabe seemed to be partners and also because he didn't care about the babies being infected by AIDS or their mothers. In terms of ability he was way better than our present leader just not as charismatic.

      byron.matthews.562 - 2012-07-23 20:46

      btw nathanial - it's called voting fodder. Both the ANC and the DA need the Cape Flats votes so they'll both pretend to look after said population's interests leading up to any election. Ask De Lille how many votes she got when she was leader of her own party as an indication that either the "shoprite and pick n pay workers - with no ambitions of management" were not ready for such a party or they simply revert to the ole tried and tested crabs in a bucket dance

  • mariah.jansentshabalala - 2012-07-23 14:37

    power to the coloured people in SA they own this country

      byron.matthews.562 - 2012-07-23 20:50

      i hope they kept their receipts ...