Re-energise Tshwane youth unit: ANCYL

2012-07-11 21:01

Johannesburg - Tshwane Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa should appoint a new board for the Youth Development Unit (YDU), the ANC Youth League said on Wednesday.

"It is now time to re-energise the youth unit in Tshwane and accelerate the participation of [the] young for economic and social change in this city," the league's Tshwane wing said in a statement.

"The YDU cannot continue to operate as a white elephant, it needs to be given enough budgets and its status needs to be elevated to that of a department."

The ANCYL in the city said it also noted maladministration in the City of Tshwane's human resources department and called for an internal investigation.

"[We are] fed up with the maladministration, corruption, nepotism and officials who facilitate brown envelopes from desperate job seekers," it said.

"This tendency also affects big numbers of young people who apply for jobs in the municipality but can't get employed, because of such satanic acts from the HR department."

The ANC Youth League in the city also called on the municipality to allow them to participate in mayoral committee meetings.

  • ditoare.gypsy - 2012-07-11 21:35

    GOH Sir J Malema

  • madoda.monamudi - 2012-07-11 22:00

    I support ANCYL now is the time for charge let us show them the way the are lost, they can't even do service delivery. Is time for young blood to drive the economy of this country.

      harold.parsons.37 - 2012-07-12 08:30

      Madoda. If you really want to drive the economy then go start a bussiness and employ people. if you cant do that then you have no proof that you can drive the economy then you are just a worker who must get on with the job you were given to do by your boss.

      mart.botha - 2012-07-12 09:26

      Education counts for absolutely nought if you are politicised and not civic minded. Real change will only come from apolitical movement from within the ranks of the youth. Don't let politicians decide your future...go out and make your own future.

  • scouter.fourone - 2012-07-11 22:35

    "The YDU cannot continue to operate as a white elephant" A rather unfortunate usage of the English language, I should have thought under present circumstances.

  • wesley.nel.5 - 2012-07-12 05:42

    Get a sponsor from Duracell

  • mthokozisi.madlala.7 - 2012-07-21 20:37

    They are stupid if not crazy......don't they know who participate in council?

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