Ramphele to stand as DA's presidential candidate

2014-01-28 10:14

Cape Town - DA leader Helen Zille has announced that Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele will stand as the DA's presidential candidate in the 2014 general election.

The DA and Agang SA made the announcement at a Cape Town hotel on Tuesday morning.

DA leader Helen Zille said she was happy to announce that Ramphele "has accepted the DA's invitation to stand as our presidential candidate in the 2014 general election".

"We've come a long way together," she said, adding this is a "game-changing moment for South Africa".

Ramphele said she was "honoured" to accept the invitation extended by the Democratic Alliance to stand as its presidential candidate. "I believe this decision is in the best interests of South Africa," she said.

Earlier, DA federal chairperson Wilmot James said the axis of South African politics will shift. "On this day we are redefining the way in which politics will be conducted in South Africa."

- Watch a clip of Mamphela Ramphele, filmed earlier this month, discussing Agang’s finances.

  • Emma Sanderson - 2014-01-28 10:17


      Ed Gutsche - 2014-01-28 10:20

      this is going to be the most interesting election...whilst the ANC fragments under showerhead zooma, the various other parties are consolidating. awesome stuff for democracy...

      Common Sense - 2014-01-28 10:21

      Ramphele for president!!!!!!!!

      Lowna Schutte Appelgryn - 2014-01-28 10:24

      Thumbs up, may they show the ANC what can be done. Good Luck, All the thumbs down must be EFF and ANC :)

      IAnon Ym - 2014-01-28 10:25

      iLike - You go Girls, Make it Happen :)

      Mandy Pepler - 2014-01-28 10:25

      Now we are getting somewhere, great news, made my day.

      Brad Herbert - 2014-01-28 10:27

      Viva DA VIVA. I hope this will change the view of many black people that the DA is not a white racist party.

      Zeptepi - 2014-01-28 10:29


      Brad Herbert - 2014-01-28 10:29


      Sam Nujoma - 2014-01-28 10:29

      Rampzille - booma beware

      Knersis - 2014-01-28 10:30

      A Glorious, historical moment in SA Politics. Viva Ramphele, Viva DA!

      Faahim Dajee - 2014-01-28 10:33

      Exciting Times

      Marco Hudson - 2014-01-28 10:35

      VIVA RAMPHELE!!!! Al die ystervroue nou bymekaar. RESPECT.

      Rudi Smith - 2014-01-28 10:36

      Awesome!!!!! Great great news! VOTE DA

      Clinton Tupper - 2014-01-28 10:36

      Now where are all the big mouths that said DA is a "white racist party"???

      Lesedi Lebese Lesedi Lebese - 2014-01-28 10:37

      I cant believe I'm this excited about this merger or anything that has to do with politics. I seriously need to get a hobby!

      Itumeleng Mogaki - 2014-01-28 10:39

      A positive move - all the best for the 2014 elections.

      Itumeleng Mogaki - 2014-01-28 10:40

      I certainly hope so too Brad Herbert.

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 10:48

      At last South Africa, has the chance to be the great nation it deserves to be, before the ANC totally stuffs it up. Dr. Ramphele you have our support. Bring back dignity to South african politics, and kick these corrupt, arrogant and racist ANC politicians out.

      Martin Pienaar - 2014-01-28 10:49

      Sceptical. Will not get my hopes up to high. The BULK of the population does not have the insight and only do what they are told to do.

      Franklyn Davies - 2014-01-28 10:52

      look forward to the first live televised debate on National issues between Zuma,Ramphele and other parties.

      Alan Gernet - 2014-01-28 11:02

      This is very good news - a stronger opposition against corruption!

      Mfelasakhe Mahlangu - 2014-01-28 11:02

      Lets hope something good out of this and it doesn't raise people's expectation for nothing. This can have both positive and negative outcome for those that are excited. The negative is that it can shake the ANC and make it to come out even stronger in 2019.

      Mitesh Dahya - 2014-01-28 11:04

      I would have loved to see the expression on No 1's face when this news broke...

      Bheki Dladla - 2014-01-28 11:05

      ANC is in sh#t for sure.... Slowly but surely the people will finally have their say. I love my country and sure want whats best for all of us regardless.

      Jobe Bacwadi - 2014-01-28 11:05

      Hahahahaaa! Where there is no chance DA announces black candidate. Where is chance DA announces white candidate.

      Martin Chuzzlewit - 2014-01-28 11:07

      @ currymafia - sentiments that should be echoed by every patriotic South African, well said!

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 11:07

      @Mitesh Dahya - too busy taking swimming lessons in his firepool....he's not to concerned he's scored enough out of his presidency, more than the hard working people of South Africa, will make in their lifetime...

      Franklyn Davies - 2014-01-28 11:08

      These are two VERY brave women....Ramphele and Zille,at a time we need hope from these thieves,our violent history throughout dosnt excuse the current governments self-enriching agenda to the detriment of a country that needs to come to terms with its traumatic past.

