Ramphele: Accountability starts with president

2013-06-22 14:34

Pretoria - Accountability begins with the president of a country, Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele said on Saturday.

"We deserve to have a president who knows that it is wrong to steal money meant for RDP houses to build himself a R205m palace," Ramphele told a cheering crowd of supporters at the Tshwane Events Centre.

"We have a right to know what kind of business is being done between officials, their families and the government."

She said government was destroying the country's economy.

"The fact is this, government cannot be trusted to run our economy," Ramphele said.

"I say enough is enough, 20 years is too long... No more time, this government has run its course."

Ramphele was speaking at the official launch of her political party, Agang SA.

‘An appalling example’

The activist and businesswoman lashed out at the ANC-led government.

She said the current government was setting an "appalling" example that others were following.

"They seem to think they are beyond the reach of the law," she said.

"One by one they have systematically attacked the very foundations of our constitutional democracy, the judicial system, the freedom of the press, accountability of government and the human rights of all citizens."

She said the arrogance of the current government was "breathtaking". It was acting with impunity and abusing "the resources of the state for the enrichment of a party, themselves and their friends".

"The arms deal, Nkandla, the Guptas, the list of these abuses goes on and on," she said to a cheering crowd.

Politicians and officials had to be held accountable for their actions.

Earlier, Ramphele was welcomed by cheers from the youthful crowd who arrived to support her new party.


More than a thousand people, mostly dressed in white T-shirts with Agang SA printed on them listened intently and cheered as Ramphele spoke about the problems facing South Africa.

In the past five months Ramphele visited communities around the country listening to people’s concerns.

"We are here to begin the restoration of the promise of our great nation and to offer the hope of a better future for South Africa," she told the crowd.

"There is a desperate need for change."

After nearly 20 years the country's leaders had failed to deliver on the promise of freedom. It was too long to wait for jobs, education and healthcare.

Ramphele said the country had reached a crossroads.

"I for one do not want to think about where we will be in five years time unless we change course."

2014 elections

However, the country had potential and it was this which inspired Ramphele at the age of 65 to enter South African politics and found Agang SA.

During Ramphele's speech the crowd, started shouting "enough is enough".

Ramphele would contest the 2014 national elections.

She said Agang would hold an elective conference towards the end of the year.

"There are many experienced parliamentarians and battle-hardened activists who will join our national and provincial leadership in the coming months," she said.

"We will strike a balance between old hands and many new faces."

  • Shirley Stee - 2013-06-22 14:44

    Never a more true speech!! However there are 2 problems:1. Getting the sheeple who blindly follow the anc to see the "light" and 2. Its one thing to say it and another to actually follow up on. If this Lady is serious and is someone who is not just blowing hot air then she is well worth voting for. Problem is most politicians have all the promises in the world-yet never deliver. I hope this is not the case with her because she could bring a lot of hope to a lot of serious minded people who actually want this country to grow and prosper and are anti DA because for some ridiculous reason,believe is racist.

      Shirley Stee - 2013-06-22 15:07

      beannie: I do too. It takes a lot to say publicly what she did. Im just saying there must always be caution with politicians:)

  • Fanie Viljoen - 2013-06-22 14:45

    Yeah, as you will note, this is Africa, soon you will also see this!

  • Petro Jahnel - 2013-06-22 14:48

    More girl power - I like it!!

  • Thabo Masaswivona Rossouw Shabangu - 2013-06-22 14:49

    In agang we trust, down the Anc

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:09


  • Ntobane Setabola - 2013-06-22 14:56

    She gives me hope. She gave up a lot 2 come and rescue my lost n confused generation...

  • Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-06-22 14:57

    iv got a very good feeling about this party,and as long is it gona put those words into practise,ACCONTABILITY,INTERGRITY TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY

  • Lynda Miracle Masuku - 2013-06-22 14:57

    Enough is enough. We want a good and respectable leader who has the best interest of the country and it's citizens at heart. You go Doctor!

