R29m for youth conference 'astonishing'

2010-11-18 22:25

Cape Town - The DA is "astonished" the presidency has granted an extra R29m to the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) for it to host a nine-day student festival themed "Let's defeat imperialism".

"The National Youth Development Agency is a public entity, mandated to act in an impartial manner, to advance the interests of all of South Africa's youth," Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Athol Trollip said in a statement on Thursday.

"Instead, it is now going to be spending nearly R30m on a conference being hosted by a radical global youth organisation, of which the ANC Youth League are members."

The World Festival of Youth and Students has previously been held in Pyongyang, North Korea; Havana, Cuba; and Caracas, Venezuela.

Member parties who made up the event include the Zanu-PF Youth League from Zimbabwe, and the youth league of the Workers' Party of North Korea.

The event would host 60 000 around delegates.


The theme of the year's conference, to be held from December 13 to 21, is "Let's defeat imperialism", and topics for seminars include "The builders of the anti-imperialist media are fighters against lies and manipulation" and "Solidarity with (North) Korea".

According to the event's programme, President Jacob Zuma will be attending activities on day four of the event.

"That the state, the presidency and President Zuma himself should be legitimising an event of this nature, and ploughing state resources into it beggars belief and constitutes electioneering at the state's expense," Trollip said.

The agency's R400m annual budget could be used to fund initiatives that promise to make a much greater impact on youth development, such as implementing the wage subsidy proposal or instituting a zero-rating of VAT on books.

"President Zuma should disband this R400m entity, whose only purpose seems to be to placate the ruling party's Youth League."

  • Francois - 2010-11-19 17:15

    Come on Athol, you cannot complain about the Youth to want to defeat imperialism. When your party was asked by myself to ask certain quesstions to Jacob Zuma in parliament about Zimbabwe, the DA gave me a kak excuse on what they think the honourable Zuma is going to answer - you however did not ask the question in parliament. Thus you allowed the imperialism of Mugabe to continue unabated. Now the ANCYL wants to stop this with a mere R 29 million and you want to stop that. Now can you please tell me on whose side are you? On the imperialist Mugabe with friend Jacob Zuma or on the ANCYL side that wants to fight imperialism. To Inyesi Malema and Vlooi Shavambe, I hope you donder those imperialist from North Korea and Zimbabwe quite well. We know that you as the ANCYL respect human life and value human rights so you must say to them that if just a trickle of violence is going to emerge from the elections next year, you are simply going to be angry beyond par! And North Korea must have one man one vote - otherwise they are imperialist beyond par! Vlooi and Inyesi Malema, if your forebears were only half as good as you are, please inform me on how they became so easily colonized and subjected to imperialism. Are you also aware that the Afrikaner in particular suffered under imperialism and with the Zulus gave the British a good fight? Thus can you please extend a warm invite to the Afrikaners to join and show you how to get rid of imperialist - your R 29m cover this.

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