      KASI4LYF - 2014-01-28 11:10

      Good bye Agang. The party died before it even make it to first elections because the old lady wants higher position for herself but one thing for sure she is not bringing anything with her, those few followers of her will either go to ANC or EFF but never to DA

      MJ - 2014-01-28 11:10

      Good move. The DA have some seriously strong & intelligent woman at the top, this can only be a good thing for SA. Was undecided on my vote, but this certainly has my attention. I suspect a few more parties will seek to find their way into this alliance as well (certainly not EFF - whose allegiance will be sold to the ANC in exchange for leniency in Malema's legal woes. He will sell out his supporters without batting an eyelid). Sadly, I conceed that Zuma & Co may still win the national vote this time around (with a deminished %), but they should realise that going forward from 2014, power absolute is no longer a foregone conclusion - pANiC

      Richard Winterton - 2014-01-28 11:11

      The only racists in this country are the ones who vote anc and eff!!

      Michael Ntsh - 2014-01-28 11:19

      What you guys fail to notice is that coalitions must be based on common principles and ideals that original parties were formed for. e.g. BCM and PAC which are original political homes of Mamphele and Patricia are way in opposition to those of minority right wing parties that now form DA. In the long run, marriage will fragment mark my words. What the country needs is not forming anti-EFF/ANC coalition but coalition based on solid ideology grounds. This is the same Patricia and Mamphele who were singing drive the settlers to the sea, yesterday, and the same boers who crafted ant-black legislations! Interesting times ahead!

      Pollen K Teffo - 2014-01-28 11:24

      Maybe this is the alternative!!I've had enough of the ANC that has more zulus that are shower's home boys.

      Ernica Stanford - 2014-01-28 11:24

      @Franklyn Davies, that's not going to happen, zuma a definite no show!

      Kwajo Musa - 2014-01-28 11:35

      That was quick to finally sold the souls of her loyal disciples voters who thought she the one to save or take them to better future. Well it was quick for her to take them back to their slave master. I bet she sold their souls to be DA party president. Now her disciple are riding in the back wagon of their slave masters. Kwakwa, what an perfect urgent is Ramphela to give false hope to her disciples. ANC is the only home for all. Now Agang captain has abandoned her sinking ship. THE ANC heart is still open you are forgiven and the ANC is listening as always.

      Mliks Mchunu - 2014-01-28 11:56

      remember the function of a toilet paper, you only use it when you need it.

      Linds Ron-House - 2014-01-28 12:22

      Fronting at its best!!!

      Sandile Ncakeni - 2014-01-28 12:33

      I love the comment of the cANCer supporters, they say Agang support will now go back to the cANCer they came from or to the eff. but i do not see that happening because the people believed in her and will follow her. Why return to a sinking ship (anc) when your life boat you are on is picked up by another ship (DA).

      DaggaBoy Zulu - 2014-01-28 12:35

      Viva ANC! Viva! This is very good news for us. Rampala is now just another traiter of the opressed

      Johan D du Toit - 2014-01-28 12:56

      DaggaBoy Zulu- Jy sal nie kan stem nie ou perd! Putsonderwater het nie stemlokale nie! Die naaste stembus is 500km daarvandaan! In elk geval, as Burgemeester, Brandweer hoof, Stasie bevelvoerder en Stasie voorman ken ek jou van geen kant nie! Ek ken die dorp, dit wat oor is, soos die palm van my hand!

      Teboho Molaoa - 2014-01-28 13:07

      Great move I should say. ANC must be trembling

      Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat - 2014-01-28 13:22

      @Jack: Why do black people have to vote for black people? Why not look at the principles she stands for? Look at the ANCs track record, corruption, etc. Are you not a complete RACIST for always wanting to bring race into every single scenario? That is the problem with the ANC and even EFF. They are the most racist parties in South Africa. Whenever anything goes against them, they fall back to "you don't want the white man coming back" and "we liberated you from apartheid" Well, sure, the liberation happened, but it is not putting food on the table, now is it?

  • Kashmira Maharaj - 2014-01-28 10:17


      Jean Tredoux - 2014-01-28 10:44

      Definitely and what makes this good is that Zille/DA is acting in the best interest of SA, trying to release us from the grips of the ANC!

      Bheki Dladla - 2014-01-28 11:01

      Change is good that is my take.

      DaggaBoy Zulu - 2014-01-28 12:39

      This womans leage has no way to win. The ANC will take them. Viva ANC!

      Denis Gomo - 2014-01-28 14:24

      To some extent. DA (Agang or Dagang or whatever) will only be brilliant if the election campaign is taken to the poor dusty townships, mining and rural communities, and the youths who are more open minded. All these make up the numbers. As far as I'm concerned, not much work is needed in the middle class areas, half of those belong to the DA already. It's a numbers game.

      Denis Gomo - 2014-01-28 14:43

      In addition of being a numbers game...the DA needs to start understanding what will win over that part of the electorate that makes up the numbers. For example, they need to understand why the Daily Sun is the largest selling newspaper in SA, and not the intelligent and insightful Mail and Guardian. There lies the answer to the poll numbers game.

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 18:20

      Pothead Zuluboy - so not only are you racist, but you're sexist you just feel like punching the ladies don't you you bully...

  • Andrew MacDonald - 2014-01-28 10:18

    wow, a new day dawns for south africa

      StormerHJ - 2014-01-28 10:47

      Hope this wonderful announcement will stabilize the JSE and ZAR.

      Skye Walker - 2014-01-28 11:03

      You and I both Stormer. This is definitely a positive move.

      Mliks Mchunu - 2014-01-28 12:00

      wrong move zille,now boeres will run to mullder. You gain some you loose some, thats the name of the game.