  • Bryan Culross - 2013-06-22 15:01

    To Konnde .... Not steal / be corrupt for one! That shud unleash about R20bn for starters

  • George Pito - 2013-06-22 15:02

    Bravo to her but mark my words the way Africa reacts to competition like this coming, is by dumping the country into war and terrorism.

      Sipho Mathebula - 2013-06-22 17:13

      Yes George that is my concern too, in Africa if we don't get our way we change the laws (ANC / Mugabe)and if that fails we start murdering the opposition and if that fails we will go to war. ANC muppets won't go quietly we are in for tough times ahead yoy people that think will ever be a democracy and have a fair government forget it this is Africa. Tribalism, factualism, xenophobia and rascism are hurdles to over come way before we even think democracy, please don't hold your breath as I think JESUS will return before we are a democracy. Now before you thumbs down me first read what I said and then think about. I for one hope I am wrong but my head says otherwise.

      Richard Scully - 2013-06-22 18:29

      I think you are right too, unless the UK and US can be persuaded to get involved with military

      Richard Scully - 2013-06-22 18:30

      The best way to get started is to win the democratic vote, that always impresses the Europeans and Americans

  • Magatikele Magatikele - 2013-06-22 15:08

    I strongly believe that the party is serious and it need help. I preffer not to blame any party but the people who voted for the ruling party. We all need change and the time is now. I salute you comrade for showing true leadership. Viva agang viva

  • Solly Matome Morapedi - 2013-06-22 15:09

    Yes enough is enough

  • Gillian Gordon - 2013-06-22 15:10

    I hope you are successful. I wish you all the luck.

  • King Kenzo - 2013-06-22 15:10

    all we need is agang.our beloved ANC has run its course hence no need to overhaul engine but replace car.

      CitizenOfSA - 2013-06-22 15:19

      Brilliant analogy!

  • Samuel Khazamula Bila - 2013-06-22 15:11

    I blev its abt time in this Country tht we must face our fear n comfront our unkown terrotory.if we are to rescue this Country n its Economy frm the Chief vulture n his cronies.some deptmnts n SOES are forced to subscribe the New Age news papers bcoz its party to Guptas.If u dare to ask u will be libel aint revolution or barking for ur white masters.If u white u will be libeled racist,there4 all these call aupon all of us to act in the best interests of our motherland to say enough is enough.lets all unity in our diversity put this thieves whr thy belong.alot of damage has been done we can't afford to hav a heads of state who,is so compromised in evry aspect of his life.

  • Lungelo Khumalo - 2013-06-22 15:12

    It's like your political manifesto is against the ANC all still born parties must take a different approach in selling your views to the electorates.

      Mike - 2013-06-22 16:19

      Hell she has certainly voiced a different approach to the "ruling circus" - corruption and the wrong doings of Guptagate, Nkandlagate - those are just the tips of the iceberg of the wrong doings of Zuma Incorporated - and that needs to be eliminated to have South Africa succeed. The immoral leadership of Zuma and Co are not only destroying society - but our country - and any approach that fights precisely that - already has a better political manifesto compared to Zuma and Co!

      Phil Bigfour - 2013-06-22 16:48

      Lungelo I am quite certain you hv only one eye open.In addition you must hv been been an RDP beneficiary,corrupt tenderpreneur or you have reached cul de sac.We are moving forward with change,and change is now.In fact let me tell you and others,i will be voting for the first time in my life,bf you ask im 43.I could not do so earlier because I knew there will be AGANG,by instinct!The less said about looters the better.Let all those who have a vision with both eyes open,rally behind Dr. Ramphele.

