Race for Midvaal - mud-slinging goes on

2011-03-15 17:54

Johannesburg - The ANC in Gauteng on Tuesday accused the DA of trying to keep the hotly-contested Midvaal area white.

"We are very serious about taking over Midvaal, democratically and fairly," ANC Gauteng secretary David Makhura told reporters in Johannesburg.

"(The DA) campaign has always been about keeping the Midvaal white. The workers who live on farms and plots in Midvaal have been disenfranchised by the DA in previous elections.

"Many of them have often been sent home by their racist employers at election time so that they don't vote in the area," he claimed.

Midvaal is the only Democratic Alliance-run municipality in Gauteng.

Dirty tricks

Both parties have made allegations of dirty tricks. The DA accused the ANC of bussing supporters in to register to vote in the area during the last voter-registration drive on March 5 and 6.

The ANC's Brian Hlongwe would lead the party's campaign to win Midvaal. He charged the DA was failing to deliver basic services such as water and sanitation to the area's poor. Around 26 informal settlements formed part of the municipality.

People lived under "slave-like" conditions in the municipality, he charged.

"The plight of the poor people there is of big concern."

He said the DA-run municipality did not provide drinking water in one area and argued this was because the property on which people were living was private.

He said 64% of the Midvaal population was black and the ANC wanted to "create an environment to enable those people to exercise their democratic right to vote".

Asked why Midvaal was named the best-run municipality by the Gauteng provincial government, Hlongwe said the evaluation was based on administration only and not service delivery.

The Midvaal municipality covered a large area, with one ward alone covering a 44km radius.

Makhura alleged the DA was colluding with "lawyers" to "take over property belonging to blacks".

Ghost voters

The DA on Tuesday again accused the ANC of bussing people in and having them register under false addresses to create "ghost voters".

"But don't take the DA's word for it. visited the areas in question, spoke to the residents, and witnessed the vacant lots of land where, according to the voters' roll, people were supposed to be living," DA spokesperson on co-operative governance and traditional affairs, James Lorimer said in a statement.

"The ANC's desperation suggests it knows it has a problem. And it's a big one. The people of Midvaal don't want what the ANC has to deliver, because all it delivers is mismanagement."

  • Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 18:03

    How dare the ANC refer to keeping a place White, it's called DA, they remain beset on making everything a race issue, leaving the Rainbow Nation, Freedom ~charter and Constitution making equality for Black and White a thing of the past. Where are equality lawyers not sueing the pants of the newly racist ANC?!?!?! Let there be no more of this Black and White talk, shame on the ANC for stepping away from it's Freedom Charter foundation

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 18:07

      May every minority South African firstly go look at what our constitution says about equality for all. May every one of us at night study law through UNISA and bring about our constitutional right towards equality for all. Which the ANC claimed was the case, but which they've turned their backs on. May the world hear all about this ongoing racism. It's farcical and if we only had equality lawyers to fight for our rights for equality as it seems the ANC needs some REMINDING.

      BigMoose - 2011-03-18 18:46

      At least he left the Coloureds and Indians out of it.

  • VuyosWors - 2011-03-15 18:53

    I hope they manage to keep it white so I can move there and live among civilised and productive people.

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 18:58

      Bloody Agent! I swear it will come as NO surprise when we discover ANC agents who come put racist White on Black Rubbish here online. All the minorities I know are certainly not racist and want a free and democratic society. What the ANC doesn't realise is that Wikipedia will catch them out in the end!!

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 19:02

      VIVA a free society away from this return of Racism via the ANC, VIVA. Freedom to all the minorities, coz I know we have a whole lot of fellow Black South Africans who want a Rainbow Nation. Not a racist nation the ANC wants, where only some get privilege and other not coz of the colour of their skin.

      VuyosWors - 2011-03-15 19:03

      @Jayjay so the fact that I see South Africa for what it is and not some rainbow nation fairytale makes me a racist? I suppose you think we live amongst civilised people in should read the news more or perhaps go on a one way trip into a township.

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 19:11

      @VuyosWors - don't come internet deceive us into believing it's not agents like yourselves placed here by the ANC to make out us minorities and in specific White people are racist. Our lives have been made hell and continue to be made hell coza agents like yourselves come spew racism White and Black rubbish to fool the masses into believing we're racists. We're not. We want freedom out of this racist trap the ANC spins us ever so conveniently in. So DON'T come make out that you're not spin doctoring for the ANC for our fellow Black South Africans to believe that we're racists.