      Lungi Mtshali - 2014-01-28 12:08

      Andrew, I wouldn't get my hopes to high if I were you, voting does not happen on Facebook and news24. The fact is, it looked like fronting, smelled like fronting it even said 'there is no token on this table' like fronting, therefore it is fronting. Before you scream and thumb me down, answer yourself this, what make Dr Mamphele a better leader than Helen Zille?

      Andrew MacDonald - 2014-01-28 12:23

      Lungi, hi, hope you are well? in my lifetime (i turned 18 in 1994), our country has changed so much that the definitions and lines we all based our allegiances on have blurred and shifted as to be almost unrecognisable. thats the basis of my celebration because a brighter future is all we really want, both you and i, for our children. the deepening of democracy and a strong opposition are key to this. have a good day.

      Armando Guerra - 2014-01-28 13:57

      @mtshali, your answer is simple, both ladies are good leaders as opposed( if you like)to peanut head, therefore your question is irrelevant. on the other side ZANC is spreading propaganda that DA is racist, henceforth draw your own conclusion on this move by these parties .....

      Lungi Mtshali - 2014-01-28 14:18

      @Armando, I think you found yourself in the wrong forum, here we are having a conversation about the future of this country, and when you have a conversation, a civilized conversation, use your words. Any six year-old can come up with 'peanut head'. My point is that regulars on this blog know that I respect Helen Zille and she did not have to stoop to fronting to achieve her end. @Andrew, i agree with the general sentiment that Ms Zille, and probably yourself see past the colour lines, but the reality is that it is still a very small percentage of you and that is evident in the posts you see on these blogs. When 'mergers of this nature occur, they are always skewed with the black 'partner' being swallowed into the partnership. I think it is still too soon to really talk about real equality and integration.

  • Mashudu - 2014-01-28 10:18

    Is this a strategy to attract black votes? Zille was is the best for me.

      SunshinyDay - 2014-01-28 10:21

      I'm sure it's a strategy to get the ANC out of power and try save the country.

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:23

      Are blacks votes best served with what they have now or the possibility of something beter?

      Rendani Nevhulaudzi - 2014-01-28 10:23

      She is trying by all mean to attract black voters to win this country. We cannot be shaken by fronting parties, ANC will lead and win the 2014 election with majority.

      Ryan Brewster - 2014-01-28 10:23

      Zille is Brilliant at leading the party, and a great Premier. I am very happy with her to continue in that role. Both women are very capable, intelligent and stand for good governance.

      John Khulubuse Hill - 2014-01-28 10:33

      Rendani, your people will continue to die needlessly as long as you keep looking past the ANC's faults.

      Jan Grimbeek - 2014-01-28 10:42

      @Rendani, "ANC will lead and win the 2014 election with majority" one do need a majority to win, I don't think you can win with less than a majority.... I think.... or am I wrong ?? But I think that you must rethink your statement about the anc

      Jacques Hattingh - 2014-01-28 10:46

      Managing a political party is very similar to running a business. You need strong leaders in various key positions. I am a big fan of ethical leadership and both Zille or Rhampele proved to us that they are placing SA first (not their need for greed and self enrichment). Either lady would make a great president and they have both mine and my wife's votes!

      Gail Hayes-Bean - 2014-01-28 11:04

      Frederick van zyl Slabbert stepped down during apartheid and worked closely with the disenfranchised Anc and MK to get the NP to talks with them which led to the release of Nelson Mandela (May he rest in peace the great man that he was). Women rule - Patricia, and Mamphele with Helen in the background as well as Lindiwe Mazibuka oh wow! Every woman in our country should stand up and be counted for the DA who will be headed by a smart woman of integrity with only one husband and a few children. Thank you Helen for gifting us in this way - you deserve a break from the insults and threats that have been flung at you. Now bring it home for the DA with Mamphele as the Presidential candidate we would most like to see leading our country. Professor Ramphele welcome and I hope we the elctorate do not disappoint you. I have been really worried at the silence from your side. Lets have at it now.

      Bheki Dladla - 2014-01-28 11:07

      I dont think its about black votes lets not play the race card. Its about whats best for SA and that is want everyone wants.

      Nhlanhla Leonard - 2014-01-28 11:10

      @ Mashudu, This is Not about Black or White, its about fighting for the rights of the Citizen of South africa.

      Kagiso Booi - 2014-01-28 11:13

      Ramphele is on record saying her kids would NEVER vote DA, so are they going to change now? If she really think that she will be president of SA then now I know why they kicked her out of UCT. Malema stands a better chance of being the 45th US president that any of these ma gogos being President of SA. I give credit to Zille though for accepting that she is not presidential material, the best she can do is to be a simple provincial leader.

      Mliks Mchunu - 2014-01-28 12:11

      Wrong strategy, since i only knew her when she announce her resignation at gold fields. I wonder how many members does she bring?

      Rocco DeWet - 2014-01-28 21:32

      Kagiso Booi, enlighten us and tabulate the attributes that Zuma or Malema have that makes them able to run a complex national organization, otherwise known as a country. Oh man but you are a sore loser.

  • Thabo Tman - 2014-01-28 10:18


      Alan Smart - 2014-01-28 10:31

      Thabo, is that a hysterical laughter from fear or a nervous giggle from having to face reality?

      Shaun Viljoen - 2014-01-28 10:44

      DA just appointed a person who managed to run her own political party into the ground, for the sake of getting a "struggle figure (black)" into their mix to attract votes. She will be like Zuma, just a puppet for the super rich. She benefited from policies that until last year, the DA was against. New policies for 2014, new face, not the DA anymore. So in other words, Thabo must be laughing his a$$ off at the DA supporters. Can't blame him...

