Radebe defends NPA appointments

2011-01-16 22:36

Johannesburg - Justice Minister Jeff Radebe defended President Jacob Zuma's decision to appoint Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba as the deputy national director of public prosecutions (DNDPP), the SABC reported on Sunday.

Radebe said Zuma should be commended for appointing two women of the calibre of Jiba and Advocate Nomvula Mokhatla.

Mokhatla was also appointed DNDPP.

"There is no controversy about the appointment of two women, when everybody talks about women empowerment and advancement of women. But when the President appoints two competent, fit and properly qualified women, people cry.

"Jiba in particular has been a State prosecutor for decades on end, she has a Masters degree in Commercial Law, has been prosecuting cases for decades, so why is there an issue when the President appoints a woman?"

The Democratic Alliance on Friday expressed dismay at the appointment of Jiba.

Political plotting

"Advocate Jiba on all available versions of her history at the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) engaged in both political and personal plotting utterly unbecoming a prosecutor, in each case directed at senior prosecutor Advocate Gerrie Nel," DA justice spokesperson Dene Smuts said in a statement.

This came after the NPA announced Jiba and Mokhatla's appointments on Thursday. Jiba and Mokhatla's appointments were effective from December 22 2010 and they began duty this week.

The Mail & Guardian on Friday reported that Jiba previously faced charges of dishonesty, unprofessional conduct and bringing the NPA into disrepute.

The charges, abandoned in 2009, were reportedly linked to what appeared to be a "personal and political vendetta" against Nel, a former Gauteng Scorpions head.

According to a M&G newspaper report, evidence suggested Jiba played an active role in initiating the police investigation against Nel - her immediate superior.


Nel was arrested at his home in the early hours of January 8 2008, in what appeared to be a bid to disrupt the investigation into former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Jiba was suspended by then acting NDPP Mokotedi Mpshe for her part in the alleged conspiracy against Nel.

After her suspension Jiba received "high level backing". She complained to then director general in the justice department and current NDPP Menzi Simelane, who wrote to Mpshe questioning the NDPP's right to suspend her.

Jiba later approached Radebe, who, according to the report, indicated in June 2009 he would raise the matter with NPA management.


The paper also reported that Jiba's gripe with Nel arose from her blaming him for the investigation and conviction of her husband.

Her husband, a lawyer, was convicted on charges relating to him dipping into the trust fund of his firm of attorneys.

This emerged from Labour Court papers - after a failed bid by Jiba to approach the court to halt disciplinary procedures against her.

  • phillie - 2011-01-16 23:30

    Typical!!! Radebe shi**ing past the bucket. The uproar against the appointment has nothing to do with gender but everything with integrity. When are these idiots going to realize that the are screwing up big time.

      Pothole - 2011-01-17 00:15

      Oh they know that thy are screwing up bigtime. They do it on purpose.

  • Steven Thulane Nkosi - 2011-01-17 00:58

    Calling the President of the country and the minister idiots is rude and shows total disrespect for other human beings. I think we are taking the freedom of speech concept too far.

      Claudio - 2011-01-17 06:32

      The president and radebe are equally showing disrespect towards the citizens of this Country by appointing people with questionable integrity to very senior positions based on their loyalty to zuma. This trend started with mbeki and continues today. The ANC is a mess and a disgrace

      bill - 2011-01-17 08:52

      The president is amoral and clearly lacking the intellect to run a spaza.How on earth can one respect a buffoon like Zuma.He is repulsive and offensive.

      Zion - 2011-01-17 09:40

      Corrupt, incompetent and criminal officials and office bearers are becoming part and parcel of the South African landscape. It is woven into the genes and the fabric of the country and is here to stay. The NPA sits now with a person of dubious integrity and we the public must have faith in it. Bob-next-door could have done better.

      Sizwe - 2011-01-17 10:56

      @Claudio, All these cited stories are mere speculation, Adv jiba has not been found guilty of any misconduct nor has she been found (formally) to have bought her office into disrepute. Adv Jiba's experience on the hand is not questionable, so lets not push the goal posts and do not bring integrity into play as it misdirects us from the question of expertise.

      Wonderboy - 2011-01-17 11:05

      Respect is earned. Maybe that is why democracy can not work in Africa because this concept is not understood. Just because one is appointed a leader of sorts does not mean everyone has to automatically respect him or her. The position is respected and if the person in the position is doing a good job then he/she will also be respected.

