R15m for lawyers - dept still overspends

2011-03-08 23:16

Johannesburg - An agency of the Gauteng education department has overspent a R15m budget to hire a law firm by R594 000, spokesperson Charles Phahlane said on Tuesday.

The department was taking legal advice on whether it could recover the over-expenditure from the former CEO of the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA), Saagrin Ramsammy.

Education MEC Barbara Creecy ordered a forensic audit after Ramsammy complained to senior leaders of the Gauteng provincial government, alleging irregular procurement processes at the academy in November last year.

The audit by Grant Thornton made it clear that the procurement of a law firm for the GCRA was done according to procedure, "in a fair, equitable and transparent manner".

The report however highlights overspending of R594 000 on the contract, for which Ramsammy gave permission when he was CEO of the academy. The report recommends further investigation into Ramsammy's roles and responsibilities regarding the overspending.

The academy is now under the control of the premier's office.

According to its website it aims to provide training in areas such as project management, finance and engineering, which are essential to the public service.

  • David Costin - 2011-03-09 12:20

    Hold on, they are seeking legal advice to find out how to get the money back on the legal advice that they have already had:-). That makes sense.

  • DownTheDrain - 2011-03-09 12:43

    Where is this country going, you keep seeing stories of guys stealing money here, loosing office equipment, cars, guns there. Overspending when the department is broke, constantly going over budget. What level of maths or accountancy do these people have. If you only have R 100 to spend and you spend R 250, then you know you have a problem somewhere. But no not if you have access to the taxpayers money, just spend it and more appears. Thats the ANC way. Do these people honestly think that know one notices? All us taxpayers need to band together and demand change. Someone should really put together a boycott so that we can stand up and say enough is enough.

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