      BrandonF - 2014-01-28 10:46

      Glad you think it's funny.

      Zuko Goldstein - 2014-01-28 10:48

      Nervous laughter is to be expected...

      Kgalagadi Mack - 2014-01-28 10:56

      @Thabo A little something out of the diary of the man on your profile picture: "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink" - Che Guevara Maybe this means you should vote for AWB! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      Aaron Aden - 2014-01-28 11:07

      lol Shaun - there us no hope for you.

      John Short - 2014-01-28 11:08

      Crapping yourself?

      Anuschka Klusmann - 2014-01-28 11:08

      hahahahhah well said Kgalagadi.... *thumbs up*

      Thabo Tman - 2014-01-28 11:28

      @Kgalagadi thanks for telling me something that I know. As for your statement, the reason that I have Che as my profile picture is that I agree with a lot of his ideologies and how he took a stand. That does not mean I have to like the man as a person. Well, you DO have your views so.. AWB it is. And this move by the DA isn't gonna change a thing, if Agang members wanted to be DA members, they would have joined the DA as it was always there.

      Thabo Tman - 2014-01-28 11:49

      @Kgalagadi Just for YOUR information, after I read those words and a few mor which I felt were racist I did some research. I will paste it here for your benefit. The comments were actually part of an incomplete passage (out of an 150 pg diary) that is not only taken out of its textual context – but its historical context with its implication that this is a view that Guevara held throughout his life. In fact biographer Jon Lee Anderson on pg 92 of Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life addresses this passage and explains how his views evolved in the preceding months following this July 17, 1952 diary passage which Guevara wrote as a 24 year old. According to Anderson, Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado had just arrived in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, which at this time was "swollen with migrants" as a result of the nation’s oil boom. As a result the hillsides were draped with "squalid worker slums" comprised of a mostly Afro-Hispanic (black) population. Anderson goes on to state how Guevara up to that point, except for a few brief instances in his life, had never "been around black people" (which were a rarity in his native Argentina) especially for someone of Che’s economic & social class. On this occasion Guevara after meandering through a local "barrio" (slum) made a written "observation" that Anderson states was "reflective" of the "arrogance and condescension" of a "stereotypical white Argentinean"

      Kgalagadi Mack - 2014-01-28 12:41

      @Thabo Anderson's interpretation of what Che wrote is solely subjective in my opinion. The original document (in this case the diary) is what it is and reflect the feelings of Che at that moment in his life. Not to say that he did not have a change of heart later in life. His story is actually one of hope in the sense that a man that had strong viewpoints and certain believes, could change some for the better. Maybe that is what we should do in SA. The problem is that we are so set in our believes and ways that we do not want to accept change for what it is. Instead of welcoming the changes in the DA for instance (a win for democracy), some of us still want to stick to the believe that the ANC is for blacks and the DA for whites. I think at the end of the day all of us have the same basic ideals. To live and let live in peace in a democratic country run to the benefit of all it's citizens. I will vote for any party that has a chance to deliver that. Maybe even for the ANC if they were willing to sort out their current leadership and corruption. Shalom!

  • JMaree - 2014-01-28 10:18

    A new hope for SA!!! Woohoo!

      Karl Kat - 2014-01-28 10:43

      All the strong ladies in one camp, all we need now is Adv Thuli

      Gail Hayes-Bean - 2014-01-28 11:15

      Advocate Thuli is in the right place but caught between a rock and a hard place. Nobody knows where she will place her vote. No more floor crossinng shenanigans. GET EVERYONE TO VOTE. Hope is at the forefront for the first time in 20 years because these women respect each other and want the best for the voters - not themselves as Zuma and co have. They also have skills and brains and respect worldwide because of their humanitarian ideals for the weak and the dispossessed unlike Zuma the dictator who is a juggler of crooks and idiots. Helen Zille is showing by example that she has no problem serving under someone of her own calibre and integrity regardless of colour.

      Ernica Stanford - 2014-01-28 11:47

      @Karl Kat, That would be awsome!

  • Peter Fraser - 2014-01-28 10:18


      Ntukza Mphemba - 2014-01-28 10:20

      1st learn to spell then criticize

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:21

      Maybe better education wont harm you either

      Melt Olckers Âû - 2014-01-28 10:36

      This is what you get with the ANC slogan of "liberation before education". A whole generation of ANC voters who can not spell.

      Zuko Goldstein - 2014-01-28 10:50

      All caps and bad grammar. Must be a scared ANC voter. Or worse, an EFF supporter. It will make all the "difference".

      Wayne Swanepoel - 2014-01-28 13:01

      @IzakNieuwoudt He cant have a better education, Zuma spent it on his lapa.

  • Mosilinyane Claudi - 2014-01-28 10:18

    I so wish 'em good luck; I so wish .....

      Jan Sadie - 2014-01-28 10:38

      Me too!

  • Zama Airy Mvulane - 2014-01-28 10:19

    We are unshaken! We will meet them in the ballot boot! ANC lives! ANC leads!

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:24

      Democracy at work, but i will rather meet you at the ballot box

      JMaree - 2014-01-28 10:24

      Yes, you will meet the 'boot'... Viva DA Viva! Government for the people!