      Phil Bigfour - 2013-06-22 16:49

      Lungelo I am quite certain you hv only one eye open.In addition you must hv been been an RDP beneficiary,corrupt tenderpreneur or you have reached cul de sac.We are moving forward with change,and change is now.In fact let me tell you and others,i will be voting for the first time in my life,bf you ask im 43.I could not do so earlier because I knew there will be AGANG,by instinct!The less said about looters the better.Let all those who have a vision with both eyes open,rally behind Dr. Ramphele.

  • Dazza22 - 2013-06-22 15:14

    Can't say she's lying, go get them

  • Muhammed Bhyat - 2013-06-22 15:14

    Its time for change.

  • Shireen Daniels - 2013-06-22 15:17


  • Payricia Bull - 2013-06-22 15:19

    But Zuma has repeated over and over that he is (1) Not respsonsible for anything (2) He cannot be expected to account for anything, and (3) He was not aware of anything ..... ie; irresponsible, unaccountable and unaware ! .... (The very qualities that every banana republic seeks in a gangster)

  • Freddy Bester - 2013-06-22 15:21

    I won't vote for you but I support you. Go get them! Good luck

      Payricia Bull - 2013-06-22 15:38


      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:26

      Fred, Nou vir wie stem jy andersins?. Kom jou ware kleure nie nou na vore???

      Makola Jack Mokgokong - 2013-06-22 17:55

      Why not vote for her?if u dnt,zuma stil gona rule.

      Richard Scully - 2013-06-22 18:35

      Vote DA also, I bet they run a coalition government

  • WILDSBOK - 2013-06-22 15:26

    It sounds like a dream. Finally. What do you say about white people???? Do we have a place in SA????

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-06-22 15:43

      @WILDSBOK i personally think this is the real rainbow nation we v been waiting for

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:42

      Of course white people will be welcome. It's not white, black, yellow or pink - but SOUTH AFRICANS. Can people just imagine what a great country we can be - the envy of the world. WE HAVE EVERYTHING imaginable to make the world look small. "Lets do it" - . Helen, Mamphela, Patricia, et al = GO. (Pleezzz remember "Let's do it" is my slogan and has been registered as such. Should you be interested to use it, it is avaiable for sale at R5 million. Contact me through News24./Facebook

  • Freddy Bester - 2013-06-22 15:27

    Really Mduduzi? Hang ....shameful. You would encourage suicide?! That's typical ANCient party behaviour. Good luck to you. #shameful

  • Berkeley Digby - 2013-06-22 15:28

    Fantastic to hear such an intelligent, honest and positive leader. Perhaps at last we can come together to create the revolution that we all want and benefit by...

  • Gabriel Bopape - 2013-06-22 15:28

    They also want to enrich themselves by implementing toll roads in Gauteng.

      Jurie Nel - 2013-06-22 16:24

      Where, Gabriel, did you find that gem of an unsubstantiated statement?

  • Russell Nugent - 2013-06-22 15:29

    Where do I join

  • Mzuvukile Maswana - 2013-06-22 15:31

    The main foundation of discipline starts at home then filters to other organizational institutions that are relevant to our socio being. Lol!

  • Candice Tieman - 2013-06-22 15:31

    Now lets wait and see how the ANC will respond to this... We wish you all the luck Ramphele.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 22:05

      Typically, Zuma bad mouthed Agang while he was in Upington (the locals didn't make him too welcome), while the DA welcomed them to the political arena, saying Agang would strengthen our democracy.

  • Godfrey Beje - 2013-06-22 15:33

    The sooner the ANC recalls JZ, the sooner it will restore its credibility otherwise kiss my family, community and my society's vote goodbye. I know at the moment your corrupt officials do not believe that one day you will loose that power. If you do not believe, go ask the National Party. NP never thought one day they will kiss Union buildings goodbye. Agang welcome and please take over this government before JZ's pockets are full with our tax money.

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-06-22 15:40

      Godfrey i salute you,we need put oure country first and understand how much important our vot are.

      Jurie Nel - 2013-06-22 16:26

      Godfrey, I believe it is too late. The ANC will not be able to restore its credibility. It is time for a new government.

