Probe a chance to 'hold Eskom accountable'

2012-02-09 18:52

Johannesburg - A special investigating unit (SIU) probe into Eskom's activities is a chance to hold the parastatal accountable for South Africa's electricity problems, the DA said on Thursday.

"We hope that this investigation will be the first step towards a more efficient electricity distribution network," said Democratic Alliance MP Natasha Michael in a statement.

She said South Africans had had to bear the burden of escalating electricity prices, unforeseen blackouts and the negative impact of rising production costs on doing business.

"We expect the SIU to use the significant powers at its disposal, such as the ability to subpoena any person to appear before it under oath, to ensure that those responsible are held to account."

In March last year, Eskom and the SIU announced they would work together to fight corruption at the parastatal.

During the three-year partnership, the SIU, government's corruption fighting agency, would deploy a full-time team of investigators to check all Eskom divisions.

On Tuesday, Eskom announced the SIU investigation had been formally authorised by a presidential proclamation.

Michael said the DA had campaigned for a probe into Eskom's affairs, and would closely monitor the unit's investigation.

The SIU would concentrate on examining the procurement of coal and transport services, and look at any undisclosed interests held in companies doing business with Eskom.

  • Larry - 2012-02-09 19:00

    This should be very interesting. I would reckon that over the years, these guys have blown Billions on unauthorized spending.

      Arthur - 2012-04-20 16:18

      Absolutely. Don't forget that director who was fired, then sued for R80 million for unfair dismissal a few years back. Sounded more like an "arrangement" to me.

  • ISO - 2012-02-09 19:04

    They are ripping the people of SA. Its about time they are checked out!!!

  • Jaco - 2012-02-09 19:15

    ANC's decision to drop the international credit rating of Eskom to that of the country's, bad coal mining policies to allow those in power of Eskom to ensure good-looking balance sheets for obtaining bigger bonuses and now having to lend internationally and using 3rd party mining companies to mine , additionally improper maintenance of power stations. This from the onset of the new government ensured that SA's electricity prices sky-rocketed from relatively cheap to that you'd expect to pay in Europe.

  • An observer - 2012-02-09 21:38

    This is the "same old, same old" smoke and mirrors. In the end it will be about ANC neglect that will be protected by political rhetoric and "come to nothing" nvestigtioms as in the pas.

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