      Ryan Brewster - 2014-01-28 10:25

      ANC lives in Greed! ANC leads in Corruption!

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 10:26

      ANC must go! ANC must die!

      Victor Mendes - 2014-01-28 10:31

      ANC destroys ANC kills

      John Khulubuse Hill - 2014-01-28 10:34

      ANC also kills

      Rudi Smith - 2014-01-28 10:38

      F the corrupt ANC!!!!!

      Zuko Goldstein - 2014-01-28 10:52

      I'm not meeting anyone in a boot friend! You knock yourself out though...

      Anuschka Klusmann - 2014-01-28 11:11

      hows your running water? or education? or new home? you getting any of that? or are you still voting for a party with empty promises? your president cant even read out numbers.. how is he supposed to run a country?

      Gail Hayes-Bean - 2014-01-28 11:18

      Maybe, but mark my words ANC will have their majority seriously diminished. Eff is going to be a merger with the ANC maybe but climates have changed lets see how this plays out.

      Brandon Breedt - 2014-01-28 11:30

      VIVA DA...

  • Roelof Rofty Le Roux - 2014-01-28 10:19

    An Educated Black Woman for President. I can stand behind her and the DA.

      Bongani Nsele - 2014-01-28 10:26

      educated on whose standard or you mean trained to fit in

      Faahim Dajee - 2014-01-28 10:37

      Bongani, you should start sentences with capital letters, An indication of your illiteracy. Zuma - Standard 6 Next time, think before you speak.

      Ryan Brewster - 2014-01-28 10:40

      Bongani. Clearly an idiot who knows nothing about this lady! He is like a blind dog serving a cruel master. No matter how many times his master (The ANC) kicks him, he will keep coming back with his tail between his legs. For more idiots like Bongani, kicks is a metaphor for Etolls, R30 Billion stolen in a year, Nkandla and something new almost every day.

      Roelof Rofty Le Roux - 2014-01-28 10:49

      I don't care whether our next president is black, white, pink, or blue. Man Or Woman. Short or Tall. South Africa deserves a president with a strong moral compass and a well educated background. One who deserves our respect as a person before demanding it as a president. Not the corrupt, idiotic, incompetent PawPaw currently running this beautiful country into the ground!

      Ciah Hefner Mangcotywa - 2014-01-28 10:50

      'An Educated Black Woman for President'...Dnt come with your post 1994 tendency, try to stick to the issue bruuu.

      Roelof Rofty Le Roux - 2014-01-28 11:11

      I see more hope for SA in Ramphele than any candidate the ANC can conjure up. ANC has lost its Moral Compass when Madida stepped down.

      Anuschka Klusmann - 2014-01-28 11:12


      Lungi Mtshali - 2014-01-28 12:18

      Roelof, If I may ask you, honestly now, you had an educated black man in Nelson Mandela, did you stand behing him? Mabe you did, maybe not but you have a highly educated black man in Thabo Mbeki, I leave it to you and your conscience to say if you stand behind a black leader, or a black leader in a white party.

      HereXVII - 2014-01-28 14:28

      @Bongani Nsele I think what you meant to say was: Educated by whose standards? Or, do you mean "trained to fit in"? As long as she's not educated by your standards.

      Roelof Rofty Le Roux - 2014-01-28 15:34

      Petrus ... jy stem seker vir VF+ (Verlore Fossiele Plus) Lungi ... I adored Madiba, even Mbeki i thought was relatively good leader. But Zuma, is a clown, a corrupt clown! The ANC is corrupt and divided. In 20 years they were unable truly govern this country, they only lined their own pockets with taxpayers money ... shamelessly!!! I don't support the DA because the are a "White" party (as you put it) No! I support them because they have more moral fibre than all SA parties combined.

  • Jennifer Cherry-Cunnington - 2014-01-28 10:19

    FABULOUS news for SA - a good, decent, strong, clever and capable woman as our Presidential nominee...Go Mamphela!! Lets take our country back, win this election and run our country like a successful company where all its people can prosper.

  • MoSotho MoSotho - 2014-01-28 10:21

    Politically a great move. This proves Helen Zille is woman of character and has put the country before personal ambition. Having said that, it just doesn't feel right, Ms Ramphele has not paid her dues, but I guess this move was something of a necessary evil.....

      Ryan Brewster - 2014-01-28 10:28

      I agree. She has not paid her dues in politics, but maybe that is what we need. I have been following Dr Mamphela for months. I will continue to do so.

      Muzi Ngubane - 2014-01-28 10:41

      this proves Zille knows she doesn't stand a chance nationally. Only in WC, hence she is the premier candidate there. They did this with Serame (whatever his name was) in 2008 against Mothlante after Mbeki "resigned". Nothing new, they can fool some, but will not fool most of US...

  • SunshinyDay - 2014-01-28 10:21

    Yay! Suck it ANC and EFF!!!!!!!!

  • Rendani Nevhulaudzi - 2014-01-28 10:22

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a joke, how is this merge going to make a difference? ANC will win majority, Amandla!

      Frederick Kaczynski - 2014-01-28 10:30

      VIVA R50.00 for a loaf of bread. VIVA! ... Amandla that, you shortsighted imp.

      Jay Man - 2014-01-28 10:38

      The only joke here is your comment...

