Premier defends cadre deployment

2012-07-31 22:19

Bloemfontein - There is nothing wrong with ANC cadre deployment as such, the party's Free State chairperson Ace Magashule said on Tuesday.

"There is nothing wrong with cadre deployment as long as you look at skills," said Magashule, who is also the provincial premier.

Speaking on the state of municipalities, the Free State leader agreed he had received criticism for putting African National Congress officials into jobs, but said the focus was on skills.

"Municipalities need skills," Magashule said during a dialogue televised by the SABC and The New Age newspaper.

He said Free State municipalities had gone to great lengths in starting to appoint skilled workers.

They were recruited from places such as the auditor general’s offices and the private sector.

Magashule said despite this, many rural municipalities were not viable.

"You can put me there, put a minister there, a director general in Gariep. There is no tax base, no revenue. What can they do?"

Apart from one municipal entity, the Free State received no clean audit for the financial year ended 30 June 2011, Auditor General Terence Nombembe announced recently.

Nombembe said the Free State was a concern because suitably qualified chief financial officers had been appointed at 80%of the municipalities.

Magashule said that the province had learned from the past and now aimed to employ the "best of the best".

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-07-31 22:25

    He, he, he, he, ha, ha, ha, bwaaahahahahahahaha! Eish Ace, what skills do the cadres have or don't you have the skills to see they don't have any skills. Haaauw!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-31 22:41

      LOL! I know. Clutching at straws. Trying to reel in an increasingly eye-opened electorate with [insert drum roll] more speeches. Seri-ass. Will these people never learn? The speeches don't work any more, we want to see officials doing some work

      sthembiso.msindo - 2012-07-31 23:10

      These guys still got nerves to even defend themselves

      grant.hide - 2012-08-01 04:13

      That's like saying a pet crocodile is ok because it can retrieve the ball.

      Gerald - 2012-08-01 08:50

      skills taken into cognissance, cadre deployment is still ethically and morally reprehensible as it gives one party's members at an unfair advantage over others in the job market, is limited and puts party interests above country,and discredits AA and BBBEE, not that it is possible to discredit the latter even further. It further disrespects the Constitution and parliament in that ANC should not and is not government but the major roler player in the 'Democratic government of SA. Political appointments should me limited to political MEC level. Otherwise its like saying in order to get a job one must be a card carrying member. Bullocks. Hope Ace was taken out of context as is the norm with our polarising journalism in this country

  • hendrik.breed - 2012-07-31 22:37

    OMG, this country is going down the tube! Where are you going to get the skills? All training facilities are not up to speed or closed. Wake up and smell the coffee!

      Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-08-01 00:01

      There ain't no coffee in the high speed gravy train,just expensive whisky and french champaigne.

      heini.botes - 2012-09-19 11:13

      @Bra Tebzaah.....and it seems like were screwed even more now brother, as from Monday Johnny Walker PLATINUM is now available, so Blue Label won't be good enough anymore! #eish

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-31 22:38

    And how does a mere voter get to adjudicate these alleged skills when the party, who puts forward these nominees, clearly cannot?

  • CassandraXabata - 2012-07-31 22:48

    What utter rubbish. 'Nombembe said the Free State was a concern because suitably qualified chief financial officers had been appointed at 80%of the municipalities.' But just above this: 'Apart from one municipal entity, the Free State received no clean audit for the financial year ended 30 June 2011, Auditor General Terence Nombembe announced recently.' Well that says a lot about your appointing skills does it not? Or is it the qualifications of the CFOs that were appointed that are suspect? Because they are cadre appointees? Now you want to appoint the best of the best. Just forget about your petty politics, AA, BBBEE and outdated political retoric and appoint people without worrying about colour, creed, religion or gender. Like it says in the constitution. Places with no taxbase and no money should not have mayors and managers driving flashy cars and blinging it up. Rather they actually create a taxbase by creating jobs without making it impossible for entrepeneurs to get going!!!!!!!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-31 22:51

      They *were* skillful enough to hire consultants :)

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-07-31 23:18

    Ace Maizemeal if you are reading this,then you should know you are talking rubbish.Look around you moron and see the destruction,maladministration,service delivery marches etc caused by you and your fellow incompetent useless comrades.Playing ignorance proves your high level of stupidity.Even a blind person can tell how your comrades have wrecked this country.

  • adam.hannath - 2012-07-31 23:26

    In other words: "Our factional nepotism has nothing to do with our 18 years of leadership resulting in the utter ruin of the entire public service sector" or "the fact that someone has to be affiliated and allied with the current leadership of the ANC in order to gain any position in municipal or national government has nothing to do with the hundreds of millions of Rands wasted on catering and such." or "the fact that all levels of government are closely knitted together in political alliances does not in any way contribute to the mentality of entitlement within government leadership." This is the reason surgeons work toward the age of brain transplants. There is absolutely no self reflection within the governing party...

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-31 23:30

      This is what happens after 100yrs of indoctrination. It becomes impossible to separate fact from fiction, reality from delusion and despots from unlimited cash

  • Vince.York - 2012-07-31 23:30

    Is the sharpened stake he is resting so heavily on, from the Gadhafi era, that he can lie with such a straight faced?

      Vince.York - 2012-08-01 06:54


  • tumelo.mabua - 2012-07-31 23:37

    How does one defend the ANC these days! This habit of saying the wrong things is getting worse!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-31 23:42

      They talk too much and do too little

      heini.botes - 2012-09-19 11:18

      @Tumelo...simple my cannot. They have changed into a cANCer disease that is running South Africa into the ground. And if you look at the up and coming ones from the Youth League the future looks very very bleak indeed. I guess one can only hope by coming election time peoples eyes will be open and vote for the right party and not just stay away. Cause a stay away vote is a vote for the ANC, then that person have no right moaning. Keep strong!