  • Mduduzi Mthethwa - 2013-06-22 15:36

    People must understand one thing, nobody is forced to vote for the Anc. It's a choice. Stop insulting my organisation, if you don't like it just join any political party and shut your big mouth. Like it or not Anc will win election next year. We are working day and night on the ground not on social networks to make sure that it win next year.

      Payricia Bull - 2013-06-22 15:44

      A bad choice

      Ian Despy - 2013-06-22 16:06

      Your organisation offends me, they are racist towards me and my family and friends, they steal my tax money and have run the economy into the ground threatening my childrens future. They insult my black brothers and sisters with lies and manipulate their feelings with racist driven agendas and try and divide us as a nation. Again I hate the ANC for what the have done to OUR Rainbow nation. I dont give a continental shyte what you have to say......better that you shut your trap and see that change is upon us.

      Godfrey Beje - 2013-06-22 16:09

      Mduduzi my brother, I fought very hard for ANC to be in power but I did not fight for its officials to be corrupt and not listen to me as an ordinary person. Do you think I like ANC to fail, wrong brother. Let us have people that will challenge those in high offices who are abusing the power we gave them. Maybe wena you are happy when the organization we fought for is taken down by its own corrupt officials. I do not deny that ANC is going to win next year but watch 2019 election as long as JZ is still a president.

      Jonathan Woods - 2013-06-22 16:17

      WORKING! That makes a change. You are probably one of the ones promising much and threatening the uneducated and the poorest of the poor to make sure they vote for the ANC

      David Emslie - 2013-06-22 16:41

      Of course you doing some work on the ground...but unfortunately your work on the ground only happens come election time and the work includes misinforming and handing out futile help that dries up the moment the elections are done...

  • Lums Zindela - 2013-06-22 15:44

    this is what SA needs, and i hope the rand has gained some strength....i like this woman

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:44

      .........we all like this woman - she will be the catalyst that will bring about REAL change.

  • Tshepo Maluleka - 2013-06-22 15:44

    South Africa belong to all who live in it...its our citizenry obligation to defend the gains of democracy n work towards build a prosperous rainbow nation!!

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:45

      ditto - "lets do it"

  • Denelene Sederstroom - 2013-06-22 15:46

    Any one if he or she is on that throne used to forget why they are today if u go to malawi u are going to found that Joice Banda a woman like Ramphele bought 40 cars,for her party hence last year is when she became president.when pple ask they say is adonation.we the poor i dont know.

      Jonathan Woods - 2013-06-22 16:22

      I don't think anyone understood what you just said Denelene. Please try again.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 17:34

      I never understand Denelene. For one thing, generally, in a republic - no thrones.

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:48

      wasn't she the one who sold of all the fancy motocars - ypu've been to long in South Africa. Maybe you should rather return to your land of birth an take possession of your own. As South Africans we can take care of ourselves.

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-22 17:51

      Denelene: Then pleez explain: Sorry to say: you are the looser - idiot

  • Themba Pat Mthini - 2013-06-22 15:51

    Poor turnout in the launch of new party.

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-06-22 15:57

      wher did you get that report from KFC?

      Shirley Stee - 2013-06-22 16:00

      Phuphulelwe:LOL... good one!

      Themba Pat Mthini - 2013-06-22 17:09

      Honestly the people who were there were far less than 1000, the reporter was trying to be kind.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 17:35

      I wonder how many viewers were glued to their televisions, listening to Dr Ramphele, though?

  • Tshireletso Molobi - 2013-06-22 15:51

    SA hs heard alot of promises, i hope if she wins she will nt 4get de promises she made

  • Chris Bester - 2013-06-22 15:52

    Sorry but his accountability has being classified as top secret!!