      John Khulubuse Hill - 2014-01-28 11:01

      Officials are getting fat off the money that is meant to help people get access to basic services like water. Yeah, that's a joke. That's a huge joke how people are dying for water. Carry on laughing Rendani

      John Block - 2014-01-28 11:11

      Rendani, based on your magnificent knowledge of politics. Please enlighten me how you think the ANC will win by majority, if they left the majority of their voters to die of disease, suffer in poverty etc.? Corruption, Education, Basic Services, Hospital Services I can go on and on, but like I said please enlighten me how they can win, and why are you voting for the ANC?

      Gailtosh - 2014-01-28 11:13

      The joke is that you don't see reality - that the ANC is crippling this country and we will all be starving soon and riding bicycles because everytime showerhead opens his mouth, the rand takes a nose-dive.

      KASI4LYF - 2014-01-28 11:16

      these are the signs that Dandruff never had capacity to lead the country...desperado measures

      June Kotze - 2014-01-28 11:37

      Yes Rendani - unfortunately with brainless fools like you voting, ANC will win, and all fellow South Africans will suffer under corrupt leadership

      Cuan David Weir - 2014-01-28 13:42

      Your an idiot if you think that's funny! Obviously you don't see the impact / implications it has on this country. Your probably one of the morons that benefits from its demise

  • pinky.kgole - 2014-01-28 10:22

    maybe I'll vote for the DA after all :|

      Stuart McLaren - 2014-01-28 10:37

      you go grrrl! Mama Ramphela for prez!

      KASI4LYF - 2014-01-28 11:19

      you seem confused Jombo. You never stand for anything. yesterday you were Agang (may be), today on the news that Ramphele abandoned her organisation you wake up DA. ANC for life, go back to your roots

      Tersia Louw - 2014-01-28 18:47

      KASI4LYF - before you start telling people who they should vote for and where they should go, try to remember this is a democracy and Jombo is free to vote according to her conscience, not yours.

  • Sandi Martin Bradley - 2014-01-28 10:22

    Great news, two strong women joining forces, hopefully they will make big inroads into the ANC's voters

      Eben Van Derr Merwe - 2014-01-28 16:38

      Petrus, jy hoort in die argiewe ou maat. Ry jy nog met 'n perd rond?. Jy's in die ander hoek van die onnosel ring saam met die ANC groepering.

  • OldNick - 2014-01-28 10:23

    This is wonderful news.

  • Ben Rossouw - 2014-01-28 10:23

    LOL! Now wait for the "comrades" to shout BETRAYAL. Well played ladies, well played.

      Alan Gernet - 2014-01-28 11:18

      wonder what time Mac will make some discrediting remarks about this? My guess is before noon!

  • Collen Nthambe Khadammbi - 2014-01-28 10:24

    SA politics on a high. voting will be fun this year.

  • Johan Scheepers - 2014-01-28 10:24

    So will they be called DA Gang?

      Neville Watson - 2014-01-28 11:08


      Gailtosh - 2014-01-28 11:14

      Really sharp. I like the name.

      Alan Gernet - 2014-01-28 11:18

      somebody suggested Dagga

  • Bongani Nsele - 2014-01-28 10:24

    she managed to speak in English and Afrikaans only in her acceptance of the DA presidence you wonder why

      StephanA - 2014-01-28 10:38

      You were obviously listening to another press conference, I distinctly heard her speak Sepedi!!

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 10:50

      Bongani, get rid of that chip off your shoulder, and join your fellow South Africans in hope at last for a truly inclusive nation.

      Masela Dima - 2014-01-28 11:18

      and you only get a job if u can speak afrikaans.......most adverts says esp when they want a white candidate........Agang merging with DA i withhold my vote for agangSA either EFF or ANC will get my vote.........but EFF is 80% likely to get one

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 11:36

      @Lebohang Letsoisa - free yourself. You've been physically free for the past 20 years but you're still enslaved where it matters most in your head and your heart...nobody but yourself can break those chains...

      Lebohang Letsoisa - 2014-01-28 14:11

      My comments are constantly removed.....I can't say anything anymore

  • Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 10:24

    I don't know about this. The DA sold out for the populist vote and now the DA is going to swallow Agang. I hoped Ramphele would have grow in the next few years as it seems the voter base is becoming more freethinking. Guess we will sit back and see what happens. Might be a good thing for the DA in the short run but not convinced that this is a good thing for SA in the long run.

      Kabelo Phele - 2014-01-28 10:38

      True that... Its a short sprint solution. Agang should've continued on it path unless the Dr saw that there was no future. I think most black voters will always see the DA as a white party and therefore having Dr Mamphele as the presidential candidate will only attract few votes.

      Jong Wat - 2014-01-28 10:56

      I think both parties realise that time is critical here. Another 5 to 10 years of ANC rule (not governance) and this country is well and truly screwed beyond repair.

      Clare Laycock - 2014-01-28 10:59

      She will be our President one day, read up about her and open your ears...

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 11:10

      @Clare Laycock: My ears might be closed but I'm not blind. Unfortunately the average voter has not evolved into a free thinking individual and voting allegiances is still determined by a t-shirt, piece of chicken and a load of empty promises. If every voter was free thinking this would have been a great move. Unfortunately a lot of the people on the ground will see this as “white using/enslaving the black” and will probably run back to the ANC and of course the ANC will use this to their own advantage. Good move, bad timing. If you can’t see that then you can’t be helped.

