Police investigating ANCYL brawl

2011-12-13 15:49

Johannesburg - An investigation into a brawl between ANC Youth League members at a tavern in Seshego near Polokwane at the weekend is under way, Limpopo police said on Tuesday.

Warrant Officer Mothemane Malefo said a case had been opened, but no arrests were made.

"The matter is still being investigated, but I have no details on it," he said.

The Star newspaper reported on Tuesday that several "associates" of Julius Malema, including ANCYL provincial secretary Jacob Lebogo, had confronted members who had mounted posters of Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba on lamp posts near the home of Malema's grandmother on Sunday.

A fist fight broke out between the men and supporters of former ANCYL Limpopo leader Lehlogonolo Masoga.

Masoga was expelled by Malema last year. He was elected deputy president of the Polokwane branch of the ANC in October.

One of Malema's associates, Josias Buthane, later found one of Malema's rivals in the tavern and allegedly slapped him, the newspaper reported.

The Polokwane ANC secretary Boiki Tsedu as well as another member, Pepe Chere, then arrived and allegedly pointed a gun at Buthane's head.

"Even with a gun pointed at my forehead, I fought them," Buthane said.

He later laid a charge against Chere and Tsedu.

Malema told the newspaper that his grandmother had called him to complain about people chanting in front of her gate, but he denied sending his associates to assault the members.

  • procold2 - 2011-12-13 15:56

    no class this lot, wait for the 100 year celebrations and watch the hoola baloo there.

      Kala - 2011-12-13 15:58

      procold2 I hope it's covered by the SABC. It will be highly entertaining.

      procold2 - 2011-12-13 16:02

      kala, a real comedy

      Jono - 2011-12-13 16:08

      I hope there lucky packets are filled with all diffirent kinds of awesome weapons they can play with at the 100th celebration!

      methedex - 2011-12-13 16:14

      Fat boy is calling shot from his farm now. He's prob tired of talking to the cows... He must've realized that even the cows are more clever than him...

      Squeegee - 2011-12-13 16:19

      Democracy at its best...

      Lulama - 2011-12-13 16:32

      they are so stupid I cant believe how they would want to kill each other because of Malema. They are so stupid

      Michael - 2011-12-13 16:33

      @Spyker May-How unfair can you be? You took the exact words out of my mouth,lol. The two drunken oldies women,Juju's gran and Winnie. Old thugs!

      Shadoz66 - 2011-12-13 16:39

      waahahahaha imagine we sorted out all our political problems with a fist fight. eish what you you say about my leader....smack

      Max - 2011-12-13 17:40

      "Even with a gun pointed at my forehead, I fought them," Buthane said. This is SABC and E-TV's fault....Showing to many Rocky and Jean-Claude vin Diesel movies.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-13 18:34

      Yes Poloyatonki, fighting to free dom. Free dumb and dumberer.

      Sheep - 2011-12-13 18:58

      you are going to be disappointed Dr. Malema will lead us to Economic Freedom in our life time.

      Spyker - 2011-12-13 19:11

      I see ANC24's after-hours, Affirmative Action, ANCYL Politburo stooges, are hard at work again. Why was my post removed..? For stating that the Juju grandmother is an evil sangoma, just as that other one, WMM - viz Madikizela..? Dark Days ahead in Sunny South Africa..?

      Berkold - 2011-12-13 19:50

      @Polio-Donkey: from your comment it would suggest that you yourself have had one too many "injections", whether the penile kind or the Four Word kind .... You should do the world a favour and try the Chinese kind!

  • Michelle - 2011-12-13 15:57

    Like Gogo like Juju!! There is ALWAYS violence where Julius is!! After all that is what he advocates!!

      Sean - 2011-12-13 16:59

      These thugs should be treated accordingly , they are worse than wild animals !

  • Jerolan - 2011-12-13 15:58

    this is a barbaric bunch

      Kobus - 2011-12-13 16:20

      bunch of animals!

  • Lodewyk - 2011-12-13 15:59

    And these idiots are our future leaders.. Really sad!

      Jimmy - 2011-12-13 16:14

      Infact these idiots are of the same cloth as our current leaders...

      Randomhero6661 - 2011-12-13 16:16

      no they will never get there but still sad!

      Sheep - 2011-12-13 18:59

      show respect to our leader and economic freedom fighters. Aluta

      Pieter - 2011-12-13 23:02

      "show respect to our leader and economic freedom fighters" He is not a leader he is a D@@s!

  • Ben - 2011-12-13 16:00

    Dont they have the right to fight without the police interfering ?

      Heiku - 2011-12-13 16:20

      They do. That right however disappears once some idiot lays a charge.

  • Erno - 2011-12-13 16:03

    Ooh heh eh!

  • Mark - 2011-12-13 16:03

    Why interfear.Let them kill each other.Lock them up together and see who survives.Then lock up the survivors.

  • Jonathan - 2011-12-13 16:05

    If covered by the SABC we might, or might not, catch the broadcast a day late...

  • jhavenga1 - 2011-12-13 16:13

    ABOUT TIME !!!

  • Randomhero6661 - 2011-12-13 16:14

    We can only laugh about this...well i am! well done lads well done!