  • mariomobster - 2011-03-15 19:07

    The ANC must nasionalise this white area and declare it state property then free the poor people living there by giving them all BMW cars!! VIVA german made automobiles VIVA tenders and byebye all common sense.

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-15 19:16

      Another Agent! Here claiming to put out the image of us White people being racists, I know the ANC spin doctors are wild at it to deceive our Black fellow South Africans that we're racists so hat they can continue making our minorities lives hell. This area is a MIDDLE CLASS area, NOT A White Area thanks very bloody much. If you have the money then you live in a middle class area.

      ruadrauflessa - 2011-03-16 07:48

      @JayJay001: Mariomobster was being sarcastic... something which is very difficult to portray in text.

  • pabnel.nel - 2011-03-15 19:16

    Blaming the DA for not delivering services, well well, the DA can only do so much - what is one suppose to do when your funds come from the ANC?

      Felix - 2011-03-16 08:21

      "Sorry, we do not have your money this month. On an entirely different note, you should check out my new car"

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-15 19:29

    Once upon a time, in a land far far away......I swear we are living in a frikkin fairytale - no wait, they end happily. We are living in a Grimms Brothers story......Dark, Gloomy and not much hope for a happy ending....sigh.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-15 20:45

    South Africans demand International Assistance in rectifying the EXCESSIVE RACISM as being perpetrated on them by the oppressive and racist ANC. The ANC and it's narrow minded cadre crony filled corridors has virtually crippled the country through lack of quality education, and via racist avenues in labour and skewed racist policies FAR OUTWEIGHING rectifying wrongs of the past! A start, will be true international Democratic bodies, to come and make concerted efforts to teach young and old throughout South Africa, the strengths of Democracy, the processes and "checks & Balances" A further demand, is that we institute some forms of "Qualified Suffrage" for voters, to eliminate the most stupid of stupid who are currently being foisted upon the nation as leadership.

      ruadrauflessa - 2011-03-16 07:50

      Sword sorry to say but the rest of the world, although they may take offense, will not interfere in Africa... Also if they do interfere and "deliver us from evil" what then ? What we need is a revolution, and uprising. Nothing else will do what is needed.

  • Pragmatist - 2011-03-15 23:48

    F$#k these RACIST ANC assholes! I am beginning to believe that perhaps there is an over-subscription of blacks in South Africa... (put that in your pipe Manyi and Malema)

  • ludlowdj - 2011-03-16 07:17

    The cANCer Party is now saying that there is an over concentration of whites in the Midvaal area. Come on boys, you just need to bus in more blacks and register them in that area....... hell you doing it in the rest of the country anyway. Oh and how much are you paying the IEC to say its a free and fair election??

  • paulf - 2011-03-16 08:03

    I am afraid to say but the ANC is promoting racism in our country and it is getting worse. Instead of building Mandela's dream of a Rainbow nation, they are doing the opposite. The Zuma government is doing more harm to SA, we must stand up together and get rid of this government as soon as possible.

  • Bonzer - 2011-03-16 08:11

    Like it or not, one way or the other, the ANC is going to win these elections. They can no longer win elections legitimately so they will steal them. By fraud, manipulation, lies, intimidation or any other means, fair or foul. Democracy in SA is history, hope is dead.

  • Chris - 2011-03-16 09:34

    How is it possible that people can just plot wherever they feel like and no one can do anything to stop them or remove them. I know of such a place in Bellville, and it’s very close to where I stay. Old oak farm 319 – abandon farm house next to the R300 – squatters moved in and are they getting more by the week. Crime is going up every month and I KNOW it’s these squatters. Wednesday mornings early they are everywhere going through dustbins. I’ve done some research and found that this property belongs to a development company who tendered to build a 66 unit flat but it was scrapped because they are not allowed to remove these permanent squatters. Seriously I mean! How can this be good for residential areas and more important why must working, property owners paying tax need to put up with these type on nonsense? SO my point is I fully understand why the DA fights this – there is a place for everything and everyone in south Africa and people need to understand that you can’t just plot anywhere. There is places where you can do this – and more important! Just because you are poor doesn’t allow you to brake in, steal stuff and kill people and peoples pets just because you are hungry. So again, good work there Da - don’t supply running water for squatters staying on private land.

  • Veritas - 2011-03-19 12:23

    The upcoming elections will expose the effectiveness of the ANC's campaign. Will their illegal efforts be "too little too late"? Many people are awakening...

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