      Masela Dima - 2014-01-28 11:23

      DA is greedy.....they have a strong support here in the western cape.........znd now they want to tpa a province which is dominately black like gauteng...........they were suppose to make sure that westernn cape flourish and other province will follow them but this show that they are greedy.......soliciting black people and the next things they dont want to share a sit with them in artscape............

      Michael Wilson - 2014-01-28 11:36

      Masela, i completely disagree, political parties are there to expand and consolidate their supporter bases. If you think political parties are greedy for wanting to win additional provinces then I'm not sure about your understanding of politics. As it is the W Cape is recognised as the best run province currently. So what is it that you want?

      Clive Pops - 2014-01-28 11:37

      McApple, do bear in mind that the "A" in DA stands for "Alliance".

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 15:27

      Yes Clive and the “D” is for democratic but everyone assumes South Africa is democratic and I say that if people voted on democratic principles as it was designed to be used as then there should be no way in hell that the ANC should be in power but yet here we are. That “A” could possibly stand for “Alienation” in future.

  • Richard Hingston - 2014-01-28 10:24

    Will this really make a difference? While they are no doubt a capable force, the electorate either want to live in a first world society, or they don't (ANC), their minds surely have already been made

  • Seati Moloi - 2014-01-28 10:24

    Steve Biko must be turning in his grave, his side kick has sold her soul and agreed to front for a white party.

      Sandi Martin Bradley - 2014-01-28 10:27

      I think Steve Biko has already been turning in his grave with the goings on in the ANC I think he may agree with her move :)

      SunshinyDay - 2014-01-28 10:59

      Booooooooooo to your racism!!!!!! Are you REALLY happy at the way the country is going? The country isn't developing under the ANC, it's DETERIORATING! Protests left, right and centre, VIOLENT protests, E-tolls, high taxes, little return, etc. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE! Get over your colour issues!!!!!

      RyanHeuvel4Jesus - 2014-01-28 11:08

      You knob! It's not about black or white, it's about wanting to do what's best for the country as a whole: rescue the desperate Rand, create decent living conditions (provide water for a start), and actually root out the corruption the ANC seems intent on standing by. Besides, it's spelled "EUROPE", you illiterate product of corruption. This message is brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood coloured.

      Sean Thomson - 2014-01-28 11:09

      Im sure if you actually asked her she would give you a hundred reasons of them being the future prosperity of this country, something our current government clearly doesnt give a f#$%^$# about. Oh and you tell people not to talk about Madiba, blah blah blah but if you actually had any love for him you would project his ideals onto others....the love for all. We are not at war dude, I love this country and want everyone to live in harmony as did the man who gave us the opportunity to do so. Live by his legacy, dont destroy it.

      Masela Dima - 2014-01-28 11:34

      come on RyanHeuwel.we are black annd we are African.we owe our being to the valleys and the great escarpments of the drankensberg................forgive me if i mess with your language but i am proudly black...i can speak and write my languange proficiently and that made me get an A (distinction) in 2003 matric my beloved doesnt mean if i cant speak foreign language i ma illiterate my beloved ...........the fact is I am not an english or now listen to me very you can have all the sits and sit down

      Michael Wilson - 2014-01-28 11:37

      The arrogance of you, assuming that you speak for Steve Biko. You speak for yourself and nobody else.

  • Tshepiso Ndlovu - 2014-01-28 10:24

    i disapprove. i was looking to support Agang, but Mamphela just lost my vote.

      Rendani Nevhulaudzi - 2014-01-28 10:25

      ANC is your only hope my brother, don't loose focus

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 10:28

      If that's is the only hope then we have no hope at all.

      Desilusionada - 2014-01-28 10:34

      How could you have voted for Agang if it never was a political party?.....

      Amused-Reader - 2014-01-28 11:15

      I understand your frustration Just remember she was never going become president as the leader of agang, she just might as the DA presidential candidate. I am a Zille fan, but surely you would prefer Ramphele to Zille? (or you could have mr corruption himself again??)

      Gailtosh - 2014-01-28 11:17

      You were going to vote for her? And who will you vote for now? Obviously you are disenchanted with the ANC. That leaves you with King Julius or Ms Ramphele. Stick with your first inclination. She is going to have a much better opportunity to do some great work for South Africa.

      Heather Colling - 2014-01-28 11:30

      I AM to vote for her as well and will do so, whichever party she supports, good woman, good leader and looking to the people not her own gain.

  • Ncumisa Majola - 2014-01-28 10:24

    Yeeeepy!!! good news.

  • Simon Berry - 2014-01-28 10:25

    This is awesome!

  • Gareth Gary Andrew Clarkson - 2014-01-28 10:25

    This is absolutely fantastic news!! ANC can go and cry somewhere else, preferably in the middle of the Indian ocean!

  • Brenda Timm Morkel - 2014-01-28 10:26

    Excellent move. Just what we need. A new party to rule. Congrats ladies.

  • Duits - 2014-01-28 10:26


  • Eslu Grantham - 2014-01-28 10:26

    Fantastic, this is exactly what I was hoping for -right thing right time - go girl! you have my vote!

  • Dion Ferreira - 2014-01-28 10:26

    I always felt Zille would have made an excellent president. Fact is SA is not ready yet for a democratically elected white president and Zille knows this. This move is country before political ambition. Well done Zille... and Ramphele... you have our full support.

