Revolutionaries don't chase headlines: SACP

2012-04-10 21:44

Johannesburg - True revolutionaries, such as slain SA Communist Party leader Chris Hani, don't strive to be popular and self-serving, the party said on Tuesday.

"In remembering comrade Chris, especially in this centenary year of the ANC, we must keep focused on the priorities of the movement and condemn all forms of opportunism, self-seeking behaviour and populism," it said in a statement, on the 19th anniversary of Hani's murder.

"The most important lesson here is that genuine revolutionaries must not chase newspaper headlines, but must seek to preserve the unity of our movement."

The SACP said Hani was often militant in the way he conducted himself, but knew how to behave in response to specific events.

"Comrade Chris understood well that the correct revolutionary approach is not necessarily the one that appears to be most militant or that shouts the loudest. The correct strategy has to be based on the correct analysis of the present situation."

Learn from Hani's example

The party said current political leaders needed to learn from Hani's example after he was suspended from the African National Congress in 1969.

At the time, Hani and several "comrades" in exile wrote a memorandum to the African National Congress stating they were not happy that the party's exiled leadership was not helping members return to South Africa to help in the armed struggle.

He was suspended for the comment, but the decision was later overturned.

"Note many important things about this episode. Comrade Chris and his colleagues didn't run to the media with leaked disinformation. They didn't address mass meetings in MK [Umkhonto we Sizwe] camps in order to fight a factional battle. They didn't insult the leadership," the SACP said.

"They raised their concerns boldly, but within the organisation, and with the aim of strengthening the ANC and MK, and not of advancing personal or factional interests."

It said political figures who treated their suspensions from the party as an opportunity to insult the leadership and cause divisions would only make the political process appear as a "farce".

Hani was shot dead outside his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg on 10 April 1993, an event which nearly derailed South Africa's first democratic election.

Clive Derby-Lewis, then a Conservative Party member, and Polish expatriate Janusz Walus are still serving life sentences for Hani's murder. Derby-Lewis provided the weapon and Walus pulled the trigger.

  • Andrew - 2012-04-10 21:52

    The leadership vacuum what was left with the assassination of Hani is still felt today.

      Squeegee - 2012-04-10 22:09

      Yep, its sad that not a single ANC leader stands out today as an honorable leader with integrity.

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-10 22:27

      If the leadership was so great why is there a vacuum? If the ideals, principals, ethics, sheer passion was so great, why has it (seemingly) stopped dead in its tracks? IMHO visionaries, leaders, really great people - whatever you want to call them - can only be such if their message, their spirit/ethos resonates and can pass from one generation to another.

      Thando - 2012-04-10 22:56

      Cmrde Chris was part of a collective of leaders who had th legacy of Dube, Moroka, Luthuli, Tambo, Mandela....etc, his assasination dd leave a militant silence. But th policies he helpd 2 draft still resonate in our documents.....thts wer u still see Chris Hani. But his non compromise in fightn for th poor is highly missd in this tender age.

      Andrew - 2012-04-11 09:51

      @Thando...well said!! Hani was uncompromising and I'm sure that he would have stood the test of time, where other leaders from that generation have dissapointed and sold out to selfish motives (eg. Ramaphosa, Sexwale)

  • Lacrimose - 2012-04-10 22:11

    Disgraceful to trot out fallen heroes whilst continuing to protect and perpetuate the assassination of the ideals, morals, ethics (and sometimes even human beings) that infest the tri-partheid alliance in 2012. Many speeches of this ilk popping up in the last 4-5 days. The ghost strategy.

  • Buhle - 2012-04-11 07:31

    "Note many important things about this episode. Comrade Chris and his colleagues didn't run to the media with leaked disinformation. They didn't address mass meetings in MK [Umkhonto we Sizwe] camps in order to fight a factional battle. They didn't insult the leadership," the SACP said.... I don’t think Chris Hani could mobilise a media conference or had the time like ANCYL does plus there was unity in the alliance back then, they goals were very clear, FREEDOM FOR ALL.. Now that the likes of comrade Chris successfully gave us democracy, we have people like the likes of Jimmy Manyi or Mantashe trying to kill it. Don’t forget “corruption”, the "cadre development" and the special "friends of Zuma" that are slowly destroying the hard work done by the likes of Chris Hani. So this is rich coming from the SACP who are the most useless communist party and have become mare sleeping dogs in Zuma’s back yard. I'm very sure it was Blade who made this irrelevant publicity hogwash. SACP has become nothing more than a puppet of the ANC. It’s just unfortunate that we got Julius “the twit” to rattle they cage. Revolutionaries don't chase headlines, yes they make them. So go back to your revolutionary work Blade/SACP and stop chasing headlines also.....

      Zastro Mohono - 2012-04-11 08:00

      well said Buhle you cannot compare what happened in 1969 to 2012

  • Elize - 2012-04-11 07:46

    PLEASE show me the politician who truly stands for the people, who is not corrupt, not in it for the money and more pigs who does not love and live for power and I will show you pigs who fly.

  • Mawande - 2012-04-11 08:34

    a true marxist

  • Den - 2012-04-11 09:30

    lets revolutionise the ANC and stop them from raiding government koffers for private use!!

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