Protector's findings subject to Constitution

2011-08-17 21:41

Johannesburg - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's findings are subject to the Constitution and the law, and state legal advisers have no authority to tell government what to implement, she said on Wednesday.

Madonsela said state attorneys have been advising the government against implementing remedial action she recommended.

"In the event organs of state are unhappy with our findings and the accompanying remedial action, they should take us to court on review."

She said courts were the only institutions that had a final say on whether her findings and the need for remedial action were rational or not.

Madonsela was speaking at a meeting with stakeholders, which included provincial government leaders, local government authorities and civil society in Polokwane.

Her spokesperson Kgalalelo Masibi said delegates including Agriculture MEC Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba and Polokwane Mayor Freddy Greaver agreed with Madonsela.

"[They said] failure to implement the public protector's remedial action was defeating the institution's purpose of supporting and strengthening constitutional democracy," she said in a statement

"They added that leaders in government had a responsibility to act promptly upon receipt of the public protector's report with a view to ensure administrative justice and accountability."

The meeting formed part of a nationwide "road show" dubbed "The Public Protector Dialogues with the Nation".

The road show aimed at soliciting feedback regarding Madonsela's work and highlighting the importance of implementing her suggestions for remedial action.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-08-17 21:51

    Cool, refreshing breeze. May it turn into a hurricane and blow the Arrogance Nepotism and Corruption to smithereens. Then South Africa will be free to grow as a Nation.

      Dav - 2011-08-18 08:14

      It want last unfortunately, she is doing her job to well. We all know what that means.

      Charles N - 2011-08-18 08:57

      Finally a politician who cares about the law. Thuli Madonsela for president!!!

  • Grant - 2011-08-17 22:00

    Madonsela for president!

      blanco_pta - 2011-08-17 22:47

      she does not fit the candidate criterion hahahahaha

  • Neil - 2011-08-17 22:02

    "and state legal advisers have no authority to tell government what to implement, she said on Wednesday." Of course they dont. If they did half of government would be behind bars.

      York Hunt - 2011-08-18 08:40

      Exactly! They are all criminals, and should be behind bars. What happened to Rule of Law?

      Vince York - 2011-08-18 09:17

      What percentage of state legal and financial advisors to zuma & state are currenty indian and quasi indian?

  • Gido - 2011-08-17 22:29

    This democracy thing.. they don't understand that.. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" - Orwell

      York Hunt - 2011-08-18 08:43

      Yes, Orwell knew a thing or two. However, the pigs in Animal Farm seemed to have more decency than our politicians do...

  • blanco_pta - 2011-08-17 22:38

    I'm beginning to think that we probably need a female president. the current state of affairs are so bad that we don't even need a man with balls, WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT. Zuma must step down, go take care of his many wives and make more babies in KZN.

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-18 01:12

      Make more babies? I'd have thought 23 little Zooomer 783's running around are more than enough.

  • Enough - 2011-08-17 22:40

    I absolutely love, I would also volunteer my services as part of the TAX (some parties want to impose on my kind) to Government to consult and teach/uplift the understanding of Government Departments how to do their jobs there is a revolutionary thought...

  • thetruth - 2011-08-17 23:04


      lapfa - 2011-08-17 23:13

      Indeed. Zille must be investigated with immediate effect.

      Colin Dovey - 2011-08-17 23:36 WILL find that she is clean......trouble is, you are so keen(actually DESPERATE)to deflect the attention away from rampant ANC Nepotism and corruption that you miss the moat in your own eye. And, when you type, please take off the CAPITALS - it means that you are shouting to make you point, and that gives your desperation away!

      Neil - 2011-08-17 23:36

      @Lapfa: I have a better idea!! Let Zille, Zuma and Malema be investigated at the same time. The guilty locked up and the one not implicated in corruption be made president. What do you think? I think that is an ingenious idea. We will get rid of Zuma and Malema in one shot and someone competent will be president! Viva DA!

      Neil - 2011-08-17 23:39

      @TheTruth. Wait your turn.. Zuma and Malema jumped the ranks to number 1 and 2.. Malema in the lead with Zuma close on his heals.. Bets anyone? ANC is like horse races.. Seriously, race between them to see who is the most corrupt and biggest criminal.

      Neil - 2011-08-17 23:48

      @Colin: Well said..

      lapfa - 2011-08-18 00:30

      Democracy, which was never available in this country before ANC came into power, tells us that the president of the country must be voted in by the people. Every public representative suspected of corruption must be investigated. This applies to Hellen Zille as well. The apartheid system was designed to crucify certain people only but now everyone on the wrong side of the law must face the full might of the law. It does not matter who they are. White collar crime is still a crime. How do you explain R50 million a year spent on communication! Something very fishy here.

      Julian - 2011-08-18 07:31

      @thetruth: you are a liar. Zille ASKED the Public Protector to investigate the Sunday Times claims, and offered to resign if anything untoward was found. Hardly the actions of someone trying to avoid an investigation.

      Tolerant - 2011-08-18 08:17

      Yes Julian, I agree. She did ask the PP to investigate allready.

  • thetruth - 2011-08-17 23:46

    @ Neil initially avoid putting ur photo on these sites,cos these are not sites to judge how ugly ppl are,,,Secondly i totally stand for malema,zuma,cele etc to be tried for corruption...but thats not my issue here...the point is that fools like urself support a person whole-heartedly even before the protector investigates guilt...problem with some of u wities is that u stink of racism...its in ur colonialist history...divide and rule,steal natural resources(at any cost),lie to the world through allies like the UN etc etc etc...its in the blood-a leopard never changes its spots

      Neil - 2011-08-17 23:55

      @TheTruth: The UN is currently feeding your brothers across Africa. (I am a UN contractor btw, so there is nothing you can tell me about them) Why? Because of greedy governments like our one not giving a damn about it's people, but heck, you are way to stupid to realize that. Wow, you checked my Facebook profile. Attack me personally because you lack the IQ to debate me. (You also burn your school down?) I do not care what you think of me.. I despise the AWB and the ANC, does that make me racist for hating RACISTS and CRIMINALS (ANC).. No it does not. You can't take the fact that a little old lady like Zille is putting both your clowns in their place on a daily basis. Putting the entire ANC to shame every day. The ANC might rule till Jesus comes.. IF there will be one left by that time to rule

      Unskinny Bob - 2011-08-18 14:57

      Climbing trees and building mud huts is in your history, thetruth. Maybe we can all rise above ourselves?

  • struth - 2011-08-18 00:03

    @ the truth Are you part of the ANCYL thugs by any chance?? By the way if you Blacks hate us Afrikaaners so much how come the Minister of Police has chosen to go into an Afrikaans Hospital for his care??? He could have gone into any Black Government Hospital. Amazing isnt it???

  • thetruth - 2011-08-18 00:10

    funny thing with u fools is that u assume i'm black and support the anc...and by the way the biggest donors to somalia is the arab league and not the un

  • Vince York - 2011-08-18 09:14

    Thank the good lord that at least one person has not gone the little india way of Mpshe.

  • grimbie1 - 2011-08-18 09:38

    Funny how so many comments are white people do this white people say that.. Why are people so racist toward white people? Funny how there arent many comments black people do this black people do that.. Seems there is a real race problem here that people need to GET OVER..

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