  • alfred.neumann.142 - 2012-07-31 23:48

    Did you honestly expect an ANC premier with a bachelor of arts degree to say anything different? Mention the word "merit" around any of these incompetent criminals and you'll see a spontaneous outbreak of nervous eye twitches.

  • blip.noodlum - 2012-08-01 00:36

    If you look at skills, you will find cadre deployees don't have any. They're only there because they're cadres, not because they're skilled.

  • press.enter.12 - 2012-08-01 01:30

    "He said Free State municipalities had gone to great lengths in starting to appoint skilled workers." Sorry idiot - the Municipalities had skills before they were replaced by the "placed" cadres

  • White.Tiger.Diamond.Paw - 2012-08-01 04:26


  • mohauzack.motsoane - 2012-08-01 05:42

    this cadre is killing th dreams

  • GavinPen - 2012-08-01 06:04

    Ace, maybe the appointment of a leading human resources professional should be the top order of business for you! Skills are absolutely useless unless the individuals are competent in them, just because I use a bank, doesn't make me a banker!

  • Teuneman - 2012-08-01 06:34

    Why can't they just admit they're wrong. Say sorry, rectify the problem and never let it happen again. They look more like idiots by not doing it.

  • piet.boerie - 2012-08-01 06:50

    He would defend cadre deployment because he is one of those deployments. ...the Free State received no clean audit for the financial year...says it all really! This is the biggest mistake this country has seen since colonisation and apartheid and will take more than 20 years to undo. Once politiciaztion of the civil service occurs it will be a nightmare to fix by the next party.

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-08-01 06:54

    After all these years of being in charge, they now admit to their being no infrastructure? Who's fault is that? I'd be way to embarrassed to admit that things are still in a mess - just opening mouth to change feet again!!

  • tw2066 - 2012-08-01 06:57

    "As long as you look at skills" - and what makes JZ fit for office? These ous talk so much cr4p that they believe it themselves, and judging by the voting numbers so too do the majority of cadre wannabes.

  • longile.bongani - 2012-08-01 07:29

    oh they got well practised skills alright ! Best trained thieves in the country! Do something Magashule and do it fast

  • sisie.indola - 2012-08-01 07:30

    Skills - looting, stealing, lying - yes i guess you can call those skills.

  • johnodup - 2012-08-01 07:34

    Cadre appointments are the EXACT opposite of meritorious appointments, Ace, and the terrible results over the past years – to say nothing of your province’s miserable failure to attain clean audits for its municipalities – speaks volumes about just how nefarious this behaviour in fact is…

  • koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-08-01 07:39

    I don’t know if this is an insult or just a sad joke. Here is a tip S-Head your tax base wants to show you the finger and shove that Merc where the sun don’t shine. Your tax base is getting fed up! Tell me gain why I need to pay tax and for almost nonexistent services? Oh to help your cANCer friends! FU and your BS... SH!

  • john.cryink - 2012-08-01 08:01

    Please take note our "great" leader Mr. Mandella was the example to appoint cadres. Thinking back to 1994/1999 all I ever saw the town where I stay fell into decay and "Pot hole" warning signs were put up. Did the cadres repair the pot holes NO?

  • derrico.heus - 2012-08-01 08:24

    This government is corrupted. Any talk supporting the anc is stupid. . You cannot defend the corrupted. It is ridiculous to have a country like south africa governed by the anc filling their ranks with friends of friends, or by someone owed favours by the anc. The anc as a whole are a terrible government who's sole purpose is self enrichment.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-08-01 08:24

    There comes a time in everybodys life when you have to grow up and see the world as it is. Your much loved toys that have always been on your bed in a special place, those toys have to be packed away or passed on. You actually out grow them. This is what has happened in the ANC. You cant keep moving those loved toys from place to place, they need to be packed away and this is the ANC'S biggest downfall. Its time to branch out bring in new faces that can do better. Problem we all see is the same people making the same mistakes over and over again and that is why the ANC finds itself in trouble today. In business, loyalty is a good thing but first comes productiveness. If that person cannot do the job no matter how loyal they are business cannot carry them no matter what. In business you have to be cruel to survive and its time the ANC started to take a leaf out of HOW TO SURVIVE IN BUSINESS and stop this, HOW TO ENRICH YOURSELF IN GOVERNMENT AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. Those loyal cadres have brough shame to the ANC. Your voters can see all this and they are slowly turning against you, is this what you want at the cost of loyalty. If you want to succeed then you have got to step up to the podium and stop all this boetie boetie business or it will be your loyal downfall.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-08-01 08:28

    Skills in oxymoron if if there was one ! The so called 'skills' is NON*t for brains..little parrots !! I asked one a question..she threw a tantrum and refused to serve me from that point on!! WHY..she didn't know the answer to my very simple question !! Hahahahah

  • mart.botha - 2012-08-01 08:48

    of course there isn't Mr Premier, it just hinges I suppose on what the actual agenda is ...strategic support for lost ideologies or service delivery.

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2012-08-01 09:23

    PLease Premier Ace tell us where cadre appointment has worked successfully?

  • pierre.dupreez.58 - 2012-08-01 12:08

    Hey there Mr Premier, the only problem is that the people "looking at skills" are also Cadres and would not recognise a skill if it jumped up and did a pole dance in front of them! You comrades are hillarious! Pity this is a serious situation though. It's sinking, is the SAS ANC. Role on 2019!

  • harald.voney - 2012-08-03 07:33

    Soooo, besides BBEE BEE, EE etc etc etc, you now also have to belong to the ANC!!?? WTF... First anong equals.... any one read "Animal Farm"? this should be mandatory school reading; or anyone now wanting and education.

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