      Ms Athlone - 2011-01-17 11:48

      We have every right as citizens to refer to the President or the minister's as Idiots. Cretins. Loser's. Whatever. Every right. Respect does not come automatically in high office particularly when undeserved. This is a concept many south african's appear to struggle with. No, as a citizen I'm not beholden to show leader's, who's behaviour and conduct I consider repugnant and downright abhorrent, any repect. It is called DEMOCRACY. Well earned by those who Died so we can say what we feel and right what we think. Go back to the drawing board Steven.

      bongani.miselo - 2011-12-21 16:21

      I agree with you Steve.I call that being a coward.If one lacks respect do not do the samething as them.Justice minister Radebe does nto respect his own constituency by recommending to president Zuma people whose record / conduct are not in line.We cannot therefore respond to that by disrecting them by calling them names.It is wrong.

  • - 2011-01-17 06:21

    Unless the media are not reporting the Minister's whole response, it appears that the Minister is not addressing the issue. If Jiba had not acted unethically or unprofessionally one would have expected the Minister to say so. However, both the Minister and the NDPP are silent about the actual complaint against her. Instead they choose to attempt to gain the high moral ground by emphasising that Jiba is a woman with years of competent experience. If her decision was right, why has the NDPP or the Minister not insisted that Gerrie Nel be arrested and prosecuted? The only inference from their silence and inaction is Jiba messed up. It appears that acting unethically and unprofessionally but politically correct is a sure way of winning the Minister's approval. Johan

      Sizwe - 2011-01-17 11:07

      Jannie, you are merely hypothesising and missing the plot. As a senior prosecutor she has not been found guilty of gross misconduct or misconduct at all by any formal body. It would thus be illogical for Adv Jiba to be denied a post she qualifies for on merit based on conjecture. That in itself would be unfair towards her. It would be relevant to note that having charges instituted against you does not mean you are guilty, and esp when the body that brought about those charges itself withdraws them. We cannot conclude guilt from that, it would be poor reasoning.

  • Proudly SA - 2011-01-17 06:53

    When is the string of immoral and totally unconsidered appointments going to stop ? It just does not stop - look at the size of the cabinet with so many IOU appointments, NPA appointments, judiciary etc. Why are high performing ministers with ethical values such as Barbara Hogan dumped ? At this rate we can expect Selebi to be next Minister of Police and Malema to be Minister of Women / Gender affairs or Public Enterprises as they will be considered completely suitable

  • BigAl - 2011-01-17 06:58

    Jobs for the boys and now its jobs for the girls. ???there not Zuma's wifes are they??? After Mr Zuma interviewed them I hope he had a shower.

  • dysfunctionalhealth - 2011-01-17 07:01

    If these two dodgy females are so corrupt why has the Law Society not done something about them? Or is it that the Law Society, just like all other like-minded bodies, is there to protect dodgy characters at the expense of society!

  • Smaal - 2011-01-17 07:31

    I must admit, they are fit and competent by ANC standards. Once again no surprise let’s just hope no one gets pregnant.

  • bill - 2011-01-17 08:59

    Jiba clearly does not recognise or adhere to the rule of law. As with Simelane , Zuma appoints the most unsuitable candidates merely because they support him at all costs.Is this kraalding supposed to be taken seriously as a leader? If this buffoon is the best the ANC can do they are either a gang of savages , in deep trouble or both.

      Sizwe - 2011-01-17 11:10

      @Bill. You have not mentioned anything that makes Adv Jiba incompetent, nor have you adduced any evidence to support your theory of unsuitability. Withdrawn charges and hearsay do not a case make...

  • maseratifitt - 2011-01-17 11:00

    I don't think the President should appoint anybody to a post that is supposed to be independent. The fraternity should make their own appointments based on merit.

  • Wonderboy - 2011-01-17 11:11

    According to the minister, Jiba was a prosecutor for decades on end. So she was a prosecutor during the apartheid era. Should she not be discriminated against for being one of the advantaged?

  • - 2011-01-17 19:47

    Sizwe, just like the Minister and the NDPP you choose to deflect or divert the matter, seeking some higher moral ground. If she is as competent as you suggest she is, then her decision to have the warrant issued is correct. If that is so, then one expects the Minister and in particular, the NDPP to have the warrant re-issued and Nel prosecuted. She is now in a position of power and why do we not wait to see whether she does resuscitate the warrant. Do not hold your breath!

  • bongani.miselo - 2011-12-21 16:13

    I am thinking out loud here,maybe the minister got it wrong or the DA.Are the qualification of advocate Jiba in question and the answer is NO.How about the qualifications of advocate Mokhatla, also they are not questioned.The issue is about the conduct of advocate Jiba.I have not heard anything of Mokhatla until she got appointed by the president replacing Jiba.South African politics are interesting each day.Do citizens have to go to court to force the president why he replaced Jiba with Mokhatla after a week in office.Mr president would you agree with me when i say you did not apply your mind when you appointed advocate Jiba.

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