  • Shirley - 2011-12-13 16:14

    Oh God forbid that Jujus grandmother doesnt like a poster or people outside her gate!!!! When ancyl is in town we have to listen to the cr@p they scream and watch them destroy property. Typical mob/gangster mentallity-phone your buddies up and go and beat the "EVIL" doers up!Ancyl are nothing but common thugs!!

  • Anthony - 2011-12-13 16:15


  • Ben - 2011-12-13 16:17

    How can hooligans/children like this have anything to do with governing? Hahaha!

      Shirley - 2011-12-13 16:33

      We should be used to it-South africas governing bodies are children,clowns,rapists,drug dealers and all suffer from a rare illness which only manifests itself when they are exposed at the above mentioned eeds!

  • Fran - 2011-12-13 16:27

    The plot thickens and the chickens have come home to Polokwane.

  • Jim - 2011-12-13 16:34

    they are all scum - simple as that.

  • Leon - 2011-12-13 16:37

    Hallo Freedom of speech! Hallo Freedom of Expression! Hallo Freedom of Association! Viva Banana Republic! Viva

  • watson.tshililo - 2011-12-13 16:37

    Its hactic in leadership of the ANC in particular the Youth.The leadership of ANC like any leadership in a given time they need wisdom.If wisdom is not invited both the future and the past will be disapointed mis.serably

  • edwin.netto - 2011-12-13 16:37

    Malema didn’t send the thugs, they found out about the goings on by mental telepathy, only problem you need a brain for the metal telepathy! Maybe they had a dream that they should all go and take action! Insult to intelligent people!

  • Thozi - 2011-12-13 16:38

    And this is important...?

  • Alva - 2011-12-13 16:38

    Bwha ha ha ha ha! What a bunch of idiots!

  • Steenbra - 2011-12-13 16:39

    Old saying... money doenst buy class.. This is more like

  • comrade.zondi - 2011-12-13 16:49

    Eish People in the G8 countries say "stupid little native boys". Unable to hold their drink. Comrade Zondi

  • Michelle - 2011-12-13 17:04

    The snake eating itself from the tail upwards

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-13 17:05

    Moer mekaar.

  • George - 2011-12-13 17:23 to the dark side...scuse the pun..........chops.......

  • The Real Unskinny - 2011-12-13 17:34

    Gedra hulle soos xxxxxxx.

  • Spice - 2011-12-13 18:06

    The grandma complains to JM and later people are beaten. no price for guessing, whose orders are being carried out

  • Nicholas - 2011-12-13 18:26

    Viva democracy! the goons at it again ...

  • flysouth - 2011-12-13 18:27

    The grown-up (ha!) ANC should now disband this bunch of thugs called the ANCYL - they really drag the ANC's name through the mud too often!

  • Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-13 18:31

    Hope they dondered each other stukkend. As long as some of them were hurt, I'm happy. Classless thugs.

  • leko.dada1 - 2011-12-13 18:40

    I mst say this again...news24's platform for intellectual idiots to comment,bunch of immatured group is found here.

      Shirley - 2011-12-13 18:50

      Is that why you comment here?

      Dave - 2011-12-13 19:06

      @Shirely, surely (excuse the pun) a 10/10 for that one

      Jason - 2011-12-14 12:14

      Nkululeko Benedict Dada (Leko Dada) - I fail to understand how you got 8 thumbs up for your comment, "Platform for intellectual idiots" so this then would also make you an intellectual idiot then wouldn't it?? PS, if you wish to be an intellectual idiot, use spell check, its immature and not immatured you useless TWAT!!

  • braamc - 2011-12-13 19:23

    Black trash

  • Azande - 2011-12-13 19:47

    I'm dissapointed.

  • Koos - 2011-12-13 20:00

    go back 200 years...nothing has changed.

  • Chaapo - 2011-12-13 20:29

    Let them fight each other. These are the ones whose only means of survival is from the largesse of the ANCLY leadership that is why they are desperate to spill their guts in the fight for their leaders on both sides. They fear that the crumbs are or will be gone. It will be no loss to SA if they exterminate each other. Those youth with brains are using them productively and keeping away from this fray.

  • André - 2011-12-13 22:39

    Now I also understand the term "INFIGHTING" !!!!!

  • tony.mollagrean - 2011-12-14 05:24

    What a regular bunch of boxes. Do the translation.

  • Nyiks11 - 2011-12-14 06:01

    Gun to the head ? Haaikona I foresee "counter revolutionaries" being executed in Mangaung . These celebrations will be marred by violence ek se

  • brionyl.french - 2011-12-14 06:04

    I say leave them to kill one another, like barbarians and then when there is no more ANCYL then the ANC will fall apart and someone brighter can come in and lead us properly

  • EyesEars - 2011-12-14 09:15

    Have the makings of the time between IFP and ANC supporters years back. Some will just never learn, NOT to do what there forefathers has done. Pity that some wants to play God about who lives and who doesn't. Will you ever wake up?

  • Zion - 2011-12-14 11:23

    So much (derision) for our future leaders. Hardly capable of leading a troupe of clowns.

  • Wouter - 2011-12-14 13:01

    Moer mekaar!

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