Report intimidation, Cosatu urges

2012-03-08 17:29

Cape Town - Some workers were intimidated for taking part in Cosatu's mass protest, the union federation in the Western Cape said on Thursday.

"We have been inundated with reports of threats to workers who participated in the strike, by labour brokers," regional secretary Tony Ehrenreich said.

These actions were clearly unfair labour practice. Workers were within their rights and encouraged to report this behaviour to the Congress of SA Trade Unions.

"Cosatu will ensure that the owners of labour brokers never get to work in this city in any capacity, should they dismiss any worker for participating in the strike."

Cosatu held a countrywide strike on Wednesday against labour brokers and e-tolling.

  • Kai - 2012-03-08 17:48

    Yet they turn a blind eye to people wanting to go to work being intimidated by their striking members.

      Tony - 2012-03-09 05:06

      100% correct .... The union is a mafia

  • Nigel - 2012-03-08 17:51

    & of course Cosatu members NEVER intimidate non-striking workers when they want to go to they.... Mr Erinreich ???? you are quick to talk when its the other way around, lets see if you are man enough to say something when your members intimidate other works.

  • Marc - 2012-03-08 18:27

    What??? You are marching against labour broker - to have them banned - yet you threaten them if they dismiss anyone for participating in the strike. Always demand the best of both worlds don't you, idiots, and them mess them both up. YOU should be banned!!

  • jacobus.krynauw - 2012-03-08 18:27

    If you believe what is quoted as Erenreich's comment about labour brokers intimidating socalled protesters, you may as well believe in the tooth fairy... I wonder if he believes himself?

  • Alan - 2012-03-08 18:42

    I would just like to thank the strikers would went out there to deliver a message. Thank you! and to my yellow white bretheren who are forever bitching and moaning about the toll roads, etc. yet are too chicken to stand up and be wonder we are in this position today.

  • Eric - 2012-03-08 18:46

    Some workers were intimidated into complying with the instructions of the Central Committee - go to the police/courts jointly with employers and subject yourselves to equal examination!

  • E - 2012-03-08 18:54

    Fair enough, Mr Ehrenreich - I'm sure you will also accept all the charges of intimidation and contravention of constitutional rights laid against your union members from people who were forced to participate in the protests agaist their will, or who were prevented from carrying out their right to conduct economic activity (ie work or business), to travel, and to express their free opinions?

  • Winston - 2012-03-08 19:03

    this mr tony whatsisname is bad news for the western cape. We dont want him hear and me thinkd he needs to migrate back to where he came from. somewhere out there. he is just a stirer and to think they replaced him for rassool hey anc what a fool

  • David - 2012-03-08 19:52

    For days before the strike there were mercs and bmws with mounted loudhailers driving around the PE townships, repeatedly telling everyone that everyone must strike, they know who are the ones who want to go to work, and that they will be "sorted out" if they do go to work. Is Cosatu urging that this also be reported? Bunch of idiots

  • makhadog - 2012-03-10 13:08


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