  • Sicelo Oka-ndlondlo Msibi - 2013-06-22 15:52

    It about time we all stand up,walk tall, shout enough is enough,educate those who are resistant to change and act towards lifting up our country both political and economical cause indeed in few years to come,we all going to feel this downfall..I'm already an Agang top fan,,been waiting for this after reading the book by Mamphele titled "conversations with my son's and daughters"...

  • BANDIT - 2013-06-22 15:57

    That is why the ANC is hellbent on keeping their supporters uneducated & uninformed, so that they can keep on voting for a corrupt, thieving regime!!!

      Shirley Stee - 2013-06-22 16:01

      SO true!!!!!!!!!!!

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-06-22 16:13

      @BANDIT thats so correct, im staying with those uneudcated and uniformed masses,if you ask them why they cant vote for ZILLE they will tell you that she is racist and you ask them what is racism they dont know,you ask them about Ramphela they will ask you who the hell is that?

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 17:37

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - if you're staying with the uneducated; educate. With the uninformed; inform. Do your bit to uplift!

  • Madumetja April - 2013-06-22 15:58

    its about bloody fooking time....change is good

  • Les-ley Mak-gato - 2013-06-22 16:01

    With the strong presence of agang, SA will never be the same again. The future of our nation is brighter again after 20yrs of empty promises by the ruling party.

  • NewsLover - 2013-06-22 16:04

    My vote, you have. Now, no race cards can be pulled or pointed at a voter or a party.

  • Mduduzi Mthethwa - 2013-06-22 16:05

    I remember vividly when the Cope formed there was woo waah for a while and thereafter they started to fight each other. Where it is now. We know these small political parties won't get anywhere. Watch this space after elections they will split as others. We have seen that. South African politics formed out of hatred for someone. They all amount to nothing other than wasting their energy

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 17:39

      Why do you sound like you're running scared, Mduduzi?

  • Grant Durban - 2013-06-22 16:08

    There is hope !

  • Mduduzi Mthethwa - 2013-06-22 16:10

    Where is Cope lol these small political parties formed out of anger

      Olga Mabaso - 2013-06-22 22:15

      Cope is in parliament.Dont u watch Lekota?

  • Dikeledi Maruatona - 2013-06-22 16:11

    it was indeed a great day for SA,being a volunteer and mobilising for a good course was worth the sweat!AGANG you came at the right time!History has articulated the winds of change and i trust that AGANG is a relevant force!Vote for the future and forget the past!AGANG you are great!

  • Monique Micky van Zyl - 2013-06-22 16:12

    Accountability. That is the one word you won't find in the government handbook.

  • Uzziphathele KaSkhokho Tshabalala - 2013-06-22 16:13

    I see no signs of fear from my president(DR Ramphele),I told you ANC to be alert uyezu'moya but u didn't lessen,now face the music,your time is up!!!,and Zupta,start putting all your staff and evacuate the office is a right thing to do!!!,if I was you Zupta,by now,starting destroying all documents of Zupta family,Nkandlaville etc,destroy all evidence of your corruption,because your jail time is coming sooner than you think,only if u do think about it,anc is not doing to be in power it jesus comes back as you said months ago,I think u have a picture now,viva AGANG viva!!!,'ufikil'umoya'...

  • Mduduzi Mthethwa - 2013-06-22 16:17

    We shall see,come next Anc will win fair and square

      Andile Magubeni - 2013-06-22 16:27

      we had enough of anc lies,fumbling,corruption$lack of direction,fresh breath for country is a nececity, thanx Agang!

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-22 17:41

      Mduduzi, they may win, but they're on their way out. And they've never done anything fairly or squarely!

  • Claudius Lethabo Setata - 2013-06-22 16:19

    The presence and engagement of few parliamentarians pledge the official establishment of the party. But she must feed the starving nation with party manifesto.

  • Anthony Cowen - 2013-06-22 16:19

    UNITED WE STAND Agang and DA

  • Dan Lebogo - 2013-06-22 16:24

    I give you my support for the sake of democracy with accountability.