Public servants should apologise: Baloyi

2011-06-07 15:58

Johannesburg - Public servants should publicly apologise when they do not live up to expectations, Public Service and Administration Minister Richard Baloyi said on Tuesday.

"We want to know where we have failed, and we are asking businesses and academia to share their experiences with us," he told a Black Business Executive Circle roundtable discussion in Sandton.

"Public servants are the future of service delivery and we are willing to recognise when we are at fault, and are trying to get advice from all sectors of society."

Baloyi said the responsibility for the success of public servants and service delivery was not the exclusive responsibility of government, but rested with citizens as well.

"We all need to be guided, and we need the motivation of everyone to live up to the promises we as government have made."

  • TK - 2011-06-07 16:07

    then you must stop acting like you know everything and take advice, all the things that are happening today in SA, government has been warned in advance.You can only advice a person who is willing to listen.

      changeisGood - 2011-06-07 16:35

      The advice must be reasonable as well. No one takes any advice coming from anyone, it has to be according to constitution and a community building one as well. - 2011-06-07 18:20

      changeisGood - The Joburg Advocacy Group (JAG)has been offering good, constructive advice for years and it's just been ignored.

  • willieman - 2011-06-07 16:12

    "We all need to be guided, and we need the motivation of everyone to live up to the promises we as government have made." when members of the public critisize you,you label them as reactionary or anti-revolution by some membersof the anc.You need to critisize yourselves in public not in some smokey rooms - 2011-06-07 18:23

      I'd settle for government just quietly *doing* something about the major governance, service delivery and social justice issues in our country, especially at local government level.

      Yrrab - 2011-06-08 01:06

      Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say anything they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.

  • saabnut - 2011-06-07 16:12

    Aren't Zuma, Siceka, Ntetwa, Mbalula, Xingwane, Davies, Cele, Radebe and all the rest of the failures also public servants? Just asking...

      Chris - 2011-06-07 16:17

      yeah but only for the couzins, brothers, nephews - you must be in the blood line or else you are only good for tax money. lekker rainbow nation nuh!

  • - 2011-06-07 16:15

    OK, starting with you. Apologise.

  • Hennie - 2011-06-07 16:20

    OK......Just one piece of advice, employ people who want to serve and know what they're doing i.e. STOP CADRE(idiot) deployment.

  • Gingero - 2011-06-07 16:25

    Public servants should do the honourable thing and RESIGN when they fail to perform. Alternately they should be fired Mr Minister. Only then will they start taking their jobs more seriously. Now please do as you said you would and............LISTEN!

      Mart - 2011-06-07 16:48

      The under acheivers and the corrupt in the Public Service have no honour, so resignations aren't going to happen. When their mindset is that of 'I am safe in my job' and 'it's someone else's fault' what chance does Joshua Public have?

  • Mart - 2011-06-07 16:43 an ideal world maybe, but we all know our world is far removed from 'ideal'.

  • Keketso - 2011-06-07 16:52

    The reason that will make public servants to fail is because you don't recognise their efforts by recommending to give an annual increase of 4% and the public office bearers will get double digits. This makes public servants to adopt the idea that they are not being taaken seriously.

      ZACommentator - 2011-06-07 17:21

      To get a better increase do a better job. Easy for the majority to ask for an increase when they are not tax payers.

      Steve Wonderboy - 2011-06-07 17:24

      Now that is the truth. Why should parliamentarians earn dollar salaries while people who do the actual work earn peanuts. The media is so quick to judge when the people go on strike but why isn't there a bigger noise when the fat cats write their own paychecks from our taxes?

      ZACommentator - 2011-06-07 17:31

      There is Steve but it only comes from one section of the community who are then labeled as racist. They want their ANC but they don't like the way the ANC pays them. Cry me a river

  • JohnDough - 2011-06-07 17:10

    They should be fired!

  • ZACommentator - 2011-06-07 17:10

    Ask Zuma and his cronies to apologise, they are government servants

  • Gorilla - 2011-06-07 17:10

    "...Public servants should publicly apologise when they do not live up to expectations..." There are only so many hours in a day bud. This will take forever. May I suggest we take action here and declare another two or three public holidays so this can get done. We can call it "National Apology Day"

  • Achmed - 2011-06-07 17:28

    Give this minister his due. hat he says makes sense. That out of the way please start apologising and let us start from the top of the civil servants. Ie. Zuma you are first!!!!!!!!!! All in goverment and goverment employees are CIVIL SERVANTS so each and every one: After you have apologised....... Do you f(*^*&%ing jobs and don't leave room to apologise for.

  • - 2011-06-07 18:17

    Ha! Mr Baloyi, contact us at the Joburg Advocacy Group ( we'll share a few of our experiences with you ... Better still, we'll mail you and ask for a meeting. Let's see where *that* gets us ...

  • letsee - 2011-06-07 18:28

    APOLOGIZE!!! I think that they should be summarily replaced. Incompetence hurts too many people and an apology from a minority that do not deserve the job they have will not improve people's lives.

  • Yrrab - 2011-06-08 00:57

    “We want to know where we have failed.” "Public servants should publicly apologise when they do not live up to expectations." Mr Baloyi, Public servants should not be the scapegoats for the ANC’s failed employment policies! The current employment policy as implemented by the present regime is based on emotional outset (racial numbers) and not in inputs (training and development). Since its inception, it has defined the group that must be helped by affirmative action not as the poor, but along racial lines and according to the principle of representation. The current way of empowering people through affirmative action does not actually empower. The key to any successful country in the modern world is knowledge. Those without knowledge and skills are left behind. If people are educated and trained in scarce skills (input-based affirmative action), they become empowered. Training and development will lead to growth, which is the best method of correction. Because of the insufficient focus on training and development South Africa has a huge skills problem which leads to poor growth and service delivery and results in a feeling of alienation among the minority and a feeling of unfulfilled expectations among the majority. This is the powder-barrel about to explode that our country is experiencing at the moment. People are just not being trained for the type of jobs the South African economy can provide. True empowerment and transformation is through education & training.

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