  • Ray Mmthi Mhlauli - 2014-01-28 10:28

    I think zille is trying her best to include blacks in high positions of her party and its good to see.I still think it wont matter though because the ANC still has more support to win again and I will help it win again with my vote.Good luck again to the DA\AGANG.

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:38

      Your democratic choice. Just be sure to vote because you are sure change and betterment will be the result and not just more of the same.

  • Bongani Nsele - 2014-01-28 10:28

    DA always possessed with racial quotas

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 10:44

      And the ANC forces racial quotas. What is worse, looking like your stealing or actually stealing?

      Debby Frans - 2014-01-28 10:49

      You know what stop with black and white, it make me sick, sick to my stomach!Dr Ramphele will rule, again this is now the second time I will say this she is a stunning woman, well respected, she is educated. If I was in your shoes I would be proud of her, I am a coloured I am proud of her, she has everything citizens want in their leader. She can communicate, she is presentable, you know what if she would be elected everything will change, the international community will respect SA again, now my dear we are the laughingstock of the world, please vote for her, because I will, my grandchildren will benefit! Regards and all the best!

      Michael Wilson - 2014-01-28 11:41

      Says the guy who no doubt calls the DA a 'white party'. With some people there is literally no way to win.

      Antony John - 2014-01-28 11:49

      @Bongani Nsele - free yourself. You've been physically free for the past 20 years but you're still enslaved where it matters most in your head and your heart...nobody but yourself can break those chains...

  • Ndzalama Raffic Kuna - 2014-01-28 10:28

    I d not see this coming

      Tersia Louw - 2014-01-28 18:52

      I kinda hoped it was coming...

  • Dan Jackiels - 2014-01-28 10:28

    I almost don't want to ask but why are so many of the opposition leaders women? Just interesting. De Lille, Zille, Ramphele Still. Gets my vote :)

  • Cale Hoare - 2014-01-28 10:29


      Geraldine Jansen - 2014-01-28 14:43

      In a word, its all encampasing!

  • Hemlock - 2014-01-28 10:29

    Nice one Mrs have my vote X

  • Eternity - 2014-01-28 10:29

    This is great news. My choice was between these two parties :)

  • Constance Mokoena - 2014-01-28 10:29

    and my vote goes to...DA, Mamphela Ramphele for President

  • Tshimangadzo Khumela - 2014-01-28 10:29

    Good news indeed, I can wait to see Ramphele and Zille rulling this beautiful country. They gonna save this beautiful nation.

      Heather Colling - 2014-01-28 11:37

      Amen Brother, God Bless our beautiful country and it's people. Together as a nation we can do great things, divided we can only do nothing but's time to live the Rainbow Dream and these two ladies are living proof that it is about people not color!

  • Dino Peros - 2014-01-28 10:30

    Great news. A strong leader with high morals. If only all South Africans could open their eyes and see this. To all the people that said DA would bring back apartheid etc etc, what do you say now? This was never going to happen and WILL never happen with Ramphele as president. Use your vote wisely now if you truly want change for the better. Its up to you.

  • Tiaan Du Plooy - 2014-01-28 10:30

    This will definitely shake things up. Nice move from Zille!

  • John Khulubuse Hill - 2014-01-28 10:30

    Big hitters in the DA

  • Bra Pi Thami - 2014-01-28 10:30

    Wow i think i heard a knock at the door!! I think Jesus is coming back,to those who'll rule until he is back nw its time.....well done Zille,Mamphele!

  • Simphiwe Radebe - 2014-01-28 10:30

    Finally DA women can have affairs with married men without shame.GO DAAGANG

      Jacques Hattingh - 2014-01-28 10:56

      Totally uncalled for!

      Humungus McCabre - 2014-01-28 11:01

      People like you are the big problem in South Africa Simphiwe.

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 11:13

      So Simphiwe, you have a problem with black woman wanting white men?

  • Caroline Clulow - 2014-01-28 10:30

    Thank you for the first good political news in many years!

  • Sizwe Gwala - 2014-01-28 10:30

    This just sends a message to other people within the DA that you are not good enough to be leaders. DA is so useless. Viva ANC Viva

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:34

      Keep this 'message' in mind when your party announce their candidates. Pot ... Kettle

      Sizwe Gwala - 2014-01-28 10:38

      The ANC has a large pool with a calibre of good leaders. We don't need to merger with other parties to sow that we relevant.

      Mc Apple - 2014-01-28 10:46

      "calibre of good leaders" - I'm sending you a medical bill Sizwe. I fell off my seat laughing and hurt my elbow.

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:55

      Large pool you say. Then why does the same less than competent people serve time and time again? More the shame that loyalty to the leader is more important than the needs of the majority that make up the 'pool'

      izak.nieuwoudt.90 - 2014-01-28 10:55

      Large pool you say. Then why does the same less than competent people serve time and time again? More the shame that loyalty to the leader is more important than the needs of the majority that make up the 'pool'

      Moi - 2014-01-28 11:06

      "The ANC has a large pool with a calibre of good leaders. " Bwahhahhhaaa!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages! You should really consider taking your show on the road!

      Alan Gernet - 2014-01-28 11:20

      er - LARGE POOL????? Only large (fire)pool I know of is in Nkandla

  • Raymond Randall - 2014-01-28 10:30

    I dont think anybody could do worse than the idiotic bumbling bunch of liars and thieves we have in power now !!

  • JournoSergio - 2014-01-28 10:31

    It's time for new leadership. Let the repair to all the damage begin.